Elmikey Overthrown for a Second Time Following Reinstatement || Silverburg Retires

UPDATE 8:46 PM EST:  Elmikey and Silverburg have returned to the leadership of the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF).  Mr Waffle45, formerly leader, has been offered a second-in-command rank. Commando717 had at least some involvement in the takeover of the embittered RPF from Waffle, and was seen several times on RPF chat tonight.

UPDATE 4:12 PM EST: Following his reinstatement as Dark Warriors Leader, Elmikey broke the “terms” of his reinstatement and attempted to fire Toysoldier and Drake (DW 2ic) in favor of himself and Tompenguin “fixing” the army. He demanded all the power or none, and he was removed once again from the leadership in what is the second coup d’etat of the past two days.

UPDATE 2:41 PM EST: Elmikey has been reinstated.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – Following the DW’s declaration of war on CPA Central, after their loss to the Nachos, upwards of 9 armies declared that they would support CPAC in the “Klondike Wall”. Not long after armies such as the Nachos, Doritos, Ice Warriors and Golden Troops posted about the Klondike Wall, Toysoldier announced the coup of Elmikey from the Dark Warriors. Silverburg also retired from the army later the same day in unrelated circumstances.


Elmikey’s last event as DW leader saw sizes of 45+ at a “party” event.

The Dark Warriors were outraged at CPAC’s running of the Legends Cup Quarter-Final clash and when they thought that they were not told about a room change they subsequently logged off and lost the battle. Not long after this incident, Elmikey declared war on CPA Central and announced that they would be raiding the Semi-Final battle between the Ice Warriors and Night Warriors on Saturday.   In response, CP Army Central, still run by army legends the Bluesockwa Brothers, gathered support from multiple top ten and SMAP armies to defend the server. With multiple armies against the Dark Warriors, Toysoldier, who moved from the Doritos to Dark Warriors only last week, announced the removal of Elmikey from the leadership. He gave the following reasons for his removal:

  • Elmikey has declared war on CPAC, which got us removed from the top ten and we were about to be invaded by 9 (I believe) armies.

  • Elmikey “raged” when we disagreed with his ideas.

  • The Leadership & Dark Warriors as a whole have been hated to due to Elmikey being our leader.

The other DW Leaders also removed the Raid of the Legends Cup Semi-Final and scheduled new events for the week. In Toysoldier’s post, he continued to say how Elmikey is still a legend in the army and can hold an advisor rank.

Sorry, Elmikey. You’ve done great things for this army, you’re still a legend and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. We just think it’s time for change. Before you comment “it’s your loss, not mine”, or something similar to that, you know DW has reached a level of greatness to where they can survive without you, Vo, Silver, or I. Thanks for your time.

Elmikey had previously been couped in the Rebel Penguin Federation and Doritos due to his attitude towards other people and other armies, and how he ran the army. Despite the sizes he managed to achieve in the armies he led, which was supported by the current Dark Warriors leadership in the post announcing his removal, his attitude and personality is yet again the reason why he finds himself being on the wrong end of a coup d’etat. On the same day, Silverburg, former DW USA and AUSIA Leader, announced his retirement from the army. Silverburg had previously led the RPF AUSIA division to success that challenged the dominance of Flipmoo’s AUSIA division, and his Dark Warriors AUSIA division was as big, or even bigger, than this and he became an important part of the leadership. However, he did not make a retirement post and I managed to interview him on the topics of Elmikey and his retirement.

Q: Do you support the decision to remove Elmikey?

Yes and No.

Q: Could you elaborate on this?

Well, I wasn’t notifieid about it happening, but I’m 50/50 on it. I don’t know what Elmikey did that effected Vo Yo, Toy and the others, but it was obviously something big.

Q: Do you think this could restore relations with CPAC and other armies?

Most likely.

Q: Finally, why did you decide to retire and will you move to another army?

Things came up in real life that have made be too busy to lead a big army like the Dark Warriors, there are a lot of responsibilities to it. And nope, I will be loyal to one army, not one person – I will remain as an Advisor to the Dark Warriors.

With Elmikey and Silver now gone from the leadership, the CP Army community waits to see how the Dark Warriors fair in the coming weeks and if they will appoint someone within the army to the leader spot, or if they will make anyone else leader at all. Also, the future of Elmikey is uncertain and there are rumors linking him to a return to the Rebel Penguin Federation – the army that gained him legend status at CPA Central and bought him to fame.

What do YOU think about the coup d’etat of Elmikey? Will the Dark Warriors remain at the top, or will this impact them and see a fall in size and top ten positions? Also, comment YOUR opinion on the retirement of Silverburg.


CPA Central EP


164 Responses

  1. hi

    • Where is Meta, I must shake his hand for this quality OC

  2. Goodnight sweet prince(s)

    • LMFAO

  3. nice post. i loved it 10/10 bravo you are amazing clap clap


  5. inb4 most viewed post in history

    • No. I still hold that record.

    • pr has that record son

    • PR does indeed have that record, it’s actually not even close

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  7. See more on Know Your Meme

    • Flip I hate that. But what I meant to say is that:

      • Lol didn’t work either. please remove both these comments


  8. Yeah, no. Nobody’s going to buy this.

    Remember when Elmikey was couped the past 2-3 times? Yeah, and he STILL came back, except he came back like this:

    • Coincidence?

    • Just curious, what anime is that?

      • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

    • that video gave me chills

    • lol wth

  9. I guess it’s a good time for this.

  10. every other month since March

  11. It’s about damn time. Elmikey takes things way too serious. He may have lost to Nachos in Legends Cup, but that doesn’t mean CPAC is whom to blame. It was clear Nachos was better in that battle, he took it way too far. For the 8 months I’ve been in DW, I’m proud by Toysoldier’s actions and it’s about time this happened. Well I wonder where or what Elmikey is gonna do now. hmm

    • I agree!

  12. Everything happens when I’m away.. Cmonnnn!

    • Same :(. JK. I planned it with Toy but he couped him while I was asleep and I’m at work now 😦

    • ikr purple lol

    • ikr I just got back from vacation to find CPAC is working again and Elm was fired for the millionth time. What else is new?

  13. You’re kidding me right? C’mon Toysoldier, pass the splif round the group.

    Elmikey was the sole reason for Dark Warriors rising to number 1. It was due to Elm that DW succeeded.

    As for as Klondike Wall goes, why didn’t they just make DW vs. CPAC allies free?

    • you haven’t been around for long have you

      • I joined CP Armies in 2008. I left in 2010 and returned at the end of 2013.

        • Because CPAC isn’t a god damn army so how could they have allies or enemies.

          • CPAC is an army. It’s just disgused as a media site. Man you don’t know shit.

            • you are a major dumbass

              • It’s not my fault. It happened when I joined Nachos.

              • Chaos in the comment section o.o

        • Lol dude your bullshitting^

          • Bullshitting? Ask Iceyfeet when he next goes on XAT.

    • you obviously don’t know your history

      • No.. by Elm made the DW rise, I meant this age for DW. Like they were like 8-9 on CPAC and stuff, Elm then made DW rise to the top for this age.

      • You obviously dont know sarcasim when slaps you in the face

    • You piece of the shit Elmikey was the REASON why DW was kicked out of the top ten and got invaded by 9 other armies.

      • Firstly, please don’t insult me for having an opinion. That just shows off how immature you are. To avoid the 9 other army invasion – any of the leaders could have made a rule for war saying No Allies. As for the Top 10, who gives a shit?


          • Andy how about you get off of Zing’s ass, ok?

            • ^How you know he’s a suck-up.

    • dude DW can still possibly do well without him l0l. r u getting any of this? his actions was cray cray in dw

      • I don’t think Elm’s actions were cray cray. They seemed very reasonable to me..

  14. Elmikey…. Elmikey…. an interesting enigma of a person. He’s great at recruiting, but he simply cannot handle other people’s thoughts and opinions, He’s extremely Zealous

  15. Elm making his own top 3 army when?
    But if he wants to return to RPF, I’d welcome him back IF he doesn’t acts like the supreme leader and fires people who disagree with him.

    • #IfTheyGunnedMeDown

  16. lol

  17. Not many people would be happy if Elm returned to RPF. But in the current state of RPF, we need his skills, seriously. I personally am not opposed to him returning, but I am not sure I can say the same of my fellow troops.

    • Elm can recruit. That’s about it. We have seen far too many examples of him blowing up the second someone disagrees with him.


    • > says finally when its happend 8 times

      • Ur m0m and I did it 8 times in bed last night l0l

        • ladies and gentlemen, This is DCP

          • Best part is no mom wants your small cock meta

  19. Im so happy that this moronic leader gets removed from the DW leadership, he’s just a moron that is against CPA Central and acts like he’s so cool but he’s a poser

  20. u all mad again

    • This isn’t a hate post its just saying about the changes in the DW leadership *wary*

      • *telling

        • Elmretard

    • go to college elm

    • *pushes into pool*


    • On behalf of the Club Penguin Army Community
       photo bellend_zps7f091bef.jpeg

    • The hate is in the comments, not the post. CPAC (quite unfortunately) cannot control what people comment. So there isn’t really much use in blaming them.

  21. No matter what people say i have a great respect for people like Elmikey as the recruiting skills of the guy is great.Maybe RPF needs elm back to get back to CPAC top 3,the main problem elm has is that he acts like a dictator and tries to gain control over everyone.But anyways he is a great leader….

    • Earthing acting like he knows stuff. Ha…

      • lol earthing

    • The comment needed to be bolded.

      • Yeah, comments are sexy in bold.

    • Great leaders are generally respected by their people. So no, Elm is not a great leader.

  22. if you did listen to this *wary* get a mastepiece or i will cut your tail on club penguin

  23. there are rumors linking him to a return to the Rebel Penguin Federation

    Waffles fucking hates him, Ulti and Sky Blue don’t want him, and the next people in line for leader are the same. Unless Elm somehow wins Commando over (that’s if he can even contact him) and convinces him to go against the leadership (something Commando never did in all my time leading), he’s not coming back to RPF.

    We’ve all learnt by now that the only thing he can do is recruit and act like a six year old when he doesn’t get something his own way.

    • hug me brotha

    • Turns out he did return…

  24. bye elm see you in two weeks

  25. FFS elm you need to have some common sense about this….DW lost the legends cup yes we were a little hurt but better luck next time…but you didn’t have to declare war on CPAC like really what do you hope to accomplish… second theres a reason why we have four leaders you aren’t the only one when one disagrees you need to find a compromise but you still thought you were some main leader…. and DW had a fine reputation but somehow for every army you go to you find a way to fuck it up and make it look like every army you represent in your own little way…. i believe you helped our army in many ways but you lost our respect…JESUS CHRIST ELM you are doing it again you selfish punk thank you for your time 🙂

    • Elm told me he banned me on dw chat becuz he saw this comment ^^ lmaoo i kinda hoped he did that egotistic, arrogant, asshole

  26. BREAKING NEWS: Elm has joined Bacon Defenders as 3ic.

    Oh wait, he’s been couped.

    • Were you serious or bsing?

  27. Inb4 Freezie let’s Elm into RF

  28. DW did fine without Elmikey and they’ll do fine again. We’ll probably see Elmikey in Guardian Penguins next week.

  29. elmikey is rejoining rpf right now

  30. inb4 joins Light Troops to kill DW

  31. Pictures of Elmikey’s DW.

    Also, Elmikey’s DW was not the True Dark Warriors. It was a reincarnation of RPF. He even brought the same phrases.

    • This is true TBH.

    • this is confusing

  32. i KNEW this would happen i KNEW it i KNEW it

  33. Number 6 coup attempt : Failed

    Elm is back..

    at 2:30 Est 😐

    • and hes gone again

      Elm is banned foreva

      at 4:30 EST

  34. Popcorn anyone?

  35. elm go to college

  36. Elm back….

  37. The DW leadership has its period, Elm is couped.

  38. Elm isn’t couped.

    • They gayness of Elmikeys name

  39. o shit

  40. I have been removed from Dark Warriors due to my refusal to stand down to my enemies. Due to weakness in leaders I hired Dark Warriors have fallen to the powers that be.

    • Actually it was for different reason…

      • *reasons (hehe)

        • Elmikey your 19 and take Club Penguin Armie too seriously like a fucking 5 year old you no life miserable pedophile fuck please retire forever and get a real life and talk to your real friends, need some sunscreen cuz you just got owned bitch ass mother fucking cunt kthanks 😀

          • You’re 19 Matt Rittenhouse.


            • you’re a turtle with a sheep picture

              the struggle is real

              • *cries*

          • i belive its burned not owned

            • Oops

              • ily anyways though

    • Shut up.

    • goodbye, you egotistic faggot
      see you in another army next week

    • I have been removed from the Dark Warriors due to my incompetence and lack of common sense. I have failed the Dark Warriors numerous times yet refuse to admit it. I blame the leaders for all of this. I wasn’t trained well enough, like the monkey I am. And I get punished for going ape shit. Due to my weaknesses and clear inability to handle a simple disagreement, Dark Warriors have been handed down to people with actual brains…


    • Elmikey you are an idiot.

    • That was an example of Elmikey’s self teaching : Lieing 101

  41. ELM is gone
    much wow

  42. Elm got couped AGAIN. Goodjob DW. We Burn the Light!

  43. what loyal leaders…


  45. cpac right now

  46. “for a 2nd time”
    more like 50th….

    • did they use fucking windows movie maker

      • Yeah i used wmm because im a cheap asshole

        • lrn2torrent

    • I will bet you that one dislike is elm 😉 bye egotistic fgt

  47. It’s a shame Elmikey acts like he does because he is without a doubt one of the best leaders we have ever seen but he will only be remembered as a bit of a dick.

    I hope he fixes his attitude so people can appreciate his leading skills rather than berate his attitude.

  48. zzzzzzzz saw this coming almost a year ago ;P

  49. zzzz I predicted this almost a year ago. I might just be clairvoyant 0;

    • Come on dw chat 🙂

    • hi my ambbb

  50. RPF top 3 next week

  51. See Toy I told you that Elmikey was mentally retarded

    • i think he gets high every month and goes crazy *wary*

  52. i was chatting with tony

  53. My mistake is finally corrected.

    I went to an extreme and lied a few days ago because this farce. Elmikey, I don’t know why I ever hired you as the Dark Warriors Leader – It cost me many friends and DW Legends. However, it taught me one thing; sizes aren’t every thing.

    Many ask me why do I not care/come on as much as I used to, it’s not because I’ve outgrown this game, it’s because my mistake hiring Elmikey into the Dark Warriors and how big of a mistake it truly was.

    I thank you for finally bringing the REAL Dark Warriors and putting my mind to rest. The army does not deserve this sort of embarrassment that Elmikey has put it through in recent weeks and I’ve just realized this in the past few hours.

    Also, Elmikey if you’re going to respond to this comment and say “you wanted to lead RPF with me” then you’re way too gullible. I was so happy you were couped today.

    Dark Warriors Forever.

    • What Elmikey called the “Dark Warriors” was not the Dark Warriors was not Dark Warriors. It was just a re-branded RPF.

  54. People in DW when Elm is leading: omg he is like the best ledur eva he made us number 1 there are so many haters!!!!!!!!

    People in DW once Elm is gone: “lol elm go to college” “noob”

    But thats none of my business

  55. To RPF since Elm can’t moderate my comment (Elm has no pancake mix)
    These clowns aren’t heroes. They could care less about RPF, but they will find away to make up some stupid lie to make you guys believe. Elm got fired from DW because he was acting like a 6 year old. He stated when he was leading DW that RPF was evil. Tp6 and Silverburg followed him here since he had no where else to go. They ditched RPF too if you remember? Now they come crawling back to you RPF patriots who stayed. That doesn’t sound cool? Make the right choice. These guys aren’t good guys. They hurt DW and if we don’t act as a body, one people, they are gonna hurt us too. Do what a soldier of the R.e.b.e.l penguin federation always does and do the right thing. Do you really want guys that trashed your army and left it in the dust? NO. RPF soldiers fight the good fight. Fighting for these guys isn’t the good fight. RPF is manager and always will be. Do what is right soldiers.

    • I know that they’re aren’t the best at humilty, but we can learn from the things they do well, like making a proper active count or recruiting efficiently, so that whoever gets to be a leader becomes a good one.

  56. They allow him back in the army after he have tried to kill them twice?
    RPF’s leadership is in a really weak state right now.

  57. elmikey is clearly loyal to DW guys

  58. honestly like

    who gives a fuck.

    • you if you give a fuck to comment on this page?

      • omg

        u got me!!!!!!

        • mmmhhmm

    • the 144 comments on this post say otherwise.

  59. Many of you over rate Elm. He isn’t even that good anymore. He was only great in RPF. Elm is on dw chat only for events and barely recruits. On the other hand, Drake , Toy and I pretty much recruit daily.

    P.S. I bet it is because of idiots like zing that Elm feels ‘powerful’ and fells hes the reason why Dw is N.1

    • *feels

      • vo yo <33

    • sorry. many of ‘us’ overrate him?

      now… if that isn’t the most hypocritical statement i have heard in a long time….

  60. DW might have just killed themselves

    • Before Elm joined, DW were ranking in the low top ten :/

      • everyone in this community thinks you’re a fucking idiot, one minute you hate elm the next you’re licking his arse, fuck off

      • Elm elm elm, are you forgetting the other leaders that joined such as Toy and I. Don’t forgot Drake too, he’s done a lot in Dw.

      • Don’t be stupid. You do realize many ppl joined/rejoined when elm joined such as Freezie, Andrew and myself. Besides, dw were still around the lower rankings for a month, we got in the top after a long time when toy and 11 joined.

        Stupid comments like yours are the reason why elm praises himself. Gj.

        • I agree with vo yo 🙂

  61. u mad


  63. This is like a cycle. Elm gets kicked out of an army and gets leader in another army and now he’s right where he started. This looks like it ain’t over any time soon.

  64. Elmikey is a great leader if you just give him a chance and stop hating he can prove it! Haters gonna hate.

  65. Haters gonna hate what they wanna be

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