Top Ten Armies: 07/27/14

While some armies do hold onto their ranks, we see some shifts in the Top Ten this week as we move through the first round of CPAC’s Legends Cup V.

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [94.00]

2. Light Troops [+1] [92.53] 

3. Golden Troops [-1] [84.89]

4. Army of CP [+1] [81.87] 

5. Pirates [+5] [79.12] 

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [-2] [78.70] 

7. Nachos [+0] [76.51] 

8. Purple Republic [+0] [68.75] 

9. Ice Warriors [-3] [60.36] 

10. Doritos [NEW!] [56.18] 

 The full statistics can be found here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors narrowly hold out their spot at first this week. Their week began with the Defense of Frosty, where they reached sizes of over 70. On Wednesday, the army had an unscheduled Defense of Icicle, where their AUSIA Division had sizes between 30 and 35. The army invaded Yeti on Thursday, with maximum size claims of 70 troops. On Friday, the Dark Warriors invaded Jack Frost, reaching sizes of 60. They faced off against the Light Troops and the Army of CP in an unscheduled following this, and ended the week with the Defense of Frosty, where they had sizes of 60. The Dark Warriors are poised to face the winner of the SWAT vs. DJ Army battle in the Second Round of the Legends Cup V.

2. Light Troops: The Light Troops rise slightly this week over GT in our Top 10. They have also declared war on the Dark Warriors early on in their week. To start off their week however, they had a late US training session in which they were able to reach 40+. Later they raided ACP’s AUSIA training where they got 15-20+. They then had an unscheduled AUSIA battle against Dark Warriors in which they reached 12+. They then held an invasion of DW’s capital server of Frosty, where they were able to get a stunning 55+ in room with an additional 10-15+ lockouts. Next their AUSIA DIvsion invaded DW’s capital of Icicle and saw sizes of 30+. Later in their week they invaded Flurry from DW, and they managed to reach 32+. They then logged on to defend their server of Yeti where they got exceptional sizes of 60+. The LT then fought ACP in the Battle of Frosty and achieved sizes of 50+. To wrap their week up, they defended their capital from an ACP raid, and got up to 30+ troops.

3. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops take a slight fall into third this week in CPA Central’s Top 10. They have recently ended their war with Ice Warriors, and to start off their week, their UK Division held a Training Session in which they reached 30+. Their UK Division then faced the Nachos in a Practice Battle, which again saw sizes of 30+. Their AUSIA Division then had a Training Session with sizes of 20+. They then had an UK Practice Battle against the Special Weapons and Tactics army, and logged on 25+ troops. They then had an AUSIA Training Session which saw size of 25+. Their UK then had a Training Session which maxed 38+ troops. The next day, their AUSIA logged in for a Training Session and got 30+ online. To wrap up their week, they had an AUSIA Training Session in which they managed to reach sizes of 25+ on Club Penguin.

4. Army of CP: The Army of CP move up one spot to fourth in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. Their week started off with the retirement of their longtime veteran, Splasher99. Their US division then logged on for a Practice Battle against the Nachos, where they reached sizes of 30+ online. The next day, they held a Practice Battle against Ice Warriors and managed to get 24+ troops. Later that same day, they logged in again to get sizes of 28+. The following day, their AUSIA Division logged on to reach sizes of 19+ on Club Penguin. Their AUSIA Division then had a 3-way Practice Battle against the Celts and the Ice Warriors, which saw sizes of 20+ online. Later that day, their UK Division had a Practice Battle against the Doritos. They managed to reach 26+. Then they had another Practice Battle against the Nachos, hit sizes of 20+. The army then had an AUSIA Appreciation Day with sizes of 28+ troops. They then had another AUSIA, which was also Flipmoo’s Final event, which saw sizes of of an incredible 34+ troops. To end their long week, they defended their capital of Breeze from a raid from Light Troops. In this event, they averaged 19 troops.

5. Pirates: After a few weeks within their recreation, the Pirates finally take back their fifth position in the CPA Central Top 10 for this week. To begin their week, the Pirates had a Practice Battle with the Special Weapons and Tactics army. The Pirates had a max of around 30+ on Club Penguin. The following day, the army battled the Rebel Penguin Federation, again with about 30+ troops. At their Unscheduled Raid of the Air Force and the Golds, the Pirates again had about 30+ troops online for the time. For a second time in the week, the Pirates again battled the Rebel Penguin Federation with their consistent 30+ troops. At their only AUSIA event of the week, the Pirates had only 13+ on Club Penguin. The highlight of their week was at their UK Practice Battle against the Golden Troops, where the Pirates maxed an astonishing 40+ online. To end their week, the Pirates took victory in their Qualifier battle of CPA Central’s Legends Cup V.

Top 10 picture

6. Special Weapons and Tactics: After taking a huge leap from previous CPA Central Top 10s, the Special Weapons and Tactics army have feel just short of their newest goals. The army started their week of with an AUSIA Training Session, maxing 27+ on Club Penguin. The following morning, the Special Weapons and Tactics held another Training Session with about 25+ online for the time being. At their Practice Battle against the Golden Troops, the Special Weapons and Tactics again maxed about 25+ troops. At another Training Session, the army then maxed another 25+ on Club Penguin. In the midst of the week, the Special Weapons and Tactics army held another AUSIA event with 25+. In their Practice Battle against the Nachos, the Special Weapons and Tactics had an influential 35+ on Club Penguin. To put their week to an end, the army had another AUSIA Training Session with 25+ troops. The Special Weapons and Tactics hope to regain redemption in CPA Central’s Legends Cup V.

7. Nachos: The Nachos come in at seventh this week on our Top 10, placed no different from last week. To start of their week, they held an Evaluation Event on Sunday with a max of 24+ online. The next day, they held a Training Session which saw sizes of 30+. Later that day, they had a Practice Battle against the Army of Club Penguin, and logged on 15+ troops. They then had a Practice Battle against the Golden Troops with sizes of 25+. Next, the Nachos had a formations event which had 28+ troops. The following day, they had three events. Their first was an AUSIA with a max of 6+ on Club Penguin. They then later logged in to have a panty raid, which had 35+ troops. Their third event of the day was another Practice Battle against the Army of Club Penguin, in which they were able to get 20+. The next day, they had two more events to wrap-up the rest of the week. They had another AUSIA event, this time getting 7+ troops. Their final event of the week was a Practice Battle against the uprising Special Weapons and Tactics army, which saw sizes of 27+ from the Nachos.

8. Purple Republic: Like last week’s CPA Central Top 10, the Purple Republic take the eighth position. To kick-start their week, the Purple Republic battled it out against the Pookies Army, which the Purple Republic was able to max 15+ online. The same day, the Purple Republic raided the server of Arctic with only a few troops this time. Then, the army raided the server of Aurora with another max of 15+ on Club Penguin. The Purple Republic then held an AUSIA raid on Club Penguin, with about 10+. The Purple Republic came up glorious in their quick battle against the Bluesockwa Warriors, where the army had about 10+ online. At their Legends Cup V battle against the Redemption Force, some may say that the Purple Republic had to be the underdog. Surprisingly, the Purple Republic came up victorious with 25+ troops online for the time being. The Purple Republic advance to the next round of the Legends Cup V.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 12.49.39 AM

9. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors, who were previously placed at sixth, drop three places this week into our ninth spot on the Top 10. As they recently ended their war with Golden Troops, the Ice Warriors held an Unscheduled AUSIA event in which they were able to max 15+. The following day, they had another AUSIA event with a max of 12+. Later that day, they held a Recruiting Session, where they were able to max 25+ troops. Later in the week, their US/UK held a Training Session for the upcoming Legends Cup V Tournament, and saw a max size of 22+ online. The next day, they had an AUSIA Practice Battle against the Celts with a max of 16+. To end their week, they had an US/UK Practice Battle against the Redemption Force. They managed to log on a staggering 27+ troops.

10. Doritos: After roaming around the SM Army Press Top 10 for some time, the Doritos are finally back into the CPA Central community. To start off their week, the Doritos held an AUSIA Training Session with a max of 15+ online. The next day, the Doritos held yet another AUSIA event, this time with a max of 15+ again. In a Practice Battle against the allied Army of Club Penguin, the Doritos came up with roughly around 22+ troops on Club Penguin at the time. The following day, the Doritos had another AUSIA Training Session, maxing 15+ again. Finally, the Doritos took place against the Reds in CPA Central’s Legends Cup V Qualifiers. The Doritos came up victorious with 21+ troops online, moving onto the next round of the Legends Cup V.

weekly poll

With the Legends Cup V starting up, we saw an end to many major wars within our community. With one major war going on currently, between the Dark Warriors and Light Troops, we asked the viewers if there were going to be any more major wars for the rest of our summer. With the majority of the vote, many say that there will be yet another major war for the last month of the 2014 summer.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.15.13 PM

New polls released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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  1. first

  2. Was on vacation all of this week, but this week looked interesting. Good job ACP. Congrats on DCP re-entering Top 10, and nice comeback Pirates 🙂

  3. second

    • woops

  4. Nacho panty raid OP

    • nice music

    • my friend, let me teach you about the magical “caps lock off key”

      nice video tho, keep it up

      • you act like other leaders dont know the caps lock off key

        • woops i mean know XD im a girl btw

      • One does not simply give orders in lower case.

    • “Swearing isn’t tolerated in Light Troops” >Song has “Nigger” and “Hoes”

      • >song is on youtube
        >not on xat

        • sorry water these people get offended by the word nigger, be careful

        • waterkid if you’re going to use meme arrows at least use them right

      • Theres nothing wrong with those words trevor. When you grow up, you will learn the language of real people

    • “Tell Silver to go at :17”
      *Types in LT main*

      • Roberto talked to Silver and Silver agreed to move at :15 instead of :17, retard.

  5. “ACP saw sizes of an incredible 34 troops”


    • ikr. 35-40 is a complete norm for GT, LT and DW so I don’t see how 34 troops is something “incredible”.

      • 30 would be a bad event for LT and DW in this war, Roberto expects 45+ at all UK/USA events

      • When it’s your AUSIA, it’s extraordinary

    • Yay no pookies

    • Just for the record, this was an AUSIA event.

    • 34 troops is great for AUSIA.

      • fipmoo swag

  6. 1. Dark Warriors [+0] [94.00]

    2. Light Troops [+1] [92.53]

    3. Golden Troops [-1] [84.89]

    4. Army of CP [+1] [81.87]

    5. Pirates [+5] [79.12]

    6. Special Weapons and Tactics [-2] [78.70]

    7. Nachos [+0] [76.51]

    8. Purple Republic [+0] [68.75]

    9. Ice Warriors [-3] [60.36]

    10. Doritos [NEW!] [56.18]

    Good top 10 imo here

    • You don’t have to post it in the comments when its right above you and on the sidebar… l0l

  7. Why look who it is

  8. fuck dw

    • some1s mad they got 2nd again again again again again….

      • someones mad they have no chance of real life success

      • what are you talkin bout i dont even like LT i dont like any armies on this top 10 really

        • Then gtho and put your crappy comments on smap

          • but DW code says any other army that isnt DW is evil

            • Yur weird.. but anyways we only hate LT a.k.a. New DW code

      • >someone doesnt like something they must be JEALOUS!

    • at least we’re higher than UMA

      • UMA isn’t my problem buddy boy :”)

        • Got one less problem with UMA

        • They’re higher then Nachos too…

          • Mate, I get my keister kissed by a boy so umm… #autowin

            …and a great big kick up the backside for the Hetero’s.

            • Still more of a relationship then you.

              How’s Lao?

              • “skulk around Nachos chat”

                I haven’t been on Nachos chat since I was banned. Am I making you guys paranoid?

                Haha lol.

                How long before the Nachos are screaming at the new troops saying they are me? How long before the Nachos obsession with me scares them all off?

                • Just one question – did you ban the guy you are accusing to be “me”?

                  • Did the guy get banned though?

                    • I legit wasn’t.

                      I hope the guy was banned though because if they were, then I declare that a victory.

                    • That’s the nice thing to do Daniel. Suprised you didn’t try to hack him…

                    • Logic? Since when do people in this community operate with logic?

                    • I know. I hate using logic. If everyone used logic – we would all be too afraid to dare to improve or to take risks in order to change for the better.

                    • No time at all… had the Christmas cracker in my special lock box.

                      I’m used to pulling my own cracker.

                    • Let’s face it, I was never going to become 3ic in Nachos anyway lmao. Laoise hates me because she blames me for Buck committing suicide even though Beeky proved he didn’t…

                      I mean seriously, who “commits suicide” and then logs into Facebook?

                      Weazel hates me because we had some long ass debate over on SMAC… perhaps one of the only times they had a debate the size of ours..

                      And Beeky just lives in fear of Laoise these days anyway. If Laoise says that something isn’t going to happen, Beeky sits down and doesn’t let it happen.

                      Nacho Army is a dictatorship led by Laoise. Laoise doesn’t like me so I was never gonna get 3ic. Simple as that.

                    • Talking on the biggest media site with the full knowledge that you are going to give her the link to this conversation isn’t really “behind her back” Anyway, you cant criticise her to her face otherwise you get kicked, banned or de ranked.

                      Laoise doesn’t have the best interests at heart for the army from what I see. The only thing I’ve seen is Laoise do what ever it takes to further her ego. I always say this – I say this constantly…

                      Respect is a two way street.

                      When she starts respecting me, I’ll respect her more.

                      Oh and as for getting my rank back, I was never gonna get that back anyway. Nachos just used me for my talents and now that they think they are entering a golden age, they don’t need me anymore.

                      I cant wait to see Nachos back in September when they are struggling to get 10 on CPAC cause everyone is back in school.

                      Also she told me to kill myself first.

                    • Because perhaps she has already looked at this article? She might not feel the need to look at it again. And like I said – I see no need to have to think properly. Like I said, logic is a disease.

                      No. Laoise isn’t the reason the UK division gets 20/30. The reason that the UK division gets that much is because of all the troops who work their asses off coming to event after event after event and recruiting. It’s not all about the leader. A leader is worthless without good troops. It is every single Nacho that logs into these battles that make the UK division shine. It is every single Nacho that recruits that make the UK division shine.

                      Oh I kiss up to the leaders? I’m the guy who started the “Dinner” trend with Cool. I’m the guy who told Cool that I hope he gets couped from the Nachos because he is an inactive and lazy shit. Is that kissing up? I’m the guy who told Beeky that he lost his balls when Puckley left Nachos. Is that kissing off? I’m the guy who stands up to Laoise when she is bullying people. Is that kissing up?

                      Clearly you don’t know Laoise as well as I do, dear because she did tell me to kill myself. She is like that. But hey, we all act radical when we are raging.

                      Getting angry is a basic human emotion. It controls us. If you ever hear someone say they are in control of their anger, they are lying to you man.

                      Anger is a parasite. Anger is a master. Anger is the controller. Anger is what makes this entire world what it is. Anger makes us act how we do. Anger made Laoise tell me to kill myself.

                    • The argument ends with the last comment. I am the last comment. Also I wanted Tober to “back me up” because he can prove that Laoise isn’t as innocent as you seem to think she is…

                      As for you coming to Royale Penguins chat, Hello Daniel 😀 Would you like to join?

                    • My ego is pretty big… Bigger than UMA’s sizes in the last year or so.

                    • And how many comments in this chain?

                    • Look were getting off topic. It doesn’t matter about how many comments we have…

                      Well, I look forward to seeing UMA vs. Nachos tomorrow. It’s you vs. Laoise right?

                      Aggressive always was the best type of sex.

              • SHUT UP GUYZ if u wanna take go to xat *wary*

              • SHUT UP SRSLY GUYS go to xat to talk not CPAC weirdos -_-

              • Danny Boy take a hint.. No one cares about your chat with zing

                • Yeah. No one cares! I stopped caring ages ago. I won as well.

                • just shut up its best for both of you -_-

    • roberto 1337 army riser

      • ikr im a girl btw XD

    • LT lost by two fucking points. thats closer than most armies ever get.

      • but gobby the elite fat warrior fleet cant be beet1111111111111



  9. Bad week for GT but we will settle for 3rd, gj all armies 🙂

  10. Even though i hate them DW have been unstoppable for the last few months

  11. Purple pride server wide!

  12. Its because SWAT is black

    • pretty accurate

  13. arrrrr pirates for yer win

    • Shiver me timbers laddie!

  14. soon

  15. Congratulations, Dark Warriors. We have been unstoppable this month. We are the best CP Army to ever be created, never forget.

    • You sure you aren’t being a bit haughty there?

    • prick

    • Congratulations, Dark Warriors. We have gained 40 pounds this month. We are the fattest CP Army to ever be created, never forget.

      • says the nacho

        • as yes whats up where have your giant comment chains gone

      • Someones mad at DW… just a hunch…..

        • yeam im mad at dw m3

    • I feel like the 2013 Nachos would you give this DW a run for their money.

      • would give this*

        • na

        • lets be honest
          i believe even this LT is doing better than 2013 nachos

          • The 2013 Nachos would beat DW because they were much better at war than the armies around right now.

      • Not even close..

      • 2013 Nachos were lunch for 2013 RPF.

        2013 Nachos would easily be a small snack for 2014 DW.

        • hi elm

          • oh no he didnt

        • lolno.

    • things a dumbass would say
      things a 6 year old would say
      oh god
      things an egotistical dipshit would say?
      “thats right you won the pyramid and the cash prize!”

  16. the elite dw downvote squad cant be beat

    • im a girl btw

      • Really? 😮 I never knew until you posted like 10 comments that said that :O never knew….

        • yeah ik im a boy btw

  17. Great job ACP! This was my last top 10 of my leadership.
    The rest is up to you guys, ACP! Good luck! 😀

    • u were great leader flipmoo xD but does this mean i will be the only imaf guy not retired?

      • woops meant to do the happy emote

        • You’re surely one of them. ^^ People such as Mrtchy, 78652cool, Aaron, and a couple others were in the IMAF, but I’m sure that there aren’t more than 10 people from the IMAF that are still involved in the army community today.

  18. I demand to be on the Top 10

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