Legends Cup V: Quarter Finals Times

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After an intense second round, some armies have scored major victories while others have only narrowly inched their way into the Quarter Finals of the Legends Cup V. Either way, only eight armies remain, and those eight will soon be narrowed to four. All three of our former champions remain in the running, with the Ice Warriors beating out the Doritos, the Nachos crushing Chaos, and the Rebel Penguin Federation scoring a bye following the Metal Warriors forfeit. Five other armies: the Golden Troops, the Night Warriors (CPPA), the Army of CP, the Dark Warriors, and the Light Troops also remain in the bracket. The CPAC Editors have already weighed in about the Quarter Finals, and times for the Quarters are below.

Red Bracket — August 9th

Golden Troops vs. Night Warriors (CPPA) 

Klondike, Forts

11:30am PST 12:30pm MST 1:30pm CST 2:30pm EST 7:30pm UK

Army of CP vs. Ice Warriors

Klondike, Berg

12:30pm PST 1:30pm MST 2:30pm CST 3:30pm EST 8:30pm UK

Blue Bracket — August 10th

Dark Warriors vs. Nachos

Klondike, Berg

11:30am PST 12:30pm MST 1:30pm CST 2:30pm EST 7:30pm UK

Light Troops vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Klondike, Forts

12:30pm PST 1:30pm MST 2:30pm CST 3:30pm EST 8:30pm UK

As you saw above, the space in between battles has been lengthened because these battle will now be 30 minutes long for the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, and Championship of the Legends Cup V. This will allow a 30-minute time frame in between these battles, which should also help with making sure rooms are empty at the time of the second battle of each day. Please be aware that server location and room location can change at any time; your battle is not guaranteed to be on Klondike or in the room that it is scheduled above. Things in this tournament change daily, and we are always making adjustments to fit the events of the day. Any necessary information will be relayed to your leadership should they happen.


CPA Central CEO


24 Responses

  1. I wish I could make it but I’m gonna be at a funeral

    • you mean the funeral of acp

      • suck a dick you you insensitive fuck

        • im part of pr does it look like i care about being insensitive

          • yea forgot about that you neo-nazi fuck heads that better?

            • yes thank you

      • Hahahaa lmfao you genius. XD You just made me laugh so badly.

        • aw np <3[2]

      • aw np ❤

      • No, my grandma’s funeral, that actually hurt my feelings

        • im in pr does it look like i care about hurting feelings

          • You made me laugh at first but that comment was not needed. @Boyned 😛

            • Wow, people can be so hurtful 😦

              • Welcome to the internet

  2. Acp vs Iw that be intresting

  3. GT vs NW (Wary)

  4. Who would win in a fight. ACP or IW? I think it’s pretty even to be absolutely honest.

  5. Iw V DW GT v LT finals : GT V DW

  6. Im Here again
    Who will win:

    GT vs NW = GT becuz NW is wayyyy too small

    ACP vs IW = IW is doing good and plus ACP just lost a leader

    DW vs nachos = DW because of sizes but they have to get the most pplz in

    LT vs RPF1 = no chance waffles. LT wins. nuff said

  7. GT vs DW finals

  8. NACHOS!

    ~ Lop2009 [Fairy Tail Addict]

  9. Lets go LT. -Fred

  10. excuse me fred some china kid bought you channel

    • excuse me?

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