Ice Warriors Site Defaced

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire — Last night, an editor account on the Ice Warriors site was compromised, leading for approximately a week of posts to be deleted. The posts were soon restored following the defacing and the account situation was resolved. 

This event is the latest in a string of recent RATings and other account takeovers that have plagued the army community, stemming from a carelessness among many of its Xat Users. The scheme, cooked up by Qwerty and Jessie, is very simple and effective: post a malicious link on a Xat Chat of some army, advertising it as something important, or a Xat Generator — anything to get the user interested in what the link is. Despite multiple warnings all across the community that this scheme is happening, some users are still not using the caution they should be, and click the link. From there, a remote administration tool is downloaded onto their computer, which is exactly what it sounds like. A crash course in that is below.

A remote administration tool (a RAT) is a piece of software that allows a remote “operator” to control a system as if he has physical access to that system. While desktop sharing and remote administration have many legal uses, “RAT” software is usually associated with criminal or malicious activity. Malicious RAT software is typically installed without the victim’s knowledge, often as payload of a Trojan horse, and will try to hide its operation from the victim and from security software. 

The operator controls the RAT through a network connection. Such tools provide an operator the following capabilities:

  • Screen/camera capture or image control
  • File management (download/upload/execute/etc.)
  • Shell control (from command prompt)
  • Computer control (power off/on/log off if remote feature is supported)
  • Registry management (query/add/delete/modify)
  • Hardware Destroyer (overclocker)
  • Other software product-specific functions

Its primary function is for one computer operator to gain access to remote PCs. One computer will run the “client” software application, while the other computer(s) operate as the “host(s)”.

This simple but effective method has led to the takeover of Lord Jay’s account, leading to the Golden Troops Chat Hack, along with multiple high-ranking members of SM Army Press. The newest victim of Qwerty and Jessie’s methods was Kyle103, an Ice Warriors 3ic and an editor on the army’s site. The way it happened is surprisingly textbook — Qwerty posted a link on the Ice Warriors Chat, and Kyle clicked it. That link, whether it was a RAT Software or some new tool, logged Kyle’s username and password. Qwerty passed the information along to Jessie, who accessed Kyle’s WordPress account, deleting all pages and around a weeks’ worth of posts. The Ice Warriors site was put into total lockdown.

Now, the site has been secured along with Kyle’s account, and the Ice Warriors administration has restored all posts and pages that were deleted as a result of the RATing. This, coming after a close win over the Nacho Army in the Legends Cup V, did not seem to phase the Ice Warriors, and the issue was resolved in an hour. In a statement to CPA Central, Kingfunks4, Ice Warriors Leader, said the following.

I think it’s sad someone would waste their time on trying to deface multiple Club Penguin websites. Jessie and Qwerty are forever banned from the Ice Warriors and we advise that other armies take the same action. The damage was easily restored and I hope Jessie takes satisfaction in knowing that she wasted hardly any of the leaders’ time. 

Funks’s advice is, indeed, good — it is important that we all take the necessary precautions to prevent this happening to our site. Whether that be running a backup, contributoring unnecessary users, taking, the necessary precautions on your Xat Chat, or whatever you think would be the best response, it is important that you act. If you do not, your site or chat could also fall victim to defacing or a takeover. This string of events has lasted for multiple weeks now, and it is time we put an end to it.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome. 


CPA Central CEO



27 Responses

  1. Oh Kyle…

  2. Stupid Jessie, tbh this is my new WP account anyway.

  3. Stupid Jessie and yeah this is my new WP account…

  4. Wow

  5. I fucking love Qwerty and Jessie

    • I hope you can die, or you can go to jail for ganging up on them. 🙂

      • Dude, you are a complete dumbass. You should be incarcerated for being a dipshit.

  6. No mention that GT site was got into as well with a rat on Rose, a GT owner. This was also done by Jessie/Qwerty.

  7. ^ yeah. Made a new WP account.

  8. Imagine actually spending time from your life trying to hack websites that are usually back up and running within 2 hours, fucking losers hahah

    • 2 hours lmfao, i just logged on to roses account and rekt gt site lolol

      • and it was back up hours later, such a massive effect 😦

    • Because,y’know, who would do homework and be socially interactive when you can inconvenience about 10 people for a few hours?

  9. Lool yeah, wasting their time – they have nothing better to do with their lives

  10. Who the fuck spends their time trying to hack into a Club Penguin Army website? Answer: Losers

    • Apparently catfishes do.

  11. Remember when we used to ban people from CP armies for this? Now they are accepted as mods and owners in armies. Kind of pathetic if you ask me.

    • Oh yeah true, I was just replying to the top comment so it would be seen.

    • Thats pretty much a good point

  12. If you were dumb enough to fall for this, log out of all your accounts, change passwords on an alternative device, and perform a factory reset on your computer.

    If you have reason to believe you have been infected with a RAT, there are several trusted programs to screen your computer for these hidden programs.

    Another piece of advice, if you receive a link, ALWAYS look at the URL. If you don’t recognize it, than search it up on Google. It’s the best way to see if a link is bad or not.

    To end this off, I’d like to remind you all that is no joke, and you should be careful with this stuff. RATing a device and using the control for destructive intentions is a violation of federal law , and federal means they can hunt you down internationally . I don’t think Jessie and Qwerty have been reported in such a way, but you better stop before someone does.

    Know who to trust, and what to trust. And if you ever get a message from your virus protector saying its dangerous, it could very well be. A random person’s “screenshot” of a cool outfit could be the end of your Gmail accounts.

    P.S. – Kudos to all the armies that do daily website backups, therefore preventing this from happening. All armies should do this, and I am not sure, but I think you can even automatically do it, so there is no reason not to.

    • Mach my bby, l did all that and got my account back. 😉

      • good twerk bby ❤

  13. Aww look at Jessie and qwerty trying to be cool c: sooo cute. They must have an amazing life if this is everything they do!
    Tbh honestly now, besides the people that good hacked, I feel bad for those two as well. Imagine having such a sad life that all you constantly did everyday is try to hack kids computers and delete a small part of a couple of sites that get restored within an hour. Really pathetic really. Hope everyone that got RATed by these two poor no-lifers(I don’t use this word often, however, in this case, it really is accurate calling them like this) got their computer fixed and working well.

  14. Well, I got RATted once and the feeling was awful. The guy was controlling my pc like shutting it down, saying inapp. things on chat and opening the DVD drive.

    The solution I found was finding the rat using cmd and deleting the file or something like that, nothing complicated.

    Advice: If you get Ratted, immediately turn off your wifi.

  15. Qwerty u god

  16. Qwerty actually attempted to “RAT” me last week… From knowing Rose the day before he did so she told me what he had been doing so I was already aware and immediately had distrust of him. Even though I knew this so said “Xat Generator” was such a big fat lie, out of curiosity I clicked on it to see what happened. Nothing happened lmfao. So then I get like 5 pc’s saying “It’s fake!!!” “He’s gonna grab your IP” Etc.. I banned him forever. -.-

  17. JESSIE AND QWERTY YOU DISGUST ME why did I even join ww back then and why did I ever remind you of iw events qwerty, you will pay karma will hit you

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