Top Ten Armies: 07/06/14

UPDATE 11:40 AM: The Dark Warriors have proved they faced the Light Troops in a Hunt-and-Kill event, making their score 86.00 and bringing them once again to first. 

UPDATE 10:05 AM: Modifications to the Top Ten, specifically the first place position, have been made following the omission of a certain event. 

Multiple top armies hold onto their ranks but we do see some shifts in the rankings as the month of July comes upon us.

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [86.00]

2. Golden Troops [+0] [85.79]

3. Army of CP [+1] [75.35] 

4. Light Troops [-1] [71.97] 

5. Ice Warriors [+0] [69.88] 

6T. Chaos [NEW!] [62.75] 

6T. Purple Republic [NEW!] [62.75] 

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [59.72] 

9. Nachos [-2] [56.25] 

10. Doritos [+0] [55.75] 

The full statistics can be found here. 

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors remain at first. The army kicked-off their week by participating in CPA Central’s Conquest Games Tournament, with a max of 45+ troops online. The next day, the Dark Warriors declared war upon the Light Troops, which ended their ongoing war with the Army of Club Penguin. On Wednesday the 2nd, the Dark Warriors invaded the Light Troops’ Capital server of Ice Box. The Light Troops may not have shown, but the Dark Warriors had massive sizes of 50+ on Club Penguin. The following afternoon, the Dark Warriors held a Practice Battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation. This was declared a victory for the Dark Warriors as the Rebel Penguin Federation surrendered early in the battle. The weekend forces of the Dark Warriors’ shown more sizes of 50+ on Club Penguin, in a “Pre-War Battle” with the Light Troops. Their war, however, will continue throughout the length of next week.

2. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops remain at second this week. The Golden Troops started off their event-filled week with an UK Training Session, which revealed a max of 30+ on Club Penguin. The day after this event, the army’s AUSIA Division went on Club Penguin for a normal Training Session with a max of 23+. The army held another UK Training Session on Tuesday, this time with a surprising 32+ online. Like many other armies, the Golden Troops held an infamous “Mining Expedition” for their AUSIA Division. There was a massive turnout with over 40+ troops online. The Golden Troops’ AUSIA Division held another Training Session the next day, which happened to have only 20+ troops. Throughout the next two days, the army would hold two more AUSIA Division Training Sessions, both with a max of about 20+. To put their week to an end, the Golden Troops held a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors. This battle was ended within 10 minutes, though, with the Golden Troops maxing 34+ on Club Penguin. The Golden Troops are currently holding elections for their next US 3rd In Command.

3. Army of CP: After last week’s small fall, the Army of Club Penguin is back within the Top 3. This week, the Army of Club Penguin started off their week with participating the the CPA Central Conquest Games, in which they managed to pull of sizes of 25. The next day, they ended their conflict with the Dark Warriors. The next day, their AUSIA division maxed 15, followed by a practice battle with the DCP, in which they ruled a draw. The next day, their AUSIA division maxed 12, and the European division pulled off sizes of 17. In a European “U-Lead” session, they were able to get sizes of 24, despite being raided by the Purple Republic. The week continued on with the remainder of events being European and AUSIA events, getting 20, 26, 15, 17, and 24. The ACP ended of their week by preparing posting defenses from the invasions of the UMA, who they have agreed to participate in a “fun-war” with.

4. Light Troops: The Light Troops started off their week with good, 20+ sizes at the CPAC Conquest Games, and afterwards getting 13 at one of their AUSIA events. The Light Troops then had a practice battle with the Ice Warriors, and they were able to pull of sizes of 30. They then had 15 at an AUSIA event. In their practice battle with the Nachos, they got sizes of 20, and followed up with a size of about 10 at an AUSIA event. They had an event against the Ice Hounds in which they were able to pull off sizes of 30, and ended off their week with an invasion that had a size of 40.

5. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors began their week getting 10 in an AUSIA event, followed by 40 in the CPAC Conquest Games, which they won. They then held a practice battle with the Light Troops in which they got a max size of 45. Afterwards, the Ice Warriors had a practice battle with the RPF, in which they maxed 30.

6T. Chaos: The Chaos army, who were once in CPA Central many months ago, have finally reached their goal to step foot into the CPA Central Top 10 once more. The Chaos’ week began when war was declared with the Redemption Force. On that same day, the Chaos took part in the CPA Central Conquest Games Tournament. The army maxed 20+ at the time. The next day, the Chaos raided Thermal with 22+ troops online. Then, in a call for action from the Redemption Force, the Special Weapons and Tactics army had also declared war upon the Chaos. After this Declaration of War, the Chaos marched onto Thermal with 21+ troops to claim an invasion victory. Because of their two wars, the Chaos made a treaty with the Redemption Force, ending their war between each other. At the Defense of their Capital, which also happens to be the highlight of their week, the Chaos maxed 30+ on Club Penguin. The next two days, the Chaos defended two servers with a max of 20+ online at both events. To put their week to an end, the Chaos ended their war with the Special Weapons and Tactics army.

6T. Purple Republic: The Purple Republic makes their debut in CPA Central this week, tieing for 6th place with Chaos. Their week began with a raid of CPA Central’s Conquest Games, where they reached sizes of 25. Throughout the week, the army raided multiple Practice Battles and general events of the ACP, Light Troops, and Ice Warriors. The Purple Republic also invaded Permafrost and Jack Frost, claiming two servers for their army. 

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT started out their week by cleansing their home server, Mammoth, in which they were able to get a size of 17. They then declared war on the Chaos Army, for reasons including their being an annoyance in the community. They invaded the Chaos, and maxed 22 at their invasion, followed by an event where they managed to max 20. In another invasion, they pulled of a max size of 27 . They then had an invasion of Chaos in which they got sizes of 26. They have also hired a new leader, and claim to be undefeated in their war with Chaos, also adding new servers to their nation.

9. Nachos: The Nachos withstand in the CPA Central Top 10 this week as they are one of the armies that have participated in CPA Central’s Conquest Games. At this event, the Nachos had around 20+ on Club Penguin. On Tuesday, the army held a Training Session with 20+ online. The Nachos had a fantastic Practice Battle against the Light Troops on Wednesday, with a max of around 30+ on Club Penguin at the time. Tuxedo is the server of a particular army that the Nachos continue to raid, so they did so again. This time, the army maxed their goal of 25+. Towards the end of the week, the Nachos declared war upon the Rebel Penguin Federation. At the Invasion of Tuxedo, the Nachos had 20+ online. The Nachos plan to continue to invade the Rebel Penguin Federation into next week.


10. Doritos: The Doritos started off their week with a Practice Battle against the Army of Club Penguin, in which they maxed 25, averaging 20. The next day, they had a training event in which they were able to max 30. One the same day, they had a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors, in which they maxed 25. With the return of their former leader, Lord Pain, they maxed 20 in a practice battle against the UMA. To end off their week, the Doritos had an AUSIA event were they averaged 10, and were able to get a max size of 15.

weekly poll

This week, we asked about the Top Three and the two new additions to it from last week — the Golden Troops and the Light Troops. We asked you guys which (if any) of these armies you thought would remain in the Top Three, and the majority of you called it right, predicting the Golden Troops would remain but the Light Troops would fall from the spot. The Light Troops lost their spot as the Army of CP reclaimed their place in the Top Three.

New polls released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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167 Responses

  1. First!

  2. Good job to ACP for getting back into the Top 3, and congratulations Chaos on entering the top ten!

  3. no RPF

  4. Back in top 3, and with flip returning, get ready for 1st again.

  5. Good job GT!!

  6. Dang GT’s AUSIA be huge. ;p

    • All their points were from ausia. Mining expeditions and all.

      • And exaggeratio….

        • give us a PB then if we’re so bad

      • ACP also had a mining expedition, the difference being you maxed 20

        • We haven’t had any since Sercan left, coincidence?

          • You just had one a few days ago…

            • On a 5 bar server? Or as a fun event?

            • There’s a difference between manipulating size to the extreme, and having a normal event

              • what are you even on about?

                ACP had a 5 bar mining expedition 2 days ago –

                • Looks to me like it was a harmless event that wasn’t manipulated to sizes of “40+”, until it became harmful when you raided the event…

                  Real smart…

                  • that made me laugh irl

                    there is NO difference between them other than size, don’t pretend ACP weren’t trying to get 40+

                    • If we wanted to get “40+”, we could’ve…

                      It’s just not as many are on during REAL ausia times hue hue hue…


            good one

            • ^see comment above


      • We only had one mining expedition for AUSIA, you scum.

  7. oh for fuck’s sake RPF

  8. I love this top 10 for many reasons

  9. DCP didn’t get points for its ausia event?

  10. Ooo, Chaos tied 6th with Purple Republic.. i see a competition between you two :O

    • we are allies ._.

      • PR isn’t allies with anybody.

        • vio said

          • except im the raid leader, demo
            we dont have ANY allies at all
            vio’s messing with you

      • It was an imposter. We are not allies.

        • ok this fake vio thing is creeping me out. so which one is real?

          • I am the real one but there are many pretenders.

            • ok. i saw one on xat

              • We both did. But it most likely was an imposter.

                • GET ON CHAT NOW! 😛

                  • I was?


    • we maxed 30 twice in us/uk and averaged liked 20-25 and we’ve got 9.7 points I am mindblown

      • The Ausia and US/UK individual size scores will be reduced if both are present because the total score is based on a weighted average of the two. This means that if you have predominantly Ausia events (as you did), your US/UK score will be lower because it was a smaller percentage of your total events. Your overall size points, which are the ones that factor into your total score, reflect your total average size with a slight increase because of the Ausia curve.

        I’ll explain with an example:

        An army has 1 US event of 30 and 3 Ausia events of 20. The formula to calculate this (excluding the Ausia curve for simplicity) is:

        (US Size x % US Events) + (Ausia Size x % Ausia Events)

        (30 x (1/4)) + (20 x 3/4)) = 22.5 Total Size

        If you want to break it down like the Top Ten statistics do:

        30 x 1/4 = 7.5 points from US
        20 x 3/4 = 15 points from Ausia
        7.5 + 15 = 22.5 Total Size

        tl;dr you aren’t being short-changed points, the two categories you’re looking at are just the two pieces that go into your total size score. Your total size score will be the only number that looks like an actual average size of your combined divisions, the others are just points.

        • so the optimal amount of events would be a 4/4 split between ausia and us/uk?

          • The optimal would be using predominantly the division that gets the largest sizes. The Ausia curve does attempt to balance out US/UK and Ausia, but in the case of this example, the army would get more Total Size Points for having solely US events assuming they can maintain an average of 30 with higher levels of activity.

            • ah ok, that makes sense, ty

        • So that’s why RPF always has really low US scores…..

    • The Top Ten, in the sheet, displays (I believe, the formula for curving AUSIA is complicated) the percentage of your total size average per US/UK and per AUSIA. Meaning, though your size average is displayed as the number “9.67”, it’s actually much different (closer to 30 actually.) The reason it is displayed like this is because GT’s AUSIA, after being curved, accounted for a higher percentage of your total size score. Boomer will correct this if I’m wrong but in short, that number is misleading.

      • can you explain what we did wrong on event quality, we have 7 events on 1 bars/pb’s and one on a 4/5 bar but we’re on 17.50

        • Have Sercan explain it to you after I’m done talking to him.

  12. No Rpf 😮

  13. Oh and hi PR

    • Is there a guide that explains how points are counted? I would really appreciate it 🙂

      • Boomer made one a while ago…

  14. Well done, Golden Troops!
    I agree to Tempah. 9.7 for UK is weird.

  15. Great top 10…

  16. Purple Republic isn’t an army apparently. So Nachos is 8th. I thought we had done better.


    • Except PR IS an army. You’re 9th. Live with it.

      • true but says an army that’s only tactic is “understand understand understand understand” and “soup” and “shalom”

        • Still an army.

    • Just because were not on CPAC doesn’t mean were not an army.

      • Apparently you like your own comments.

      • Purple Republic say they aren’t an army themselves you idiot.

  17. Nachos didn’t get any AUS points…

  18. Congratulations Golden Troops for the first spot! 😀

  19. pr is a clan ctfu

  20. Reblogged this on The Official Golden Troops of Club Penguin and commented:
    GT is first this week! Amazing job, Troops!

  21. Waterkid: wow shit top ten obvs bias

    • I liked the post, dumb ass.

      • Lmao fair enough haha

  22. DW’s event quality is too low. We should be first, we had 3 battles this week. Isn’t a battle 4 points?

    CPAC Conquest games = 4 points
    Invasion of LT’s capital? I don’t know, but it still should have been a battle
    Battle with RPF = 4 points
    Battle with LT = 4 Points

    Yet how do we only have 10?

  23. Good top ten

  24. Iw had an ausia event but it wasn’t included on the top ten js

  25. 1. Golden Troops [+1] [85.79]

    2. Dark Warriors [-1] [84.00]

    3. Army of CP [+1] [75.35]

    4. Light Troops [-1] [71.97]

    5. Ice Warriors [+0] [69.88]

    6T. Chaos [NEW!] [62.75]

    6T. Purple Republic [NEW!] [62.75]

    8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [59.72]

    9. Nachos [-2] [56.25]

    10. Doritos [+0] [55.75]

    This Top 10 is good

    • In your dreams 😛

  26. Did anyone notice the july 5th, when its july 6th?

    • Blue1 made typo oh noes!!1!1!1!!!

  27. But the Chaos sucked since I have been fired

    • And like always you guys will give me more likes happens no matter what I say even if I want more dislikes

    • Chaos doesn’t need you. there are enough people WAY better then you. “Chaos sucked since I have been fired” As you were nothing to Chaos accept for a stupid 2ic.

  28. LT’s events were on 1 bar servers (Ice Box, Tuxedo, Klondike)

  29. RPF’s gonna declare itself dead. lmfao

    • I did suggest that we shut it down temporarily before so much damage is done that the army can never return as it once was.

      That damage has been done.

      • Well spoken Pj.

    • Bro we aint dead yet 😀

      • “yet” being the key word there.

      • stfu ignorant piece of shit

  30. Good week.

  31. I can’t believe that RPF has knocked out the CPAC top ten :O

    • I could because their events are going sucky

  32. mrtchy is the most bitter about GT being first


    • 0.21


      • Debatable

  33. wtf if DW gets more points for facing LT then shouldn’t LT get more points as well as we both faced each other in the battle?

    • You will, we just had a huge debate about it on CPAC chat so he updated DW only.

  34. Cool. DW 1st again 🙂 Gj Gt and Acp. I’m sure we will be Top 3 for a long time!

    • What does GT need to do to get more US/UK points? we did better than at least half of the armies in the top 10 for for US/UK this week but we’re dead last, is it battles?

      • that wasnt meant to be a reply to vo yo’s comment lol

  35. GT vs DW war?

    • wut ??

      • Lmfao

  36. the distance between second and third is 10 points…..

  37. Reblogged this on Club Penguin: Dark Warriors Army and commented:

    Good job DW!

  38. Wow. Can’t believe we went down on the rankings. That just shows how much harder we’re going to need to work in order to move up.

  39. I feel like how certain categories are scored should be reevaluated.

    • Like ‘Ausia’ events which is what quite a few armies in this top ten are relying on.

      If you really carefully observe armies throughout the summer, you will notice that most of the events have the same soldiers at each and every battle regardless of time zone…



  41. if toilets could create energy, my toilet could power the entire earth for 72 months rn

  42. Why did IW’s AUSIA event not get any points. You mentioned it while talking about our weeks event but didnt count it in points?

  43. Good job, Dark Warriors! We have proved once again that we are the #1 Army in Club Penguin History. Recruit for the event today! ~Toy

    • 2 weeks as 1st = best army ever?

      • lol @ Tempahh // ar did that and we don’t even focus on top tens.

        I feel as if DW would be liked a lot more if their leader’s didn’t gloat their own and their armies success.

      • Not to mention, the Nachos were first for 10 weeks in a row at one point in 2013.

    • Shut the fuck up toy.

      • lol U MAD BRO?


  44. Wheres that bitch crose, I wanna laugh in his face rn

    • Hey dude I’m a girl if you didn’t notice. Side note: that was a bit rude

  45. PR should not even be considered for the Top 10.

  46. I just wanted to comment on this top ten, so I did! :greenface:

  47. greenface doesnt work on CPAC? O:

  48. tbh gt should be 1st and an Iw aus event was missed and well done chaos what a leap from smap to mid cpac apart from the 2 bad points it was a good top ten

  49. I kinda don’t understand how RPF got ranked so low because we didn’t really do any worse than last week. Just saying the most we should have dropped is like 1 or 2 ranks.

    • you got lucky you made 9th smap

      • Barley son, barely.

        • I prefer wheat 😉

          • He probably made a typo and wrote “Barley” instead of “Barely”

    • rpf deserved their rank this week
      i mean have you SEEN how these top 10 armies performed this week? RPF barely got over 15.

    • RPF is lower then UMA 😀

  50. This is just fucking shameful, you allow a fucking swastika. Jesus CPAC you disappoint me.

    • wonder who could be behind this post…
      jidf detected

      • hmm who could be behind this post hmm really hard

  51. Lies!! chaos is PR!!

    • but thats wrong

  52. No surprise there is no RPF. It’s quite funny how mr waffle blamed his own troops for making RPF so small claiming that they “don’t trust him.” Yeah well I wouldn’t trust RPF’s leaders either for allowing RPF to take such a bad fall.

  53. nice choice of a pic for PR in top ten, gg cpac.

  54. It is good to know that Sidie9, regarded by many as the founder of AUSIA, is now leader of a great AUSIA force once again. 😀
    He has no doubt proven his potential and right to be regarded as the founder of AUSIA.

    • Ausia? What Ausia? Your Ausia is nothing more then 1:30pm GT. Please have an event at 7:00pm JST and test your 20+

      • BAA??? I am not even in GT. So what do you mean by “Your Ausia”
        Dont just assume i am in Golden Troops. I am retired D:
        & during my time, when i led my own armies, i had many events on actual AUSIA times where it wasnt US friendly times.
        Sidie is just a friend of mine, and a former leader of mine many years ago.
        But anyways,i guess it is not your fault that you assumed I am from the Golden Troops, after all, it is not easy to know everyone in the community, and remember which armies they are from .

        If what you claim is true, which i am too lazy to check, then i suppose you have your point. I do agree that AUSIA events should be encouraged to be held at times where people from US and other European countries cannot attend, in order to have accuracy of the strength of a true AUSIA force.
        But this will be rather controversial, as some AUSIA events that are held at times where it is afternoon for AUSIA countries, would be late at night for US, and some US people stay up late and attend these events. If that is the case, then you must understand that the time chosen was more convenient for AUSIA compared to US troops, and may still be regarded as a legitimate AUSIA event.
        If you disagree with my opinions, then let us agree to disagree.

        Nice to meet you, and good day to you, sir. 😀

        -Fluffy Sheep-
        SMAC Legend
        Army Republic Legend
        Creator of Greek Sheeps

        • I disagree. Troops from all divisions should be able to attend events in alternate ones. Hell im ausia and i attend us events and sometimes even uk events =]

          • *should be able to if they want

            • Reply to fluffy sheep:
              It was directed at GT owners not you sorry about that.
              Now reply to Silver:
              I’m not saying that only one division should come to their own event (in this matter, AUSIA) but I was talking about the times in which the armies are logging on. It’s a bit like boundaries in the sense that 12pm JST-1am JST isn’t real AUSIA but mostly UK. I’m not saying how GT is cheating their sizes so I don’t need tempah flaming on how we accuse GT of exaggerating sizes. If ACP decided to PB GT it would be a test for true AUSIA, not UK-heavy AUSIA.

        • Nice book Fluffy. What’s next a novel about how UK events should be worth more points??

      • 6pm Indian Standard Time isn’t AUSIA? UK people are still in school bar the few who had exams.

        Our AUSIA is nothing yet ACP has had a problem accepting a PB vs “nothing” for 2 weeks now.

    • He is by no means the founder of AUSIA, and neither am I.
      That’s like claiming Korn was the founder of the USA force.

      I don’t consider myself as a founder of any sort, but Sidie should be remembered as one of the first AUSIA troops to exist in this community.

      Not the founder.

      • Hmm. Perhaps true, which is why i stated “regarded by many”, as it was never made official.
        I would consider Sidie as the first Legitimate AUSIA Leader, and you would be considered the Most Successful AUSIA Leader, in no doubt. @Flipmoo

        Yep, they should be allowed to do so if they want. It should never be restricted, as every individual has a right to choose. But the problem only starts when people start accusing armies for having AUSIA events at “US friendly times”. I guess theres nothing to improve, and things should be the way they are today. @Silverburg

        I am quite that is an AUSIA event, no disagreements on that for sure. @Tempahh

        *I apologize to those who may have been offended in any way*

        • ACP’s the only army complaining :p

  55. Actually, i find Purple Republic’s idea of doing something different from all other armies in this community, rather interesting.
    I personally feel that if their amount of raids do not cross the line, then they are actually quite a cool army. It is not everyday that an army is created without taking any sides, and that is a characteristic that makes them just so unique.
    As long as they do not go back to their old ways of using bots, and understand their limits and do not ruin the fun in armies, we should welcome them to be part of our community, and end whatever hate we have for them. At least they do not target a specific army when they raid, which should be really appreciated.

    • Baa


    • Plus they gained 2 servers so they are eligible to be considered a army.

  56. GT shouldnt even be in top 3. Look at their exaggeration, they add at least 10 to the amount they actually got

    • if you think we exaggerate look at dw

      • Lmao, where? There’s a picture on our site that shows DW had 59 yesterday.

      • If we over-exaggerated like you, we would have said we maxed 70 yesterday lol

      • DW don’t. They say they get 40-45 and are always around that area. Also may I add if you take away all your exaggeration, you get half of DW’s actual size. Don’t put your misery on them.

        • I’m not saying we’re bigger than DW lol

      • Also take into factor the amount of lockouts DW have. Yesterday they had a picture of 10

        • jessie stfu, ur an army and real life whore, don’t act like you can actually count over 10. your not a viable judge, get someone who can actually count to judge who has bigger numbers, DW said they got 46 when they only got 37 or something. gg ty bye

      • Show me a results post in which we “exaggerated” sizes. I normally round it by 5. Ex: 43 -> 45.

        • I’ll just drop it, we’ll make sure we’re more accurate with our sizes for next week

    • Your comment about GT doesn’t bother me much – however, why the hell do you go under a name like Jessie? Are you the jessie from WW or what? Are you trying to imposter her or something?

  57. I am pretty speechless, good job all armies, Chaos impressed me the most to be honest, what a jump!

  58. Every time that Elmikey unretires #EvenElmikeyKnowsIt’sTrue

  59. Elmikey When He Forgets To Bring His Laptop ANd Flash Drive To Help Dark Warriors On Vacation

  60. Bold.

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