Legends Cup V – The Editors Predict #5

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – After a month of battles, 22 armies being knocked out and a lot of the top seeds being knocked out early, we are down to the last two armies. The Ice Warriors and the Nachos will battle on Sunday for the Legends Cup trophy and, for the last time this year, the Editors have made their predictions on who they think will win.


Ice Warriors vs Nachos

The Ice Warriors have won the tournament twice in their history, winning in 2011 and 2012. This is their fourth final in five years, only failing to reach it last year when they lost in a shock defeat to the Chaos Army. In their previous two victories, the Ice Warriors had their creator, Iceyfeet, steering the army to victory with impressive sizes and leadership from the CP Army Legend. The Ice Warriors managed to reach the final without their creator this year and were comfortable in their three victories. However, there are rumors that Iceyfeet will help the army in this years final.

They started on the road to the final with victory against the Doritos. This was a heavy-weight clash as the Doritos managed sizes of 30-35+, but the Ice Warriors managed sizes of 45-50+ and were simply too strong from the army that had just recovered from their fall into SMAP.

IW beat the Doritos in the first round.

The Ice Warriors then found out that they would face the Army of CP in the Quarter-Finals, who beat the Purple Republic. Both of the Ice Warriors leaders, Kingfunks4 and Tes, had previously been in the army and prior to this battle Kenneth, ACP Leader from 2011, had also joined the army and quickly achieved an owner rank. In this battle, the Ice Warriors managed to beat their sizes that they achieved in the first round and hit sizes of 55+ and were, again, too big for their opposition. The Army of CP had sizes of 35+ and the Judges voted 4-1 in favor of the Ice Warriors.

Screenshot at Aug 09 16-48-18

IW beat the Army of CP in the Quarter-Finals.

The army would’ve expected to face the Golden Troops in the Semi-Final, but a shock defeat saw the Night Warriors – who had progressed from the Qualifiers and were placed on the SMAP top ten before this battle, move onto the Semi-FInal. This was an interesting battle, with the Ice Warriors not reaching heights of previous battles as they managed to hit sizes of 35-40+, including locked out troops. The Night Warriors hit sizes of 25+ and were hampered by a raid from the Purple Republic – but were still not large enough to beat the Ice Warriors. The Judges, in the end, voted unanimously for the IW, who would move onto the Final.

IW beat the Night Warriors in the Semi-Final.

Now, the question is, how can the Ice Warriors do in the final? If they get the same sizes that they had in the Semi-Final, they surely wont be able to win it. However, if they achieve the sizes they had against the Army of CP – they will certainly be able to challenge for victory. Victory could depend on if Iceyfeet is there to help the army on Sunday, and maybe Albert, Bears and Ben as well. The Ice Warriors have shown they can get sizes to beat any army, but it is dependent on if they can do it again for the final.


The Nachos won the first ever Legends Cup tournament in 2010, but lost in the 2011 and 2013 finals. Like the Ice Warriors, this is their fourth final in five years and they are hoping to win it for a second time in their history. Similarly to previous years they have had army legend, Puckley, assisting them through the later stages of the competition and they will surely like to have the help of other Nacho Legends such as Tanman, Ads and others. In last years tournament they got to the final through the Redemption Bracket, but came 2nd to the Rebel Penguin Federation in the final.

At the start of the tournament they faced the Chaos Army, who last year beat the Ice Warriors in the Quarter-Finals. The Chaos could not repeat such upset against a strong Nachos Army who managed sizes of 40-45+ with superb tactics. Chaos could only manage sizes of 5+ and surrendered before the battle finished for an easy start for the Nachos.  

Nachos beat Chaos in Round One

A predictable victory for the Dark Warriors, with sizes maxing 60+ against SWAT, set-up a huge task for the Nachos to try and overcome. DW had not dropped from the number one spot on the top ten for some time approaching the battle and the Nachos were near the middle of the top ten. However, a under-par performance from the DW and an amazing showing from the Nachos, who hit sizes of 50-55+, resulted in a Nachos victory – due to the Dark Warriors logging off before the battle finished due to a disagreement with the judges’ room change. As usual, the Nachos had fabulous and unbeatable tactics that the inexperienced Dark Warriors’ troops struggled to respond to.


Nachos beat the Dark Warriors in the Quarter-Finals.

A simple victory for the Light Troops against the Rebel Penguin Federation resulted in a Semi-Final battle between LT and Nachos. Like the Nachos’ Quarter-Final battle, they were the underdogs and many people predicted that the Light Troops would take victory. The Nachos hit sizes of 35-40+ in this battle and yet again their opponents couldn’t handle the perfect tactics from the Nachos and the Light Troops were also outnumbered. The Nachos were too quick in room movements for the LT and, as seen below, the Nachos had a large size advantage over them. Only one judge voted against the Nachos, who moved onto the Final with a 5-1 vote.

Nachos beat the Light Troops in the Semi-Finals.

The Nachos, like the IW, need to get sizes of the same or higher level that they achieved in the Quarter-Finals, as they didn’t get as big sizes in the Semi-Finals as they did in the Quarter-Finals. The experience of their leaders and former leaders that will help them could prove important in their attempt to win the tournament and if they continue with their amazing tactics – the Ice Warriors could have some problems in combating them. Can the Nachos equal the Ice Warriors’ amount of Legend Cup wins?


This is a tough one to predict and this is shown in what the Editors have said below. The Ice Warriors have been the quickest in room changes throughout the tournament, but the Nachos have been dominant in tactics. If the Ice Warriors want to beat the Nachos’ tactics they need to get into the room quicker and, to do this, they need slightly better sizes. I think this is possible and for that reason I’m going to go for a narrow Ice Warriors victory. The Nachos, however, are very capable of taking victory on Saturday.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Bluesockwa1, Chief Executive Officer: “Nachos, because despite the Ice Warriors’ higher placement, Nachos sizes have been rising while their opponents have been slightly dipping — not to mention their superior tactics.”
  • Bluesockwa2, Chief Executive Officer: “The Nachos will win due to a stronger record so far in the tournament that should continue into the final.”
  • 78562Cool, Executive Producer: “Ice Warriors because they have shown their strength throughout the LC battles.”
  • Max, Vice President: “Nachos, because they have shown consistently better sizes and have amazing tactics that are hard to beat.”
  • Dpd2000, Editor-In-Chief: Nachos, because of their great integrity and awareness of their opponent on the battlefield. Other then that, the Nachos have dominating tactics, guaranteed to stun everyone who is attending the anticipated battle.”
  • Lord Jay, Associate Producer: “I predict the Ice Warriors will win because with Ice Warriors’ current uprise I think they will be able to beat the Nachos.”
  • Tempah, Associate Producer: “Ice Warriors, because they are quick to change rooms which is an important part of the battle and there will be plenty of lockouts in battles like this.”
  • Gar101, Page Editor: “I believe the Ice Warriors will win the Legends Cup V Final because they have recruited very well. Tes7 and Kingfunks4 have shown amazing leadership skills as the tournament as gone on.”
  • Sercan, Battle Reporter: “Well, I believe the Ice Warriors will win. Despite the fact how well the Nachos can hype on finals, having faced them in the March Madness 2014, I think the Ice Warriors will managed to pull the win. They have already won twice, 3 is a lucky number isn’t it?”


This is a tournament dominated by the Ice Warriors and Nachos, ever since it was created in 2010. No final has failed to involve one of these armies in all five tournaments, with both armies contesting in their fourth final this year. This is also the third time that these armies will fight in the Final of the Legends Cup, with the Nachos winning in 2010 and Ice Warriors winning in 2011. In the last round the Editors were 70% accurate, mainly due to the Nachos beat the Light Troops in the Semi-Final. The Editors are split in their predictions for the final and this shows how close and unpredictable this final should be.

We come to the end of the 5th annual Legends Cup and these two armies once again challenge for the Legends Cup trophy. This is one of the most unpredictable finals we have ever been waiting for and both armies hold strong hopes of winning the tournament. A 45 minute battle stands in the way for these armies to take victory in 2014.

Who do YOU think will win the Legends Cup V? Will the Nachos tactics be too good, or will the Ice Warriors move too quickly into the battle room? Comment YOUR opinions on this years final.


CPA Central EP


28 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. That’s hard, both are great in some way

    • Nah just Ice Warriors Lol

  3. this was a pretty hard battle to predict, I called IW in the end but I don’t expect it to be a landslide

  4. I guess Nachos are the underdogs again

    • Loool

  5. if penguin club don’t want armies then why no sun to melt snow?? god

    • pastor says that if you insult then jesus may leave you

      • Shut up you RPF filth

        • 😦

        • grandson says the onl filfth is in his bedroom haha

  6. Just watch how the Nachos will get underestimated, then during the tournament, they’re gonna kick ass xD

  7. Good luck to both armies, especially IW. 🙂

  8. Nachos will win. They are the underdogs. VIVA LOS NACHOS!!!

  9. people keep commenting that nachos are the underdogs, when there are 4 predictions for nachos and 4 for IW. Not counting Funk’s vote cause well he is IW leader…

  10. To all those naysayers….You’re dead to me.

  11. 1. Nachos were NOT in the 2011 finals. It was IW vs ACP vs Ninjas.
    2. If the Nachos were in the 2010, 2011(which they were not even in), and 2013, and 2014 finals, then how the hell could they have been in 4 finals? They have been in three finals.

    • I was in Ice Warriors that year of that finals

    • Ninjas were never in the LC final. I dont think ACP were either. Nachos/IW were in the 2011 final.

      And also, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 are 4 different finals.

      • There was a 3 way one with the Ninjas in, I remember being in Ninjas at the time

      • it was Nachos vs. IW vs. Ninjas threeway

        • No, it wasn’t.

          • could’ve sworn I remembered the Nachos in that battle but eh

      • No, Nachos and IW were in 2010 final. I was there. 2011 final was ACP vs Ninjas, and I have proof.

      • You skipped 2012.

  12. How in the HELL did Night Warriors make semis?

    • By winning our other battles possibly just maybe?

  13. Ice Warriors are gonna win

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