Top Ten Armies: 07/20/14

There are shifts all throughout the rankings this week; multiple new armies make appearances in the Top Ten while others fall to SM Army Press or out entirely. 

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [91.00]

2. Golden Troops [+0] [90.85]

3. Light Troops [-1] [89.72] 

4. Special Weapons and Tactics [+5] [73.99] 

5. Army of CP [-1] [73.67] 

6. Ice Warriors [+2] [72.97] 

7. Nachos [-2] [72.09] 

8. Purple Republic [NEW!] [67.75] 

9. Pookies [NEW!] [63.05]

10. Pirates [NEW!] [51.75]

The full statistics can be found here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: This week, the Dark Warriors once again withhold the first position of the CPA Central Top 10. On Sunday, the Dark Warriors defended their Capital, from the Light Troops, with a max of about 40+. The next day, the Dark Warriors claimed to have maxed 50+ at their Invasion of Jack Frost. To celebrate their “winning of the war”, the Dark Warriors held a party with yet another max of 50+ online. The next day, the Dark Warriors held a Training Session with only a max of 35+ on Club Penguin. At their Unscheduled on the same day, the Dark Warriors maxed 35+ online again. In a Practice Battle against the Nachos, the Dark Warriors had about 50+ troops. To put their week to an end, the Dark Warriors battled the Rebel Penguin Federation with a max of 40+. Their war with the Light Troops is not yet over.


2. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops kicked off their week with the US/UK invasion of Parka, maxing 32+ online. They invaded the Ice Warriors again on AUSIA times for the server Slushy, getting 25+ troops. They then held a US/UK defense of Mountain, averaging around 20+, and maxing 25+ on Club Penguin. They then maxed 33+ in their AUSIA Invasion of Tundra. Following this, they had a US/UK Defense of Parka, maxing 42+ and averaging 35+. This was followed by an AUSIA invasion with 22+, a US/UK defense maxing 42+, and a defense where they maxed 35+. The Golden Troops ended their war with the Ice Warriors on July 19th, with the Ice Warriors officially surrendering.

3. Light Troops: After being second last week, the Light Troops just fall one place in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. The Light Troops started off their week getting 10+ at a raid of the Dark Warriors. They then maxed 36+ the next day at a practice battle with the Nachos. They then battled the Dark Warriors for Frosty, where they maxed 30. In a practice battle with the Nachos, they were able to get sizes in the 45-50+ range. The Light Troops raided Tuxedo, where they got sizes of around 30+. They had an event following this where they maxed 45. They then held an AUSIA event where they pulled off sizes of 20. They ended off the week with a raid on Breeze, the Army of Club Penguin’s Capital, where they got 30+. Their war with the Dark Warriors is still continuing.

4. Special Weapons and Tactics: After descending into the bottom of the Top 10 for some time, the Special Weapons and Tactics army has made a surprising jump into the Top 5 for this week. Since the army called off their war with the Nachos, the Special Weapons and Tactics decided to hold a Practice Battle with their past enemies. Although the Nachos were a no-show, the Special Weapons and Tactics still maxed 15+ online. The next day, the army declared war upon the Army of Club Penguin. At their raid of Breeze, the army had a max of 24+ online. Later on that day, the Special Weapons and Tactics held an AUSIA Division event with 21+ on Club Penguin. At their Invasion of Breeze, the army had an astonishing max of 31+. The next day, at the Liberation of Mammoth, the army received 25+ troops. Then, the army held an Unscheduled Training Session on Mammoth with yet another max of around 30+ online. To put their week to an end, the Special Weapons and Tactics held an AUSIA event with 20+ on Club Penguin.


5. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin had a pretty good week, taking a slight fall. They started off with a UK event, where they averaged 25+, maxing 27+. They followed up with a US event, peaking at sizes of 24+. The following day, they held an AUSIA event where they averaged 23+ and maxed 25+. In another AUSIA event, they were able to obtain an average of 21+ and max a total of 23+. They followed up with US and UK events, both having max sizes of 25+. They ended off their week with 26 at an AUSIA/UK event.

6. Ice Warriors: Falling quite a bit last week, the Ice Warriors jump right out of the Top 5 for this week. The Ice Warriors came into the week with their war against the Golden Troops. On Sunday, the Ice Warriors did not successfully defend Parka, although they may have had 25+ online. When it was time to defend Slushy, the Ice Warriors only had 17+ on Club Penguin. The next day, the Ice Warriors successfully invaded Mountain from the Golden Troops, now with a max of 30+. At their Defense of Parka, the Ice Warriors then maxed 32+ but lost the battle. Yesterday, also to end their week, the Ice Warriors ended their war with the Invasion of Half Pipe. At this specific battle, the Ice Warriors maxed 30+ online. Their war against the Golden Troops has come to an end.

Screenshot at Jul 15 14-49-21

7. Nachos: The Nachos, with many events, fall just a bit in this week’s Top 10. To start off their week, the Nachos held a raid against the Fort Ghost Recon. The same day, the Nachos ended their war with the Rebel Penguin Federation. At both of their Practice Battles with the Light Troops, the Nachos had around 20+ online at both. Again, the Nachos came to an agreement to end their other war against the Special Weapons and Tactics. At their only AUSIA event of the week, the Nachos had about 16+ online. Then, at their raid of the Golds, the Nachos had only 18+ on Club Penguin. However, at a Practice Battle with the Dark Warriors, the Nachos had an astonishing max of 30+ online. To put their week to an end, the Nachos beat the Rebel Penguin Federation in a friendly Practice Battle.


8. Purple Republic: Purple Republic reenters the Top Ten this week with a record-breaking 25 events this week. They created a blogspot site this week, starting off with a raid of the Pizza Parlor maxing around 27. PR launched a number of other raids throughout the week on various CP locations, both on regular penguins and on CP Armies. They were seen raiding the Cove, Stadium, Iceberg, Plaza, Town, Snow Forts, and Stadium again throughout the first few days, before raiding the Ice Warriors with sizes averaging around 23. Other events include a “Pookie Raid” and a server takeover, though it is unclear what specific server PR was attacking. PR raided FGR and later ACP, both with sizes of 20, then later raided DW’s Operation Blackout with sizes around 24. PR also raided the Nachos several more times, as well as the Reds later in the week. They finished off the week with a Cadence-themed raid, and a raid on a CPPS.

9. Pookies: The Pookies, who are a newly established army, have made it into the CPA Central Top 10 within their first week of warfare. At their first ever event, the Pookies raided the Underground Mafias Army with 13+ online. On Tuesday, the Pookies also raided the Nachos, but this time with only 10+ on Club Penguin. The same day, the Pookies declared war upon the Air Force. At their next event, which was again on the same day, the Pookies maxed 18+ while at a normal Training Session. The Pookies held a War-Training on Thursday, which the army received a max of 23+ online. To begin their war, the Pookies successfully invaded Canoe, with 25+ on Club Penguin, from their opponents. The same day, the Pookies also invaded Gr@sshopper from the Air Force. At their next two events, both by the AUSIA Division, the Pookies maxed about 15+. Their war with the Air Force has now ended.

Screenshot at Jul 17 13-27-55

10. Pirates: The Pirates, who have been dead for about a month, have returned to CPA Central, taking the last spot of this week’s Top 10. At their returning event, the Pirates maxed 25+ on Club Penguin. The next day, the Pirates held an UK Training Session with about 19+ troops. For their first US Training Session of the Generation, the Pirates had yet another max of 19+ online. At their “Triple Threat” Practice Battle, which was against the Doritos and the Golds, the Pirates maxed 18+. This was also their last event of their returning week.

weekly poll

With the Legends Cup V starting this upcoming weekend, we asked the community who their favorite is to win the highly established tournament. The Dark Warriors are favored to win the tournament; surprisingly, the “Other” choice has been quite popular as well, maybe referring to armies like the Ice Warriors, who many expect to shape up for the tournament. The Golden Troops are only two votes behind the Dark Warriors, also a close favorite to win.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 9.41.01 PM

New polls released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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70 Responses


    • please kill me now that the pookies are in cpac

      • On their first week >:3

  2. Congrats to Pookies and SWAT, and DW!

    • Yet you hate CPAC

      • He works for CPAC…

  3. Grabbing pills

  4. I would say we should have more AUSIA points but I don’t understand the formula, gj all armies

    • Classic GT

  5. Same old same old

    Forever second GT

    • 😥

  6. Looks like SWAT ending the war with us worked out pretty good for them. lol

  7. oh yay

  8. DW had a couple of points missed out too, but the top 3 should be close, we just about nicked 1st this week.

    Good job to all armies, 4th week in a row. It’s getting harder each week for DW.

  9. whatever…

  10. Congratulations to the Pookie Army on their achievement on 9th in their FIRST WEEK in existence! Hope we rise further!

  11. The picture you used for PR was LT vs. IW PB which took place over 2 weeks ago..

  12. Also, just now realized the Pookies are in there.

    Someone kill me.

  13. U WOT?

  14. Good job to all armies :p

  15. what the hell how is there a pookie army in the top 10? someone declare war on them

    • pr already has dont worry

      • update: pookies got BTFO. read about it on pr blog.

  16. Well done all armies 🙂


  18. What the hell is up with that Chaos’ army picture? I see more than 2 town images.

  19. blehhh

    • Gahhh

  20. #pookies

    • haha javale mcgee

  21. PR scores are so messed up. You counted some events that didn’t happen THIS WEEK. Our operation Blackout happened 3 weeks ago lol.

    • tbh I just assumed that they were raiding operation blackout because they referred to it as operation blackcock

      • i cracked up at this

      • That was the raid of operation Blackout, if you look at their pics, you see DW, but we haven’t battled them for like 2 weeks or so…

  22. soon

  23. well, still in top 5! groo-vay, groo-vay…

    • post your pb with LT on ACP

      • Waterkid. I know you secretly fantasize about becoming ACP mod. GOOD NEWS! We are now hiring mods!!!

        • I used to be an ACP mod twice under Capncook and Kingfunks.

  24. Someone kill the pookies

  25. omg there’s a pookie army XD

    • omg there’s a crose

      • ?????????

  26. Pookie advisor.
    Pookie Pride Server Wide.

  27. I like eggs. Do you like eggs? I like eggs.

    • Hi Brass Random Question. Do you lovvvvve eggs???

      • I love eggs. Do you love eggs? I love eggs.

        Did I mention I love eggs?

    • im not convinced

  28. Seems like a good time for Pirates to take revenge on the RPF *wary*

  29. why does PR have like 10 different pics all mashed together

    • its a collaboration. our editor, swampbro, mashes them all up so you see everything that happened.

      • its kinda weird tho since you cant tell where the pics end that easily


  31. Who allowed the Pookies in here?

    • Your mom cause shes “Pookie” for my dick (WARY)

  32. The pookies are a ruge army I bet.

  33. What the fuck are pookies?

    • Mentally retarded people, who think it’s ok to talk and act like a baby… For example, “mumu” “wister” …. Lmfao. It’s pathetic. *Wary*

      • You’re stupid.

        • It’s completely true though.

    • LOOOL

  34. Congrats to SWAT for the surprising comeback.
    Great work DW on achieving 1st again!


    • On SMAP. Along with both RPFs. lol

  36. Its funny how everyone underestimates Pookies due to their name. But they don’t understand that it’s a name and Pookies are a rising army. I mean its just saying “OH Pookies have a noob name so we should make fun of Nachos or ACP.” Get over it and accept it’s a rising army.

  37. just 0.16 away from first Golden Troops, we can do it homies

    • its 0.15

  38. RPF is gay. 🙂

    • So is Elton John

  39. 1. Dark Warriors [+0] [91.00]

    2. Golden Troops [+0] [90.85]

    3. Light Troops [-1] [89.72]

    4. Special Weapons and Tactics [+5] [73.99]

    5. Army of CP [-1] [73.67]

    6. Ice Warriors [+2] [72.97]

    7. Nachos [-2] [72.09]

    8. Purple Republic [NEW!] [67.75]

    9. Pookies [NEW!] [63.05]

    10. Pirates [NEW!] [51.75]

    Just lmao what the actual ykw loool wow DCP for 10th other than that its good I know DCP hasnt been great but we can pull through despite

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