Legends Cup V: Finals Times

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Today we sit on the brink of what will be the fifth championship of the CPA Central Legends Cup. Forever recognized as the most important tournament of the year, the Legends Cup is a tournament that armies all across CPAC and SMAP strive to be a part of — it is a tournament of massive sizes, major upsets, prizes, and the chance to take home a title only three armies currently hold. This year, however, no new army will be joining those names — the Light Troops and Night Warriors were both knocked out in the Semi-Finals — and this year’s championship will be fought between the Ice Warriors and the Nacho Army.

The Ice Warriors, a two-time winner, took home the Legends Cup II and the Legends Cup III in 2011 and 2012. They lost to the Nachos in the first Legends Cup of 2010, and suffered a shock loss to the Chaos Army during the Legends Cup IV. The Ice Warriors will be heading into their fourth Legends Cup Final, having only missed out on the final last year. They have been showing sizes as high as 45 during the Quarter Finals, but dropped to sizes of around 35 during the Semi-Finals.

The Nachos, too, are no stranger to this tournament either. The Nachos took home the Legends Cup I in 2010, and were the runners-up in 2011 against the Ice Warriors and in 2013 against the Rebel Penguin Federation (the Doritos placed third overall.) The only final the Nachos missed out on was the Legends Cup III, where the Ice Warriors faced off against the Army Republic.

We are seeing a battle that has happened twice before this year — and it is bound to be one to remember. The eight-seed Ice Warriors will take on the five-seed Nacho Army for the title of the Legends Cup V champion and a 5,000 Xat prize. Who do you think will win? Feel free to share your opinion with using the poll on the left sidebar, or by tuning in to our livestream or our chat discussion the day of the battle. Times are below.

Legends Cup V Finals — August 23rd

Ice Warriors (8) vs. Nachos (5)

Klondike, Forts

12:00pm PST 1:00pm MST 2:00pm CST 3:00pm EST 8:00pm UK


This will certainly be a battle that will go down in army history, and we here at CPA Central will be keeping you updated on all the action as it happens. The battle will be livestreamed, and there will be live discussion with our judges and various army leaders as the battle happens on our chat. The final battle will last 45 minutes in total, and many of CPAWM’s best will be coming to judge the most important tournament battle of the year. Good luck to both armies participating, and as always, your thoughts and comments are welcome below.


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32 Responses

  1. 1st cuz lol

  2. i think neegurs of cp will triumph in this epic battle of club penguin

  3. who’s the neegur that deleted my comment

    • ur mom

  4. oh look my comments came back thank the neegur gods

  5. folks would like a good cp battle to watch with their families

  6. good point from my wife how come god make it so iceberg is white

  7. it’s not nice to downvote simple folks just enjoying a good paper

  8. our pastor says club penguin is evil folks shouldnt play it

  9. our beloved grandson plays the penguin club with us all day

  10. he gave us a tour of central park, where he live


      • our pastor says theres no need for violence

        • if god dum then why he make trees 😉

          • grandson has good point what if the sun is just very small but really close

            • god make it so sun is hot

              • god make u cook in sun

      • I laughed so hard when u said that. But at atleast u stopped the madness.

  11. Wow, many upsets this year, 5th and 8th seeded armies

  12. comment

  13. keep it up ice warriors, we’re on the finals!!!!!!!! nachos be prepared for it

  14. God said rpf is gay

    • God said that he was talking about RPF still being alive, not your sexual occupation.

    • that I don’t understand

      • Your response is why stupidity still exists in the current dictionary.

  15. GG.

  16. It will be very close. IW will be larger in size but Nachos tactics are a lot better.

  17. a classic battle awyeaa

  18. I hope IW and Nachos do their best! Good luck! Sorry if you don’t win but theres always next year to win!

  19. my army is not in legends cup so I am going for IW


  21. Look up Ken M. 😉

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