Statement Regarding the Purple Republic

Hello CPAC. 

The Purple Republic has been making waves in our community only more and more frequently in the past year. Though the Purple Republic has functioned, at some points in time, as a botting group — using programs like FollowBot last year for tournament raids — the recent return of the Purple Republic is a group of people. And while, yes, they have been spending the days since their return raiding certain events, this should not stop us from recognizing them as what they are.

The truth of the matter is the Purple Republic — in this reincarnation, at least — is an army. It is a gathering functioning on a central hub to plan events — and while those events may have been raids, they were events nonetheless. Just a few minutes ago I met with Violantealleta to discuss the army and the path it plans to take in the coming months. The Purple Republic isn’t just a raid that will cease in a week this time — they want to become a part of this community, and I see no point why we are to deny them of that.

It is true that in recent days CPA Central and the Purple Republic have been fronting off, with the Republic feeling ignored by the army community, and, specifically, army media. Violantealleta and I have reached an agreement regarding Purple Republic’s recognition in the community and how the media will deal with it. One of the real beauties about the Purple Republic is that they embody rogue warfare from years like 2007. Unlike the highly politicized armies of today, they will fight anyone, anywhere, for any reason. And they are growing, fast.

For this reason, CPA Central has agreed to acknowledge the Purple Republic as a member of Club Penguin Warfare and they will be ranked on the Top Ten being released on July the 6th and any subsequent Top Tens, should they meet the requirements to be ranked as one of the ten best in Club Penguin Warfare. I look forward to ending the dispute between the army community and the Purple Republic, and look forward to seeing what they have in store for the community as an army.


CPA Central CEO


105 Responses

  1. Purple Republic should be welcomed, it is just an army.

  2. Finally

  3. ayy lmao

    • I don’t see why people hate the Pr so much with stuff like this going round.

  4. One of reasons we ignore them is because the put up Nazi sympols.

    • they take after early anonymous making swastikas on Habbo

      • How could you be so conceited to still claim that you’re Korn is the real question I asked myself while scrolling through these comments. This is just as faulty as Trickster claiming to be Pink Mafias. Hop off your high horse already?

        • high horse? and conceited? really these are the terms your going to use when referring to a game on club penguin? just because you have opinions doesn’t mean you’re right.

    • That’s how we know you’re cring about it, scrublord.

    • Yeah, and plus they are weird saying like : soup and shalom needs fire and stuff like that. (wary)

      • you dont know who shalom is
        do you

        • Its an Isreali way of greeting

    • “nazi sympols”

  5. pardon

  6. k

    • Does one represent PR and one represent everyone else?

  7. ayy lmao

  8. This should be interesting.

  9. Their goes anyone else’s chance of getting first

    • not really, PR maxes 20-30 most of the time

    • and they’ll get so little tactic points

  10. Crab – Community’s reaction. Bird thingy – PR’s reaction.

  11. People hate PR for loving Nazi, but remember that Elm’s rpf did nazi?

    • *for loving Nazis

      • Speak about Nazis, you are a Grammar Nazi.

    • What the fuck does ‘rpf did nazi’ mean?

    • dude, as much as I regret being a part of Elm’s RPF, we never did anything related to nazi symbols :/

      • Elm’s Rpf is and will always be 100x better than the current rpf cus u have waffles

        • Waffles are gucci.

          • I’m talking about the RPF leader, Mr Waffle 45…

        • How is that related at all? Stop taking every opportunity you get to tell everyone that elm is god.

          • Dafuq u trying to say. Anyone with a brain would know maxing 50 – 70 is better than maxing 15. Also, I would never consider Elm as a God, idk why you think like that. You’re probably mad cus yours sucked.

            • I would rather max 15 than 50-70 if the latter meant being oppressed by a leader that couldn’t care less about their own troops.

              • He did care about his troops… Besides, do you think Waffles cares about the troops lol.

                • RPF leaders only care about power lol

                • If he cared about his troops he would actually care when they left, and not just sit back and say “Oh well, I can recruit 10 more to replace him”.

                  • Don’t even try. Elmikey still visits RPF chat often

                    • You say that, but the last I saw him was March.

                    • He’s been on chat 4 days ago….

  12. I guess the amount of 18+ people in CP Armies just went up hugely lmao

    • Heheheh Elm will be pleased

  13. PR is a bot of the reasons we ignored them :/

    • proof?

    • Did you even read the post?

    • except they aren’t

    • can you read?

    • wrong again pleb

  14. Wow.

  15. Meh

  16. I bet that some army will create another alliance like pink bunnies alliance(alliance formed to fight PR)and battle PR like in 2011 when they first started raiding

  17. I don’t know what to say

  18. They don’t have real events, they just troll other armies.

  19. Sounds fun. Let’s rock and roll PR.

  20. I feel like joining PR now.

    • If you’re under the age of 18, don’t.

      • Too bad. It’s a free country.

  21. About time, It’s an organized group that does the exact same thing was we do, as long as they don’t use bots and use actual troops there shouldn’t be any reason for us to Ignore them as an army.

  22. Hmh. If only I had PR’s site…

    • pr doesnt have a site
      they use steam and steam only

      • There goes an oppurtunity for Nac users

        • Mac my bad

          • You can download steam on mac

  23. You guys say that Elm did NOT do Nazi Symbols on cp when he was RPF leader. Look at:

    • I see a + sign..the left, top, and right sides doesn’t even finish off with a curve.

      DW pretty much made one here

      There’s some troops that could of added more into the curves, instead they were just scattered.

    • the formation rpf did doesn’t even look like a swastika. They were making a +.They just made a line below cus they were bunched. Also

    • thats a plus adapted to fit the snow forts ermahgewrd, ur literally hitler

  24. This had to be expected with that Attack on CP video was released.

  25. i’ll join for mod

  26. Inb4; GT Merge into PR to make Scandal Squad

    • inb4 i fight you

  27. By our definitions, we have no choice but to acknowledge them as an army.

  28. Congrats!

  29. some_text

    • *purple

    • /r/shittytumblrgifs

  30. If we treat like a regular army, then we would all start to slowly hate them for their slurs and their nonsense. However, if they were to stop the nonsense and have regular army events with regular tactics, then I would gladly welcome them to the community.

    • They do E+T and make swatiskas on Club Penguin – both are tactics.

      • Swastika is not really a tactic more like a formation

        • My memory in CP warfare might be rusty, but… isn’t a formation technically a tactic?

    • But that’s what makes them special. They don’t do what everyone else does, so they’re not “just another army”.

  31. @Pr Is there any other way to communicate with you besides steam ?

    • no because xat is horrible and steam is easy and accessible for the intended audience aka /v/. if you’re not 18+ then don’t even try. we don’t allow underage

  32. Good, the PR’s sizes and tactics will give us a goal to shoot for.

  33. Did someone say rogue warfare ? 😀 !

  34. So you’re telling me using bots is now allowed to boost size? Mkay

    • The current iteration of PR is not bot-based.

      • No interation of PR has been bot-based, whatever flipper flustered children may say

        • Dude, I’m sorry but that’s a complete and utter lie.

          • PR clearly has many members. They do not, nor have they ever had the need to use bots. If you had ever seen them in action, you would know that. Now, whether or not they use auto-typers is another question, but if they do, they’re no different from anyone else. Every army uses auto-typing these days.

            • Stfu are you just going to ignore the post previously made on here PROVING that you guys used bots? PR has made a new low. Its like shoving something in another’s face asking what it is, and than them saying “I don’t see anything.”

    • can you read?

    • They don’t use bots, moron.

  35. PR have caused lots of disturbances, yes they can be massive but I bet they’re hackers. That’s all I can say for now.

    • You just cannot believe our strength and numbers. Scrub.

      • Strength of PR: Strong, but tied for strongest alongside ACP.
        Numbers: Usually 20-30, like armies usually would average.

      • Correction: 20-30 when we don’t have a thread on 4chan. When we do, expect 50-60

    • Yeah most of them are hackers, but in CP we have actual people.

      • than its not really a legit army because of hackers and bots and all that stuff .

  36. So Violenteatella was like…

  37. inb4 pr takes 1st and dw screams lke a baby

  38. Drill the grill

  39. Yes because the next thing this community needs is a bunch of creeps from 4chan who pride on making swatikas on a kids game.

  40. lmfao is this happening again

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