Pjayo, Water Vikings Leader, Retires

FROSTBITE, WV Capital – A long-time Water Vikings leader has retired from Club Penguin armies this afternoon, right after a Training Session on Ascent. 

After a long time leader of the Water Vikings, Pjayo has decided to retire from armies all together. With the recent retirement of Zakster, WV Creator who migrated over to Golden Troops has led to another retirement of Pjayo, a nation-wide well known leader.

Pjayo’s last event on Acent.

Pjayo’s retirement was not expected by many of the Water Vikings for when he said the words:


A few troops were moderately confused but then understood him and wished him fair travels. Mostly all of the owner staff understood Pjayo and why he had to leave saying their good-byes and farewells. I got to get an interview with Pjayo himself.

Why was your reason to retire?

Actually it’s because I feel I did my part in armies. I had the pleasure of leading with great people like Bepboy
or Zakster.I also got addicted toCP armies so I
had to cut it before I became Boomer 2.0.

Do you think your absence will make WV fall?

I doubt it. WV is a strong army and is strong willed at the most maybe 1 or 2 positions.

Any final words?

I was on top of the world for a few months and it
fealt great. Also whocan forget that WV IS THE

What do YOU think about Pjayo retiring? Will this cause a fall within the Water Vikings? Will the Water Vikings do just fine without the loss in leadership? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!

Lord Jay

CPA Central Associate Producer


41 Responses

  1. Why are you calling this guy a “nation-wide well known leader” I bet more than half of us barely know who this nigga is

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A LOT more than half, Roberto.

  2. i was literally just about to comment “who?” but Robby beat me to it

  3. Thank god, couldn’t find a more annoying leader than him.


    • inb4 badboy

      • inb4 I made two other comments. Plus whoever that happens to be ill be giving them a pat on the back don’t you worry

  5. why the h8 m8?

  6. whos pjayo

  7. I go to jerk off for 5 mins and THIS happened


    • i thought you were doing that your entire leadership in WV

      oooo, sweg +17 pts for Gobby

      • poo ass nigga

  8. whos this pjayo guy

    • the guy that fucked up your army so much you hopped to the next one

      • Lolwut

    • You don’t remember? I was the guy who destroyed SWAT so you fled to DW to make yourself seem powerful

      • LOL? You didn’t destroy anything but your self moral, my friend. I was the one who destroyed WV and now that you have realized you cant maintain the pressure of leading a small army, A SMALL ARMY, you’ve retired and you leave thinking you did anything. Your funny man.

        • So what your saying is… By trying to get a life, I leave a top ten army?
          >Seems Legit

          • Implying you don’t have a life, and that’s why you’re supposed to come on at US times for US events because your the US LEADER. Not stay on all day dumbass.

            • And… you came at 12 am

              • That’s late at night. I always stay up that late. Theres nothing really to do at 12 am unless you’re at a party or something lol

                • Crazy thing called sleep :O:O:O:O

                  • Why sleep when god put you on earth to LIVE. Don’t waste it on sleeping.

                    • I can see you standing outside of Subway with a stupendous B.L.T costume on, while brandishing a blue puffle in your left hand.

                    • cool

        • tbf you left your small army too

          • “Small army”. Says the one who leads the army that uses 5 bars to get over 30. Please, humor me.

            • “Small Army”

              Badboy, he said small army because your army was in fact small and barely attained over 10+, and when you did, you embroiled people in your whimsy attempt at becoming even slightly ‘successful’ (I use this term loosely because he knows how insipid he is).

              And well, there is nothing wrong with using 5 bar servers, is there? I think you’re trying to turn this into a ‘look at GT’s ghastly actions!’ argument, when in fact it’s based off your shoddy argument, and of course your poor-quality army.

              Incoherent reprobate.

              • Its funny because WV was the army, if you can recall, who was getting barely over 10+, even at the gay 7 am invasions that they happen to win. And using 5 bars is quite pathetic because if you need to use a 5 bar to get good sizes such as GT or ACP, you shouldn’t be classified as a major army, or a valid army for that matter. Thanks for trying to defend them, but as you can see you can not defend an army as pathetic and unprofessional as WV.

                • Just clear this up for me before I dig your grave for you.

                  Are you calling 7AM invasions a bundle of sticks, a useless baggage, a collection of scrap iron bars, a round meat product, a type of knitting stitch, an unpleasant woman, or a homosexual man? A rational reply would be more than appreciated.

                  And when I read Tempah’s comment he stated that you jumped back to ‘your army’, so naturally I would be under the impression that it was ‘your’ army, and not any other army you just so happen to have hopped to during your time on your pogo stick.

                  Who are you to say that because an army uses a 5 bar server they shouldn’t be classified as an army? If I remember correctly, during your time leading the Miners, you yourself used to log on to 5 bar servers to ‘recruit’, even though you listed those events as ‘training sessions’.

                  Stop acting like such a priggish ignoramus and think before you type.

                  Also, don’t say thanks for defending someone and jump around the statement you just made by saying I can’t defend an army ‘as pathetic and unprofessional as WV’.

                  • I didn’t ACTUALLY try to do anything with Miners they were a joke lol

                    • You didn’t try? Funny that, because who’s to say that GT were even TRYING against SWAT in their PB?

                    • GT didn’t PB SWAT you dipshit. They PB’d DW and we rek’d them. GT tried their hardest actually. Because whenever they get 40 on chat everyone goes nuts. 40 on chat is light work in DW.

                    • I apologize for mixing things up.

                      You *wrecked them, Badboy.

                    • Yup

            • didnt use a 5 bar when we beat you in the pb m8

              • You didn’t beat us. The five bar would’ve helped though.

  9. So?

  10. There goes my my motivation to possibly join WV.

  11. Alot of people actually know who Pjayo was he was great hes one of my best Xat friends 😀

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