Top Ten Armies: 08/02/14

As we move through the Second Round of the Legends Cup V, many armies hold onto their current rankings, however we do see some shifts in the Top Ten. 

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [86.00]

2. Light Troops [+0] [85.33]

3. Golden Troops [+0] [84.06]

4. Army of CP [+0] [82.09] 

5. Nachos [+2] [78.83]

6. Ice Warriors [+3] [78.54] 

7. Doritos [+3] [64.47] 

8. Purple Republic [+0] [62.88]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [-3] [60.88] 

10. Night Warriors Reformation (Formerly CPPA) [-5] [49.88]

 The full statistics can be found here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: Like previous weeks, the Dark Warriors are again able to hold onto their first place spot in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. Their week started off with the surprise return of their leader, Vo Yo. The Dark Warriors then formed an alliance with the Doritos, who are against both the Nachos and the Light Troops. At their Invasion of Snow Globe, the Dark Warriors claimed to take the victory, maxing about 50+ troops. The Dark Warriors then invaded Yeti, claiming to have a max of again 50+ troops. Then, the army went on to invade Tuxedo from the Rebel Penguin Federation, again getting 50+ online. At their U-Lead, the Dark Warriors maxed an even bigger 57+ on Club Penguin, being the highlight event of their week. Then, XxToySoldier departed to rejoin the Doritos army. The Dark Warriors then held a “Tournament Training Session” to prepare themselves for the Legends Cup V, which had a max of about 50+ troops. The Dark Warriors look forward on beating the Special Weapons and Tactics army in their next battle of the Legends Cup V.


2. Light Troops: The Light Troops, who have recently called a cease fire with the Dark Warriors, and declared war upon the Army of Club Penguin, hold their same position as in last week’s CPA Central Top 10. The start of their week was an AUSIA Patrolling Session, where they were able to get 22+ online. Then, their AUSIA Division cleansed their server of Jack Frosty and saw sizes of 20+ for the time. Their US Division then held an Invasion of Yeti, and got max sizes of 50-55+. The first battle against the Army of Club Penguin in their war was the Battle of Sleet. Light Troops AUSIA logged in and hit sizes of 30+. They then faced the Army of Club Penguin in the Battle of Thermal, where their US Division saw sizes of 40+ on Club Penguin. Their final event of the week was their AUSIA Invasion of Hockey, where the army was able to manage 30+ troops.

3. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops come in at third this week, holding their same spot as last week’s CPA Central Top 10. To start their week, they held a UK Training Session in which they were able to max 38+. The next day they held another UK Training Session and were able to reach 36+ troops. Later they held an AUSIA Training Session and reached 25+. They then held a US/UK Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors, and were able to reach 20+ on Club Penguin. They then held another AUSIA Training Session and got sizes of 20+ online. Later that day their UK Division raided the server Snowy River with sizes of 38+. To end their week, the Golden Troops won their round of the Legends Cup V tournament and reached sizes of 45+ to advance to the next round.


4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin come in at 4th this week, retaining their previous spot from last week’s Top 10. Their week started off with a Practice Battle against the Bluesockwa Warriors where they got 24+. Next, they gained Mrtchy as their new leader after the retirement of Flipmoo. Then their UK Division logged on for their former 2in in Command Albaro Lord’s final event, which saw sizes of 28+. Then their AUSIA Division battled Light Troops in a pre-war battle, maxing 22+. Their US Division then held a U-Lead and hit sizes of 20+. Their AUSIA Divsion then held an Invasion of Cream Soda against Light Troops and got to 24+. They then held an AUSIA Invasion of Sleet and hit sizes of 30+.Their US Division then invaded Husky and saw sizes of 20+. They then held an AUSIA Training Session and reached an impressive 33+ troops. To end their week, they battled against the Purple Republic in our Legends Cup V tournament and advanced to the next round achieving sizes of 35+ online.

5. Nachos: Like only a few other armies for this week, the Nachos gain some suspense as they rise into the Top 5. The Nachos started off their eventful week while Patrolling their Capital, getting 22+ troops. The following day, the Nachos had a “Panty Raid” of Alaska, maxing about 28+. The Nachos then battled it out against the Underground Mafias Army, which had a great turn-out of 36+ troops on Club Penguin. As then expected, tension has been rising between the Doritos which triggered the Nachos to declare war. At their first battle of their war against the Doritos, which was held on Slushy, the Nachos had a max of 36+ at the time. They then had a successful AUSIA Invasion of Walrus, maxing 18+ troops. The day after, the Nachos held a Raid of the Doritos’ Capital, which had an amazing turn-out of 38+ troops. The Nachos then invaded Walrus from the Doritos again, which was not successful. To put their week to an end, the Nachos held a Cleansing of Fjord, maxing about only 28+ for the time. The Nachos look forward on beating the Chaos in their next Legends Cup V battle.

6. Ice Warriors: With the return of their leader, King Funks4, the Ice Warriors rise three places within this week’s CPA Central Top 10. The army started off their week with 22+ online at an Unscheduled US Training Session. At their AUSIA Training Session on Below Zero, the Ice Warriors maxed 19+ troops on Club Penguin. The same day, the army held another US Training Session with a max of 24+. In another AUSIA event, the Ice Warriors’ AUSIA Division faired to max 17+ for the time. In a Practice Battle against the Army of Club Penguin, the Ice Warriors became victorious in the end with 29+ troops. In another Practice Battle, but this time with the Golden Troops, the Ice Warriors maxed a fair 28+ troops online. To put their week to an end, the Ice Warriors battled the Doritos at their Legends Cup V battle. At this specific battle, the Ice Warriors claimed to have maxed 50+ online at the time. The Ice Warriors will be moving onto the next round in the Legends Cup V.

7. Doritos: The Doritos, who have been thriving within our community, get placed higher then their previous position in last week’s CPA Central Top 10. To begin their week, the Doritos held an AUSIA Training Session with a max of 14+ online. The following day, the Nachos declared war upon the Doritos, when in an act of need, started a brand-new alliance with the Dark Warriors. At their first battle of their war, held on Slushy, the Doritos maxed an astonishing 26+ online. At their next war battle, their Defense of Walrus, the Doritos only maxed a fair 20+ troops. With this, we saw a return of many Doritos legends, including Mustapha10, XxToySoldier, Bam, and Jester. To put their week to an end, the Doritos faced the Ice Warriors in their Legends Cup V battle. At this battle, the Doritos maxed 35+ online which, although unexpected, resulted in a loss for the army.

legends cup3

8. Purple Republic: The Purple Republic comes in at eighth once more on this addition of CPAC’s Top 10. To kick off their week, the Purple Republic held an AUSIA Raid and were able to only get 7+ on Club Penguin. They then held another Raid and reached sizes of only 10+. They then held another Raid in the Pizza Parlor and reached sizes of 13+. The Purple Republic then raided the Celts army and got sizes of 7+ online. They then held yet another raid and got 15+ troops. To finish off their week, they held another raid and hit 8+ troops for the time being. The Purple Republic were not successful in winning their Legends Cup V battle against their main enemy, the Army of Club Penguin.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: With the temporary retirement of one of their leaders, Tacodaily, the Special Weapons and Tactics army takes a slight fall within this week’s CPA Central Top 10. The army kicked off their week with two Training Sessions, which both had about a max of 23+ online. At another Training Session, the Special Weapons and Tactics max 28+ on Club Penguin. The following day, the army maxed 35+ while at another Training Session. To put their week to an end, the Special Weapons and Tactics army held an Unscheduled Training Session with 25+. The Special Weapons and Tactics army looks forward to battling the Dark Warriors in their next round of the Legends Cup V.

10. Night Warriors Reformation: After the forceful merge of the Pirates into the Light Troops, many past Pirate troops came together to reform the legendary Night Warriors. Their struggle started as many Night Warriors veterans veto’d the act of bringing back the army. With their issue of Waterkid and the Pirates, the Night Warriors were still able to fight within the Legends Cup V. For their first event of the Generation, which happened to be their Legends Cup V battle against the Golds, the Night Warriors had a max of 23+ online for the time. The Night Warriors will be moving onto the next round of the Legends Cup V.



With the Dark Warriors and Light Troops war hovering over the community for over a month, many battles have been established. With many conflicts throughout the entire length of this specific war, we asked CPA Central’s viewers their opinion on who they thought would win the war between the Dark Warriors and the Light Troops. Although many were confident that the Dark Warriors would be taking home the victory, only 22 voters were correct for this week’s poll as the Dark Warriors and Light Troops come to a halting ceasefire.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.28.23 PM

New polls released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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62 Responses

  1. noice

  2. LT should have more points for UK/US:

    • Obviously not, since your ausia curve pushed it down. Even I admit your ausia should be a lot smaller while your US/UK should be bigger

      • wtf is an ausia curve

        • doesnt matter ausia is irrelevant now

          • You are way more irrelevant compared to AUSIA.

  3. Cool

  4. Good job to all.

  5. None of them.

  6. Uh oh.

  7. Your only valid point is the first three pictures, but I believe we had 45 DW online in total. If you were on our chat at the event times, you would see troops always complain about not being able to load the room and always getting the blue loading screen.

    As for the fourth picture, I count 55. You’re leaving DW penguins out. Also the fifth picture is irrelevant due to there being 55 in the first picture. We claimed we maxed 55+

    Your last picture is a joke, why have you chosen one of our smallest pictures of that event? Count this:

    I’m sorry you cannot read, but in every event post we clearly state “WITH LOCKOUTS” and you don’t go to DW events to see the amount of people who can’t load our rooms. We didn’t even get 40 average points, so obviously CPAC have counted the pictures.

    • dw cring

    • 45 Soldiers excluding the 1-2 random overseers you counted.

      • I can say for myself that I couldn’t load the iceberg 75% of the time during battles. Everyone had to relogin then go to a different room.

  8. I pointed this out in their comments, and all the comments got deleted lol.
    Also, GT is another one that does this. GT have 23 in all of their pictures and say they max 40, but they had ”lockouts”. Sorry, I didn’t know you could fill up a room with just 20 people.

    • Cp was Glitched, this was after all the servers got fucked up and we had majority of our ownership locked out in a room that wasn’t full, the event was just messed up

      • Now, I’m not even gonna reply with a witty comment. That’s a big load of bullshit.

    • I’m quite confident our pictures in the CPAC legend tournament battle has way more than 23. I’m sure it has around 35. =/

      • Kindly show me a picture of you with 35 in the CPAC tourney.

        • lmao all golden troops downvoting me

  9. Why is PR number 8 they shouldn’t even be on this top ten. 15+ was their best sizes and they beat SWAT when they got 25-30!! C’mon really?

    • yes PR is hitting smap sizes

      • why you dang disliking us dang PR. Dont u ever hear the truth once in a while

    • I have seen armies like PR before. They start off strong and do a slow long slide into oblivion.

    • >15+ was their best sizes
      but thats wrong

      • and also, read the full statistics
        we had better event quality

  10. PR should have been higher because Praise Shalom. Good job to the Nacho Empire for once again getting into the Top 5.

    • #praiseshalom

  11. Cool

    • NERD

  12. we should’ve been 4th but oh well….

  13. Hardly any comments so far, weird

  14. To be honest, I think Air Force should be here

  15. Querty count the 5-10 lockouts we had 😛

  16. No surprise
    NEW MEMES(maybe)


    • I see you like my Maymays :3

  17. Good top 10.

  18. Dash is God.
    And I predict..
    The Tide is Rising.


  19. Still no RPF

  20. can DW please stop the exaggeration of their sizes seriously can you live a day without being fucking first

    • No. @2nd question

    • @dark

      live. with. it.

      • also @dark you can not beat the DW dislike force of CPAC Mwahahahhaahahahahahahahhahahha


  21. So haters say we exaggerate sizes. Please show me one event in which we ‘exaggerated’ sizes. If I really did want to exaggerate, I would say DW maxed 70 😉


      Claimed to max 50 – never counted more than 41 in any of those pictures and saw no proof of lockouts.

      That’s one. You’re welcome.

      • There was like 2-3 lockouts and I didn’t find it necessary to add it to post. You’re probably gonna say I’m making stuff up but idc. i know the truth and ik im right.

        so 41/42 + 2/3. about 45/46. Omg, Dw exaggerated so much.4/5 extra! !!!!!!

        Besides, why are you targeting Dw. There are many armies that over exaggerate.

        • *******43-45

        • Maybe if your ownership wasn’t so arrogant people wouldn’t care.

          • becuz your ownership of AR ended soo great *wary*

            • What was wrong with our ownership? o.o

              • It always sucked.

                • Why? Because we took your nation and forced you to send a death threat to one of our owners. 😆

                  • @ Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  22. Lmao, counting our worst pics XD

  23. My last CPAC comment, of many I might add.

    It’s been an amazing journey the last 4 years, something I won’t soon forget. Thank you to everyone in this community for being a major part of my childhood. Thank you for growing with me, because I’m far from the person I was 4 years ago. No matter what happens to me in life, I’ll always remember Club Penguin armies as my escape, as my entertainment, as my childhood really.


    • Thank god you’re gone.

      Just kidding. Enjoy life Gobby.

  24. This is kinda funny. Doritos, PR, and SWAT are not in the finals of the Legend Cup V. Night Warriors and RPF are in the Legend Cup finals but they are ranked last or not even on the top ten???

  25. 1. Dark Warriors [+0] [86.00]

    2. Light Troops [+0] [85.33]

    3. Golden Troops [+0] [84.06]

    4. Army of CP [+0] [82.09]

    5. Nachos [+2] [78.83]

    6. Ice Warriors [+3] [78.54]

    7. Doritos [+3] [64.47]

    8. Purple Republic [+0] [62.88]

    9. Special Weapons and Tactics [-3] [60.88]

    10. Night Warriors Reformation (Formerly CPPA) [-5] [49.88]

    I like this top10 Lels

    • LOL we can see up top and the sidebar 😐

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