Regarding the Pictures Faked By the Purple Republic

In response to Boyned’s continued ranting on PenPR, let me address the only concerns that at all make sense. To start, dismissing the part about my name looking like this if I had powers as “filler” shows you have no way to deflect that argument. Let me reiterate: underscores would not appear in my name if I didn’t have powers, and Boyned conveniently dismisses this as filler because he has nothing else to say.

You then question how I “knew about the conversation.” I knew about the conversation because you posted the fake pictures on PenPR, I didn’t know the conversation took place because it didn’t take place (the pictures are fake.) I did, however, know you posted these fake pictures on PenPR. Predicting my response being “they’re fake” doesn’t show you’re capable of anything, because you would know best that they’re fake — after all, you faked them.

Third and finally, you have not tried to “give reasons,” you’ve tried to send people on your Steam to spam comments cursing every 3 words and telling me to kill myself — that doesn’t seem to be reasons to me. The “reasons” you do give are under the impression that the pictures are real — which, again, they’re fake.

Hello all. 

Recently, Boynedmaster, along with his fellow trolls on the Purple Republic Steam, have launched into yet another crusade to take action against CPA Central — faking pictures. The two pictures below were faked by the Purple Republic earlier today and posted on their Steam group PenPR, with the intention of getting them spread around. These pictures are faked on the topic of Purple Republic’s recent fall from CPA Central’s Top Ten — this fall happened because they provided no pictures on a site to be ranked in the Top Ten.

Not only have I been subscribed for around 50 days and am currently at 35 days (meaning I’ve had powers for over the past month, something the Purple Republic fake conveniently leaves out because none of their members have powers), but if I didn’t have powers my name would look like this:

My powers were turned off to provide this picture, before that turns into some claim.

In case you don’t know what I’m getting at, underscores don’t randomly appear in my name just because I don’t have days. The Purple Republic also conveniently leaves out my avatar (not only do they not show my actual avatar, but they leave out avatars, period.) On top of this, anyone who has ever spoken to me on a Xat Chat can vouch for the fact that I rarely ever use periods — and if I was making an attempt to type using correct grammar, I’d be using punctuation and capitalization, not just periods. One final thing — the Purple Republic has communicated with me solely and exclusively by using a representative under the name of “Wango”, the only other member of the group I spoke to on Xat was Violantealleta at the time of the initial deal. Long story short — Boyned and I have never communicated on Xat.

Boynedmaster has been fired from CPA Central and will no longer be using the rank he was granted on this site to report on armies — though, to be fair, that rank was never used anyway, all he’s done is attempt to cause trouble as a Purple Republic shill in the short amount of time he spent with us here. It’s unfortunate I had to put together a whole statement just because of this immaturity, but I would like to say once and finally that the pictures provided by Boynedmaster on the Purple Republic Steam group are 100% fake.

I call on Violantealleta, who originally met with CPA Central to recognize the Purple Republic as an army, to address these issues. If this disrespect continues, the Purple Republic will face consequences; the arrogant, condescending behavior that PR has exhibited after only recently being granted army status will not be tolerated by this site. If you wish to be a part of CP Armies, you will play be CP Armies’ rules; we are not going to make exceptions for you.

Any attempted comment raids from the Purple Republic will be promptly deleted, and I hope to see these issues addressed soon.


CPA Central CEO


11 Responses

  1. wow b1 how could u say that am disappoint

    • v sry

  2. tbh thats the shittest fake pics ive ever seen PR should be embarrassed veolattes are 100x better

  3. At least Waterkid’s fake was pretty good.

  4. Hey dude just wondering but don’t you think your blowing this way out of proportion? I mean its an edited picture so what. If anyone believes it and starts a ruckus just ignore them, their just being dumb. It’s not like you have some big secret to hide so just ignore them and let bigones be bigones.

  5. idek, seems ligit 2 mi

    prpl prde srvr wde


  7. PR … New low since 2011


  9. I think I make the best edited pictures out there tho

    • wanna fite

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