The July 2014 Legends Inductions


The purpose of this post is to submit votes — all comments making it more difficult for us to count votes can and will be removed. 

In CPA Central’s third Legends Induction of 2014, we will be voting on some runners-up from the previous induction, as well as new additions both from the modern days of warfare and from years past. Biographies for each of the candidates are included below. 

While the July Inductions are usually structured based on high-scoring candidates in the CPA Central 25, the majority of high-scoring candidates on the list already held the status of CP Army Legend in the community. For that reason — while we did include some candidates from that list — this is not a structured induction in your usual description of the term.

The majority of candidates on this list scored at least 5 votes in favor of Legend Status on the past election taking place in April; some of them came as close to Legend Status as one vote or two votes away. Also, we have taken the liberty of adding certain people from years prior, such as Tom Wolf and Sklooperis, among others. Finally, candidates current holding leadership roles in armies — such as Freezie66 and Mustapha10, among others — are being considered.

It is our goal to have this voting take place and be finished in the coming weeks, in time to be over prior to the start of the Legends Cup V. The members of armies’ Legends Committee will be discussing the candidates, but as always, throughout the CPA World Media conglomerate, your vote is also important to us. This post should serve as the post for you to comment your votes on who you believe should be granted Legend Status. Below is a shortlist of the candidates, and short biographies of their careers follow that shortlist. Below both of those things is the form to submit your votes. 

  • Sf1998
  • Tom Wolf
  • Abercrombie29
  • Kg 007
  • Dreamguitar
  • Spaceybirdy
  • Iasgae 56
  • Sklooperis
  • Bobcatboy10
  • Kenneth 1000
  • Jerry2cool
  • Sercan
  • Violantealleta
  • Mustapha10
  • Cassius Brutus
  • Freezie66
  • Xxtoysoldier
  • Ganger90 [Revote]


Sf1998 created the Club Penguin Marines in the Fall of 2006, having been inspired by Oagalthorp’s creation of the Army of Club Penguin. They were the ACP’s brother ally during the forum era on Miniclip. As a result, the Marines quickly became likely the third largest army of their time, garnering sizes that could rival ACP’s. He also helped the Nachos become a formal army after establishing a treaty between the Nachos and the ACP, making the Nachos the army we know today. The Marines died out in early 2007, but they have left their mark on our community.

Tom Wolf

Known as the creator of the modern day Nachos, Tom Wolf established the Nachos’ first website in February of 2007, officially establishing them as a formal army. He held high positions in the Nachos’ rogue days until he took over as leader following the retirement of Jamesbond1. He established the Nachos’ reputation as a legitimate army, as well as leading them through WWII and WWIII. He retired in August of 2007, handing over the reins to Zippy500, but his impact would be felt for many years to come.


The second ever female leader of a major army, Abercrombie29 is most known for her successful tenure in the Underground Mafias Army  alongside Angelg8i following the retirement of Pink Mafias. During her tenure, she restored UMA from the brink of collapse in December of 2007, wrestling control of the army away from Compwiz5000. She served in UMA as  One of her most notable accomplishments was the introduction of regular practice battles to armies, a concept which remains a favorite of army leaders to this day. Following her tenure in UMA, she, ironically, achieved Co-Leader in ACP, the very army UMA tried to destroy in WWIII.

Kg 007

Kg 007 is most known for being the first person to lead two major armies, those being the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation, despite both tenures being relatively short. He succeeded Commando717 in RPF, and despite being in his shadow, Kg was able to keep RPF in constant contention for the largest army in warfare. Kg later won the first ever leader election in ACP, though his time in ACP was much less notable. Aside from that, Kg is also credited for creating the first documented rules of warfare alongside fellow legend Shadow2446. He also is credited with creating the first ever comprehensive record of army history, as well as the first ever army-wide tournament in May of 2008, which saw the RPF place second under Kg’s leadership.


Dreamguitar lead the Golds to achieve arguably their greatest sizes in history. He lead during the Golds’ second generation alongside Lorenzo Bean, Feephill (SaW), and Ambrosha, and was arguably the most important leader of them all. In May of 2008, he lead the Golds to victory against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Finals of the first ever army-wide tournament. Aside from his notable tenure in the Golds, he lead the Dark Warriors for a short time.


One of the most accomplished female leaders in history, Spaceybirdy is most recognized for her accomplishments in the Watex Warriors. Following the retirement of fellow legend Dialga80, she saved the Watex Warriors from collapse and was able to maintain them as one of the prominent “Big 6” armies. She came out of retirement numerous times to save WW from near death after her initial tenure as WW leader. Outside of WW, she held high ranks in the early Black Bandits and Fort Ghost Recon, resurrecting the former after its destruction during the Tundra Wars.

Iasgae 56

Iasgae 56 is best known for leading ACP alongside Shaboomboom in 2010 from February to May, where ACP held first for most of his reign. Despite maintaining ACP’s sizes, his leadership was largely uneventful. He is also well known for succeeding Woton as CPAC Head of Site following Woton’s disappearance. As head, Iasgae maintained CPAC’s influence in the community while also founding the first Legends Cup. He also played a role in the operation of the Club Penguin Army Council, briefly taking over as head after Boomer20.


Sklooperis is most credited for the evolution of CPAC into something bigger. He became Head of Site after Iasgae left and led CPAC to one of its most prosperous eras. He formally established the Legends and Servers pages on CPAC, two very notable pages to this day. He also kept the site alive despite numerous hacks. More notably, however, is his development of a true Top Ten formula, which would be revolutionary for the site. Outside of CPAC, Sklooperis is credited for the creation of the Sun Troops, which later merged to create the Golden Troops after his retirement. He also held the ranks of ACP 3rd in Command and ACPTR Leader.


Bobcatboy10 joined armies in 2008, which is around the time he created CPWN, or Club Penguin Warfare News, which was an early but successful news site. CPWN hosted the very first Christmas Tournament in 2008, which has since been taken over by CPAC. More notable, however, is his work in the ACP. Although he only lead ACP for four months, they never once lost first during his time as leader, a remarkable feat no matter the army. He defeated the Night Warriors for first during that time period, reaching over 100 penguins on Club Penguin. Aside from ACP, Bobcatboy led the Vikings of Club Penguin (VCP), the Ice Vikings, and the Golds.


Kenneth1000 is most known as being the other half to the famous “Flen” leadership duo, which consisted of him and Flipper7706. Under him, the ACP were a consistent threat, finishing 1st in the Top Ten for 19 weeks straight at one point and in 85% of his impressive 66 week tenure. Under him, the ACP won the Top Ten Tackle, Spring Shindig, and Scary Showdown tournaments, while placing second in the 2011 Legends Cup and the 2012 Champions Cup. ACP had an impressive track record in wars while under Flen, defeating the original Black Alliance twice. They also reached excellent sizes of 65 against the first generation of the Purple Republic.


Former leader of the ACP and current leader of the Golden Troops, Jerry2cool is most known leading successful generations of both the aforementioned armies. Jerry was one of the early leaders of the Golden Troops who led them to first in the Top Ten, knocking off Flen’s ACP for a brief period. During his career in ACP, Jerry was a part of the “Triumvirate”, a trio consisting of him, Sercan 4444, and current legend Flipmoo which overthrew former ACP Leader CassiusBrutus. Under the Triumvirate, the ACP held impressive Top Ten rankings throughout their reign.


Sercan 4444 is most known for his accomplishments in the Army of Club Penguin and the Golden Troops, the latter of which he is currently leading. Sercan was one of the early leaders of the Golden Troops who led them to first in the Top Ten, briefly knocking off Flen’s ACP. Sercan was part of the “Triumvirate” during his days in ACP, a trio consisting of him, Jerry2cool, and Flipmoo which overthrew former ACP Leader CassiusBrutus. Under the Triumvirate, the ACP consistently held impressive rankings in the Top Ten.


The public face of one of Club Penguin Warfare’s most infamous antagonists, Violantealleta was one of the original leaders of the Steam-born army, the Purple Republic. He helped to establish PR as an organized army with his wordpress site that was created in 2011. Though he was not generally recognized as a battle commander, PR reached massive sizes under his reign. He is viewed as one of the greatest antagonists in Club Penguin Warfare history. However, it is difficult to discern how much of PR’s “organized chaos” can be attributed to him.


Mustapha10 has arguably overtaken Wwebestfan as the Doritos’ greatest leader, leading most of the army’s generations from July 2012 until early 2014. During his leadership, the Doritos reached first numerous times, leading them into month-long bouts in the Top Three. Despite not winning a tournament, Mustapha was nonetheless successful in them, reaching the semi-finals in multiple 2013 tournaments as well as the Legends Cup IV Finals. He waged many wars while in the Doritos as well as playing key parts in other alliance wars, especially the New Dawn Alliance war, where the Doritos were a major player and organizer, as well as the NoD vs. NRA war.

Max / Cassius

CassiusBrutus is most famously known for his leadership of the ACP, which was only a part of an impressive career spanning nearly seven years. His roots trace back to July 2007, when he joined the original Gugu Pengu Romans. After taking over in the second generation of GPR, he subsequently merged them to create the the Military of Roman Warriors in March 2009, and later merged them to create the Roman Fire Warriors in April 2009. Cas also had several stints in RPF, and also served as both Godfather and Leader of the UMA on several occasions. Cas briefly held the position of Co-Leader of ACP during a period of chaos in 2008, and later reached his peak in ACP in 2013, when he received ACP Leader. ACP returned to first in the Top Ten under Cas. While under Cas, ACP also defeated the Nachos in October of 2013, and later won the Champions Cup. He has also worked in CPAC, holding as high a rank as Vice President.


Freezie66 is most noted for his large role in the Dark Warriors’ re-rising to world power status. Following multiple occasions of turmoil, Freezie consistently made the Dark Warriors relevant every time he took office. The Dark Warriors often held a Top Three position under Freezie, becoming a consistent threat for first. He also comprised one half of the famous “Spreezie” duo comprising of him and Spi101 that often rivaled xiUnknown and SaW for the greatest in DW history. He turned the Dark Warriors into a major tournament army. Although he never won one, he took the Dark Warriors to the 2013 Christmas Chaos Finals and the Legends Cup IV Semi-Finals. His major wars were often fought in alliances, such as the anticlimactic JLA vs. BA war.


Xxtoysoldier is most recognized for his prolific leadership in both the Doritos and Dark Warriors. He began his leadership career in the Doritos alongside Mustapha10, where the two lead the Doritos to arguably one of their greatest eras, consistently maintaining high placements on the Top Ten. The Doritos were proficient in tournaments under him, reaching the finals in the Legends Cup IV and the semi-finals in numerous others. They never won a tournament, however. Following a debacle between him and Mustapha10, Toysoldier left the Doritos and took leader in the Dark Warriors alongside Elmikey and several others, where he lead the Dark Warriors to become a world power.

Ganger90 [Revote]

Ganger90 has been around as early as 2009, when he created the Warriors of Club Penguin. The Warriors merged to create the Military of Roman Warriors in March 2009, which later merged to create the Roman Fire Warriors, who became the Fire Warriors later on. He was also one of the early leaders of the Golden Troops who led them to first in the Top Ten, briefly knocking off Flen’s ACP. He has led GT several times since then. Most notable, however, is his creation and leadership of the Special Weapons and Tactics army. Under his leadership, SWAT consistently reached strong Top Ten placements, getting first multiple times under his leadership. SWAT has also been a part of major wars, such as WWVI, where they were a member of the Black Alliance. Ganger, however, is under allegations that he has multi-logged for much of both his GT and SWAT leaderships, which is why a revote is required.

We do ask that before submitting your votes, you take time to look through the biographies of these candidates — your vote does have an effect on who will be given Legend, and we hope you are making the most informed voting choices possible. There are two simple rules we would like both the public and the candidates to follow; they are below.

  • Read all of the bios – Each person has 5 things which they are most known for. Please use these to evaluate your decision and take the time to fully understand each candidate before placing your vote.
  • Committee members, tell us if any candidates approach you about voting for them – In order to ensure fair and unbiased voting, we ask that you inform Boomer 20 or myself if any of the candidates approach you seeking information about the induction process or attempts to solicit your vote. Since the committee is comprised of Legends, most candidates know who they can attempt to talk to, however this behavior will not be tolerated, and we trust that you will uphold the integrity of the title of Legend by not allowing the candidates to try to unfairly influence the voting process.

Voting will take place over the next week or so, and the results of the July 2014 Legends Inductions should be released around that time. The form to submit your votes is below.


Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? 

Thanks to all who will be participating in this Induction. As the army media, the public opinion is always important to us and it is never more evident than at times like these when you will play a role in choosing the greatest of our community. Also, good luck to all those who are being considered in these Inductions — it is an achievement enough to get this close, and I wish you the best of luck.


CPA Central CEO


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  1. Please note: If you made an additional comment asking to vote for someone you forgot the first time, it will be added to your initial comment and the additional comment will be deleted. If you are concerned the additional vote was not included, please check your initial comment to make sure it is in fact there. If it is not there, please contact B1 or me. We are trying to limit this to one comment per person to save time when we need to count the votes.

  2. i vote for jerry and sercan

    • i vote Xxtoysoldier and Ganger

    • I vote for sercan all the way to shay! right now hut hut hut for sercan CLAP CLAP FOR SERCAN!!!!

  3. Name: Tempah
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Jerry, Sercan, Ganger90, Violantealleta, Abercrombie29, and Bobcatboy10

  4. Name: Stromae
    Who Should Be Granted Legend status? Jerry2cool, Sercan 4444 and Iasgae 56.


  6. Name: Son Nav [Nigga Pls]
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Freezie66.

  7. Name:Falcon1111
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sercan Jerry2cool CassuisBrutius Freezie66

  8. Name: Lord Jay
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: Jerry, Sercan, and Ganger

  9. Name : Qwerty
    Who should be granted legend status: Jerry, Sercan, CassiusBrutus and Spaceybirdy

  10. Name: Han Solo Burger
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: MAI NIGGAS GANGER90 SERCAN AND JERRY2COOL

  11. Name:coolguy
    who should be granted leader status:Mustapha10 and ganger

  12. I vote bobcat and ganger

  13. Name: Sercan
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sklooperis, Sercan, Jerry, Bobcatboy, Ganger, Cas.

  14. Name:
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Jerry, tom wolf and cassius brutus

  15. Name: Teal Violin – Your dream girl (;

    Mmmmmmmm……………. I’m gonna vote for my lil’ JerBear ❤ Aka that not so cool guy Jerry2cool (; Andddddd………mm…Tempah. ❤ My bucket of corniness.. And I guess l should vote for Gangie because he's a sexy SWAT leader. ❤ I would also like to give a shout out to my guy Cassius (; He’s the noobiest leader I know but he’s….alright. 1 more vote for you babe! BTW I SHOULD BE ON THIS LIST…even though I have no clue what it's about because I didn't even read it. LOL



    These are my noobs. These are my people. This is my crew. 😮

    Thumbs up for best comment (;

    P.S If you're cool you'll vote for them too. ❤

  16. Name: Ahmed 7569

    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sercan, Jerry and Xxtoysoldier and Mustapha10

  17. Name:

    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sercan, Jerry!

    -Good luck to everyone else <3-

  18. Name: Meta
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status Xxtoysoldier

  19. Name: Silverburg
    Who Should Be Granted Legends Status: xxToysoldier, Sf1998, Freezie66, Cassius Brutus

  20. Name:Tompenguin6

    Kg 007

  21. Name: Ryan

    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Jerry2cool, Freezie, Sercan, Mustapha, Spaceybirdy

  22. Name:

    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?
    Kg 007
    Tom Wolf

  23. 1. Mikester
    2. Iasgae, Bobcatboy, Kenneth

  24. name: thee money to the fuckin trees
    ganger90 even doe he pisses me off

  25. Name: Kingdra

    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?





  26. ABER


  28. Name: Simi
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?



  29. Name: Elmikey

    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: XXtoysoldier, Freezie66, Abercombie29

  30. Name: Wyoskyguy

    Who should be granted legend status?
    Kenneth 1000
    Cassius Brutus

  31. Name: Xxtoysoldier
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: Freezie66 and Mustapha10

  32. name: Fishsquisher
    Who should have legend status xxToysoldierxx Freezie66

  33. Name: Daniel
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: Abercrombie29 & Violantealleta

  34. Name: Trevor
    Legend: Bobcatboy10

  35. Name: Aiko Neko
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Toy and Musta c:

  36. Name: Red (not fish because I replied as him so I wouldn’t take the heat for all you skeptics out there IM NOT HIM )

    Who should be granted Legend Status? xxToysoldier, Freezie, Dream guitar, Tom wolf, AND NOT STUPID TEAL VIOLIN WHATEVER REPLY THAT IDIOT PUTS NOT THAT ANNOYING LITLE 3 YEAR OLD!!!

  37. Name: Mrtchy

    Who should be granted Legend Status? Skloop.

  38. Name: crystalatice
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: Sercan

  39. name : gtudsd
    vote : sercan

  40. Name- Tes7
    Who should be legend- Kenneth, Bobcatboy, Musta, and Granger.

  41. Name: Spy
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Bobcatboy and Freezie

  42. I’m voting for Sercan.

  43. Name: Rose
    Who should be Granted for legend status? Jerry and Sercan.

  44. Shad
    Jerry and Sercan

  45. Name: Spi101
    Who should be granted Legend Status: Freezie66

  46. Jacknat02

    Violantealleta, CassiusBrutus, Tom Wolf, and Kg 007

  47. Freezie proved to me you don’t have to be known to get an army World Power. He was an ultimate underdog, DW would have died if it wasn’t for him.

    I don’t even think he autotyped. I dislike him, but I cannot take away what he has achieved. Also, Toy has contributed greatly to the DW Golden Age and led to 50+ consistently.

    Who should be granted Legend Status: Freezie66, Xxtoysoldier

  48. Name: Chrisi Blule
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Tom Wolf & Spaceybirdy

  49. Name: Griffin/Orion Soleil
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Violantealleta & Tom Wolf

  50. Name: 1goblinguy aka swag masta pimp slappa
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?

    Iasgae 56

  51. name : infinity

  52. Name: Fluffyboy3
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Spaceybirdy, Abercrombie29, Kg, Bobcatboy10, Kenneth 1000, Jerry2cool &

  53. How Tom Wolf isn’t a legend yet blows my mind.

    As for the other candidates, I was too tired and lazy to read them all so I guess my only official vote is Tom Wolf.

    Oh and Sklooperis.

    Tom Wolf + Sklooperis are my votes.

  54. Name: Jerry

    I vote for Sercan and Jerry

  55. Name: Weazelkid

    Votes: Tom Wolf, Sf1998

  56. Name: Drake8893
    Who should be granted Legend Status?
    – Bobcatboy10
    – Freezie66
    – xxtoysoldier
    – Mustapha10

  57. Puf
    Tom Wolf

  58. Name: Crose003
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? ambercrombie29, bobcatboy10, kenneth1000.

  59. Name: Pjayo
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?
    Freezie66(Dark Warriors)
    Violantealleta(Purple Republic)
    Kenneth1000(Army of Club Penguin)
    Tom Wolf(Nachos)
    Bobcatboy10(Army of Club Penguin)

  60. Name: Bquik
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sf1998, Tom Wolf, Abercrombe29, Freezie66, xxToysoldierxx, Kenneth1000, and Bobcatboy.

  61. Name: Epicorange1
    Kg 007

  62. Name: Superaalden/Fluffy Sheep
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Violantealleta, Freezie66, Tom Wolf and Kenneth1000

  63. Name: Jerry2cool
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?
    Sklooperis and Violantealleta

  64. Name: Applebiter
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?

  65. Name: mememan10
    Who Should Be Granted Legend?:

  66. Name: Mynamesdonte
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: Violantealleta

  67. Cookiechoco3

    Jerry2cool and Sercan

  68. Name: Chondarei
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: xxtoysoldierxx and mustapha10

  69. Name: Yugioh [Not My Cp Name}
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Violantealleta

  70. Name: Whats Up11
    Toysoldier, Freezie, Bobcatboy10, Kenneth, Sercan, Jerry, Cassius Brutus.

  71. Name: fury
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? bobcatboy10, kenneth

  72. Name: Zashkal
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status: Sercan and Jerry2cool

  73. Name: xxmanbearpig
    Who should be legend xXtoysoldiertv

  74. Name: Westbrook
    Who should be legend? CassiusBrutus

  75. Name:Kammy
    Who should be legend? Ganger90 and Taco

  76. Max43810
    Tom Wolf, Jerry, Freezie66, Cas and Ganger

  77. Name: Amax1
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sercan, Bobcatboy10, Toysoldier, Kenneth 1000, Kg 007

  78. Name: Cubster
    who should be legend: Sercan, Jerry, Kenneth, Toysoldier

  79. my name is dinesh and i vote for jerry and sercan

  80. Ajman9011
    Abercrombie, Violantealleta, Jerry, Sercan, and Kg.

  81. Splasher
    Violante Alleta, Sercan, Jerry

  82. 1: Rawkinman
    2: Violante Alleta, Cas, Serc, Abercrombe, Tom Wolf

  83. Hσɢшαятƨ10
    Who should be LegendS? Kg 007, Sklooperkis, xxToySoLdier

  84. Name: Dw
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sercan, Kenneth1000

  85. Name : VIVI
    Who Should Be Legend ? : Sercan, Freezie, Cassius!!!!

  86. Name: Sir Rocky (Rocky 60026)

    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sercan & Cassius Brutus

  87. SERCAN :3

  88. Name: Flumpboi

    Who should i vote: Sercan :3

  89. Name: June

    My vote goes for Sercan and Jerry

  90. 1. Toress62
    2. -Ganger90

  91. Name: Flamez64

    Voting for: Freezie, Dreamguitar, Max, Sercan & Bobcatboy

  92. Name: Abubakr
    Who should be granted legend status: Mustapha10, xxToysoldier,Sercan and Jerry2cool

  93. Name : Vivek
    Who should be granted legend status : Jerry and Sercan

  94. Name: Bam117
    Tom Wolf, Bobcatboy and Wwebestfan
    Revote for Ganger – Yes

  95. Andy21441
    Ganger90, Cas, Sercan, Kenneth1000

  96. Name: Bobby 299 (a.k.a Supermath45*)
    Ganger90,Cassuis brutus,Freezie66,Tom wolf,Sercan

  97. Name: DrMatt

    Who should be legend?: Freezie66,Jerry and Musta.

  98. Name:Carson4

  99. Name: West
    My vote: big musty, toy, and my bby cassius
    As for gangar, keep him. Just because he made a few bad choices, it doesn’t mean it should outweigh everything he has accomplished

  100. Name: Chip
    Vote: Sercan & Jerry =)

  101. Name: Veo

    Vote: Tom Wolf and Violantealleta (2011)

  102. Name: Agt R
    I vote for Violantealleta, Kg 007, Ganger, Cassius Brutus.

  103. Name: Gustav Holst
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sf1998, Tom Wolf, Abercrombie29, Kg 007, Sklooperis

  104. Name: Zing King To
    I vote for Tom Wolf and Cas

  105. Name: Niceguy09
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?: Abercrombie29

  106. Name: Lights717 I vote for Ganger, Jerry, and Tom Wolf

  107. Blaze
    Tom Wolf

  108. Name: SmexyLexie.
    Vote: Tom Wolf. ✊👍

  109. Final Chaser
    Freezie66, Bobcatboy10, Dreamguitar, Ganger90

  110. Name:Adden433

    Vote: Cassius Brutus

  111. Name: Stick

    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?

    Ganger90 and Sklooperis

  112. Name: Cutie2854
    Vote: Tom Wolf, Abercrombie29, Kg 007, Spaceybirdy, Iasgae 56, Sklooperis, Bobcatboy10, Cassius Brutus

  113. Name: Raven511426
    Votes: Spaceybirdy

  114. name:macon voting:xxtoysilder and sercan and jerry

  115. name – wenny
    votes – sercan, jerry and sklooperis

  116. Name: Max / Cassius
    Votes: Freezie, Jerry, Sercan, Tom Wolf, Iasgae & Abercrombie (for being totes bangable)

  117. Name: Prince B
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sercan and Jerry

  118. Name: Freezie66
    Who should be granted legend status: Toysoldier, Cas, Dream

  119. Name: Harsh
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status? Sercan should be a leader cuz he can do it good as well if there is and other leader i only choose sercan

  120. Name: Laoise
    Who should be granted legend status: Cas, Tom Wolf.

  121. Name: Andy
    Who should be granted legend status? Cassius Brutus, Sercan, Jerry2cool, Freezie66

  122. Name: Rabbit720 (Paco’s Son)
    Vote: Tom Wolf, Sklooperis, Violantealletta

  123. Name: Brigade3
    Who Should Be Granted Legend Status?
    Mustapha10, Freezie66 and XxToysoldier

  124. Name: B Batman3
    Kg007, Abercrombie29, Dreamguitar, and Cas

  125. Name:Bearsboy10
    Who should be granted legend status? Jerry & Violantealleta

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