Top Ten Armies: 08/31/14

UPDATE 9:41AM EST: One ACP event neglected consideration; updates have been made accordingly. 

We see some major changes throughout the landscape of the Top Ten this week, with many wars raging throughout the community and multiple armies rising and falling. 

Top Ten

1. Golden Troops [+2] [77.49]

2. Ice Warriors [+0] [76.57] 

3. Dark Warriors [-2] [76.00] 

4. Water Vikings [+3] [73.07] 

5. Army of CP [+0] [71.78] 

6. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3] [71.48] 

7. Redemption Force [+1] [67.90]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [-2] [62.12] 

9. Doritos [NEW!] [59.88] 

10. Light Troops [+0] [56.75] 

The full statistics can be found here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partners SM Army Press.

1. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops break off the Dark Warriors’ streak at Number 1 at nine weeks, taking first for the first time this generation. Their week started off with an AUSIA training session where they hit sizes of 20. This was followed by three more AUSIA training sessions, the most successful of which saw sizes of up to 32. Their UK division then held an event with sizes of around 25, followed by an AUSIA event with sizes of around 27. The next day, the Golden Troops appointed Zakster, former Water Vikings Leader, as their new US Leader. Later that day, they got sizes of around 25 at a practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation. After another AUSIA event, they logged sizes of around 35 at a mining expedition and 30 at a training session. They ended their week by appointing Rishron, former Redemption Force Leader, as their new Second in Command.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors find themselves at second for the third straight week, narrowly missing out on first. At the beginning of their week, they declared war on the Light Troops. At the first battle, their invasion of Husky, they reached sizes of 30 in a win. They then claimed sizes of 35 in a win on Hockey, followed by a victory on Outback. They then defeated the Light Troops on Snow Globe and Sleet, both with similar sizes of around 22. After defeating the Light Troops in their AUSIA invasion of Chinook, they claimed to have maxed a staggering 39 at their invasion of Ice Box. They ended their week with a mining expedition event, reaching sizes of 35.

3. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors’ streak of nine weeks at the top is broken as they fall to the bottom of the Top 3. Their week began with the retirement of owner Applebiter, followed by a training session with reported sizes of up to 35. A couple days later, they claimed victory at a practice battle against the Doritos, claiming to max 36. The next day, they claimed to max 35 against the ACP, emerging victorious in their practice battle. The Dark Warriors then reported sizes of up to 30 in a training session, followed by a whopping 40 in an unscheduled event. At the end of their week, the Dark Warriors were dealt a devastating blow as they learned that leaders Vo Yo and Toysoldier were retiring.

4. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings come in at fourth this week, the highest they’ve been placed in slightly over a year. They started their week by defeating SWAT on Bubblegum at an AUSIA invasion. They then successfully invaded Mittens from SWAT, and successfully defended their capital, Frostbite, with sizes of up to 22. Later that night, the Water Vikings signed a 3 month ceasefire with SWAT, ending the war in a stalemate. Two days later, the Water Vikings were able to reach 20 at a training session. The following day, the Water Vikings received news that their creator, Zakster, was retiring from the army. Second in Command Buddy was promoted to leader in accordance, only to announce that he too would be retiring soon. The Water Vikings then were able to tie with the ACP in an AUSIA practice battle with sizes of up to 18, and then claimed to max 25 in a victory in their practice battle against the Redemption Force. After an unscheduled training event, they ended their week on a high note, reportedly maxing 31 in a victory against the Golden Troops in their practice battle, as well as learning that former leader Dashing Snow would be rejoining the army.

5. Army of CP: The Army of CP remain at 5th place this week. To start their week, they held an AUSIA Training Session with 15+. Their US Division then held a Training Session with 17+. They then had a UK U-Lead with sizes of 20+. Their UK Division then held a Practice Battle against RPF with 20+. They then reached sizes of 22+ at an AUSIA Recruiting Session. They then held an AUSIA Training Session with sizes of 17+. Their AUSIA then faced off against WV with 20+. They then raided the Ice Palace with 16+. Their UK then logged on for a Tactics Session with sizes of 24+. To wrap up their week, they went on for a Training Session with sizes of 15+.

6. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation makes a very sudden leap, heading to the Top 6 this week. They started their week by saying farewell to their leader, Abhinav. The same day, they maxed sizes of 18 at a training session. The next day, they hit 20 at another training session. Another leader, Waffle, announced his retirement the following day. They later faced the ACP in a practice battle. They then reported sizes of up to 30 against the Golden Troops, and maxed even higher at a training session, gaining sizes of up to 37. Elmikey, leader and legend of the Rebel Penguin Federation, announced that he would be permanently retiring from warfare instead of the planned temporary retirement. They also received information of a possible war with the Underground Mafias Army, though the Underground Mafias Army denies all these claims.

7. Redemption Force: The Redemption Force move up a spot in this week’s Top 10. To start their week, they held a UK Training Session with 28+. They had another UK Training Session with sizes of 17+. They then had a US Training Session with 22+ Their AUSIA then had a Training Session with sizes of 13+. Their UK later had a U-Lead with sizes of 15+. Their US then held a U-Lead wth sizes of 16+. They then had a Practice Battle against WV with sizes of 18+. To finish their week, they won the finals of a SMAP Tourney with sizes of 18+.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: As SWAT end their war with WV, they fall 2 spots in this week’s Top 10. To start their week, they held 3 AUSIA invasions of Whit Out, Boots, and Marshmallow all with sizes of 15+. They then held a defense of Mittens with sizes of 15+. In their invasion of Sparkle, they reached sizes of 32+. Their AUSIA Divsion then invaded Ascent and Bubblegum with sizes of 5+. To finish their week, they held a march on Mammoth with sizes of 30+.

9. Doritos: The Doritos find their way back into our Top 10 coming in at 9th this week. Their war with Nachos came to a halt as the Doritos decided to ignore any invasions from the Nachos to take the time to rebuild. To start their week, they faced off against DW in a Practice Battle with sizes of 20+. To end their week, their only other event was their face off against the Nachos in a raid. In this event, the Doritos were able to reach sizes of 25+.

10. Light Troops: The Light Troops keep their same placement as last week coming in at 10th in this week’s Top 10. To start their week, they held a US/UK training Session with sizes of 19+. As their war against IW rages on, they held a defense of Husky with sizes of 24+. They then held a Us Training Session with sizes of 16+. They then had a UK Training Session with sizes of 12+. Their Us then had another Training Session with sizes of 12+. To finish their week, they held a Uk Training Session with sizes of 16+.

weekly poll

As summer in Club Penguin Armies comes to a close, we asked you, the viewers, what you thought of the last three months. Most of you believed this summer was decent, 35% swung for great, and 25% of the vote thought this summer left a little to be desired. One thing is for sure, the support for the events of this summer are not nearly as great as the support for Summer 2013 had been.

New polls every Sunday!

Public Service Announcement

Of the ten armies I ranked in my first Top Ten Armies on August 2, 2012, only five would be considered major today — the Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, Light Troops, and Doritos. Two others — the Underground Mafias Army and the Golds — are still alive, but hang onto the ranks of the SM Army Press Top Ten. And three more — the Ranger Troops, Army Republic, and Ninjas — have been shut down. It’s a humbling experience to see how much the community has changed since Kingfunks4 passed on the job of Top Ten Maker to me more than two years ago. It causes me to realize how small of a player I am in the landscape of this community, and the possibility of five, ten, even twenty Top Ten Makers to follow me — and the possibility, if they all work for as long as I did, of over 2,000 more Top Tens.

In my time as the acting Top Ten Maker, I have worked alongside Boomer 20 to revolutionize the formula created by Sklooperis during his time working with CPA Central. That formula was, at the time of its conception, considered mathematically complicated and statistically revolutionary — but the formula created in 2013 and constantly updated, even to the present day, is eons more complicated, as well as more accurate, than that formula of 2010.

I am reflecting on this because I am stepping down from the position of Top Ten Maker and handing the position over to Zakster, Vice President at CPA Central. Zakster has served as the backup Top Ten Maker for most of my administration, and his credentials are readily available. Senior staff such as Dpd2000 and Lord West will continue to assist the Top Ten Maker with the post content, but these ranks were, for all intents and purposes, the last spreadsheet I will put together here at CPAC.

Make no mistake, this is not my retirement from the site — I still have a few more months overseeing operations here at CPA Central and will remain as active a part of the site as always. But I can confidently say that after two years, and somewhere near 100 sets of statistics, it is more than time for someone new to take over. Zakster has been putting together many of this month’s Top Tens, and he and I will be working closely together in the next few weeks to make sure the transition is smooth. The excel spreadsheet formula will continue to be used.

Speaking from past experience, I’m sure there are many of you who will dread someone new taking over, and many of you who will rejoice at it. But no matter what, change can and will come to CPA Central. This is only the first step in an increasing amount of efforts to allow the Executive Producers, Vice Presidents, and all senior staff at CPA Central to step up and make a larger impact on the course of this site in preparation for the days when they, too, will serve as Chief Executive Officer. I would like to thank you all for two fantastic years of making Top Tens, and through all the headaches, I wouldn’t have traded the job for the world. I would now like to welcome Zakster as the new Top Ten Maker at CP Army Central.


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President

Lord West

CPA Central Associate Producer


134 Responses

  1. Great job Golden Troops! Congrats other armies

  2. Good job WV

  3. Good job RPF!

    • Alright, what exactly is so terrible about a comment congratulating an army? There are 15 other comments saying the exact same thing and nobody dislikes those. Please stop automatically disliking any RPF related comment without even reading what it says.

      • Maybe no one likes RPF :/

      • Please stop automatically disliking any RPF related comment


        • auto dislike



    • From an unbiased statement, I noticed Emily has dictated SWAT and yet you’re calling out SWAT after Bad left, which was WV’s intentions. Weak lmfao.

      • Everyone knows swat is a shitty army in general, u think WV is the only army that hates swat?

        • That’s not the point..

  5. I wonder where the nachos are hmm…….

    • We ate them

      • Thank you for saying Nachos are tastier than doritos, what a dedicated troop.

    • too bust taking your servers

      • **busy**

    • The Nachos are in the same place you were last week, and now we see you bragging about being in 9th place and calling it a golden age. That really is pathetic. Get your head out of your ass and do something to help your army’s idiotic reputation.

  6. the golden troops are the 1 in 9-1

    • Nice job telling your other owners to like this status 😉

    • Shall we remind everyone gt has been up for only 2 months so far?

  7. Good job IW and GT!

    we have cookies ands bjs.

  9. Great Job to IW, GT and WV. WV GREATEST NATION. Anyways, Great job to other armies besides LT. :/ How’s it like without Rob? (wary)

  10. Nice job, RPF.

  11. Well done GT!
    Good week again IW let’s push for 1st next week.

  12. its official gt ausia undefeated.

    • hi

  13. All hail Golden Troops 😆

    • No Flex Zone
      Leggo GT.

  14. Great job GT!! We made it to first! (: Also good job IW


    But great job WV, and RPF as well.


    • amen

  16. WV IS GREATEST NATION!!1!!11!!
    Good job to GT

  17. lol dw

    • Cring. We lost 1st by 1.49 pts. You do realize if we had one more event we could have been 1st . Don’t you remember what sizes you got when you had to lead an event, but you cancelled it cus of low sizes. 5? Drake is 100000x better than a hypocrite like you. He lead most of the events this week without us. Look at you, you do no shit and I bet you forced silv to wake up early to lead US events 🙂

      • Vo, you piggybacked off our success then in the end lied to everyone. Karmas nasty, and its coming for you.

        • Lmao, I stayed in DW and never left even during the darkest time unlike you who left events claiming to be “DDoSed” whenever we had small sizes. I never lied Elm, I always said the truth. You never cared about DW, you only cared about site money. You’re still begging unk to give you 100$ from DW Adsense earned in July. I also recruited more and I was 100X more active than you

          Do us a favor, get out of this community.

          • You sir are full of crap you will get what you deserve.

            • Ok, whatever you say 🙂

        • Karma will never get me 🙂

          Also, it’s funny how you say “Tom contributed more in DW than Toy and Vo Yo”. It’s obvious you’re saying that so you can get Tom to stay with you. Btw, Tom never recruited and went afk during events in DW, but you wouldn’t know cus you were skipping events as well 🙂

          • Haters gonna hate

            • lol

              • We will see who is better once you and Toy are retired and Drake will by himself :), talk to me after next weeks top ten

                • ok, Drake is better than all your leadership combined anyway 🙂

                  • we’ll see soon enough

                    • Both of your armies are annoying. This is like the 2 whiniest bitches in high school fighting each other. Elm has a point you did piggybank off success. But RPF’s so full of shit with half their excuses for everything. Shut the fuck up both of you cancers

                    • I never “piggybanked” You barely know me or DW.

        • Karma = DDoS? :^)

  18. WV IS GREATEST NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Go Golden Troops!

  20. WV IS GREATEST NATION!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!

    Great Job to WV, GT, and RPF.
    Thank you to GT, ACP, and RF for letting us PB you guys.
    And thank you to the troops of WV, the living proof that we truly are the greatest nation

    • Also to SWAT, please kindly suck on my testicles

      • You don’t have any though. Idk where anyone would suck, PJ.

        • You can’t find them because they’re too deep into your mother’s genitalia.

          • My mom is 50 and has a pussy wider than the pacific ocean. I figured that’s the best Pj or you, or anyone in WV can do.

            • You’d know.

            • You also look like you’re gonna shoot up a school


  21. Dark Warriors were n.1 all summer except for 1 day of this week (the 24th) I am proud to have led DW this SUMMER. Congrats IW and GT.

    • I do feel sorry for DW. They could have been the #1 army for every summer top 10, but they drop on the LAST one. Must be annoying.

      • Yeah, but meh, this Summer was awesome for us.

  22. Go Golden Troops. 😀

  23. Great job to GT, and WV…

  24. Anybody else wondering why Tompenguin is laughing at the Dark Warriors when the army he leads isn’t even in the top 5 and he’s been leading for 3 weeks now.

    Pls stop Tom, you aren’t important.

    • No one needs him

    • the 3 dislikes to freezie´s comment were probably elm tp6 and silv (hehe)

    • In his defense, the army he leads has rose roughly 15 ranks since he began leading.

  25. I like this Top ten cause who the heck leaves DCP out anymore? 😛

  26. Excellent job Golden Troops! We’ve proved we’re the best army in CP! Also, excellent job to the Water Vikings for reaching the highest heights since the Blue Summer! Very proud of both armies. I’m also very excited to take over for the Top Tens, and may you all not scream bias for obscene reasons. 🙂

    • Inflating sizes and not being able to provide a picture with the claimed amount? Yeah, of course GT is the best army in CP.

      • Don’t like it? Do something about it. Top Ten makers count pics now when doing size averages, so, although cliche sounding, your argument is invalid. It proves that even WITHOUT exaggeration, we’re the strongest.

        • Lol. You honestly believe they do? No. If they did, they wouldn’t have said you got sizes of ”30” when in reality you maxed 21. There was another ridiculous claim, you said you maxed ”25” when you actually got 12. If you have to, at least claim 15, not 13 more than you actually got. You weren’t even the best army this week. IW, DW and RPF all got better sizes at every event.

          • Tobercold. I make Top Tens. I’m the new CPAC Top Ten maker. Matt and I had conversations and agreed to count pics. Are you a fucking moron?

            • I like how you ignored my other argument and decided to focus on this top 10 thing. Look, in the top 10, they say the amounts GT claimed, not the amount they actually got. I think you are the ”fucking moron” if you can’t read the paragraph below the picture.

          • Count our pictures you mong

            • Last time I did that, you banned me on GT chat.

              • you don’t need to be on a chat to count pictures from our website

                • I was curious, so I mentioned it on chat. Your leaders obviously didn’t want to acknowledge that they were inflating sizes, so they banned me to stop me from talking.

                  • go and count our pictures as i said like 1000 times, show me where we claimed 25 and maxed 12 in reality this week lmao

                    • omg “1000 times”
                      this is proof that gt inflates sizes
                      ban from cpac

        • that was truely bias. lets look at the facts
          GT lowest: 20 Gt highest 35
          DW lowest: 35 DW highest 40

          GT average of all: 27 troops
          DW average of all:35 troops

          read and weep Y.FriendlyN.G.(who isnt friendly at all)

          Top 3 should go
          not this(gt,iw,dw) bias shiz it is now.

          • DW hit 35 like once this week and you obviously don’t understand the ausia curve

          • DW lowest 35?
            Look at that pic then 🙂
            Learn to admit defeat. DW lowest being 35 was the funniest thing I’ve read today.

            • That pic was taken at the end of the event and most people already logged off…

              • Your lowest size was not 35 anyway.

                • DW lied this entire week about sizes. They barely hit 25 vs DCP & ACP. Yet Drake claimed 35-36+ Lmao.

                  • That may be true, but they still got better sizes than GT all week, and their inflating was nowhere near as bad.

          • just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean it’s bias
            stop throwing that term around you don’t even know what it means
            you’re neglecting to count pics and add up the ausia curve, and the fact that you’re not counting pics for DW means YOU’RE the biased one here.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Zak gets GT leader , 2 days later GT gets 1st for the first time.

      Now, I’m not sayin illuminati, but illuminati.

      • It’s not like Zak made GT first. As you know West and Blue were also involved in the making of this Top 10. Check your facts before you call us biased plz. :p

        • check ur facts b4 u assume anything i say is actually serious plz :p

        • he was joking u goon

  27. WV still riding Swat’s cock, good job guys, you won a war on a children’s game. (wary)

    • according to this week, SWATs cock is too small

      • WV didn’t even win lol, that’s the funny part about all of this. Check out the SWAT site and WV site too (if you want) and tell me who won. They got smashed.

  28. A storm is coming!


  30. Greatjob GT get getting first! , Ice Warirriors at getting second still!, and Dark Warriors! 😀

  31. GT Is illuminati. GT has 2 letters. 2+1 = 3. Triangles have 3 sides. Pain is a GT leader. Pain has an I in it. Want to know what else has an I? Illuminati. GT also has 6 leader. 6+ 660= 666. Concluding this comment, GT worships satan and has sold their army soul to the devil to get 1st in CPAC. GT is illuminati. SPREAD THE WORD :O

  32. Wow rough week, I can’t remember the last time that an army took first with less than 80. Probably not since DW started dominating the rankings, at least seeing how they got 94 last week. I guess we did just hit the end of the summer so I imagine lower scores will become the norm again.

  33. I thought LT was gonna fall into smap :l


  35. Interesting how the sizes listed in the DW description all say “claimed to max” or “reported sizes of”. All the other armies say “with sizes of”. It’s as if CPAC doesn’t believe the DW….

    • CPAC counts literally all of the armies sizes, if there were any discrepancies between reported sizes and actual sizes B1 would have counted them anyway.

      • ^^^ this

  36. if you want to know how gt got 1st its just that we didnt fall our like other armies as we rely on ausia and ausia force is currently having school so there is no change in sizes or anything
    so we remain unaffected is all

    Great job WV! We embarrassed SWAT and got higher in this weeks top 10!

  38. Good Job RF

  39. I thought that IW would be first due to the Frozen party…

    • lol best recruiting ever for them

  40. Interesting top 10

  41. Hmm 5th is good

    • not for acp

      • Better than 6th

  42. Lets not forget the fact that Sercan takes pictures from different rooms in one event, and makes two event posts out of it. Sercan has been caught doing this, CPAC has been informed, but you are yet to act on it. You were provided with proof, why not do anything about it? It needs to be prevented from happening again.

    • You’re terribly uninformed, so let me help you. Yes, GT does this, yes, CPAC knows, and yes, they were penalized for it this week.

      • If they were penalized for it, they wouldn’t be 1st.

        • How the fuck would you know? I made the formula, Jesus Christ. GT was logged for 7 total events, 1 on a 4-5 bar, 1 head-to-head, and 5 1-3 bar events. If the 4 that they were penalized for had also been logged, they would have an event quality score of 23.50. But they don’t, they have an event quality score of 15.50. Lesson being, you don’t know more about the ranks than the person who made them.

          • What I don’t understand is why an army who has 7 events, one of them being a 5 bar, and not be able to get over 30 is higher ranked than an army who didn’t use a 5 bar and maxed up to 40 averaging 35 in all the events they had that week.

            • Okay, so now that you’ve avoided responding to how I easily proved you wrong and diverted the conversation to a new topic, let me address that. If you’re interested in how armies are placed in the Top Ten, there is a lovely resource right below the ranks, hyperlinked on “The full statistics can be found here.”

              Using that, you can see the reasons armies are above, or below, one another.

              • Lol, I’ve read it before. It should go by how big an army can reach and how well they maintain their sizes throughout the week. Not how many events an army has in each division.

                • You can talk all you want about the how the formula “should” work in your opinion, but this is how the formula works right now, and the how of the rankings is easily understandable.

                  • spot on

                  • Daym, Daniel has been cuttin Badboy even longer than I thought.

          • after this comment chain im fully convinced cpac needs to hire a public relations consultant

            • LOL

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^666666666666666

            • beautiful thought in theory, but sadly, nonrealistic

  43. Lets also take focus on ACP’s 5 bar bullshit. No other army uses 5 bars like ACP. They constantly abuse the formula, and that’s something else CPAC needs to take action on.

    • Yep. Pretty much all of ACP’s Ausia events are ”mining expeditions” where they go on a 5-bar and tell everybody to turn green and drill.

  44. #TheFappening

  45. I cring. You cring. We all cring.

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