Legends Cup V: Semi-Finals Times

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What had been a pretty predictable Legends Cup turned upside down during the Quarter Finals, with the Editors of CPAC only getting around 50% of the verdict due to upsets taking place between the Night Warriors/Golden Troops and the Dark Warriors/Nachos. In a close battle, the Night Warriors edged out the Golden Troops, and the Ice Warriors took the victory against the Army of CP by a good margin. The Nachos earned the first spot of the Blue Bracket, and a forfeit on behalf of the Rebel Penguin Federation gave the Light Troops the final spot. Only four armies remain, and the stakes have never been higher. Two former champions — the Nachos and the Ice Warriors — remain, along with the Light Troops, who have reached sizes of 50 in this tournament, and the Night Warriors, a number twelve seed who came all the way from the Qualifiers to be here. CPAC’s Editors have, as always, weighed in, and now these armies will face off for the chance to advance to the Legends Cup V Finals.

Red Bracket — August 16th

Night Warriors (CPPA) vs. Ice Warriors

Klondike, Stadium

12:00pm PST 1:00pm MST 2:00pm CST 3:00pm EST 8:00pm UK

Blue Bracket — August 17th

Nachos vs. Light Troops

Klondike, Berg

12:00pm PST 1:00pm MST 2:00pm CST 3:00pm EST 8:00pm UK


It has certainly been a tournament to remember, especially in the Quarter Finals were three of the five top seeds were knocked out of the tournament. The tied number two seed, the number five seed, the number eight seed, and the number twelve seed are the only armies to remain — as always, though some of these armies were not as strong when the Legends Cup V began, they have grown in size and have changed the course of this tournament, as well as army history, forever. Even though the Ice Warriors and Nachos, both of whom have been rising, are poised to score a second or third Legends Cup victory, respectively, the Light Troops and Night Warriors both have shown impressive sizes in their journey here and are definitely not to be underestimated. From all of us here at CPA Central, we wish good luck to the remaining competitors and await another exciting round.


CPA Central CEO


14 Responses

  1. #iw #hattrickyear


  3. Good Luck to LT, as a Nacho, hope we have a friendly battle 😀

  4. The “vs.” between Nachos and LT is orange. Are you implying you think the Nachos will win? :mrgreen:

  5. inb4 nachos beat lt

  6. IW and LT win

    • I think there should be third place round of semi final losers

  7. Im guessing that Nachos will lose the war with LT.

    • kyle Nachos won the match with LT


    • yes but nachos were bigger besides nachos won against dw but freezie from DW helped nachos to get to the finals

  9. DW lost?

  10. Can Water Ninjas get a death post on CPAC?

  11. no DW won

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