Editorial: Elmikey, the Lone Prophet, and His Doctrine of Salvation

In the history of Elmikey’s smear campaigns against CPA Central, we have kept painfully quiet previously, especially at the time of his idealistic New Dawn Alliance. However, after holding off for a week or two and hoping his campaign against reality would run out of fuel, I am now forced to respond to the prophet Elmikey. 

Throughout history, prophets have graced us. People sent from the heavens to teach us, and show us the good way of life. These people, while they live among us as humans, are something more. They are godsend. They speak the living word of the Spirit in the Sky, and teach us how to live and treat others. Many religions, gatherings, and factions throughout the world have long-awaited the arrival of a modern prophet; one who would lead us like sheep as in the old days.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I give you the prophet from Florida — Elmikey!

Since his appearance in this community last May, Elmikey has been solely responsible for every good thing to happen in this community. He has led a campaign against a secret warfare Illuminati, which must have been successfully destroyed, because I don’t see signs of it anywhere (ask Snaily for confirmation though). Elmikey was thrust onto the stage of the warfare community when he led the Rebel Penguin Federation to 19-month record sizes, and, as all sensible army leaders and prophets would do, continued to embellish his actual sizes heavily, at some points in time claiming 200+.

That number, however, cowers in comparison to the number of recruits Elmikey could be getting as he spent hours on end trying to secure RPF’s success. A kind soul from the Nachos, last year, pitied the condition of the lone prophet and was kind enough to mail him adult briefs, which only assisted Elmikey in his grand campaign to unseat the establishment and spread the word of, well, himself.

Throughout his time in the Rebel Penguin Federation, Elmikey expressed some unnerving behavior. In August of 2013, he blamed army media — specifically CPA Central — for not getting him 1000 recruits a month. Throughout the rest of 2013, he launched numerous public relations campaigns against CPAC, claiming us, along with the Nachos, Light Troops, and whoever else Elmikey was mad at that week were solely responsible for the destruction of Club Penguin Warfare. After leading the New Dawn Alliance campaign against CPA Central, Elmikey’s solution is to claim he was “used and abused” and seek out a position in a new army.

In the same way Elijah wandered through the desert, Elmikey wandered from army to army, causing issues in the Doritos and the Army of Club Penguin until finally taking refuge in the Dark Warriors. Lucky for us, however, Elmikey’s denial of reality was not left behind at the Rebel Penguin Federation (though the army still exhibits significant signs of that behavior), but traveled with him to the Dark Warriors. Though I thought Elmikey was finally done with his smear campaigns against CPA Central — all five or six of them have produced absolutely zero results — he has been the kingpin of yet another campaign in the past few weeks.

I’m happy to see Elmikey angling for us to make him the President of Club Penguin Warfare (after all, that’s what leaving him in control of a congregation of army leaders would do), because that idea is absolutely fantastic and I don’t know why it hasn’t been suggested it before. Despite claiming he “Fights the Good Fight”, which includes but is not limited to a.) ending cyberbullying, b.) fighting for what’s right, and c.) standing up against mistreatment, the prophet from Florida is one of the number one cyberbullies in the community.

No, Waterkid100 is far from the greatest guy in the world, but he’s not diseased for being against you, Elmikey. Secondly, everyone to ever disagree with you is not an “evil fuck,” and despite your stunning superiority complex, debate is the structure of politics. Another contradictory statement in Elmikey’s “Fight the Good Fight” mentality is d.) making CP Armies actually CP Armies. I’m not sure what you and I were playing before May 2013, since it is clear we weren’t CP Armies (Webkinz?) before Elmikey got here. I’m glad Elmikey came back, because if he hadn’t you might not be aware that I am a “degrading individual as low as Waterkid,” as well as “twisted.” Here’s why the campaign is wrong, and it all has to do with the prophet from Florida.

1. A stunning superiority complex.

Elmikey the Lone Prophet views himself as solely responsible for 50% of warfare’s recruits and, for lack of a better word, the reason they even exist. Likely because of extreme insecurity on the inside, Elmikey resorts to attacking all those who disagree with his ideals. While this isn’t a bad thing — again, it’s the root of debate — it is a bad thing when your attacks don’t make any sense. Alongside the Nachos, I have experienced, over the past year, Elmikey’s refusal to see that there are differing opinions, and that they are also correct, if not more correct, than his own. Elmikey views himself as the savior of Club Penguin Warfare, and he becomes extremely frustrated when people do not agree with him.

2. A struggling relationship with reality.

Elmikey’s number one enemy in this community is not me, it is not Puckley, it is not Waterkid, it is not any human being or any army — it is reality. Because his idealism makes so little sense, Elmikey results to the obvious path — pretending, either outwardly or in his mind (in which case that’s an even more disturbing problem) that it does make sense. It is statistically untrue that Elmikey brought 50% of armies’ recruits. It is factually disproven that a Club Penguin Illuminati ever existed, or that the Nachos ran it and exerted their dominance over army media using it. It is statistically false that without Elmikey, armies will live to 5% of their potential. In case you’ve forgotten (and for the record he probably has), there was a Golden Age in 2009 and Elmikey was nowhere to be seen.

3. A fear of intellect and differing opinions.

The entire reason Elmikey starts campaigns like this is because he fears powerful people who do not agree with his ways. Look, no one’s saying Elmikey didn’t help bring autotyping to prominence or lead the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation to great heights — he did all of those things. But, unfortunately, his admirable career isn’t good enough for him, so he has to undermine people. He has to question why people like Boomer 20 and Puckley are CP Army Legends; he has to attempt to destroy armies and organizations he views as a threat — he’s tried to get rid of the media some six times. Elmikey’s take on the situation is that if CPA Central reports twenty crazy things he did in a year, that it’s not his fault for doing said things, it’s CPAC’s fault for reporting it. I have a mandate — that mandate isn’t to rewrite army history, as much as Elmikey might want that.

4. A need to be the one and only definer.

I don’t know why people are confused and think CPAC are CP Armies. They’re not the head and life of the community, they’re just a thing that gives their opinion on who they think is the best army that week. Over the years armies have become lost and gone very off course. We should make CP Armies awesome and massively fun for all. Top army leaders such as Waterkid, and organizations like CPAC are against that. They’re twisted people that just want to chat and not go on CP. Well about 50% of the CP Army community are new recruits that joined thanks to me. I am going to give them what they want, and do my own thing. I have the power to do so, the only reason CPAC is relevant is because we are still following them. They cannot define what we are, because their definition of what CP Armies should be, is merely, some morons opinion. They are blind to see how great, fun, and massive CP Armies can be.

As can be gathered — and quite obviously — from the excerpt from the Dark Warriors site above, Elmikey is angry at the “definition” CPAC has created for CP Armies. Maybe this is part of the confusing “CP Armies weren’t CP Armies before the prophet got here” campaign which I still fail to understand, but let me note that for the record, no sole person defines what CP Armies are and aren’t. Elmikey, however, thinks he can. Since the great Elmikey has defined that CP Armies were nothing before he came, it is now so. Elmikey feels that his word is the lone truth — which is frighteningly like some higher power’s teaching, with the small complication that Elmikey is just a seventeen-year-old behind a computer.

5. A fear of progress as a community.

Elmikey may coin himself as the liberator and the one who will lead us to great heights, but in reality, he, not CPA Central, is the one holding us back. Every single time Elmikey gains respect in an army; every single time he leads something to great heights — he wants to push us back. No, Elmikey isn’t the only one who wants 2007 warfare back again. He is, however, the strongest and loudest voice fighting for it — so much so that he attempted to assemble a meeting of army leaders to make it happen, only for no one to show. While I understand the appeal of snowball warfare, has Elmikey ever considered that 2007 warfare may have been fun because he was ten, and not seventeen? We’re getting older — snowballs or formations, we’re going to find this boring once we get to fifteen or sixteen. It’s unfair for the lone prophet to say, as he gets older, that age has nothing to do with it.

6. Implementation of a tribal mentality in his armies.

A tribal mentality, for those of you who don’t know what it is, is an “us” against “them” attitude. It’s the idea that our tribe — our faction — is the lone voice towards liberation, and that all other competing tribes are wrong. It can be referenced as a root for most hate campaigns; it, on a smaller scale, is something we see in Elmikey’s Dark Warriors and Elmikey’s Rebel Penguin Federation. My colleague Wgfv outlined the malfunctioning RPF brainwash machine in a previous editorial, and this is a prime example of the behavior Elmikey instills in new recruits. Through campaigns against competing armies — and he competes with most at one time or another — he makes these new recruits, who are maybe nine years old, seriously hate those who they are fighting — that can be proved just by looking through CPAC’s comments, and it’s not healthy, especially not for little kids. Elmikey claims he wants to unite the community, but the tribal mentality he instills in the Dark Warriors is doing exactly the opposite — ripping CP Armies apart.

I hope this is the first and only response to the Dark Warriors campaign against CPAC. I am fully aware most of their ownership does not share Elmikey’s beliefs, and most of the ownership was politely asked to tell Elmikey to calm down in hopes we would not have to respond. However, in light of this unending campaign that I know will only rise in intensity, I’ve been forced to show to you the true colors of the prophet from Florida. Now, I only ask you — do you really want to follow his doctrine? 


CPA Central CEO




131 Responses

  1. commentstime

    • Copied Boomer pretty much

      • wow so many boomer and dpd lovers, people have low may may standards

  2. This doesn’t help public relations with him….

    • mrg you imply that I care

      • kinda (wary)

    • There’s no way to strengthen it. Elmikey simply wont let it. He lures in recruits by demonizing CPAC, making them evil. CP recruits love to think they’re the only force of good against a world of evil.

      • True

  3. > I was only 9 years old
    > I loved Elmikey so much, I attended every battle for him.
    > I pray to Elmikey every night before bed, thanking him for the rank i’ve been given
    > “Elm is love” I say. “Elm is life”
    > My dad hears me and he calls me a faggot
    > I knew he was just jealous of my devotion for Elmikey
    > I called him a cunt
    > He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
    > I’m crying now, and my face hurts.
    > I lay in bed and it’s really cold
    > A warmth is moving towards me
    > I feel something touch me
    > It’s Elmikey
    > I am so happy
    > He whispers in to ear, “this is my server”
    > He grabs me with his powerful Elm hands and puts me on my hands and knees
    > I’m ready
    > I spread my ass cheeks for Elmikey
    > He penetrates my butthole
    > It hurts so much but I do it for Elm
    > I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
    > I push against his force
    > I want to please Elmikey
    > He roars a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love
    > My dad walks in
    > Elmikey looks him straight in the eye and says “it’s all ogre now”
    > Elmikey leaves through my window
    > Elm is love, Elm is life


      • and yet dpd’s crappy maymay gets more likes

        • DW noobs made that happen

        • all he did was replace “shrek” with “elmikey”

          that meme is years old

          • still more originality than maymay

          • Not a meme but good try

    • The thing that scares me the most is that this may not be too far off from the truth…..

      • I can confirm that I, Weazelkid, have never had my anus penetrated by Elmikey.

        As for those in the DW ownership, I don’t know.

        • Zing’s horse’s anus was penetrated

          • This is true stuff ^

            He got frickle frackled.

    • Its not dark warrior…
      Its never dark warrior…
      Elm is love…
      Elm is life…

    • Story of tompenguin’s life

    • Such Poetry.

  4. lol u so mad

    • wow nice reply…

      • beautiful

    • LMFAO

    • Intelligent defense of principles from our favorite prophet.

    • He isn’t mad or jealous, he is just stating the facts…
      Wait a minute, did Elmikey go crazy for attention or to even troll the community? Hmmm

    • wow haha i would totally laugh at this if I was 5! 😀

    • OMG Elmikey is really Shrek.

    • He’s not mad, he just succeded in making you look like even more of a twat.

    • It’s amazing how you say things about the Blues that they’d defend you yet one of them dogged on you and you forget how this is you… your troops need to read this.


    • noun
      noun: editorial; plural noun: editorials
      a newspaper article written by or on behalf of an editor that gives an opinion on a topical issue.

      • wtf did not know that

        • lol at blue for taking my comment seriously

  6. This is the best fucking post ever #antielm

    • Like you could do any better :/

      • Check CPACC for posts noob

  7. While some of the things Elmikey has tried to do in some ways reflect things I myself did in terms of more fundamental styles of warfare (endeavors of which I can respect), his ideological campaigns against anything other than his own personal beliefs pose a grave threat to the future of armies. He needs to recognize that by indoctrinating his new recruits with his own closed-minded views on the direction our community should be headed, he is setting us up for ruin when the future leaders of Club Penguin Armies that he directly influenced are all unwilling to consider the opinions of others. The nature of a community is dependent on cooperation among individuals of different points of view, and in recent months, we have seen no greater opponent to this than Elmikey.

    “The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.” ~J.S. Mill, “On Liberty”

    • shet niga this is way too big comment

    • LOLWOT. @boomer.

      • You’re a good leader and a skilled recruiter; stick to those two things and you’ll be fine. If you believe what you’re doing is best, by all means do it, but you can’t force everyone else to want to do things the same way. The fact that our leaders all have slightly different methods is something that’s good about this community. Uniformity is boring. With that being said, some of your ideas about getting back to the basics of armies are good – don’t derail them with this smear campaign against CPAC. More people will likely follow if you can refrain from the political sideshow.

        • jesus boomer why do you make giant ash comments

        • Srsly @boomer ever heard of TL;DR??

    • Boomer has fingers😘ilysfm

  8. This is a load of crap lololol say whatever u want idc. I skimmed through but I’m entertained at the fact that you would make up so much bullcrap. I’m honored <3. It means I'm doing something right.

    • elm is love elm is life

    • If he’s making up stuff you’re writing a fucking lord of the rings novel

      • Hi, huge ass Tolkien nerd here, Elm is fucked.



      • Lmao “GET OUT” frog. The good o’ days

    • Actually the point of this post was to show what you AREN’T doing right in an elaborate form .

    • Alright, I usually ignore **** on CPAC and arguments, but this is too erroneous to ignore.

      Elmikey, my god, look at yourself, just look at yourself. You are attacked from all sides by an argument that solidly goes through each and every fact about your regime that I’m sure you’d enjoy not paying attention to. On that topic, as evidenced by this post and your response to Boomer, you will not hear any argument you know is going against your beliefs.

      “I skimmed through but I’m entertained at the fact you would make up so much bullcrap.” ~ Elmikey 2014

      You skimmed. You skimmed through an argument you knew would go against yours. I bet you didn’t even read this ****g post. You read the title, “skimmed” through it(knowing that your intellect would outweigh anything you missed), and have the ****g audacity to make comments regarding said post as nothing(or as you would file it in your brain, shit_I_disagree_with.system_folder).

      “lol u so mad” ~ Elmikey 2014

      Oh? It seems you have no debating principles to fall back on. You comment something so simple, that the uninformed reader may think that you don’t care, or your argument is so built up you don’t need to say it. No, you have nothing you can say to any of this besides acting like it does not effect or phase you — or even, does not bother you. Were all human, Elm, we have our insecurities, and we have our weaknesses. And no one, ****g no one, is immune.

      You seek to rid warfare, time and time again, of “evil”. This “evil” is mostly, if not all, offspring of your knee jerk reaction when someone disagrees with you. There is no way to grow in the world if we do not build off of each other. And no, you, based god Elmikey, cannot build off yourself. Afraid to hear a dissenting opinion? Your pathetic.

      I end this rebuttal by giving you an option Elmikey. If you so choose to respond to this(which you will probably not considering how much this threatens you), I want you to give up the act. If you take off the mask Elm, the one we all wear. Come clean to yourself, and this whole community. I will accept you, I will forgive you, and I will let go of all past grievances you have caused me. Not everyone will rally around you, but that is a mere step in actually being yourself, not the unstoppable force you make yourself to be. You can still be great, but you cannot achieve that level without being down to earth. We are all human Elm, and everyone needs a shoulder to lean on, and as I said, you can’t do it yourself. Come clean Elmikey, be your real self you repress inside of you because of the insecurities we all harbor. The ones you are too scared to release. None know what your true demeanor is, and I am giving you the chance to reveal. I will be the foundation of the new Elmikey, if that is what you choose.

      This is my ultimatum Elm. If you choose to take it or if you choose to comment a fallacy in response, my comment will still stand as yet another testament, that you, Elmikey, are not perfect.

      • OH SMAP!

        • no just no.

      • TL;DR … ’nuff said

      • thats one giant maymay

      • someone’s mad

    • The only thing your doing is backing innocent Children into the safety of a 20 year old.


  9. Excellent post. If only the Dark Warriors would stop laboring under Elmikey’s delusions and come to their senses.

    • I ensure you that the members of the Dark Warriors are not under a idiosyncratic belief that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality. It is often believed that Elmikey is the sole and direct influence of the Dark Warriors. However, that is blatantly false, and if one was a Dark Warriors member, they would say likewise. But you are not a member of the faction, and therefore, you do not exactly have the right to claim what transpires within the army. The sole reason being is that you aren’t in the xat chat every day to see that like most armies, the Dark Warriors provide the typical friendly environment that is appealing to many club penguin players. I suggest you get a sense to not post any assumptions taken from propaganda and slander.

      I do not approve of this post because like I said above, it was written in a propaganda like style not only against Elmikey, but the Dark Warriors army in it’s entirety. I believe it could have been taken in a more senseful approach as the staff of CPAC are considered to be the most professional minds of this community. I do agree with some points made (“It can be boring even with snowball warfare due to aging and maturing”). But a point could have been made through a formal debate through email or other communicative methods. Not a post on the CPAC website. Other solutions include bringing it up to the Dark Warriors administration in order to advise the particular leader because Elmikey is not the sole decision maker of the army. You may rebuttal with the obvious hypocritical claims, but that is irrelevant as everyone at one time, was a hypocrite.

      The Dark Warriors do have somewhat of an influence on the community (since a post had to be made to discourage other armies), though everyone is not forced to follow it. If one assumed the propaganda would rise in intensity, and expected a threat, they could have easily stepped forward and conversed with ALL the leadership, instead of taking such unnecessary measures to correct it.

      CPAC is a place where the army community can organize themselves. It provides opportunities for debate and news. CPAC reporters and administration does not control the community, the army community does. Slander could be posted on army websites, but it should not be posted on the CPAC website.

      We do not plan to destroy a website when it’s sole purpose is to report news articles and provide interaction as a community. All we really planned was to make an attempt to make the community more fun for all of our troops. Again, no one is entitled or obliged to agree. If DW administration and CPAC staff can meet and converse somewhere to relieve tensions, that would be ideal.

      • lol fuck this guy^

        • god its like 7 paragrapaghs long

      • Your leader has made it very clear that he has no interest in “relieving tensions;” if he would like to move down that path, perhaps he could first leave his fantasy world and join the rest of us here in sunny Reality, USA.

        • Again, one leader does not make the decisions.

          • Good luck with that in the current DW…

          • didnt real it all i did was laugh

            • read* typing this on my phone *wary*

      • Stop trying to be Vendetta -_-

  10. Excellent post. So glad somebody shoved his bullshit right up his fucking nose.

    Elmikey reminds me of Rocky, only with more self control. And a lack of grasp on reality.


      • Earthing has his problems, but don’t we all? Earthing is pretty good thus far, and he has potential, as long as he sets aside his problems.

      • Earthling is noobier

  11. I for one do think emotes are boring and snowball warfare IS better.

    • i disagree
      i dont think we can perfect warfare

      • like you have much experience with armies

        • alright “Fishsquisher DW Colonel”

        • Fucking cut^

        • so much more than you kid
          so much more than you
          dont start this with me fishsquisher

    • I concur

  12. My earlier comment was deleted for some reason, but it doesn’t matter.

    Elmikey, while I agree has his flaws, I will not remove him from DW due to social pressures like I have the previous two times.

    Look at DW’s success in the previous 4 months, it rivals the last time ACP were actually the biggest army (2011)

    Now I’m not saying Elmikey is the reason for the recent DW surge. If anybody does, it’s the people in these comment sections saying he’s on 24/7. I assure you, Elmikey is on maybe 2 hours a day at best.

    He has set up the best DW Leadership since myself and SaW. He is not as liked as we are (or were) but he has undoubtably in my mind earned the respect we had from everybody, people just refuse to show it because they dislike him.

    Elmikey is a good friend of mine, maybe you don’t agree with him on army aspects, but I have a ton of respect for the guy outside and inside armies.

    • Regarding your previous comment, I saw it come through on my notifications but I checked trash and it wasn’t there so I’m not really sure what happened to it. I know I didn’t touch it so sorry about that.

    • He deserves the respect he has earned for his leadership and recruiting abilities, NOT for his manic ideological crusades.

    • nice maymay

      • lol jk maymays suck

        • den u do *wary*

  13.  photo tumblr_inline_mvypnmW7oK1r7j4bg_zps60424959.gif

    • Enough with the fucking Gifs.

      It was funny the first two times, now it is just annoying.

      • Burito is in this shit now watch out!

    • is this supposed to be funny?

  14. Come on guys, don’t blame Elmikey for his shenanigans. This is probably just a result of the trauma caused by having a pair of adult diapers sent to him last year.

    • brb filing lawsuit

      Plaintiff Bluesockwa2 suing for Intentional Affliction of Emotional Distress. Seeking: $666 Million USD. Defendant: Elmikey

      • Elmikey would win automatically bcuz the judge, the jury, and everyother person in the court house is evil and want to take over the world. thus making elmikey the victor, and all other claims invalid and to be ignored.


  15. Cut on so many levels…

  16. Ok I need to reply to some things, all of this is lies what stands out the most to me is the thing where u say I say “CPAC is the reason my army doesnt get 1000 join comments a month” um, we get more than that. Also you state that no one showed to my army leader meeting, no, a lot of leaders showed, I just didn’t show, I had to cancel.

    CPAC is C-CRAP.

    • You are the true definition of arrogance.

      • no u

    • So, what youre telling me is, everything else is this post is 100% true? kthx.

  17. > Makes a special post every time DW is first in the top ten.
    > Reblogs any post on CPAC that criticizes his enemies.

    > “I hate CPAC! It is killing armies! Who dare lets them be so relevant in our community?!?”

    The above may seem irony displayed humorously, but at the same time it is very true. Elmikey is a hypocrite, but more than that he is stupid.

    Some people simply don’t think about the effects of the decisions they make and how they effect themselves and their armies. While Elmikey isn’t even close to being the only type of person like this, he is definitely the most prominent.

    • in short:

  18. Over the years we’ve had people like this. Thinking they are a main reason armies are how they are, believing that they are the only competent ones in the entire army community, refusing to accept other ideals because of their egos. Thing about Elm though, is he is the prime example of all this. We had Pain, we had Cas, we had Water, but none of them, even at their very worsts, could come close to this. Maybe it is because there are many dense people who think they can control Elm, maybe it is because Elm got his 2 armies to the top of the top ten, but whatever it is, it’s a real mess.
    He’s managed to get on the bad side of 90% of the community, he has too much of an ego to accept any loss, whether in a debate or in a battle. He threatens to boycott CPAC on a monthly basis and in my honest opinion, the army community should have shunned the armies he was/is in the same way we shunned PR for the longest time. He is a disgrace to the community, and gives us all bad names because of him being the prime example of what is wrong with modern armies.

    • screw this giant comment

    • I agreed

  19. one massive hate post. so much hate

    • Hate=lies We are speaking the truth

      • hate doesn’t always mean lies

  20. CPAC commenter logic:

    upvote any jokes directed towards elm, even if they are ancient memes

    downvote reaction gifs claiming they are “memes” (hint, they aren’t)

    upvotes memes even though they claim to hate them

    claims “still more originality than maymay” – replacing shrek with word elmikey 10 times is original apparently

    Not trying to defend elm, but jesus christ this community is 1 big circlejerk. Can’t you just let the elm joke die and find a new joke??
    This joke has been going on for over a year..

    • no

      a certain someone just keeps giving us new material to keep the “Elm joke” going

    • whats the point in playing this game when theres nothing to laugh at?

    • Elm makes himself the joke with these radical idealistic campaigns, and blatant misperception of reality.

      + no matter how many jokes you’ll make, you’ll never top sending him an adult pair of diapers to aid him in his autotyping marathon. Thats shit was gold.

      • How about if I send him large adult diapers for heavy duty.

    • I think you’re just mad that you were born without a sense of humor.

  21. Hello B2 as you see i know alot about army history

  22. Was this really necessary? Although some of your points were valid, I feel that writing a whole post is just going to fuel more hate. I actually agree with what Elm wrote about CPAC not controlling armies. Elmikey has some good ideas, he just tends to go a bit overboard with implementing them. I don’t know about you guys, but I thought this whole Elm hate campaign ended in February.

    • You call it an “Elm hate campaign” when this post wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t a hate campaign against this site and me personally. You seem to think CPAC are the attackers here; we, in fact, are the exact opposite — we’re responding to an attack, not instigating one.

  23. Shut the fucck up abot elm😘

  24. If I had Elmikeys address he would have a suprise from me in is mailbox.

  25. I wish that Elmikey was kicked out of the DW, because DW became the most hated army cuz of him.- Elmikey shall never come back to the Dark Warriors again and he doesn’t deserved to be a DW legend either. The old DW was better than his ass anyway.

  26. why the hate on elm

  27. guys cpac is bad for your brain and dw is good because elm is in it
    ilysfm elm

  28. elmikey is the best leader,why isnt he legend

    • He is a legend.

  29. I dont mean to be mean to elm

  30. <Me right now

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