Retirement of Sneezy: An End of An Era

Sneezy35 retired today after six long years with the community. Through good and bad, I have always held respect for Sneezy and have come to regard him as a good friend in the past year. The army community loses a true Nacho today; one who embodied the ideals of the army since its beginning. Sneezy will be missed. 

My Club Penguin Army career started in about 2008 when I first joined the famed Nachos. I built up a reputation there, and I’ll be the first to say it wasn’t a great one. I currently hold the most bans on there, but I do have quite a bit of funniest Nacho awards. I am making this post here today, you can probably all guess what it’s about. Well, I’m leaving. Back when I joined in 08, and worked my way up, made a reputation for myself, formed a crew. CP Armies changed too much, and honestly not for the best. Now you have to watch what you say, recruiting is a key factor, and you have people really acting like an actual military leader for a game of Club Penguin. I’m not all about that, it’s not fun for me, I don’t want to be on a chat room talking to people I’ve never met before, I don’t want to be on Club Penguin recruiting, and the battles just aren’t fun. I’m well known for NOT being a fan of Elmikey, but he is right. You know, throwing snowballs and not having hectic battles with lines and formations and cussing at each other, it’s not enjoyable. I mean he is going about it in a completely different way, and by no means I stand for it. Also seeing my army that I grew up in, the Nachos, being led by Beeky, a member of the Nacho army who is rather questionable about his ways. Sadly, the Nachos aren’t for me anymore since their ways have changed, their rules have entirely changed, and the ways how Club Penguin armies have changed. Now I don’t want to make this a lengthy sob fest, *cough cough* Eyes/Daniel *cough*. But I’m gonna thank a few people, mention some people, and lay down some stuff. Then I’ll be on my leave.

-People I want to thank:

Pwner1: Most of you might not know this guy, but me and him were boys back in the day. He was a traditional nacho, he was funny, clever, didn’t care about sharing his opinions, and would always either put a smile on someones face, or make them mad. That’s what a Nacho was, and that’s what a Nacho should be. He already retired long ago, but this guy was great.

Hockey77: Just like with Pwner1, this dude was a Nacho at heart, he had the assets, and he had the knowledge to bring the Nachos to do great things, sadly he was never able to. So where ever this guy is now, thanks man.

Laoise: Hey I don’t know you that well, just sort of came off hard on you, but after a while, you turned out to be a pretty chill chick. You can work on your leadership, and you could work on a lot of other stuff. Just keep on the pace you’re going and I believe you could turn the Nachos back to their original ways.

Eyes/Daniel: Man oh man, we go back. I remember when we used to form little groups, and we both joined whatever army we were leading. We always had each others back, and I know you retired, and you’re still chilling here. But that’s all good, and I’m gonna miss you man, will definitely kik you, because you’re my boy.

Tuck: Tuck is the truest of the true Nachos, she mad funny, she knows when to joke, how to joke, when to piss someone off, when to comfort them. She had two sides, either you love her, or you hate her. For me, I loved Tuck, she and I had a crew there and we had each others backs, there won’t be anyone in this community like Tuck ever again, mark my words.

Rein: Rein yous my bae, I love you man, you mad funny. I remember when I first met you and you and I will hang. ❤

Mchappy: This kid right here was a Nacho in green. One of THE best ACP leaders of all time, and made ACP what it is today, he reformed everything, reformed Alliances, and brought so much knowledge to this community that I don’t think anyone besides the creators will ever bring back.

Boomer: I remember when you and I used to fight all the time during the ACP vs Nacho war, you were always a bro. You are the best leader in ACP history, and enjoy college man.

Wgfv: This gay moose right here is the center of UMA, the sole reason this army is still alive, and the sole army that army will ever be alive. You and I used to hang on tinychat, used to talk, and you were a bro. I’m gonna miss you man, and enjoy the cold.

Unknown: Man, unk. You were a good friend of mine. We always chilled at DW chat, and I know you will be proud of it now. You and SaW were mad goons always messing with everyone, and the two of you will do find. Gonna miss you guys a lot.

Blue1: Man we have a history, we got the good, and we got the bad. I remember getting into your email and defacing UMA and messing up the old CPAC site thinking it was the new one, and I remember when you’ve made me head judge a few times for CPAC events and tourneys and helped me through some rankings, and we used to joke all the time pretending I should be a legend. You are mad funny, and honestly the best CPAC head since Woton.

Awesum: Awesum, I remember back in 09-10 we used to mess with each other so much, you called me Peter Griffin chin and I called you obese Harry Potter, but now that the years have gone by, we’ve become good friends man. We talk on skype, play games, and you are honestly the best Nacho that has ever been here in recent years. I hope you will stick by the chat to keep this kids in check, and don’t be afraid to lay down the whip.

Hades/Marcin: Man we never got along, but you were always mad funny, and a true nacho. Bye man.

Ads: After the countless times you’ve banished me, you were always chill about it and you know over the years we kinda grew tight. We still fuck with each other a bit, but all in all, we turned out to be pretty chill, gonna miss you man.

Joker: This kid, this kid Joker. He is a riot, man sittin’ down watching anime 24/7 leading Nachos, being a diplomat if I’ve ever seen one in the recent years. He has been a great friend, even though he has banished me a few times, but man he was good.

Puckley: I owe a lot to you man, keeping me from getting abused from Beeky countless of times, you were my Dumbledore. You always had me when I needed it the most, and in repayment I tried to dox you, now we’ve grown past that, and now we’ve grown into something great. You are one of the best Nacho leaders of all time, and you’ve grown to be the figurehead of Nachos and I hope it stays that way because you deserve it more than anyone.

Spi: I remember when you were leading the water tribe when you first made your army cameo, and I came running to your chat claiming that I work for XAT and had to install some anti-hacker software on your chat. You gave me your email, your password, all that shit and I fucked with you a bit. Then later on I couped you in UMA for a day or two, and then we used to chill a bit. Ignore everything I say, you’re a better leader, and you will do great things until you retire. You are one of the select few who come into this community who will come out a legend, and I see that in you.

Griffin: My true homeboy, gonna miss you mad man, we used to code clients on MC to piss off Obby and those were the good ol’ days, gonna miss you man

-People I hate (only going to list the main 5)

Now it ain’t a Sneezy post if I don’t list people that I hate!

#1 of all time on my hate list is Beeky, leader of the Nachos. This kid constantly talks trash, lies and manipulates, and whatever went wrong, he blamed on me. He got me banished for the wrong reasons because I was gonna get him removed, that’s the true reason. So ignore whatever he has to say.. He ruined the Nachos, and is one of THE worst leaders of Nacho history of all time. He is the only Nacho history to lead Nachos out of the top 10.

#2 is Elmikey, man I agree with a lot of stuff you say, but you constantly act like you are changing the world, and changing the community forever when you’re stuck in the past. Yeah I know I’m leaving because I am too, but you don’t see me buying CP routers and colecting figurines and crying whenever you lose a battle. So get outta here and go to college guy.

#3 Alessa, just she is so bad man.

#4 Zing, they’re a few people like you in this community, and they all need to go. All you do is talk trash and whine and cry and kiss up to owners and leaders, but whenever you are the one dishing it out, you’re fine with it. But if someone dishes it back at you, you can’t handle it.

#5 Camper, this kid is a rotten Nacho, is annoying, constantly whines, acts like he is the best, and cries when Griffin and I stole his diamonds on minecraft. This kid is gonna be ruining Nachos if he ever comes into power, and I’m glad I won’t be sticking around to see that.

Quick Note

I will be stopping by chat now and then, I’ll be checking CPAC and some sites to see how things are doing, but for the most part I’m gonna outta you’re hair. For most of you, that’s a relief. But for some of you, I know you will miss me.


*If I missed anyone, let Blue1 know and he will add you.*


32 Responses

  1. Bye Blue2…. 😦

    I’ll make better philosophies on SMAP in your honor.

    • what are you even talking about

      • Don’t ruin the moment. -.-

    • bye b2

    • So sad that Bluesockwa2 is retiring 😥

      • Hold me 😥

  2. So this guy got banished multiple times, yet his post is nothing about being in the Nachos? This is your typical Nacho story.

    • I spent more time in the army than being banned, plus all my banishments took place during the 2012+ era where the ideals of the nachos were abolished.

    • I spent more time in the army than being banned, plus all my banishments took place during the 2012+ era where the ideals of the nachos were abolished.

      Also yeah, damn true Nacho story.

  3. A true leader, one of the few original Nachos that are still around today.

  4. Yeah… Go Beeky!

  5. You have no idea how much I hate you, Sneezy, and I hope someone smacks the shit out of you one day.

    • Mad cuz bad.

    • Mad cuz bad.

    • This kid beeky look like the guy from ratatouille.

  6. I was never actually sure what your opinion of me was, but thanks for the kind words, and best wishes to you as well

  7. Although I’m not 100% sure on who you are or have we met, the name rings a bell. I knew a video maker back in like 2008 or 2009 who made CPMV’s by the name “Sneezy25”. Haha, coincidence? Anyhow – I wish you luck in life and honor you for proving such loyalty for a decent amount of time.

  8. if only sneezy wasnt bad at find four

  9. I feel bad for not giving you a mention in my retirement, Sneezy. Regardless you’re a great friend, good luck man.

  10. You nerds are some of the biggest pieces of shit I know, even if you don’t love me, I love all of you, fuck these comments hurt my sides.

    • They hurt your penis

    • I have a life sneezy *wary*

  11. Zing pisses the whole world off bro

    • Oh no! I’m on your naughty list! I’m so glad your not Santa! How would I ever get my presents?

      Sneezy, your a dick man. You don’t even get it. There is a reason why you were banned from Nachos for so long, because you are NOT a true Nacho. A true Nacho wouldn’t do all the shit that you do.

      A true Nacho would try to make the army better. All I’ve ever seen you do is insult people and try to scare off troops. I’m glad that you’ve retired.

      • As for you, Falcon… You’re just an army hopper so your opinion is invalid. Oh and you cant talk for the “whole world” so sit down and shut your mouth.

      • Hey guys, this kids mad.

        Let me put it to you straight zing, you weren’t here for the original ideals for the Nachos, you came here rather late to the “New Age”. Nachos were a barbarian clan almost, rowdy, cuss at each other, mess with each other, and overall just being jerks. After the whole fiesta party came to a stop and it was harder to get new people, then the new rules sort of kicked in which you are familiar to today.

        You saying I’m not a true nacho, but implying you are? You’re worse than me. I’m a dick, I’m an asshole, but I stick by all of those things. Ask anyone, even Beeky who hates me the most, I’ve stuck with what I am. You change every two days, you cuss someone out one day, then you ban someone for calling you a jerk. You aren’t consistent. You yell at the leadership and say how “bad” they are, hell I agree with Beeky but Laoise and Weazel are two of the best Nacho leaders we’ve seen in some time. But then you cry and whine and threaten to quit and abuse people when you don’t get 3ic. You are in this army for power, not for fun. You want to be 3ic more than anything, just to have control, and be able to ban even the moderators who think you’re a dink.

        You are worthless, a pity to this community, and will never become a Nacho. You may be IN the Nachos, but it takes a lot to become a true Nacho, a Nacho which the ideals were created for.

        • You’ve gone from an uneducated raging Muppet to a motivational speaker. GG Sneezy

          • I think you’re the only one here who likes getting a mans hand up his ass, so don’t be calling me the muppet.

            • It’s true, I do enjoy a bit of fisting.

            • He also proved my point, right when he saw that he kicked me on Nacho chat.

  12. Thank you, Sneezy ❤ That really means a lot to me. Good luck in whatever you choose to do next. I'm sure you'll do great 😀 Goodbye from the Nachos.

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