Jerry2cool Goes AWOL in GT; Leaders Declare Him Retired

HALF PIPE, GT Capital – Jerry2Cool, who has not been seen over the past week, is now believed to be retired by his fellow Golden Troops Leaders, as both Sercan and Lord Pain have assumed he is now gone for good.

In a post written by Sercan entitled “A New Era,” Sercan states that Jerry has not been seen for the past week, and believes he may never again return. The excerpt of this post concerning Jerry is seen below.

Well, as you may already know, Jerry has been AWOL(away without an official leave/ away on duty) for a whole week, and we believe he may never come back again. This took us by surprise, and despite this unhonorable move, we will respect Jerry and award him the first Golden Troops Medal of Honor. It is very sad to see such a great leader go, however, I personally noticed his lack of enthusiasm in the past weeks, and predicted something similar to this may happen. Jerry was not working at his full capacity, hence why the soldiers gave him the nickname “Mr. Afk”. Jerry was a major kingpin in the evolution of autotyping, establishing alongside myself, the Golden Troops Recruiting Force. With him gone, I shall assume his role of Director of the GTRF. We will really miss, Jerry, as he was a great friend, really respected leader with amazing skill. It is really unknown why he’s gone, but I suspect it may be due to stress in real life and giving up on the Golden Troops. It is really unlikely for him to return, but in case he does, he will be given the rank of Leader immediately.

Sercan44444, GT Leader, August 17, 2014

Above, he states that he thought this might happen, as he lacked motivation over the past few weeks. He believes his departure was caused by stress in his real life. Later in the day, Lord Pain, Golden Troops Leader, posted a heartfelt tribute post dedicated to Jerry and how he impacted his career. It chronicles the adventures of the two colleagues, and states how Jerry revolutionized warfare in his own respect.

Jerry believed that army leaders should respect each others armies, and never take things too far to the point of destruction. Jerry believed that one can not rebuild what is broken by destroying it completely to start with a clean slate. He believed in building on and improving upon what was already built contrary to what I believed. Because of Jerry I now believe a mix of what he believed in and what I believed in beforehand. Jerry believed in a united community where only fun wars occur, something we greatly had in common. What we did not both believe in, is that to get there, there must be destruction, that a community such as that must be brought about by force and not by negotiation.

Lord Pain, GT Leader, August 17, 2014

The above passage, in my eyes, perfectly describes Jerry’s views. Lord Pain goes on to describe his and Jerry’s journey together through the past four years, concluding his post with the following passage.

In conclusion Jerry2Cool was a good man, and he is irreplaceable in the Golden Troops and in my life itself. In every action this army takes we will honor his memory, we will honor his sacrifices. Every battle we fight from this day on we fight for Jerry2Cool. Jerry saved me in every way a man can be saved, and without him I would not be here today. Thank you Jerry, for believing in me when no one else would. Thank you for accepting me in 2011, it was an honor to lead with you and to know you in this life itself. With you gone, apart of me is gone and its depressing.  I will miss you my friend, my partner in leadership, my second half. I am crying as I write this post, and I wish I could give you so much more. I will carry your burden, GT will live because of you. I knew you wanted me to replace you. And I promise you, I won’t give up no matter what and I will do what you would of done in every situation that confronts me during my leadership.

Lord Pain, GT Leader, August 17, 2014

The full post about Jerry’s unofficial retirement can be found here.

Jerry was well respected not only by me, but by the community. His strategies and ideas rivaled those of the best, and his honesty made him somebody who was always easy to be around. He never held a grudge, and never sought revenge. He epitomized what warfare was supposed to be for people: fun. He never took things too seriously, and always knew how to lighten the mood with a good laugh. Jerry was a great leader, and for sure will be remembered through the years as one.


CPA Central Vice President


16 Responses

  1. Good bye Jerry, you were more than a brother to me. Good luck to wherever you go and grace your presence with in this life.

  2. He always wanted to be remembered and get the recognition he really deserves. This post shows that. I thankyou..

  3. wat

  4. Jerry is ‘active’ on the internet so to speak, he changed his kik name and picture, he’s ignoring the army community so he’s probably just given up

  5. Bye Jerry. Good luck.

  6. Rest in peace Jerry. We will miss you in GT and we want you to know you are one of the main people to establish the 3rd in CPAC Top Ten Streak. GT will try to do it’s best in events, recruiting and keeping the army alive. You were an amazing leader. ~Myth [GT 3ic]

  7. jerry ❤

  8. Good night sweet prince.

  9. jerry is love
    jerry is life
    Thank you jerry for hiring me as owner in the last GT generation and thank you for all you’ve done for SWAT in the past as well. You will be missed by all.

  10. our pastor says this is a messsage from above for sure! respect thy neighbour or god shall punish you

  11. Heh, bye Jerry. Thanks you for everything, in both SWAT and GT!

  12. We’ve had our say “ups and downs” but we’ll always be connected through GT and CPST and I’ll forever remember our friendship. Love you Jerrbear <3. 🙂

  13. Jerry ❤ Will miss you, Hope you do come back but Good luck in life! (: Thanks for not only being a great leader but also a great friend. Also, your presence in the army will be missed a lot. (:
    P.S Thanks for being so awesome! xD

  14. Good bye, Jerry. Thanks for helping me grow as a member of the army community.

  15. jerry was taken by the government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This post was added to the staff record page.

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