Ground Zero: Part 2 — World War II

*Note: KappnKrunch Productions is aware of the mistake regarding the Army of Club Penguin’s early uniform and it should be fixed in the following installment. 


CPA Central CEO



Ground Zero Producer


36 Responses

  1. this vid was payback to PR for trolling my first ground zero vid 😛

    • The song in the video is from Sponge Bob, but is also written and performed by Tiny Tim – The same guy who wrote tip toe through the tulips.

      • Durude – Sandstorm

        • Sarude-Dandstorm

      • Water kid lmfao

    • an 8some
      god damn

    • “I’l show YOU purple pride..”

    • >Implying we don’t take pride in doing this

    • LMFAO

  2. I can’t be the only person who lol’d at the waterkid part…

    • “Im waterkid im a god”
      “That kid annoys me”

      • It’s funny because he came out of the closet.

  3. Awesome video.

  4. Another Great Video!

  5. Another nice video kappn keep it up ❤

  6. Waterkid part. xD

  7. Nice choice of music at 3:04 kappn or rob


    hehe nice vid.

  9. If i were that roman i would’ve killed waterkid

    • I wonder how many problems that would’ve solved.

  10. Great vids 🙂

  11. The World War III // Pink Mafias video should be interesting.

  12. Multiple flaws:

    1. The combat is nothing like actual CP combat. Minecraft swords and guns? Since when was that used.

    2. Oagal was shot yet still was able to participate in later wars.

    3. If Waterkid has burned down along with the ship, he wouldve never been able to make LT.

    • > Water didn’t create LT

    • ikr, it would be so much better if the whole video was a bunch of penguins standing still throwing a few snowballs.

    • The fact you think waterkid made LT. Go kill yourself kid

      • Meant to reply that to cristian ^

    • Also in real life a person can be shot and survive

    • Multiple flaws with your claims:
      1. That’s the point of the videos
      2. Oagal was shot but recovered, that’s why he was writing the ACP saga afterwards.
      3. Waterkid didn’t make LT, ioio did. That was just a joke in the video.

      • oops i didnt mean to say Water made LT, sorry I was stoned

        but I meant to say LT or Pirates wouldnt be the same

    nice post!!

  14. Somehow Waterkid swam back to land xD

  15. Best Movie ever

  16. The World War III and 2009 Golden Age episodes should be very interesting indeed.

  17. If you do the 2009 Golden Age episodes, that will definitely be interesting to watch, since you have Boomer, Person1233, Iceyfeet, and Me to depict 🙂 It’ll be nice to watch!

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