DW War with RPF Begins with Two Invasions

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Ever since Elmikeys return to the RPF a war against the army that fired him, the Dark Warriors had seemed inevitable. Elmikeys comments about ex colleagues xxToySoldier and Vo Yo have hardly helped to ease tensions and the controversial release of IP Addresses of some Dark Warrior soldiers has fuelled the fire. Today the Dark Warriors attempted to invade Ice Shelf and Berg in the first battles of this war.

With the attention that constantly surrounds Elmikey he was never going to start his leadership at the RPF quietly. A number of flame posts were thrown around from both the RPF and DW just a few hours after Elmikey returned to the RPF. Elmikey then released a post titled ‘I created a monster’ which can be read HERE which seemed to fuel the hatred between the two even more, putting relations between the army in further disrepair.

An excerpt from the post.

Although a number of raids and even more flame posts were tossed around it wasn’t until yesterday that the Dark Warriors officially declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Newly appointed leader Drake8893 gave the following reasoning and a list of demands to be met to end the war.

The Dark Warriors are now officially in War Mode against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

They have slandered our leaders and loyal soldiers, and they shelter the community’s most evil people. We must not allow such entities to take over Club Penguin. As of now, the RPF leadership are brainwashing their innocent and unknowing troops into being hateful people. We, the Dark Warriors, will purge this evil from the face of Club Penguin. We will not stop until they kneel before the might of the Dark Warriors . We will save the RPF troops of from their corrupted leadership and it’s followers.The entire RPF nation will be taken from its corrupt generals by the Dark Warriors of Club penguin. We have already taken action by defending our server Tuxedo twice. And now, it is time to switch over to the offensive.

Our demands

– Current RPF leadership is removed from the army

– Threats and slanderous posts without backing must cease to exist

– Brainwashing of their troops ceast to exist

– 70% of the RPF nation is transferred to the Dark Warriors or we take all 100% by force

With the RPF languishing in the SMAP Top 10 many predicted the Dark Warriors would steam roll them in this war and the battles today didn’t surprise anyone. The RPF failed to attend both defenses as the Dark Warriors captured both Ice Shelf and Berg maxing impressive sizes of 45 with exceptional tactics.

A lot was made of the decision taken by the RPF to not attend the battles. Dark Warriors Legend and current 2ic Spi101 released a post showing an RPF troops dismay at the decision to not fight with a number of screenshots of Waddles232 asking his comrades to log in and fight. The full post can be read HERE.

The Dark Warriors won’t have it so easy anymore it seems with the RPF scheduling 4 invasions for tomorrow. With the hatred between these two armies it is hard to see this war fading out in the near future.

Will the Dark Warriors win this war and successfully force Elmikey to quit RPF? Will the RPF rise regardless of this war? Comment YOUR opinion below and thanks for reading!


CPA Central Associate Producer


45 Responses

  1. temp you faggot. Love Mythyonce, the new and improved Beyonce with Ariana Grande pitches.

    • Why dont you be mature and not call Temp faggot you douche nugget

      • It’s called our love notes.

  2. The fact that Elmikey is forcing hypocritical doctrines upon his troops makes me sick. I’m personally confused on how he calls us “Picture Editing, Size-Inflating, Absolute Liars e” if he claims he built DW from scratch.

    You’re not a friend, Elmikey. You didn’t build a monster, you are a monster. Your blemish is visible to everybody except you. You are nothing but simply an overrated leader, and DW will have no problem exterminating you.

    • Safe to say I was right when I told you Elmikey is terrible

      • Now do me a huge favor and get Ambrosha the true creator back on site and unbanish him please

        • He’s admin on site and owner on chat

  3. Why do they cancel battles everytime? It’s like if they didn’t have faith on their own troops.
    That must be one of the reasons of why we’re in SMAP.

  4. Waddles232 sounds like a true rebel. Opposite of what his comrades are.

  5. 10/10 post.

    • thank you 😀

      • Temmmpyy ❤

  6. Prepare for destruction, RPF.

    • Bwahaahaaa

  7. Why is RPF already using their divisions? Won’t they get like 4 per div lol. Anyway,we can counter this. Also, I’m pretty sure about the results of this. Elm pretends to be “hit”, Silver tries to save the day but fails and Tom just stays there as a rock. In dw, we have the best leaders and 2ics (spreezie). Your end is near RPF. Rest in Hell.

  8. I have led with Elmikey and served under him a few times, and I can rightfully say that when you serve under him, you are basically his puppet. You literally have no power against him and you can’t do anything about him firing loyal troops. He usually made the decisions.

    Also, he was AWFUL in war. I remember we fought DCP and he made us go to the beach when there was 35+ DCP there at the time, which was by far the worst decision in war ever. Sure he may make some good wars, but he’s a horrible warlord.

    At this point, I have given up on Elmikey. I always supported him while he was in the Dark Warriors, but now I regret every single second of it. He USED me and the other owners and leaders. He used the Dark Warriors website to get money. As Toysoldier has stated before, he once told him that he would use the money for drugs and other things. What kind of leader is that? I have never seen a leader like this, which this is horrendous in my opinion. He claimed he was going to help the kids make CP a safer place, but he’s using money to buy drugs???????

    I’d also like to make a statement about Waffle’s post.
    “Every site view the DW leaders make money”.
    Alright so he makes this sound like a bad thing. Well, maybe Waffle should look at his leader, Elmikey (cough money for drugs). If he wants to talk about how that’s bad, maybe he should of figured out by now that Elmikey uses it for purposes that do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Elmikey’s initial plan was when he led the “USRPF” before he was couped.
    “DW possibly has dangerous IP grabbers on their site”.
    Ahahhaha, where do I start?
    Elmikey showed the entire Dark Warriors a lot of the troops IP’s on a null. You’re trying to say we’re a threat because of an IP grabber? Your own leader has almost every troops IPs in DW. Also, the Dark Warriors have not had a IP grabber on our site since the beginning of 2013, which was around the time SaW and xiunkown retired from DW.
    Jesus Christ Waffle, I hate your guts. Get your facts straight, we wouldn’t have an IP grabber on site if people from Club Penguin find our site, that’d be ridiculous.
    Waffle, you’re still a horrible leader and you by far are the one with the lowest amount of intelligence armies has EVER seen. I liked you better when you were in ACP.
    With much love,
    Agent 11

  9. Waffles tells his troops to ‘Boycott’ Dw. Like lol, you would get us like 10 views more. Plus, thus Tobercold guy posts replies about dw posts (complete fails). Isn’t he just breaking what waffles ordered him to lol.

    Also, waffles said that Dw is greedy and only care about making money from dw. He should realize that the money doesn’t go to us, but to unk who spends it on Dw.

    Note: his current colleague is greedy and was making money from dw. Elm promised to use it on dw. He probably bought weed with it.

    Last thing is they say dw have dangerous ip grabbers. That’s just taking it too far.

    Waffles and Elm are just huge liars and hypocrites.

    Sorry for the paragraphs and typos.

    • Waffles is cool but Elmikey can fck himself

      • Tompenguin is cool too hes just an Elmikey follower lmao no offense to him cuz I hope he does better job at being an RPF Leader than Elm does

    • waffles is dcp now vo lmao

  10. Elm is a complete bias, because of how hes saying that the Dark Warriors is guilty of DDoSing, Cyberbullying, Picture Editing, Size-inflating, Absolute Lying, And Corruption. Such an retarded person, and pls go to college. Anyway, none of that what DW did by far. DW basically treat the troops nice, helping them to stay away from cyberbullying, and never had an ip grabber on the site – But you guys do[RPF]. DW also never edit pics, or size-inflating, wasn’t lying or corruption as well. But if you think that DW are having problems with any of these, then its you because you’re the one whose causing the problems around the RPF and you guys are letting the guest people that links ip grabber on the main pool of the DW chat.
    The last thing, the Dark Warriors aren’t really worse than Nachos were last year, the Dark Warriors was like the same thing as it was today and it was basically the successful history.

  11. look at all these newfags hating on elmikey.

    where all the OG elm haters at? ya know… the ones who NEVER rode his dick?

    • Yessir

    • right here

    • hated him since day uno

    • Burr callin’ the squad

    • yo

  12. “Picture Editing, Size- Inflating, Cyberbullying, DDoSing, Corruption??” lol @ elm. Prepare to lose, RPF.

    • apple he’s talking about himself, he left DW before RPF for like 2 hours so he’s admitting to it

  13. Make Waddle leader.

    • Lmao


  15. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central and commented:
    Prepare your anus RPF cause them Dark Warriors are gonna rape you soo hard its gonna give you them feely feels

  16. Why some of you guys want to destroy RPF? The army doesn’t deserves to be killed just because of our bad leadership.
    It’s like if you wanted to destroy the USA just because you hate Obama.

    • You’re leader tried to kill the army you’re in TWICE.

  17. folks say that its not how big you are its how you do it

  18. u mad?

    • Sorry we envy how your UMA was.

  19. Not gonna lie, I can’t say I dislike all of RPF. There are some good,loyal and honest people there who have stuck with RPF throughout.

    However, when you hire 3 backstabbers, that’s when things start to get blurry.

    What’s the difference between DW and RPF? Dark Warriors, or rather I made the mistake of hiring Elmikey once in March, they’ve now did it in twice, out of desperation so they don’t go to the graveyard.

  20. RPF noobs try to impersonate Freezie and failed bad. . Seriously though, Freezie would never use that pic, his name was never like that [His name is –> FREEZIE66[DW] <<– since yesterday], he was at school and the grammar is just horrible just like Sky Kid's.

    RPF call us low, I suggest they look at themselves first.

  21. Promote Waddles to leader. Please.

  22. *shucks* all you do is talk about me ❤ thanks

  23. waddles232 club penguin armies motivational speaker award 2014

  24. How Elmikeys Stupid Ginger Retarded Ass Treats His Minions 24/7

  25. This post was added to the staff record page.

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