CPA Central Staff Applications

Are you interested in working for CPA Central, and to have a chance to be a part of the most influential personnel in CP Armies? 

CPA Central has been the leading CP army news provider for 5 years and counting.  We are looking to extend our staff to acquire some of the brightest minds in all of Armies.  You may ask the current staff, CPA Central offers many unique benefits that other armies or news sites cannot offer.  Assuming you are hired, you are granted access to CPA Central’s staff site.  This is where all of the staff can interact and mingle.  This website is very exclusive seeing that there are only 54 members added to it out of the hundreds of army participants.  Not only do we grant you access to the staff site, we also pay our staff members.  We offer a payment of 500 xats per quarter (every three months).  So if you meet the requirements the whole year, you can get 2,000 xats.  The requirements are easy and simple, you have to make 15 posts a quarter, while keeping a grade 7 average.  This is an easy and fun way to get your work read and get paid in the process.

Also, at the end of the year, many administrative ranks will be open.  These include Associate Producer, Editor -in- Chief, and Vice President.  These ranks will be likely filled with reporters and Associate producers.  This is your time to join CPA Central and show us what you can really do.

CPA Central, along with its partner site SM Army Press, can offer you access to CP Army Worldwide Media.  This website brings the best reporters and administration together to plan and executive plans for both sites.  CPA Central and SM Army Press are the only two sites that can grant you access to this highly exclusive website.

If you are interested in apply for CPA Central, comment using the form below:



Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP):

Previous Media Experience (If Any): 

Example Post:

A good example post consists of 400 words, contains pictures, and has an interview.

I am eager to see emerging faces enter CPA Central.  This is your chance to join CPA Central.  Good luck to all of those applying, I hope to work with you very soon.


CPA Central Executive Producer


32 Responses

  1. 1st cuz lol

  2. 2nd cuz lol

  3. 3rd cuz lol

  4. 4th cuz lol

    • 5th cuz lol

      • 6th cuz lol

        • I’m gay cuz lol

  5. suck ur mum and suck ur chain

    • You killed the chain you evil, evil man

  6. Name: Epicolizard
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): No
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): I am a admin on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central
    Example Post:

    • Is this your retirement from CPACC? You’ve said you wont be working out side of CPAWM.

      • No

  7. Name: Xat: Ryan WP: Warriorsrevenge


    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): No

    Previous Media Experience (If Any): SMAC VP, SMAP Reporter, CPAC Reporter

    Example Post:

    Note: It have been 5 months since my firing. I would like another chance.

  8. Zambi4


    I own MMAC, and I got fired from SMAC, also i am admin on CP Army Comedy Central, and finally I work as meme creator for DWNC

  9. Name:Penguina0322
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP):No
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): Acp First Lieutenant

    • I will need an example post

  10. cool come back to dw

    • hes an awful mod . lets not invite him back

  11. Name: St Ransor


    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): Me and Sky Blue work on a website together. And if I’m author of CPAWM, I will work on CPAC.

    Previous Media Experience (If Any): I’m an author of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

    Example Post:

    • Would you provide an example of a report?

      • lmao

  12. Hired

  13. Name: Stormblade


    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): Possibly.

    Previous Media Experience (If Any): Only a former SMAP Reporter, but I do have 5 years of army experience.

    Example Post: From my edgy days.

    • Would you mind to make a reporting post? It is hard to get a true feel of what you can do with a post like that.

      • I’ll do what I can, but it’s difficult to do a post when all the armies ignore you.

  14. hey would the top 5 armies on CPAC top ten wanna compete in HACG huge army central games? please respond

    • so i was thinking DW LT GT DCP and Nachos

    • Sorry, CPAC hosts the tourneys.

  15. Name: Toress62
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): Yes. I’m DCP 4ic
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): Creator if the late CPFA, school newspaper puzzle maker
    Example Post:

  16. Name: Myth (GT 3ic)
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): I have before
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): SMAC and SMAP
    Example Post:

  17. Atticus945

  18. Buddy

    No, i’ll stay religious to CPAC

    I’ve been a SMAC reporter

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