DW/RPF War Over; RPF Surrenders

FROSTY, DW Capital – The Rebel Penguin Federation surrenders the war only after a short amount of time. The leaders: Elmikey and Tom agreed to an end of the war and a ceasefire giving the Dark Warriors 7 new servers. 

After the many raids by Dark Warriors on the Rebel Penguin Federation the war has been closed to an end with an agreement with: Xiunknown, Drake, and Vo Yo of DW and Tom and Elmikey of RPF. The terms of the treaty are as follows:

With this Dark Warriors victory will the RPF be back when they are large enough to take over the Dark Warriors? Are the RPF Leaders planning a top secret plan? Is all I’m saying options that could be/could not be true? Yes.

With the Dark Warriors holding their current position at 1st in the CPAC top 10 they are looking pretty good being able to withhold their position but with the RPF in their former sizes that were unbelievably large with sizes of 50-70, RPF always has a chance to come back.

 I went to the DW chat to interview Drake, DW Leader and Bquik, DW Warlord.

Inteview with Drake, DW Leader and Bquik, DW Warlord

What do you think about the RPF will all of their threats agreeing to a treaty this early?

Drake: As expected, they voiced their opinions more than they did battle. As part of the treaty, they’ll be ending their threats and nonsense. On top of that, they will experience embarrassment for ever standing against the Dark Warriors.


Bquik: I admire RPF for putting up a good fight, but they practically signed a death warrant when they allowed Elmikey back in, and now, and now they will pay the ultimate price for it and in humiliating fashion.

With the RPF ending the war, do you think it is expected for them to come back after September 9th or after they rise to declare war on DW again?

Drake: We could not submit to any of their surrenders until RPF is completely purged of it’s name. So no but if they did however, we would call in the biggest set of legends to end them once again.


Bquik: If they attempt to wage war against us after the treaty we will utterly destroy them and their irrelevant empire.

So what do YOU think? Will RPF come back to declare war on DW at a later time? Will everything stay quiet with RPF and DW? Or will DW declare war again?


“And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

Lord Jay

Associate Producer


63 Responses

  1. Second

    • Actually your first

      • pece

  2. Dark Warriors Victory.

  3. War won, RPF destroyed. Ultimate satisfaction putting down an egotistical maniac like Elmikey 😉

    • I know I don’t hate you, but why did you join DW in the first place if Elm was there. Congrats, DW btw!

      • I wanted to give him another chance and see if we all build something together as an army, I guess my faith in him was misguided.

        • See if we could all*

          • Ok.

  4. eat
    beat the rpf

    • Never before has ‘RPF’ sounded like a euphemism

    • retire
      return to DW


  6. I’m holding your muffins hostage.

  7. Everyone hates Elmo. That will never change.
    But is it necessary to hate the whole army just for him?

    • Elmo and elmikey are a lot alike tbh

      always want everyone else to live in their world. waaaay to old to be hanging out with kids as much as they do. all their friends are puppets.

      Lalalalala Elmikeys world

  8. Called it bye rpf CRUSH KILL DESTROY SWAG


  9. dw so gud they beat a current smap army clap clap clap

    • lol Thanks. Anyway, there are only 2 kinds of army for me; good and bad. We did what was right and won the war 🙂

    • I thot any armee u leaderd was tha numba 1 army bc they fight for good !!!!

    • RPF returned fire. Greek sheeps was an agency/basically ausia division of AR at the time.

    • “beat a current smap army” So are you saying you are a Small/Medium army leader now?

    • so you’re proud your army maxes 10?

  10. that waaaas quick

    • h8 me all u want 4 dis

      that’s what she said !!!!

  11. Sweet, sweet victory.

  12. you see this is why simple folks are campaigning for flat tax thanks obama! my tax dolers going to education instead of armies! pfft

    • What the hell do you keep talking about. The bullshit from the crazy leaders when they are on stuff is more coherent then your comments.

      • well if cow meat was damaging why are folks eating it

  13. elm stop beating a dead horse ffs

  14. Cool post Jay

  15. For Jay!

  16. That was over fast lol

  17. Great Post – Go Jay! (:

  18. Amazing post Jay! I clap for you 😛

  19. Am DW
    Beats Smap army
    Rages about Elm all day
    Fears how big RPF will become
    am DW and I’m very mad

    • No one fears RPF.

      • They soon will.

        • Bitch, please

        • when pigs fly?

          • 40 gamer score awarded

        • Thats what they said in 2013 when we

        • I will hold your cake hostage and eat it if they do

    • nobody said you were allowed to use am

      • Sorry Lord Flamez the god of am

        • am not the god of am

          please refer to the god of am pingu

          • am allowed to use am
            unless you are the jesus of am
            am going to use am
            am living the thug life

            • am thinking you’re an am rogue
              am disgusted

  20. DW never removed elm from rpf when they said they will what a shame

  21. who is this verum kid anyway lol
    is he some rpf noob elmikey recruited off of cp or something?

    • He’s Falcon. LOL

    • Herbot8000/Falcon1111

      I’m pretty sure he was a recruit in Golds

    • We’re all gods children

    • y u complaining

  22. Dark Warriors Victory again, home sweet home.

  23. Let’s get this straight:
    >RPF surrenders
    >RPF only loses 7 servers
    >RPF basically gets off punishment free

    Nice job, DW. You guys have a future as negotiators.

    • 1. DW started the war.
      2. 7 servers isn’t exactly a pittance.

  24. To everyone that hates RPF: Fuck you, mother-fuckers

  25. This post was added to the staff record page.

  26. great

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