Dark Warriors Enter War with Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE 8:22 PM EST: DW’s declaration of war post has been added.

FROSTY, DW Capital – After the coup of Elmikey the Dark Warriors have been raiding RPF all week with both armies coming back with remarks and even an IP release. Will the Light be burned? Or will they fight the good fight? 

After his removal from the Dark Warriors, Elmikey quickly reformed/joined the Rebel Penguin Federation/RPF. With Dark Warriors being the number 1 army of CPAC and RPF not in the top 10 yet was this a smart move by Dark Warriors to gain servers? Or is it just a good move to fight back against Elmikey?

The Dark Warriors have been raiding the RPF all week mostly on Tuxedo, RPF’s proud capital with the RPF not showing up to one and even cancelling some. Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation have been coming back with each other with different remarks, an IP release of all the DW leaders, and just plain rages.

I went to the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation chats both to interview Tom, RPF Leader and Drake, DW Leader.

Interview with Tom, RPF Leader

What do you think on DW’s raids on your capital, Tuxedo?

DW is picking on us at our weakest point. We will rise and make them sorry.

What do you think about DW making all these posts about how you are wrong?

I hold a grudge against the members of their leadership for turning my own troops against me, the army that I built.

Thank you for your time.

Interview with Drake, DW Leader

What do you think about RPF not showing up to a single one of your raids?

It only shows the incompetence of their leadership. It proves that they are “all talk and no walk”. The only thing that RPF resorts to now is slanderous post on their website. Soon these raids will transition into invasions and RPF will HAVE to look out then.

What do you think about the RPF troop[s] that made the IP release of various Dark Warrior troops?

Again, Elmikey has sunk to the lows by releasing the troop’s information. If they wish to do something illegal to tarnish their reputation further, then so be it. As of now, I doubt they can do anything with that information. As a warning, if they try to do anything, then they should expect the harshest retaliation.

Thank you for your time.

Here is DW’s declaration of war post:

The Dark Warriors are now officially in War Mode against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

They have slandered our leaders and loyal soldiers, and they shelter the community’s most evil people. We must not allow such entities to take over Club Penguin. As of now, the RPF leadership are brainwashing their innocent and unknowing troops into being hateful people. We, the Dark Warriors, will purge this evil from the face of Club Penguin. We will not stop until they kneel before the might of the Dark Warriors . We will save the RPF troops of from their corrupted leadership and it’s followers.The entire RPF nation will be taken from its corrupt generals by the Dark Warriors of Club penguin. We have already taken action by defending our server Tuxedo twice. And now, it is time to switch over to the offensive.

Starting tomorrow, we will take each server under the jurisdiction of Rebel Penguin Federation by storm. If the Rebel Penguin Federation continues to resist and make their troops suffer from the onslaught, we will increase our intensity. They will wish that they had never uttered a word against the Dark Warriors nation. This war is an act of justice. An attempt to wipe that ugly grin from the faces of evil. Prepare yourselves, RPF as we send waves upon waves of Dark Warriors upon your faltering nation.

Our demands

– Current RPF leadership is removed from the army

– Threats and slanderous posts without backing must cease to exist

– Brainwashing of their troops ceast to exist

– 70% of the RPF nation is transferred to the Dark Warriors or we take all 100% by force

We already have your former capital, RPF. Submit now or face the consequences.

– Drake, Dark Warriors Leader

So what do YOU think? Is RPF screwed? Will RPF make a comeback? Only time will tell. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Lord Jay

CPAC Associate Producer


67 Responses

  1. the ip releases by elm is just low for someone who pretends to be prophet against cyber bullying, hope DW smash them into the ground

  2. omg beckayyyyy l00k at this armay, declaring war after a c0up on te dance flarrrrr.

    • You made me read that comment in that voice aswell. XD

  3. “I hold a grudge against the members of their leadership for turning my own troops against me, the army that I built.”

    Shut the fuck up

    • For once I agree with you.

      For now.

  4. Big Tom

  5. Lol. Tom thinks he made Dw and that they are his troops. Tom did no shit in Dw. He was only owner for his ‘loyalty’ which wasn’t for Dw but for Elm. Other than that, we would have removed him. He only managed to get 3-6 rpf troops on chat while Drake has got 45 for dw once when all leaders were away.

    Also. The troops don’t belong to anyone. They belong to Dw in general.

    Fun fact: Tom never recruited and would rarely attend events.

    • I agreed with Vo Yo at one point.
      Tom didn’t do anything shit in the new Dark Warrior’s Gen , but all he does is go to afk when the events is started. Tom was like “Sorry g2g” or w,e he said… All the DW troops are not his, it is from the DW in general [yes] and Drake did the rest, with Toy and Vo Yo.
      Anyway – Good day Tom, but you didn’t do anything with the DW, yet you’re a terrible owner.
      Inb4 Tom replied.

  6. RPF is gay

  7. The only reason he’s RPF leader is because he sucked up to Elm. Trust me, Elmikey is a master manipulator. He once said I was a legend like Oagal and Pink. He only said that to gain my trust for him. He also said only him and me should be red legends on rpf legends page.

    Now Tom is pretty much going to the same process. Elm will call him a God and everything and once he starts to rebel against him, he will call him a retard and shit.

    After we couped Elm, Elm said that Tom is better than Toy and me. It’s obvious he’s gonna use him and just remove him.

    • Tom is wayyyy worst and completely terrible owner than what Toy and Vo Yo does – but better owner. Elmikey thinks hes all that with rights. He brainwashed a lot, since when he changed a lot; when he first came back to cp armies community in the RPF.

  8. jay likes babies.

  9. “The troops that I made.”
    Tom, wtf…

    • Tom is retarded.

    • He gave birth!?

  10. Wasn’t that pic with gre and elm are in from the Ar/RPF war

    • Dude!!!!! By looking at Tom 2nd answer to the interview and this . Tom is mutating in to Elm!!!

      • to tom: Watch out, we got a badass over here.

  11. I suggest RPF gets rid of Elm for good unless they want to be destroyed/colonized. Elmikey is a huge burden to any army he goes to, and that is evident by his lack of ability to gain any friends and make everyone hate him.

    • Elm could also retire and get a job and maybe start living life

      • Elm is 18, doesn’t work and probably spends his money on weed.

        I’m 15, already working and saving up my money for college/University

        Yet, I’m still more active then him.

        We couped him do he could start living. Sadly, it didn’t work and he went back to Rpf.

        • Im ashamed of Elmikey

        • Indeed. It’s kinda sad how most people forget you and your huge impact on DW. You made our UK rise incredibly the 1st day on the Job and made RPF surrender with like 20 troops advantage. *salute*

  12. I’ll also like to note that Dw don’t ddos like rpf says. Pretty much everyone knows elm’s escape plan. Whenever dw was getting low sizes, he used to use excuses like “I’m getting hit offline”. He did it once again when Dw wrecked RPF by more than 30 troops.

    Elm, we all know your lame excuses. If you fear us, surrender and we won’t destroy you 🙂

    • Vo yo, DW is ddosing/some other form of hacking. Earlier today I got kicked off chat. The whole screen turned black all the sudden. I’m not sure if I was being ddosed because it’s never happened to me before, but I strongly suspect it was.

      • Your intelligence is very low Crose.
        DDoSing is when someone knocks out your internet, not when your computer dies because of your battery.

        • it wasn’t dead I could access other pages just not the chat page.

          • The fact that you could access other pages proves that you weren’t being DDoSed.

      • Well. Idk. Probably a small glitch/bug. These small things happend to everyone.

        Btw, what I meant is that Elm claimed that he was being hit. Our leader, Toy, was targeted as a DDOser which I believe to be false.

        Fact: the event elm got “hit”, Toy wasn’t able to attend.

      • And this is a prime example on why you should not accuse others of DDOS attacks when you have not experienced it yourself. That bug sounds similar to the one I was having on ACP and RPF chat. When people accuse others of more serious topics when it’s obvious they have no clue what they’re talking about, they look downright silly. Please refrain from commenting nonsense like this.

      • why would someone even DDOS you lmao

        • i don’t know thats why im confused.

      • You’re stupidity amuses me.

        • *your (look who’s stupid now)

  13. In RPF’s defense, we had 20-25 people on chat when that picture was taken. Not bad sizes in my opinion.

    • You would say that. -.-

  14. OK. I’m going to post my last comment for the night…hopefully xD

    Tom is a huge hypocrite and Silver is a deceiver.

  15. One the main reasons I dislike Tom is because he’s very full of himself. He acts as if he’s some sort of self-appointed God of armies, everything good that happens is soley because of him (and Elmikey). We are all just peasants (or as he says “noobs”) in his all-knowing eyes.

    Sound familiar?

  16. >the army I built

    I was banished from DW chat 80% of the time (or didn’t come on at all) Elmikey was leader of the Dark Warriors, and I’m pretty sure I contributed more to DW during the time Tom was 2nd in Command.

  17. Elm makes me sick. He has turned the word “evil” into a new buzzword used to describe everything he doesn’t likes. I have a feeling that he isn’t letting my comments into the site because they ask for proof of DW’s “evilness”. Add that to him firing those people back in February because he “wanted them out for being weak”. A caring leader shouldn’t do that.
    I feel bad for the newer troops who haven’t seen his true colors. Yet.

    • Wow. Coming from an Rpf troop and saying whats right! You are a brave guy that thinks for the betterment of your army. I salute you


      • *salutes back*

      • I think he might have the decency of understanding that elm tried to kill their army twice before returning to it.

        • I’ve been in this since last December, enough to know that Elmo is just a false prophet by now. Not all of us are part of his brainwashed herd.

    • Lord, you RPF noobs trying to comment on CPAC. Elm did not fire them “for being weak”. He fired them because he believed they were going to rebel against him(false) and he was wary of their popularity.

      • I know he didn’t really wanted everyone out for that reason. He wanted to hide the truth and look good in a post he recently made, but he just showed off his superiority complex.

        Still, in one of his most recent posts, he seems to be showing a little of humilty by saying he wasn’t the only responsible for DW’s success and saying that CPAC didn’t had that fault for the Legends cup thing.

        But I don’t know if he deserves yet another chance.

  18. Wow… Declaring war on a army that’s currently in birth stages. Smart move. 🙂

  19. They are framing me and attacking me. Karma will get you.

    • Bite me.

    • Karmas a bitch.

    • IMO, this is karma getting to you.
      Just take off pride’s goggles so you can look at your past with other eyes.

    • Its funny how every time Elm is attacked in any form on CPAC, comments or not, he leaves a vague comment saying they are wrong with no further defense beyond just that. News flash Elm, saying people are wrong with no defense does not give you a defense.

    • *cough* Sharing DW soldiers ip’s *cough*

    • Go to college .

      P.S. that’s not a server or room in club penguin.

  20. I actually pity Elmikey. He has no qualifications or job and will probably end up on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

    • Lmfao I never thought of it that way… His reason for going on would probably be… “CP armies is my life! I do nothing but go on the internet everyday. Help!?”

  21. lol

    • you wont be laughing in a few weeks 😉

  22. Tom is full of himself. The guy didn’t do shit for DW. Half the time he wasn’t even there. Once, I did some spy work for RPF and spied on the DW chat. For a few days I noticed that Tom would either go afk or just leave before an event would start. The small 12 year old needs to stfu.

  23. folks should no if they are being attacked

  24. So this is where RPF dies…

  25. So this is where RPF dies

  26. Even with Elmikey RPF leader, it doesn’t look like they are even getting better, as I would say, worse then before.

  27. All these comments but no one said good post Jay

  28. Remember when everyone was trying to get Elmikey out of RPF…….. I contributed to that for nothing.

  29. DW = pathetic motherfuckers

  30. This post was added to the staff record page.

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