Top Ten Armies: 07/13/14

We see some changes all throughout the Top Ten as many armies fight to keep their spots. The rankings on CPA Central this week, along with those on SM Army Press, will determine the seeding for the upcoming Legends Cup V. 

Note: We received multiple reports of armies heavily exaggerating sizes this week. If your army’s size counts aren’t what you reported them as, it’s probably because we took the time to count your pictures and found you to be exaggerating size by around 10 troops or some. Also, the Purple Republic should note that if they want to be ranked in the Top Ten, they must catalogue their events on a site like all other armies do. There were no posts on or anyone else this week. 

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [90.00]

2T. Light Troops [+2] [86.00]

2T. Golden Troops [+0] [86.00]

4. Army of CP [-1] [81.96]

5. Nachos [+4] [69.66] 

6. Golds [NEW!] [64.81] 

7. Rebel Penguin Federation (1) [NEW!] [59.61] 

8. Ice Warriors [-3] [58.98] 

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [54.71] 

10. Rebel Penguin Federation (2) [NEW!] [49.75]

The full statistics can be found here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors, who are still at war with the Light Troops, continue to stay at the top this week. Throughout the whole length of the week, tensions between the two would rise as many serious posts offending the opposing side would be published. The Dark Warriors started off their week with an unexpected Practice Battle against the Purple Republic, with a max of 60+ troops. A few days later, the Dark Warriors had a fun Unscheduled event with the Light Troops, only maxing about 25+ online. Then, the Dark Warriors raided the Nachos/Rebel Penguin Federation, which had a turn out of about 50+ troops. A few days after, the Dark Warriors would be defending Ice Box from the Light Troops, with a max of 55+ on Club Penguin. On that same day, the Light Troops claimed that Dark Warriors Leader Elmikey had ended the war between the two, which the Dark Warriors claim to be false information. On Saturday, the Dark Warriors held their “Operation Burn the Light” event with about 50+ troops online, which haves the Dark Warriors claiming the server of Migrator from the Light Troops. The war continues into next week.

2T. Light Troops: With their war against the Dark Warriors, the Light Troops have been steadily rising through CPA Central. The Light Troops kicked off their week with a “Club Penguin Raid”, where they maxed 50+ troops. They then held a raid against the Dark Warriors where they got only 20+. Following this, they had a fun event where they got another 20+. Then, the Light Troops had a Practice Battle with the Doritos where they achieved sizes of 60+. The Light Troops then raided Frosty, where they got 30+. At their Invasion of Ice Box, the Light Troops claimed of getting sizes of 50+, and defeated the Dark Warriors. The next day, the Light Troops raided the Army of Club Penguin’s Capital of Breeze, getting 35+ on Club Penguin. The same day, they defended Migrator, getting 30+. The Light Troops ended off their week with their war with Dark Warriors heating up more than before. The war continues into next week.

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

2T. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops tie for second this week. To start their week, the army had an UK Training Session with an average of 27+ troops. The same day, the Golden Troops held their first AUSIA event of the week, averaging 20+ troops online. Right after this AUSIA event, the army decided to have another one, with another average of 20+ troops. In a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors, the Golden Troops left with a victory and received a max of 24+ on Club Penguin. On the same day, the Golden Troops held another event with approximately 28+ troops online. The Golden Troops had yet another Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors, but this time it was during AUSIA times. At this specific battle, the army got a max of 20+. Once again, the Golden Troops held another AUSIA event on the same day, with about 20+ online again. The highlight of the Golden Troops’ week was at a Practice Battle with the Chaos, where the army received a max of 38+ troops on Club Penguin. To put their week to an end, the army held another Training Session with about 35+. At the end of their week, the Golden Troops surprisingly declared war upon the Ice Warriors, and are planning to invade the server of Parka today.

4. Army of Club Penguin: Yet for another time, the Army of Club Penguin have been knocked out of the Top 3 for this week. The Army of Club Penguin began their week with the defense of their capital, Breeze. They were able to successfully defend it, maxing 21+. The next day, they held an AUSIA Invasion of Mittens, where they maxed 24+. They held a Thinknoodles themed AUSIA event the following day, maxing 35+. Their next event was a victorious defense, where they maxed 12+. The ACP held a Recruiting Session afterwards, where they pulled off sizes of 28. The Underground Mafias Army then surrendered the war to them, after ACP going 5-0 in several close battles. The ACP then held a “streaking raid” in which they maxed 20+. The ACP had a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors, which was deemed a tie, and where the ACP maxed 21+. They then had an AUSIA event where they maxed 20+ and an UK event where they got 23+ online.

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

5. Nachos: With their war over the horizon, the Nachos are continuing to rise in CPA Central. The Nachos kicked off their week with an Unscheduled AUSIA Gaming Session with a max of 8+ online. The next day, the Nachos claimed victory on Alaska with a max of 27+ troops. The next day, the Nachos claimed Blizzard with around 23+ troops online. Then the army invaded Alpine, but the Rebel Penguin Federation did not show up. Thus, this was left to be a Practice Battle with the Purple Republic. The Nachos maxed another 27+ troops when they invaded Adventure from their opponents. At the next five events, the Nachos averaged about 15+ online. On Saturday, the Nachos held another AUSIA Training Session with around 8+ troops on Club Penguin. To end their week, the Nachos defended their Capital server of Fjord with a max of 20+.


6. Golds: After being in SM Army Press for some time, the Golds finally reach back up into the CPA Central Top 10 for this week. The Golds started off their week with two Training Sessions, at both was a max of 15+. The next day, the Golds’ US Division maxed 12+ online at another Training Session. The same day, the army had an Unscheduled AUSIA Training Session with 14+ on Club Penguin. At another AUSIA event, the Golds maxed 13+ online. At an US event, the Air Force raided the Golds. At this event, the army got a max of 12+. In the midst of their week, the Main AUSIA Leader of the Golds has taken a short leave from the army. At a raid of the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Nachos, the Golds only managed to receive about 8+ troops online. This raid also put an end to their week.


7. Rebel Penguin Federation: After falling into SM Army Press for one week, the Rebel Penguin Federation are back into CPA Central. The Rebel Penguin Federation started off their week getting 12+ at their Defense of Alaska. Next, the army then had an AUSIA raid of Alaska, where they maxed another 12+. The RPF then had a Recruiting Session in which they achieved sizes of 21+. The RPF then defended Blizzard, where they got up to 17+ on Club Penguin. The RPF AUSIA Division then raided Fjord, where they maxed again 12+. They proceeded to defend Adventure, where they maxed 15+. They maxed 8+ at the AUSIA Invasion of Alaska, then a cleansing of Blizzard where they maxed another 8+. They continued their week having various events with sizes ranging from 14+, 10+, and 21+. There was also a complication involving control over the RPF when RPF veterans managed to temporarily remove Mr Waffle 45 from power. The RPF is now having to combat with the Rebel Penguin Federation (2).

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8. Ice Warriors: With both leaders on leave, the Ice Warriors have made a steep fall into the bottom five of this week’s Top 10. The army kick-started their week with an Unscheduled Training Session with 21+ troops online. A few days later, the Ice Warriors battled the Army of Club Penguin with a max of 25+ troops on Club Penguin. Over the next two days, the Ice Warriors would hold two AUSIA Training Sessions with about 13+ at each. To put their week to an end, the Ice Warriors prepared for their upcoming war with the Golden Troops.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: With a slight drop, the Special Weapons and Tactics army was still able to withstand a position in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. The army’s so called treaty with the Army of Club Penguin was supposedly broken on the Army of Club Penguin’s side. The Special Weapons and Tactic’s main enemy is so to be said the Army of Club Penguin, so the Special Weapons and Tactics decided to raid Breeze. At this event, the army was able to max 32+ online. The next day, the army held a normal Training Session with a max of 29+ on Club Penguin. At their next two AUSIA events, the Special Weapons and Tactics maxed about 20+ at both. In the first 5 minutes of their Practice Battle with the Golden Troops, the Special Weapons and Tactics army made their opponents surrender the battle. To end their week, the army made a surprising move by declaring war upon the Nachos army.


10. Rebel Penguin Federation (2): When the current Rebel Penguin Federation came to become too much to handle for retirees of the army, a rebellion of the “corrupted” Rebel Penguin Federation occurred. At this time, this Rebellion is being lead by Paco, Shad, Lord Worky, and ATM. With an irresistible chat size, the Rebel Penguin Federation (2) logged on to occupy Tuxedo. At their first event, the army was able to pull off a max of 25+ on Club Penguin. This new occurrence plans to take over the “corrupted” Rebel Penguin Federation for the better good of the army.

weekly poll

Just last week, the Purple Republic were established as a dominant army within our community’s sights. Rising quickly and steadily, we asked the viewers of CPA Central if the Purple Republic were going to remain in the CPA Central Top 10. With almost half of the community voting that the Purple Republic would remain, many were in shock when it was seen that the Purple Republic were not showcased in this week’s CPA Central Top 10.

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New polls released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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  1. Good job to all armies.

    • silv why beat me to first

  2. First. I’m officially cool.

  3. Umgud, come on, before i made tha first comment no comment was
    there. cring

  4. Good top ten, congratulations!

  5. cuz of me

    • and the help of tax and lorenzo for giving me the oppurtunity to lead the golds ausia

      • The wannabe money stress

        • stfu lmao thats why i dont go to flirt chat no more

        • What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little noob? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the ACPTR, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids with Oagalthorp on the Nachos, and I have invaded over 300 servers. I am trained in club penguin battle tactics, and I’m the top sniper in the entire ACP. You are nothing to me but just another noob. I will wipe your army the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in this community, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over this chat? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies in CPAC and ACP and your site is being DDoS’d, prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your army. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can invade anything, anytime, and I can kill your army in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my UK division. Not only am I extensively trained in chat recruiting, but I have access to the entire arsenal of bots and auto-typers and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable army off the face of the CPAC, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will invade ever single one of your fucking servers and raid ever single one of your events, until you beg for mercy, in which I will continue to harass your shitty little army until it fucking dies. You’re going to pay fucker.

          • Stolen from Jack. pls leaf

            • The mind that came up with this was actually Jed.

              • Sorry Jed ❤

                • it’s ok weazel

                • are u gay?

            • shut tf up u nacho scum want extra cheese on dat burrito bitch?

              • I can’t even take that as an insult. That was just adorable.

                • when we win will be even more

          • Hey dude, I couldn’t give a poop to read you’re f bomb comment so lemme just say this… “Top sniper in ACP” LOLWUT XD……………………… 1v1 me bro.

            • LETS GO

          • stop tryna steal my swag

            • ctfu

          • Wow. That’s kid appropriate and quite mature.

            • ty

  6. lol

  7. Well done to GT and LT!

    • lol LT

      • lol your face

  8. 4ever 2nd

  9. Haha its alright ACP. We’re just getting started 😛

    • u should join golds btw green is a hideous color

  10. Good job RPF and RPF! *wary*

  11. Good job GT!

  12. Inb4 Crose:


    On another note, good job armies.

    • Lmfao

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    Not bad GT, second again this week.

  14. Good week for armies tho

  15. how come LT doesn’t get max points for event quality? all our events were on 1 bar servers, we also had more events than DW

    • Your even lucky to get 2nd

      • How? stfu CPPD noob.

        • you just spam events so you can beat DW’s ass but you cant

          • cubster what happened to your noob army royale penguins?

  16. Great top 10, Great week!

  17. What?

  18. I just lead an army to 6th with Dan….

    • better not forget me

      • Your 3ic :3

        • temp leader in my mind counts dont kill my flow

          • I lead the last AUSIA event, this week is your week whether we are here or not, I wouldn’t really count last weeks

  19. And that, my friends, is the power of an Ausia division.

    • amen

    • Maybe it looks cool now, but a top ten ranking isn’t what is going to make your army great.

      • No, it’s the leadership and army is what makes an army an acutal army not just one ranking

  20. Didn’t RPF 2 only have one event this week? How did you get to 6 pts for one event?

  21. There are 2 RPF’s now???

    Good Job armies!!!!!

  22. I don’t think i can survive in a world with TWO RPF’s. Dealing with one of them was bad enough.

    • one is a lot less annoying than the other

      • Rebel rebel penguin force?

        • RPF’s Ban Pool*

  23. Its because SWAT is black, Isnt it.

  24. I wouldn’t call us ”corrupted” more ”not a bunch of cunt munchers”.

  25. GOOD JOB RPF!!! *wary* Guess which RPF I am talking about.

    • ur with waffles

      • *ono*

        • The man that gave Snaily anal.

  26. Post is crapped up by PR look at this post by PR : ALSO THIS :

    • 1. the quiz was for shits and giggles
      the quiz dont affect the actual top 10 you fucktard
      and it’s our opinion
      learn to take it
      2. you basically just linked to everyone copying us

      • Stupid PR… you said “us” so you are a PR 😦

        • yes nigga
          i’m the leader of pr right now.

          • Lol Shut up nobody cares about your nooby bot army

            • :^(

  27. No 3?

  28. I’m questioning the legitimacy of “RPF 2”. I mean really, at least come up with your own name :/

    • Lmao so much for “inb4 crose comments” *wary*

    • I quesion your legitimacy. 😉

      • Question*

  29. 1. Dark Warriors [+0] [90.00]

    2T. Light Troops [+2] [86.00]

    2T. Golden Troops [+0] [86.00]

    4. Army of CP [-1] [81.96]

    5. Nachos [+4] [69.66]

    6. Golds [NEW!] [64.81]

    7. Rebel Penguin Federation (1) [NEW!] [59.61]

    8. Ice Warriors [-3] [58.98]

    9. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [54.71]

    10. Rebel Penguin Federation (2) [NEW!] [49.75]


    • Sir, I think you should “StopWithTheCrackNow” … 😛

  30. The shits I gave about armies just went out the door after this Loool

  31. “This is you’re host GT soldier Teigan, and I am here to comment on the sightings of possible LT’s.” “I see a wild creature possibly from the LT species, wow you don’t see many of these little guys roaming around! Because apparently they are dangerously falling into EXTINCTION! You may be wondering… What is the virus that is killing them off? Well, fortunately I can answer that. It seems the darkness is the virus that is doing so much damage. If you could just donate 1 penny to save these creatures this may save their lives.”

  32. wowz

  33. :::::::/☻/☻/☻/︻╦╤─
    ▂▄▅ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ ██▅▃▂ —

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