Person of the Year: Five-Year Commemorative

Within these last 5 years of CPA Central’s existence, there have been countless notable people and events.  To commemorate these past 5 years, the CPA Central staff and legends were assembled to construct a list of the most influential people during this span.  Just to note, there will be some people such as Oagalthorp, Pink Mafias, Commando717 and Shadow2446 who will not be included on this list.  These people have done a copious amount of things to help structure CP Army warfare as we know it.  But since their era was before the creation of CPA Central, they will not be included in this commemoration.

CPA Central can be used as time machine to look back as far back as 2009.  The year 2009 was huge for the CP Army community.  The top five people on the Five-Year Commemorative came from the 2009 era.  Without these influential people, CP Armies may not be the same.

On this Commemoration list, there are 15 people.  These 15 people are CP army legends, innovators, generals, and revolutionaries.  These 15 people come from all sort of armies and organizations such as Army of Club Penguin, the Nachos, CPA Central, the Ice Warriors, the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Night Warriors, Dark Warriors, and the Light Troops.  In these 5 years, many of these names we see below are common topics or authors for CPA Central’s top posts.  These are the true sculptors of our beloved CP Army community and I have high hopes for future additions to this list.

Boomer 20

This list, a listing of individuals who shaped modern armies, was difficult to compile, and understandably so. However, something that was not nearly as difficult, and something that has not changed for many years, is that Boomer 20 is still as central to this community as he was when he was named CPA Central’s first-ever Person of the Year in 2009. Boomer 20′s career in armies is one of, if not the most legendary this community has ever seen.

One of the first things I remember as a recruit coming into the Army of Club Penguin were those unforgettable battles. Pictures that are still recounted today, rumors of sizes reaching over 150 and Boomer 20′s continued recognition as ACP’s greatest leader of all time. Serving two terms with the army, Boomer 20 led the Army of Club Penguin through a golden age; one which the community will never forget — that much has always been clear from the awards ACP received during this time, including Army of the Year in both 2008 and 2009, and Boomer 20′s awards as Person of the Year and a two-time ACP Medal of Honor recipient.

Sometimes called the “coupmaster” of the ACP, Boomer 20′s influence on the community is difficult to describe. You cannot name a physical rank he holds other than ACP Commodore or CPAWM Board Member, but his influence has only risen since he led the ACP to such a peak years ago. In 2012, Boomer 20 was the kingpin of the CP Army Council, and despite opposition even from his former army, Boomer 20 continued to try and steer warfare on a course toward success and one is the few reasons we were able to rebound from the 2012 slump.

Also a close partner of CPA Central for many years, I have been given the unique experience of evolving from one of Boomer’s soldiers to his co-worker. At CPA Central, Boomer 20 has championed research of army history; dedicated to preserving the legends of this great community, he has constantly uncovered bits of warfare history we missed or candidates that undoubtedly altered the community forever. His research not only affects army history but also the present times, where, despite his nickname as armies’ god, Boomer never considered himself too good to pore over old posts when helping with a story.

Since 2008, Boomer 20 has held a rank as one of armies’ best, and unlike many others, with the changing years he has never lost that title. From leading the Army of Club Penguin to victories and a golden age, to helping preserve army history and steering us in the right direction, Boomer 20′s voice is the most influential in the community today and over the past five years since CPA Central’s founding, Boomer 20, over anyone else, has shaped army warfare.

Bluesockwa1, CP Army Legend, CPA Central CEO


Iceyfeet holds a truly incredible record that has so far remained unchallenged by any leader before or after him: the creator of the Ice Warriors, he led the army for the better part of six years, from 2007 to 2012. Truly, Iceyfeet’s legacy is an incredible one: a consistent Top Ten army, built up over more than half a decade to be one of the great World Powers of armies.

The Ice Warriors, founded in June of 2007, are among the first Club Penguin Armies and one of the longest running. Though the army has struggled at times, Iceyfeet served as a guiding light for the Ice Warriors throughout his career, overcoming rebellions, periods of inactivity, and massive slumps. IW gained a reputation as an isolationist army, staying out of conflicts unless absolutely necessary, and generally avoiding major alliances.

For many years, IW was a consistent Top Ten Army but never quite strong enough to be a frequent contender in the Top Three. IW experienced its first great resurgence and rise to prominence during the Legends Cup I, where Iceyfeet led the army into glory, battling the Nachos and Ninjas for the championship title with sizes of 80+. IW became, for the first time in its history, a serious contender for the number one spot.

In 2012, IW, like most armies, took a major fall. Iceyfeet held the army together and helped them start to rise to their former heights. Then, in a move that stunned the army community, Iceyfeet retired from IW in late Summer 2012, passing his rank to Albert147. Iceyfeet remained an advisor through some difficult periods in IW, as the army experienced a number of leadership changes. IW hit rock-bottom in early 2014, after a number of unstable administrations, ranking at 15th on the Top Ten. Iceyfeet returned to the army to lead them out of their rut, and IW has since experienced a powerful rise back to the Top Five.

In the pantheon of Army History, Iceyfeet will be remembered as one of, if not the longest serving leaders of all time, and as one truly skilled under pressure; Iceyfeet became famous for his ability to bring sudden surges of recruits to IW when they were most desperately needed, and his leadrship prowess, honed over years at the helm of IW, made him an extremely capable general in times of war. Iceyfeet’s influence stands as a testament to his long running career and his success as a leader; for so many he was an unchanging figure, an influence that spanned entire careers, and a revolutionary who began what became known as the “Warriors Army Craze.” Iceyfeet is one of Armies’ true greats, and his story will not be forgotten any time soon.

Bluesockwa2, CP Army Legend, CPA Central CEO


Woton truly stands as one of the great revolutionaries of armies. His career as a soldier in and of itself is a successful one: Nachos Second-in-Command, FW Leader, and Creator of a Top-Ten Army — the Military of Club Penguin. But his crowning success is, without question, the creation of Club Penguin Army Central, an organization that would change the political dynamic of armies radically from its inception.

CPA Central was among the first, if not the first, dedicated army news organizations at the time of its creation in 2009. Woton brought forth a number of the concepts that have become the staples of CPAC: Top Ten Armies, the group of pages known as Army Resources, and the evolving style of posting army news. Woton’s column CPA Weekly popularized the concept of a more neutral Top Ten as a metric for armies to compare themselves (previously many armies, particularly ACP, had posted Top Tens on their sites, but CPAC’s was one of the first from a neutral perspective), and also helped raise awareness of new, smaller armies through the Army of the Week segment.

Woton also began to popularize the tournaments which have become a crucial part of CPAC’s identity; the massive Decade’s End Tournament in December 2009 was a huge achievement both for CPAC and for many of the armies who participated, with record sizes all around (ACP, led by Boomer20, ultimately claimed the title Army of the Decade). While, admittedly, CPAC under Woton was a rather disorganized and at times unprofessional affair, he laid the groundwork that would be expanded upon by future Heads of Site to create the colossus that exists today.

Woton retired from his initial term in 2010, passing the torch to Iasgae56. Some time later, in 2011, he returned following Sklooperis’s retirement to further expand the site and to move to CPAC’s ill-fated self-hosted domain (a move later reversed in the New Years’ Coup). Woton retired again that summer, and has since assumed the rank of Chairman of the Board of CPAWM, overseeing CPAC and SMAP’s media interests.

Undeniably, Woton’s idea to create what seemed like a strange, almost pointless organization blossomed in ways no one could ever have forseen. What started as a small blog, a forum to express ideas and spread the news has now become one of the most powerful organizations in armies, one that, without Woton, would never have been.

Bluesockwa2, CP Army Legend, CPA Central CEO


Few in Club Penguin Army history have wielded the level of power and authority Shaboomboom commanded as a three-term Leader of the Army of Club Penguin, prominent community figure, and authoritative behind-the-scenes presence. Respected by his troops, admired by his peers, and feared by his enemies, Shaboomboom contributed greatly to the culture of the army community and helped to re-establish and preserve ACP’s status as a superpower throughout his army career.

Shaboomboom joined the Army of Club Penguin on January 3, 2008, incidentally on the same day as Boomer 20. Despite being enlisted at the very bottom of the ACP ranks, he had big aspirations for himself, making fast friends with soldiers in nearly every prominent army in the community. Displaying an incredible amount of commitment and work ethic, Shaboomboom joined nearly all of these armies, including SSACP,  Golds, WW, UMA, and RPF, working his way up to mod rank in each of these armies, as well as ACP. In SSACP, he was named Top Spy as one of the best the organization ever saw, a role that was crucial in an era of pass-protected pages of secret information. His many roles in many armies quickly honed his leadership abilities, leading to his promotions to Leader in SSACP, VLA, and Golds, and finally, Co-Leader of ACP in August 2008.

In a pivotal moment of his army career, Shaboomboom defeated Jedimaster17 and Abercrombe29 in an election on October 24, 2008 to become Leader of the Army of Club Penguin, and the rest, as they say, is history. After early successes as Leader, and following a tumultuous struggle for power with ACP Creator Oagalthorp and Co-Leader Jedimaster17, he assumed the role of Co-Leader under Boomer 20. Together, the duo became an unstoppable force in the community, Shaboomboom the dynamic and fearless catalyst behind many an epic confrontation. Wars were started to force his removal, but none, not even alliances, could stop the “Shaboomer” Army of Club Penguin, a true Golden Age for the ages. Collecting back-to-back Christmas Tournaments and Army of the Year honors in 2008 and 2009 and shattering every conceivable size record along the way, Shaboomboom had helped to build a dynasty with his best friend.

Shaboomboom would return two other times to lead the Army of Club Penguin, most famously in his historic coup of Dr Nono Jr which would forever cement his role as an authoritative force behind the scenes, unafraid to take on the leadership if it meant protecting his army. Throughout his leaderships, Shaboomboom balanced fun and competition with a reputation for success by always maintaining ACP’s placement as the top army. Ever committed to helping the community, he took numerous diplomatic roles to help push through resolutions to conflicts, writing a number of widely recognized bills, most notably the Anti-Hacking Bill, which was signed by every major army leader of the day in an effort to curb the widespread plague of hacking and bot use at the time.

Even in retirement, his presence was always felt as a guardian of ACP, equally feared and respected by leaders and soldiers alike for his commitment to excellence and his legendary Unmod Weeks. He also served as Head Philosopher at CPAC, a position created specially for him. His posts were viewed by many as consistently the most entertaining reads ever published to the website. The legacy Shaboomboom leaves behind him is one of remarkable success, dedication, and a dynamic leadership style that always made things fun. His accolades are seemingly endless, with leaderships in ACP, Golds, SSACP, VLA, DW, and DCP, as well as a Medal of Honor in ACP, Top Spy honors in SSACP, and CPAC Army Legend status.

It has been a most profound honor leading with you and scheming with you all these years. You and me, we ran the show. We took on the world and won time and time again, and we will always be able to reminisce about the days when Shaboomer was untouchable.

Boomer20, CP Army Legend, Former ACP Leader


Among the greatest legends since 2009, Person1233 stands out as one of the most prominent and successful leaders in the history of Club Penguin armies. Under Person’s reign as Nacho Leader, the Nachos rose to new heights to enjoy a new Golden Age of dominance and glory. He utilized the newly released sombrero to perfection to recruit one of the largest armies in army history, once reaching 150+ soldiers at the Great Mammoth Fiesta in 2009. In doing so, he stands among one of the illustrious members for contributing to the Golden Age that armies experienced in 2009.

As a leader, Person was a brilliant tactician who helped revolutionize the art of battle with his fast paced system of ordering commands and in developing new tactics, such as the frenzy and waterfall tactics that are used today. He consistently kept his powerful army among  the best, holding the “#1 army in Club Penguin” status from March 2009 to July 2009 (5 months straight)In addition, his hilarious humor and personality always created a fun and exciting atmosphere in the Nachos, thus becoming an iconic association of the Nacho way and tradition. Later in 2009, he was accredited by the CPAC viewers as the 2009 Leader of the Year as well as the 2009 Funniest Leader of the Year.

Puckley, CP Army Legend, Former Nacho Leader


Puckley, to many, is the absolute epitome of dedication to an army. His storied career in the Nachos spans nearly half a decade, and for much of that time he served as a member of the army’s powerful inner circle.

Joining under legendary Nacho Leader Person1233 in 2008, Puckley quickly rose to the Second-in-Command rank during the First Golden Age of Armies (and of the Nachos) in 2009. Not long afterward, he retired from the army, remembered as a skilled veteran officer who had worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Nachos great, but one who had never achieved the leadership rank.

It was during this time that Puckley also played a crucial role in the creation of CPA Central alongside his fellow Nacho, Woton. Puckley served as the first Secondary Head of Site and helped to maintain discipline during the site’s earliest months. He and Joker, also a Nacho, would go on to create CPA Files in 2012, a site which they later merged into CPAC, returning both to high ranks in the site as some of its most skilled reporters.

Puckley returned to the Nachos in 2011 alongside another Nacho Great, Tanman626, leading the army back to dominance after a fall. He retired briefly once again, but returned to the Nachos in Summer 2012 to lead the army to one of its greatest triumphs ever: the defeat of ACP just prior to what would become the Black Wars. The brutal war played a large role in ACP’s 2012 collapse, and Puckley receives almost all of the credit for this victory.

Puckley led the Nachos through several more wars in 2013, including the HSA-Nacho War, Nacho-RPF war, and further conflicts with ACP. When he retired, armies had entered a Second Golden Age following the end of the Black Wars, and the Nachos were at the top of their game. Sadly, the army fell drastically after his retirement, proving just how critical Puckley’s influence as a calming and organizing figure had been for the Nachos.

Placed among the members of the Hall of Legends, Puckley stands out for his incredible dedication to his army and his magnificent leadership abilities. At the time of his retirement, Puckley was viewed by many as one of the last great army leaders, the members of the “Old Guard” of armies, and that view has only been further strengthened in his absence.

Bluesockwa2, CP Army Legend, CPA Central CEO


Club Penguin Army Central has always been an influential voice in Club Penguin Armies; as its name suggests, it is, quite literally, the center of armies. It is certain, then, that its CEO would be a great wielder of influence, but few would have expected Bluesockwa1, on his ascension to power, to be as influential and revolutionary as he would prove to be.

The site would undergo numerous changes in his time as CEO. Before it was purely a news site — one that reported the news. All this would change with Bluesockwa1 as he turned CPA Central into a site that not only reported the news, but also influenced it. Editorials and special reports that allowed whistleblowers to leak controversies and secrets in armies forever changed how the media was able to wield influence, and through it army leaders were forced to conform to greater scrutiny; indeed, it can be called a crusade against corruption in armies, which would not have happened without Bluesockwa1.

Bluesockwa1 also held numerous other achievements. In his administration, CPAC would revitalize its Servers Page, reform Legends Inductions, modernize its administrative structure and allow for more effective staff communication. In addition, he founded CP Army World Media and led the SM Army Press project. His achievements were not limited to the media, either; he championed the CP Army Council in 2012 and held positions in various major armies.

It is due to his successful administration of CPA Central that the site was brought to record views — in some months, over 80,000 hits; Blue1 held an 80% approving rating during his time as CEO according to a 2013 poll. This is also reflected in the awards that Bluesockwa1 has received — they include CP Army Legend, a Person of the Year runner-up in 2013 and 2014, along with the CPAC 25 in the same years — he would be named number one in 2014. Undoubtedly, Bluesockwa1 has revolutionized the media, and through it, the community; his legacy is enduring and will be felt for many years to come.

Splasher99, Former CPAC Executive Producer, SMAC CEO


No one has been as dedicated to CPA Central and army media throughout their army career as Bluesockwa2. Working with the site throughout four of its five years, Bluesockwa2 has worked under every CEO of armies’ leading media provider, and is the community’s veteran media mogul. Though he no longer takes as large of a role in CPAC’s public affairs, Bluesockwa2 is a source of guidance and advice for all those working in media — and his career justifies that.

Joining CPAC in 2010 under Iasgae56, Bluesockwa2 ascended through CPAC’s ranks, becoming an intrical part of Sklooperis’s legendary administration, engineering the restoration of CPAC under multiple hacks and helping to anchor the legendary Trickster-Pink Mafias story. Also in 2011, Bluesockwa2 served as Secondary Head under Woton; he helped to lead CPAC’s move to modernize and become self-hosted. At the end of August 2011, Bluesockwa2 would assume Head of Site alongside Kingfunks4; a position he has held for almost three years.

In his years as Chief Executive Officer, through ups and downs, Bluesockwa2 served CPAC. Pulling the site out of its slump in early 2011, Bluesockwa2 helped make CPAC into the corporation it is today. Under Bluesockwa2, all major competition to CPA Central was eliminated and the site anchored all kinds of legendary stories; exposing corruption and bringing down leaderships in a changing warfare community. Bluesockwa2′s dedication to engineering the behind-the-scenes state of CPAC has also never changed; he is just as much a part of this site as any public face. He made the site into a professional, strictly run, high-quality machine for the first time, instituting reforms that led the site into its Golden Age of influence and success as the single most-viewed organization in armies, and a political powerhouse thanks to the weekly Top Ten Armies.

Bluesockwa2′s years of experience in army media make him one of the oldest veterans of the field. Through a changing warfare state, Bluesockwa2 has anchored over four years of army news and without him, the way armies see the media would be very different. Numerous awards such as CP Army Legend, a Person of the Year runner-up in 2012 and 2013, and a CPAC 25 runner-up in 2013 and 2014 have recognized the effects Blue2 has had on Club Penguin Armies — effects that, as his career comes to a close, will leave a lasting legacy.

Bluesockwa1, CP Army Legend, CPA Central CEO


Very rarely in this community are we ever graced by someone who showed so much kindness, so much optimism, and so much dedication while still being considered a durable leader. All of these attributes are embodied by the legendary leader, Mchappy. He has been considered by many to be of the Army of Club Penguin’s greatest leaders. It was under his leadership that the army achieved some of the greatest sizes in the history of this community. Mchappy also proved to be a capable administrator work for his work with SM Army, CPA Central Vice President, and currently as the Chief Executive Officer of the SM Army Press.

Mchappy joined the Army of Club Penguin in 2008. After a great deal of dedication he was made temporary leader in December of 2010. During that time has temporary leader, he would be able to lead the ACP to a great victory in the End of Decade tournament. His time as leader of the ACP was filled with much success having repaired the ACP’s reputation in many people’s eyes, this is in part due to his kindness as a leader. Mchappy also lead the Army of Club Penguin through one of the most bitter conflicts this community has ever seen, World War Five, which was ultimately a great victory for the army. Towards the end of his tenure, a scandalous picture of him allegedly asking someone to “hack” the Nachos website was released. However, his reputation as an honest and moral leader prevailed when the picture proved to have been faked by the Nachos themselves.

After his time as ACP leader, Mchappy had other successful reigns in various armies. He led Elites to a high of second in CPA Central’s Top Ten. Perhaps the most exemplar example of Mchappy was when he helped a very close friend with her army. He ultimately got them to fourth in the Top Ten. However, this was an act of friendship and not necessarily poised to improve his standing in the community. He also returned to lead the ACP twice to help transitional periods.

For Mchappy’s service to the army community, he was fittingly inducted to legend status in August of 2013. Mchappy will always be remembered for his sense of duty, honor and kindness. He has helped shaped this community for the better and rightfully deserves mention as one of the most influential figures of the past five years.

Wgfv, CP Army Legend, Former UMA Leader, CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


Perhaps one of the fastest rising legends of the modern era, or of any era, Elmikey came to represent a new kind of leader. His troop-centered, propaganda-filled, defender-of-all-that-is-good attitude galvanized the fallen titan that was the Rebel Penguin Federation, which had wallowed in mediocrity for nearly four years until that point. His influence on the lightning-rise of RPF and the conflicts that started what would become the Golden Summer are undeniable, and the controversies he started forced armies to reexamine their principles and what they had become as the left their Dark Ages.

Undoubtedly, Elmikey is one of the most controverisal figures in armies to this day. Hated by many, worshiped by others, he is ultimately remembered as a firebrand with good ideas but without the political adeptness to get everyone on board with them.

Elmikey’s first real contribution came as he focused on the task of bringing RPF back to its former glory; while he had been a moderately influential RPF General in 2007, his accomplishments in 2007 pale in comparison to those in 2013. At the time of Elmikey’s return, Chat Recruiting was utterly, finally, dead. Armies needed a new way to bring in troops. Elmikey brought about the rebirth of Club Penguin-based recruiting, bringing RPF dozens of recruits each week, most of them young, enthusiastic, and filled with a fiery fervor for their new army.

RPF became the behemoth that defined the Golden Summer and even, perhaps, the Second Golden Age of Armies. Elmikey led the army through its wars with the Nachos, through its crusade to better armies as a member of the New Dawn Alliance, and through the controversy and renewed awareness that ultimately led to RPF’s “Night of the Long Knives” and his ouster by Sir Pj. Elmikey then moved first to DCP and then settled in DW, bringing his recruiting skill (and his penchant for generating controversy) with him. He has endured there as well, in spite of a number of coup attempts.

Controversial though he many be, Elmikey’s contributions are indisputable. He was an instrumental figure in bringing armies out of the Black Wars and his ideas have caused a resurgence of interest in armies, bringing in new blood that was so desperately needed. He is truly one of armies’ greatest leaders, and a figure without whom our history would be much, much darker.

Bluesockwa2, CP Army Legend, CPA Central CEO


Few people have had as much control as the storied and esteemed Vendetta had in his prime. With his iron grip of power in the Night Warriors and his fearlessness, it was close to impossible to stop Vendetta on his way to becoming one of the most forceful and influential leaders ever.

At a time when armies were completely dominated by the unbelievably big Army of Club Penguin, Vendetta would create an army with the ability to out match the ACP in strength like no other army had done before. Incredibly, he did all of this while enforcing the notorious one army law. Few people can strike fear into the enemy the way Vendetta did while at the same time carrying the full support and loyalty of his own soldiers. The amazing legacy the Night Warriors came to represent was all made possible because of this leader. It took an alliance filled with the strongest armies in Club Penguin to stop him, but there was no stopping the legacy he left on armies that carries on today.

Together with his partner, Tomb147, he unintentionally rebooted the anti-ACP ideology that has shape armies so drastically in the years since the legendary World War Vendetta practically built all by himself. He constructed one of the most powerful armies, legacies, and vocabulary this community has ever seen through the Might of the Night.

Buritodaily, CP Army Legend, Former Army Republic Leader, Night Warriors Veteran


Out of anyone on this list, Flipmoo is the newest addition. That is not to say he is not an army veteran, however — Flipmoo’s founding of the Impossible Mission Army Force and leadership of the army over many years had impressionable impact on the community even prior to the founding of CPA Central. But it is Flipmoo’s return to armies and his position in the Army of Club Penguin in 2013 and 2014 that earns him a spot on this list.

Divisions in armies are ever-changing, and we are constantly looking for new opportunities to widen our borders. Up until 2011 or 2012, most armies did not have a United Kingdom division — European forces are all but necessary to an armies’ success today. However, we did fail to widen our borders outside of five, maybe six or seven hours up until the Asian and Australian Division would change the community forever.

It is not true to say that Flipmoo founded AUSIA — he didn’t, that title will probably forever lie with Sidie9. But it is one thing to invent a division and another to sculpt it, and without Flipmoo, AUSIA Divisions would still be as irrelevant to armies as they were before he took power. His rise in the Army of Club Penguin was electric and controversial; even while serving as Second in Command, he was arguably as powerful as the leaders — ACP has, for a year or two now, relied on their AUSIA Division in war.

Taking the leadership rank following the coup d’etat of Cassius Brutus, Flipmoo brought ACP out of a slumped that plagued the army since 2012. Alongside Sercan4444, Jerry2cool and later Purple Slime4, Flipmoo restructured the Army of Club Penguin and brought it back to world power status. The sculptor of AUSIA and a champion of army politics, Flipmoo is one of ACP’s most-loved leaders in years, and the ACP would not have risen from their fall had Flipmoo not been part of the revitalization.

Bluesockwa1, CP Army Legend, CPA Central CEO


As another Nacho great, TanMan626 serves as one of the greatest leaders to come across the army community since 2009. Following a rough patch towards the end of 2010, Tan helped transform the Nachos back into a world power contender among the elite armies in the community. As the sole leader at the beginning of his reign, he took it upon himself to recruit and bring the Nachos back to their glory.

His excellent leadership skills led the Nachos far as he helped lead multiple victories over armies such as the Golden Troops, Team Gold, and even the ACP. During his leadership, the Nachos successfully broke 75+ on Club Penguin and took ACP’s home capital Breeze away twice along with Mammoth once. In addition, Tan also played a prominent role in World War V by forging an important alliance with the Night Warriors against the ACP for the war. With his long list of achievements with the Nachos, Tan had not only established himself as a legendary army leader but also as one of the most respected people in the army community.

Puckley, CP Army Legend, Former Nacho Leader


For the past five years Feephill, more commonly known as SaW, has truly changed how Club Penguin Armies operate. Despite his notorious reputation, he has also had many positive impacts during his legendary career. SaW is widely known around the community as a “hacker, doxer, and scammer” and, admittedly, he has taken some hundreds of thousands of xats from members of this community over the years. Although the famous 2009 group IATW (I Am The Walrus) were the first to bring DOXing into Club Penguin Armies, SaW has arguably promoted it and used it to its full destructive effect more than anybody else.

DDoSing was another tactic influenced by SaW, as he was the source of many of the attacks on the CPAC self-hosted website in the Summer of 2012. This was one of the first few times a DDoS attack was heard of in armies; they are generally considered near-impossible on sites, so the self-hosted CPAC site was one of the first instances DDoSing could be put to real use.

However, it spite of SaW’s less-than-savory actions outside of his leadership roles, he is still known for his prowess as a leader, particularly as the Kingpin of the Dark Warriors up until 2013. Arguably, Feephill is the greatest Dark Warrior Leader ever, and in my opinion he’s the reason why DW has always had a powerhouse reputation. Feephill also brought Chat Recruiting to new heights, as he was widely regarded as the best chat recruiter of his time. He recruited people like Hurricanex1, Pufpuf103, Freezie66, and I was trained by him. Without SaW, I would not be a legend. He has truly changed armies, and in my opinion is a revolutionary.

xiUnknown, CP Army Legend, Former DW Leader


Though Ioioluk is disliked by a great many people, even in his infamy he is truly the greatest leader I’ve ever worked with. He was never fazed by those who disliked him, and his efforts helped shape the Light Troops into one of the most legendary armies in the community.

I have led countless wars alongside Ioioluk and we have been very successful throughout our era of dominance (2011-2012). Ioioluk was our strategest: he planned our conquests against the Army of CP, Dark Warriors, Army Republic, Ice Warriors, and our long war as a part of the Black Alliance. Particularly during our two-month war with ACP, Ioioluk was certain to not only maintain his lead in the war but also to keep the war going for several weeks. He only ended a war early if the other army stood no chance at all; otherwise he would try his best to draw out the war for the good of both armies involved.

The Light Troops under Ioioluk and I became a force to be reckoned with. He introduced a new style of fighting, spreading propaganda against his enemy and fighting them tooth and nail at every turn. LT became ACP’s archenemeny under Ioioluk, and the conflict lasted throughout 2011.

Ioioluk made sure wars were long-lasting, hard fought conflicts that meant something; our wars in LT were fought because we truly believed in our cause, not simply for the sake of fighting. His efforts turned the Light Troops into a war machine; the dominant force behind BA, one of ACP’s greatest foes before, during, and after its fall, and an army that now stands as a testament to his success and ability as a leader.

Roberto, Former Light Troops Leader

These 15 people are some of the most important people in Club Penguin Armies. Throughout the years, these people above were the ones who changed the community for the good; influencing Club Penguin Warfare from their time, to now. Without them, Club Penguin Armies may have ended up in a different direction.


CPA Central Executive Producer


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  8. Parts of Elm’s bio : …..troop-centered, propaganda-filled…RPF…., Hated by many. so true b2. so true.

  9. I agree with everyone on this list… iregardless of Elm’s unsavory actions.

    Vendetta (y)

  10. In Iceyfeet’s description, you misspelled leadership

    • Let’s call the cops!

    • Illuminati confirmed? Look closely:
      8 letters and 3 vowels in leadrship
      8 x 3 = 24
      ’24’ is a TV show
      The TV show ’24’ is broadcasted on Fox
      Fox has 3 letters
      A triangle has 3 sides
      The Illuminati’s symbol is a triangle
      CPAC = Illuminati

      • by god…. SNAILY WAS RIGHT



      • except it has 9 letters

        • CP illuminati.

          • Five months later

        • 9 letters?
          letters has 7 letters in it
          9 + 7 = 16
          Apollo 16
          Fake moon landing?
          Illuminati confirmed.

          • Illuminati was formed in the year 1776.
            CHANGE has 6 letters in the word forming the last number in 1776.
            This comment was made on the 18th, take the 1 out of 18th and form the 1 in 1776.
            You have the letter 7 in your comment twice to make the 77 in 1776.
            Illuminati confirmed.


    Time to burn CPAC to the ground.

    • stealing FW motto.

      i will sue for copyright

      • Such bias. Blue brothers “person of the year”

        • LMFAO

  12. saw best legend

  13. dat booty tho

  14. Ewww Elmikey is onn list

    • And Ioio lmao

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