CPA Central Anniversary Giveaway: Round 3


KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The final round of our giveaway is nigh, as the two final contenders face off for their prize.

To refresh you all of how this works, I’ve taken an excerpt from the initial post.

Only eight people will be allowed to enter this trivia bracket, from there eight goes to four, from there four goes to two, and from those two a winner is chosen. In each round, the contestants in the bracket will have to answer questions regarding CPA Central’s story.

Winners of Round One receive Xat Power 

Winners of Round Two receive Xat Power 

Winner of Round Three receives Xat Power 

Last round’s question was “What year did editorials/opinion become popular at CPAC?”. The answer to the question was 2013.


Winners, see me (Zakster) on xat for your prize. Now, onto the final question. Remember, you must fill out the form below to answer the question.


What chat you can normally be found on:


The third and final question of the giveaway is the following:

Who was responsible for CPAC’s most damaging hack?

Good luck to the final two participants.


7 Responses

  1. AInt that some bull shet

  2. good point from wife if round 1 and 2 came right after eachother doesnt this prove theres a god

  3. 1. Mkbw50
    3. “Likely some nerds”

  4. oh fuckin come on
    id complain about this but then id give the answer

  5. nvm i misread this thing

  6. Name: Ghost
    What chat you can normally be found on:
    Answer: Saw

  7. Name:Falcon/Verum
    What chat you can normally be found on:rpf

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