CPA Central Legends Cup V

Following the CP Police Department’s shutdown, the Pretzels will be taking their spot in the Legends Cup V. The bracket will be updated to reflect this shortly. 


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Tournaments are an anchor of everything we do here at CPA Central. The army community held tournaments before even the founding of CPA Central, but following the beginning of this site in Summer 2009, we made it our business to hosts armies’ tournaments. Face-offs like this are good for many reasons — they allow matchups that would never happen otherwise, they bring new armies to light in legendary underdog comebacks, and they are a war for us to gather as a community to celebrate, without complications like server ownership, what we were made for — war. This will be my third year overseeing the Legends Cup at CPA Central, and I plan to make the Legends Cup V the finest tournament this site has ever seen.

The first battles of the Legends Cup V will begin on Saturday, July 26th, and the tournament will last until Saturday, August 24th. Twenty-four armies, from the rankings of CP Army Central and SM Army Press, are invited to participate in this legendary tournament. Though CPA Central holds four, five, sometimes even six tournaments throughout the year — the Legends Cup is regarded highest of all. Winning this tournament results in a 5,000 xat prize for your army, and to put your name next to only three other armies who have won this tournament since 2009.

The eight highest ranking armies in CPA Central have been automatically seeded into the second round, and will not begin battling until the weekend of August 2nd. The sixteen other armies participating in the Legends Cup V will need to fight their way into the second round, battling against CPAC’s number nine and ten and the majority of SMAP’s Top Fifteen. In respect to the original Legends Cup held by Iasgae56, there will be no Redemption Bracket this year — it is a simple, single-elimination tournament. The bracket is below.

Times for the Qualifying Round will be released in the coming days, and with them, the full rules for the Legends Cup V. The two weeks allotted prior to this legendary tournament are commonly used as a time for preparation, to train your army in hopes of having them at peak performance at the time of the Legends Cup V. Twenty-four armies will be fighting for this title, and although their may be favorites, there have been upsets before and there will be upsets again.

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Only the Ice Warriors, Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation currently hold the title of Legends Cup Champion. Will YOUR army join the ranks of champions? 


CPA Central CEO


90 Responses

  1. 1st

    • Don’t we have to accept the challenge? If our armies attend

  2. This LC will be beast

  3. cool

  4. UMA vs AF, this will be as easy as getting up in the morning.

    • wtf is AF

      • Air Force

        • lol what.
          Air Force has been maxing like 15.
          Last UMA event I raided yall maxed like 10.

    • It’s hard to wake up up when the shades have been pulled shut.

      • This house is haunted, it’s so pathetic, it makes no sense at all

  5. Yes, that smexy tournament bracket was made by me.

    • Darn, the edits….B1… -mad-

  6. RPF vs RPF Final?

    • Waffle’s RPF won’t make it.

      • Or, they might do the typical RPF thing of being shit in every other battle, and then suddenly getting 30+ in the tournaments. Fucking fake RPF don’t deserve it, though.

        • RPF is gonna be toast.

          • Toast toast RPF will roast

            • Some crusty toast that will be


        • RPF(2) or die

          • 😀 only RPF that isn’t corrupted

            • lol

  7. I love this tourney

  8. As usual will be a brilliant tournament. The sad thing looking back on it is how in 2010 the tournament consisted of 32 armies, and is only 22 this year.

    • 24*, but I agree with you. 32 just isn’t a number we can get to this year; also should be noted that when we did 32 (2010 and 2011) a lot of the armies just ended up not showing. Still a good point though.

  9. Wait in the last part it says IW Nachos and RPF are only champions then shouldn’t it be 4th legends cup not 5th

    • No, IW won in both 2010 and 2012.

    • IW too stronk

  10. I understand now thanks for clearing it up

  11. looking forward to it

  12. shet naga thats one giant V

  13. Where’s fish warriors

  14. ACP does not wish to enter the Legends Cup, thank you.

    Comment edited to reflect actual identity.

    • Oh my fucking gos

    • Oh my fucking god,really?

    • Oh my god really

      • Are you high on crack Fräulein?

    • Fake purple, I think your army is scared of us lol

    • Personally I can see where your’e coming from if this is even legit. These tournament things are so stressful, what with hyping for weeks, literally praying you will win, recruiting for hours, and then getting eliminated because one of the judges hates your armies leader :/

    • what the f-word

    • Tempah, you’re as low as Waterkid for doing that.

      • LOL

  15. Really the nachos against DW

  16. Well im not saying the nachos arent good its just that its an easy win for DW

    • 😮

      • I feel like winning again

    • U wait bro we

    • Well I hope you guys would win…

      It is kind of hard to lose when your life literally revolves around the army and it’s recruits.

      • You spend nearly no time at all on your army at all when you operate it the correct way. 🙂

        • Too bad I can log on Club Penguin at any given time and find a DW auto-typer. Usually multiple…

          • At least we do recruit

  17. Dja

  18. This will be so much fun! I hope that everyone has a good time! Remember, there’s always next year to hopefully win! Do your best!

  19. Dark Warriors do not wish to take part in this, CPAC is not armies and never will be.

    Fight the good fight!

    See “Purpleslime4″‘s comment above.

    • fake elmikey

    • Fake Elmikey is fake.

    • Seems legit.

    • Wow new low

  20. lets go IW


    DW(1) and GT(2) are supposed to be against RPF1(7) and IW(8)
    since DW and GT should get the lower ranked seeds.

    LT(3) and ACP (4) are supposed to be against Nachos(5) and Golds (6).

  22. DW vs ACP/LT/GT for finals

    • wait. forgot to equate DCP tournament rush…

      DW vs ACP/DCP/LT/GT

      • That can’t happen because LT and DW are on the same side of the bracket.

        • ah, i see tht now

  23. Can Water Ninjas replace anybody? We’ve had experience to do good in tournaments, just asking 😛

  24. Thanks for adding Air Force!

  25. finals: Chaos vs Golden Troops

  26. DW and IW for the Finals.

  27. bias post

  28. The Reds are back.

  29. Hopefully the Nachos will be the camps.

  30. I can’t even come to RPF’s first battle *facepalm*

  31. i see u decided to not include toast army

    • DW was too afraid they would lose to toast, so they had to be left out.

      • I’m afraid that’s what your army is going to be when we’re done with you.
        Burn The Light


  32. IW for a third time let’s go

    • pls give other armies a turn. D: we are left out

  33. AF for life!


  35. Nachos max 30 at the most, DW max 60…

    Yeah, Nachos gonna win dis mad ting.

  36. Okay I am never opening ACPs ranks page ever again cause its soo fricking big that itt gave me major lag and forced me to log off and back into mah comp just now (WARY)

  37. Well, my army “Unleashed Empire” will replace anyone if you need an extra army, and for those armies that are in already, we challenge your to a PB for your spot 😉


    Who will win?

    – LT
    – DW
    – Nachos
    – RPF
    – GT
    – Golds
    – ACP
    – IW


    Chats for the remaining armies:


    Until Then, Waddle On.

    – Spiderghost1.

  39. leggo rf
    anyways, is tempah desperate to win or something

    • it was a joke and not meant to be taken serious, I’m sure if CPAC did actually pull them out they could say it wasn’t them, I just wanted people to rage but it failed lol

      • o

  40. I expect all Dark Warriors to recruit for this tournament, it is very important. We Burn The Light. DW Forever.

    • We are the Dark Warriors. I want to win this tournament!!! 😀

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