Red Gush24 Rejoins RPF

TUXEDO, RPF Capital – Legend of the Rebel Penguin Federation, the heart of RPF, Red Gush24 returns to his home army RPF.

The Rebel Penguin Federation were created in 2007 by Commando 717 and with the help of Lilstar,Snaily5 and Red Gush24, RPF were known as the number one army in 2013, but when Elmikey was removed from RPF, RPF faced big problems like getting bad size and more, but when Elmikey got removed from Dark Warriors, Elmikey and Silverburg decided to come back to there home army  and make RPF grow.

After the return of Elmikey and Silverburg many leaders joined and left, with Elmikey finding a leadership which can make RPF grow. After a period of time with just SIlver and Elmikey as leaders, Red Gush24 decided to rejoin the leadership after spending some time on the RPF chat and deciding to rejoin the army which he once led to success.

After 1 week of Red Gush24 being leader, the Rebel Penguin Fed had a big growth in there size from 25-30 RPF, to a good max of 40+ in Champion Cup 3.

Max 40+

Following this, on September 30, 2014 RPF had a US Practice Battle with ACP , RPF maxed 20+ in the Practice Battle and further showed how the the new leadership could potentially be a success. 


To get more information on the new leadership with Red Gush24, I interviewed Tobercold, current Second-In-Command, to see what he thought.

 Interview With Tobercold [RPF 2ic]

MeWhat do you think about Red Gush24?

Tober: RedGush24 is a good leader

Me: Do you think after the return of RedGush24 RPF can make to 1st place once again?

Tober: Yes,ofc

Me: How you feel about RPF?

Tober: It’s good

Me: How is RedGush24 as friends?

Tober: He is a good friend and will never let you down or hurt you. He will never say goodbye or make you cry

Tobercold, RPF 2ic, thinks that Red Gush24 will help to grow the army even more and that they will definitely reach the top spot on the top ten once more. He also says how Red Gush24 is a good friend to have and he ‘will never let you down or hurt you’. This, surely, would be a crucial part of an owner, to make the army more welcoming and enjoyable.

 Will Redgush24 improve RPF and their recruiting methods? Tell us what YOU think in a comment below and thanks for reading!


CP Army Central Reporter


27 Responses

  1. Not a bad post, considering I’ve never heard of you before. Keep it up.

    Though, didn’t Redgush come back like a week ago?

    • i mentioned that in post 1 week , no one made the post so i made it 🙂

  2. Late. He rejoined like a week ago.

  3. All of this kids posts are beyond innacurate, it’s just funny to see peoples reactions.

    • who let him in CPAC?

      • The same person who let the dogs out.

        • You guys insulting me 😦

          • Wasn’t my intention at all.

            The post was very well written, the only criticism I make is don’t report on news that is older than two days unless there are a series of updates. 🙂

  4. Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you

    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    • idk what this has to do with the post but i like the song so +1 *wary*

      • Did you notice the last part of the interview? 😉

    • You stole my idea D:

  5. hi red gush
    im back too bro

  6. who the heck is redgush?

    • If you read the post you would know.
      He co-created RPF.

      • are you retarded?

        • Did you read the beginning?

        • Mkay I just checked RPF history.
          Sorry, you don’t have to get all pissy.

          • Everyone knows Jewfro’s co-creator because he talks about it so much xD

            • I don’t really focus on RPF *wary*

  7. Red gush was never the co-creator of RPF.

  8. Rickroll in a CPAC interview oh yeah

  9. Red Gush is not a co-creator of RPF. He joined years after the rebellion. Also he rejoined RPF weeks ago, and has been unfortunately inactive since.

    • Hi

      • Hi

  10. nice

  11. Post to short

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