The July 2014 Legends Inductions Results

After more than a week of voting among the public and of deliberation among the Legends Committee, we are here to induct three members of the community to Legend Status as a result of this July’s vote. 

While it is true that July is usually a structured induction — meaning we would vote on candidates from this year’s CPA Central 25 — we decided to stray from that a little for a few reasons. First of all, most of the prominent people on the CPA Central 25 for this year were already Legends — all of the Top Five, in fact. Secondly, the research done by Boomer 20 at the time of the April Inductions gave us many members of old warfare to vote upon. Many of these people, while they did not win in April, came very close. For this reason, we wanted to take time to revisit them and reconsider.

There are a few notable members who are currently active in the community that were considered; leaders from the Dark Warriors, Golden Troops, and the Purple Republic were submitted to voting. There were also additions from previous years — in conjunction with CPA Central’s Five-Year Anniversary tomorrow, we submitted former CEOs Sklooperis and Iasgae56 to consideration. All in all, those of us on the Legends Committee, as well as the viewers, voted on seventeen candidates and one revote. Regarding that revote, following his implication for multi-logging and considering that he was waived by the Legends Committee in the first place (April 2014), Ganger90 was submitted to reconsideration. Without further adieu, the results are below.

Your committee members were as follows.

  • Boomer 20
  • Bluesockwa1
  • Bluesockwa2
  • Ambrosha
  • Kingfunks4
  • 78562cool
  • Zakster
  • Shaboomboom
  • Trickster
  • Flipmoo/Slimball2007
  • Wgfv
  • xiunknown
  • Lucario 564
  • Mchappy/Icey Cold27
  • Puckley
  • Mach
  • Kenneth1000
  • Santa0704
  • Shadow2446

Each committee member has one vote per candidate — except for, of course, the cases in which an automatic abstention is in order — meaning to win Legend Status, at least a 10 out of 20 was necessary. The results are below.


4 Yes, 16 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status

Tom Wolf

9 Yes, 11 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


10 Yes, 10 No

Inducted to Legend Status

Kg 007

10 Yes, 10 No

Waived; Inducted to Legend Status


4 Yes, 16 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


12 Yes, 8 No

Inducted to Legend Status

Iasgae 56

5 Yes, 15 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


4 Yes, 16 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


4 Yes, 16 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


8 Yes, 11 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


3 Yes, 17 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status

Sercan 4444

3 Yes [+1]*, 16 No

*Viewer Vote Winner

Not Inducted to Legend Status


2 Yes, 18 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


2 Yes, 18 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


6 Yes, 14 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


3 Yes, 17 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


1 Yes, 19 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status

Congratulations to Abercrombe29, Kg 007, and Spaceybirdy, all of whom will be joining the forty-one others currently listed on CPA Central’s Legends Page! Additionally, due to the discovery of a pair of multi-logging scandals surrounding Ganger90, we have conducted a revote of his previous induction to the Legends page in April. The results of the revote are below.

Ganger90 [Revote]

7 In Favor of Re-Election, 13 Against Re-Election

Ganger90 will not remain on the Legends Page.

With another Legends Induction coming to a close, I congratulate all those who have been elected, and thank you guys, the viewers, for participating in yet another induction held by CPA Central. The next and final Legends Inductions for 2014 will take place in October, where we will close the year voting on many more of this community’s influential. In the coming weeks, as well, we here at CPAC will be releasing our long-awaited End of Summer Awards in partnership with the folks over at SM Army Press —  stay tuned for those.


CPA Central CEO

Boomer 20

Legends Committee President


105 Responses

  1. Congratulations to all those who won legend!

  2. Ganger90 legend status revoked


  3. Poor Toy. Only 1 vote.

  4. How the hell are Tom Wolf and Vio not legends?

    • For once, I agree with you.

  5. Ganger legend status revoked? Lmao. How about CPAC uses public vote instead of political votes for once

    • Ganger got an even lower percentage with the viewers than he did with the committee.

      35% Yes from Committee
      21% Yes from Viewers

    • Ganger is too controversial, people only vote for those who are popular. Same reason people like vio will never get legend.

  6. Also funny because 7 of your committee people are associated with ACP and ACP doesn’t like SWAT, so why would he get re voted in?

    • It was the same council that elected him in the first place. Obviously they aren’t against him seeing that they already inducted him… Idiot

  7. Yeeee go Kevin. didn’t really care about anyone else.

  8. But Ganger was only trying to FORTify his legend status…

    (credits to daniel)

    • *zak

      • *daniel – faggot

  9. I don’t even know what to say about it, I’m a legend, I was on the page and I made it there and the fact that I got revoted is pathetic. Legends last forever — and therefore there shouldn’t be any way that I can get revoted or taken off the page. It took a lot of hard work in this community to make it there and for you (whom don’t deserve your spot either, referring to Blue1/Blue2) to just make the decision that I should be revoted in itself is also pathetic. For all of you that voted for me, thank you.

    • If a legend is associated with a scandal they are revoted for in the next election.

      • there shouldn’t be revotes in the first place. Once someone is in, they should stay in. You don’t see all the hall of fame inductions in sports have re votes.

        • So you mean to say that if a person is involved in a multilogging scandal, where instead of actually forming the community, that their army is formed competely through multiloggers – that they should be legend for pretty much one person in the army.

          We aren’t sports, this is a completely different subject. If they’re on the hall of fame, they’ve worked for there position.

        • While I think that Ganger is a legend, your argument is stupid. If a baseball player was a borderline hall of famer, but was later revealed to have used steroids their entire career, would he belong there?

    • There have been a number of people inducted who were revoted out and none of them were involved in any scandals, they were just reconsidered, including Wwebestfan and Iasgae 56.

    • case of butthurt cpac bias.

    • Revotes… Glad I’ve never been accused in a scandal that called for one.

    • People only vote for the people they like. People who are really revolutionizing armies are seen as controversial.

      • Much truth

    • stay mad :^)

    • After Lance Armstrong, a former road racing cyclist, who won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times between 1999 and 2005, was discovered using illicit performance-enhancing drugs for all his previous competitions, he was given a ban and the sport’s governing body stripped him of all seven Tour de France titles.

      That’s like you being associated with a scandal, and having your legend title revoted.

  10. ABER

  11. Lmao. How is Tom Wolf not a legend? He created the Nachos. But Kg, the world’s first army hopper, and two useless females get elected? Bullshit.

    • As a Nacho, I would expect you to know your Nacho history a little bit better. Jamesbond1 created the Nachos; Tom Wolf made the first website once the forums were deleted. That being said, he was probably the most viable candidate that was not inducted, and stands a good chance of getting inducted next time around.

      • You can’t say Jamesbond created the Nachos as there is no information to prove this. What is proven is that Tom Wolf was the first Nacho leader documented (Zippy’s retirement post states that Tom Wolf was leader since October 2006). My hypothesis is that Jamesbond was the first to associate the poncho and the sombrero to “Mexicans” and was probably the first to create a small unorganized clan of people in sombreros chanting “Nachos”.

        @Boomer. Shiver might be wrong sometimes but considering the fact that he’s been in the Nachos since June/July 2007 (If I’m not mistaken) means that he knows Tom Wolf a lot more than you do. There is a high chance that Tom Wolf was the first leader but unfortunately it will never be proven (due to lack of pictures/proof).

        • Jamesbond1 was credited as the original creator of the Nachos on the Miniclip Forums of which there used to be a thread (long since deleted). This is confirmed by the Nachos website which has always stated this to be the case. The Nachos website also states Tom Wolf “served under Jamesbond1 as a Captain, and he went on to become the second leader of the Nacho Army”.

          This has been confirmed by Tom Wolf himself for the Nachos Hall of Fame page, as well as in this post where Tom Wolf refers to his “old war buddies” from Jamesbond1’s leadership:

          • This jamesbond guy was just an idiot running around in a sombrero. Did he make the Nachos a site or make them modernized? Hell no. Fuck you.

            • I’m not at all trying to argue Jamesbond1 had more of an impact than Tom Wolf, I’m just saying Tom Wolf says Jamesbond1 founded the Nachos and he served under his leadership, so I’m going to go with his perspective since hardly anyone else was around in 2006. That’s not my opinion, it’s Tom Wolf’s opinion.

              • Jamesbond didn’t even exist. Tom Wolf did it all. Jamesbond was just a hologram.

    • It is honestly very shocking that Tom Wolf isn’t a legend. He really did modernize the Nachos and you could argue him to be one of the most important Nacho leaders next to Shadow.

  12. Congratulations to Kg, Aber and Spacey. I knew all of them very well when they were here. They deserve it.

    Naturally I am disappointed that I did not win Legend. However it was always going to be a longshot. It’s always been difficult for me to win Legend because a sizeable minority of that committee are hell bent on obstructing me in whatever I do (not naming any names – I know and you know who you are). I didnt expect to get Legend, and I probably never will. But I suppose Im pleased that I increased my vote since the last one.

    • Forever with you Cassius Brutus ❤

  13. CPAC is always right.

    • Btw what about me Boomer?!

      • You were the second closest after Tom Wolf needing only 2 more votes, but you got enough this time around to assure yourself more nominations in the future 😛

    • crying4u

  14. Thats fucking gay.

    • Tell me was is so ******* gay?

      • What taco means is that its retarded to have re votes. Once you’re in, your already a legend. No one should be able to take that away from you. So what if ganger multilogged once or twice? So basically you’re saying all the legends that are former leaders didn’t multilog? You have no proof of that. So why should ganger only be penalized for it? CPAC need to completely eliminate re voting. You don’t see re voting in hall of fame inductions for professional sports. I thought his was supposed to be a “professional” news site. Not looking so professional right now, CPAC.

        • I’m sorry but it was kind of stupid to remove him.
          Just because he made a mistake or two, it doesn’t mean you should revoke his legend status, I mean that’s just ridiculous. Everyone makes mistakes, and he made a mistake and he got punished for it in the worst way possible. He should still be legend, it was only 1-2 mistakes.

          • To clarify, he only got Legend last time because we waived him (in other words, he wouldn’t have gotten in even before the scandal(s) without us overriding his votes). We have to do this from time to time because it is becoming increasingly difficult to elect anyone Legend. With the knowledge that some of his successes had been falsely inflated, some of the committee voted against him that supported him last time, and not as many viewers supported his re-vote as they did for his original vote.

  15. This worser than watergate.

    • I am not a crook.

  16. dreamguitar we have failed you once again

  17. As always, the modern potential legends are cheated out by the old ones – who should’ve been in the Legends page already.

    • There is no limit on the number of votes that can be cast, so a vote for an old candidate is not affecting a vote against a recent candidate. There have been a lot of recent candidates inducted in the past year, including Elmikey, Unknown, Flipmoo, Vinny, Buritodaily, Ganger90, Wgfv, Blue1, and Blue2. Just because someone you wanted to win did not win does not mean they were “cheated”, and history shows that recent candidates have still received more inductions than long-retired ones. The only reason that was not the case this time is because essentially all the recent “Legend-worthy” candidates were already inducted previously.

      • Well besides them, there are people who are potential Legends arguably. The person that I voted for went from a nobody to somebody who carved his name – not to mention the army that he lead was at near death at the time.

  18. This legends page would be relevant if 20 biased as hell people weren’t the ones who had the last choice whether someone receives legend status.

    All the legends page is and always has been is the opinion of a group of people. I don’t see why the public voting doesn’t get to decide who will get legend. What makes these 20 people so special?

    • We used to use public voting as the entire basis for Legends inductions and it was by and large a miserable failure for one major reason: Candidates who are still around recruit their friends to vote for them, and those who aren’t around get largely ignored. For example, Sercan received more votes from the viewers than Sf1998, Abercrombe29, Kg 007, Dreamguitar, and Spaceybirdy combined (and 3 of those were just elected Legends) because they can’t recruit for themselves. It becomes a popularity contest where long-retired soldiers are at a massive disadvantage because the vast majority of the viewers also weren’t around for any of their leaderships. This is why we use a panel of respected veterans and legends from all eras and armies to deliberate on the rest of the candidates.

    • Please refer to the CPAC Butthurt Department. A member of CPAC HR will deal with you shortly. Thank you.

    • [@Qwerk’s Original comment] I see your point, however the public vote would be just as bias and corrupted as any committee.

  19. > Creates the first Nacho website

    > Leads them through WW2 and WW3

    > Helps shape armies into what they are today

    > Is NOT a legend by CPAC standards

    Poor Tom Wolf 😦

    • It’s pretty rare for candidates to be elected on their first nomination (sometimes first few nominations). All 3 of the people elected this time were nominees last time and came up short, but chances are Tom Wolf will get in eventually.

      • Just like how lynard skynard eventually got in?

    • If you honestly think Tom Wolf cares about being a Club Penguin Army Legend then you need to rethink your life.

      • I believe you completely missed the point of my comment.

    • >can’t into meme arrows

  20. We need patience, this is online crap your life wont depend on it

    • Actually, if I get taken off the legends page I will kill myself.

      I will

      • yes paco 😦 but u 2 cool

      • BURR NO PLS

      • Might as well be the first person to say bye so…bye.

  21. If someone is seen as a legend by 50% of people they aren’t a legend. Someone who is truly a legend should be recognized by closer to 80% of people.

    • & if that person has done something to shape the community.

    • While I agree with you, I’m pretty sure it’s been years since anyone was elected with 80% of the vote. For example, Mchappy only received 58%, Flipmoo received 53%, Unknown received 50%, and the two highest vote-getters, Pochoma123 and Elmikey, only received 70% and 68% respectively. Even getting 50% is very difficult.

      • If that’s the case, then it should be kept how it is.

  22. Also: There are 19 members in the committee (and I made sure by re-counting 3-4 times), yet these votes for people who are candidates all add up to 20?

    Anybody else notice that or..?

    • The 20th vote is the viewer vote which was only given to Sercan for getting 41% of it (normally we try to only do it for 50% but basically no one ever wins it since most of the viewers only vote for one or two people)

      • Oh okay, I see.

  23. Boomer stop deleting my comments.

  24. Everyone’s a legend!!!!!

  25. these comments could make a soap opera

    • LOL.

  26. I thought Freezie would have more votes 😮

  27. Legends shouldn’t be decided by a certain group. Like real life, it’s should be the people who do.

    • Okay, in which case, statistically no one has been elected Legend since early 2012. Not to mention, all kinds of real-world organizations that decide recognition have committees that decide it.

      • A good number of these people are biased against several individuals. People like Ads, Np3000, and Harv will never become legends because of grudges against them.

        • And that’s a valid point; my point is though that the downsides of a committee vote outweigh the downsides of a fully-public vote, since a fully-public vote hasn’t voted in a legend for more than two years.

    • Except for the fact that the hive mind will always veto controversial people like Vio.

      • i agree with this
        and all pr bias aside, i was pretty surprised with vio getting literally 18 nos. controversial, of course, but for fucks sake. pr has had TONS of shit thanks to vio due to bots (when we still used them a hella long time ago), crashing servers, completely disrupting events, etc. vio can schedule one thing, and have TONS of people online immediately. for example, see the tournament before we were recognized as an army.

    • I see your point. However, SMAC has tried this and it turned into a complete popularity contest and failed.

    • i would agree with this but
      >pony avatar

  28. I don’t think its fair to have people in the committee that has had recent grudges against some people in the voting. You should at least have some sort of reserved members of the committee to vote in the place of the committee member that has had recent issues with a nominee.

    • some sort of reserved members in the committee*

      • That’s not a bad idea, but considering Legends come from all parts of armies and organizations, wouldn’t it be a little difficult to find respectable veterans in all cases?

        • There’s a few out there that are extremely respectable. Such as Bobcat, Iceyfeet, Lorenzo Bean.. and some others that i can’t think at the top of my head. I don’t see any of those bias towards anyone as i do with some of the people currently in the committee. Maybe about 1-2 legends from past and present armies which would limit the committee size of a certain army. Keep in mind it wouldn’t be just random medium armies, they would have to be known armies throughout the community such as: Acp, Nachos, Iw, Golds, Dw, Uma, Rpf, WW, Pirates ect.

          • Right, that’s true. We’ve used some of those people in the past but some others you mentioned aren’t bad choices either.

            • I just think it would work a lot better and have every army involved in it instead of having just random people from 06-2014.

              • No you make a completely valid point, which is one of the things we may need to pay more attention to — keeping the committee updated and such.

                • And since some of the current committee members may not know of a certain person from lets say 07 they would most likely just say “no” because they were not around from that time(Which would be unfair to the old veteran in the voting simply because someone didn’t know who they were and now it ruined their chance of getting Cpac legend, and all of their work went to waste). They could also have a bias opinion and simply say yes just because the person had a nice conversation with him.

                  If we were to have a legend or two from well known armies from 06-2014 it would help because some of those old legends are bound to know some of the old veterans that are in the voting. Then you have some newer people that the old legends don’t know about, which is where the current armies would help out because some of their legends that are still around would most likely know about the new people in the voting. It goes back and forth.

                  • We do our best to round out the committee with members from all eras, however it’s very difficult to find anyone from 2007 who is still around to participate. This time around we were able to have Ambrosha, Flipmoo, and Shadow2446 from 2007, and in the past we’ve been able to use Commando717 and Iceyfeet1234 to name a few. We recognize that not all the committee members will have known these candidates first-hand, so to mitigate that we now thoroughly research each candidate beforehand and require the committee members to read these bios before voting. We added this because we did have one induction in particular where some of the committee members admitted they didn’t know who some of the candidates were. I think it has come a long way in terms of a good systematized process that generally makes good decisions with my one criticism being that sometimes people are much too strict in how they vote which at times makes it very difficult to elect people. We’re always welcome to constructive criticism though, and we acknowledge that we will never please everyone, but we do our best to run the inductions as effectively as possible so as to maintain the integrity of the Legend status.

                    This comment is going to be so stretched out by the dimension of the comment box 😛

                    • I don’t think Flipmoo or Ambrosha should even be in the committee in the first place. Both of them has had recent grudges against certain people.

                    • We don’t choose people whose possible grudges will impact the voting (Ambrosha actually voted for the person I think you’re referring to). We can’t account for it in all circumstances but by balancing the committee with members of many different armies, it greatly lowers the impact any one potential grudge could have on the voting process.

  29. It’s a shame that Aber is a legend and Tom Wolf isn’t. Wow

    • Also – If someone can post the famous funny GIF of Aber, I will love you long time.

  30. Here a few valid points for confused viewers:
    -“Modern” Legends are less likely to be voted in because their lasting impact on the community has yet to be seen, even if they have created a CPAC Top Ten Army.
    -Like many Hall of Fame, it may take multiple votes for people to be inducted
    -Because being voted into the Hall of Fame is such a distinguished accomplishment, people on the committee has the responsibility to vote no for people that they’re on the fence about, as opposed to saying “Hell yeah sure he kinda deserves it I guess and suppose so.” I only voted for 4 people. It’s unfortunate, but true. I had two other people I wanted to vote for, but multilogging issues and accusations pushed me to vote no on several people, unfortunately.

    I’m 100% certain that Tom Wolf will be in the Hall of Fame before it’s all said and done with, along with people like Kenneth, Ads, etc.

    Being a part of the process this year, I can promise CPAC did a fabulous job writing up bios and discussing each individual candidate in detail, as well as having a huge diversity of people from several different armies on the committee.

  31. bias

  32. Let this be a warning to all multiloggers who have yet to be caught.

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