CPAC Conquest Games Announcements || Judging Sign-Ups

A list of selected judges and what armies they are assigned to can be found here. Backup judges are also requested to attend, as is anyone else who is present that day (and has previously judged CPAC events) as we would like to assign two per army if at all possible. If there are any problems with these judging alignments, you must contact Bluesockwa1 immediately. 

UPDATE: A visual map of the Conquest Games has been added below. 

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — As the CPAC Conquest Games comes closer and closer, being scheduled for June 29th, I’m here to make some important announcements that all army leaders should check out. Also, if you’re interested in judging, read on. 


General Announcements

At the beginning of the month, the announcement for the Conquest Games was made. Over the past few weeks, we here at CPA Central, along with Iceyfeet1234, have been working out various kinks in the system of what is a very complicated event. I’m here to outline those changes so that all army leaders are up-to-date with what’s going on.

First and most importantly, the time of the Conquest Games has been lengthened to an hour and a half. It will take place on June 29th, with a small practice round on June 28th. The Practice Round is a day where we will basically dry-run the tournament — CPAC’s judges and armies alike. Any army who wants to participate in the dry run can do so; we’d like it if all armies participating in the games the following day could be there. We’ll run through how the tournament is supposed to work and no army will be the winner that day.

The following day is the actual Conquest Games. The Top Ten Armies (according to the June 22nd Top Ten) will be starting in the ten major rooms. Following this Sunday’s Top Ten, those armies will be able to pick the room they want according to ranking — for example, the first place army picks first, all the way down to number ten.

Armies ranked on the SM Army Press Top Ten are also allowed to participate without signing up. Five rooms have been designated for Small and Medium Armies. I’m aware many of you are currently battling in the SM Army Press Summer Clash — this tournament should take prevalence over the Conquest Games. In other words, only take part in the Conquest Games if you don’t have a SMAP battle that day. I’d also to note that while we were originally allowing S/M armies to apply for alliances, alliances are now banned all across the board. 

Room Information

The points worth per room — along with the rooms in general — has changed. The original announcement post should no longer be used as a reference when it comes to rooms. The updated information is below.

Major Army Spawn Rooms (Worth 2 Points Each) — 

  • Mountain
  • Ski Village
  • Beach
  • Dock
  • Plaza
  • Forest
  • Mine Shack
  • Cove
  • Town
  • Stadium/Ice Rink

Small/Medium Army Spawn Rooms (Worth .5 Points Each) — 

  • Ski Lodge
  • Beacon
  • Nightclub
  • Pizza Parlor
  • Inside Mine

Major Room (Worth 4 Points) — 

  • Snow Forts

Neutral Rooms (Travel is permitted, but worth no points) — 

  • Book Room
  • Nightclub Lounge
  • Boiler Room
  • Digging Site
  • Underground Lake
  • School
  • Pool

Banned Rooms — 

  • Ice Berg
  • Lodge Attic
  • Inside Lighthouse
  • Coffee Shop
  • Pet Shop
  • Dojo Courtyard
  • Dojo Interior
  • Ninja Hideout
  • Fire Ninja Dojo
  • Water Ninja Dojo
  • Snow Ninja Dojo
  • Igloos
  • Any other room not listed here


  1. Alliances are not permitted at any time during the tournament.
  2. All forms of hacking/botting/multilogging/DDoSing/otherwise tampering with computers or servers are absolutely not permitted.
  3. Spying is permitted at all times.
  4. The Gamesmasters/Head Judges must be permitted on the chats of all armies involved.
  5. The use of the tournament as a vehicle by which to blackmail/inconvenience armies in a war is strictly prohibited.
  6. Armies may not enter the server/rooms before the time approved by the Gamesmaster(s).
  7. The judges’ word is absolute for purposes of the tournament.
  8. Attempts to circumvent these rules are punishable at any time at the Gamesmaster(s) discretion.
  9. These rules are subject to addition and/or change at any time at the Gamesmaster(s) discretion.

Judging Sign-Ups

We will need around twenty-five judges to attend during the tournament, following around armies and making sure everything is working smoothly. Along with members of the CPA Central Administration, it is always helpful to have volunteer judges as long as they will remain objective throughout the tournament. If you would like to judge for the Conquest Tournament, you should fill out the following form.


Current/Past Armies: 

Are you affiliated with CPAWM? 

As suggested by the last question, even if you are a member of CP Army Central, SM Army Press, or in the administration of either site, you should still fill out the form if you are planning to judge. Once we receive the number of judges we need, a full list of judges will be posted here at CPA Central.

Event Time Specifications

In case you didn’t see in the general announcements (if you didn’t read the general announcements go back and do it) the Conquest Games is a two-day event. The first day, June 28th, is a dry-run, and we expect all armies who are participating in the actual tournament to help us out with making sure everything will run smoothly the following day. The following day, June 29th, is the actual games. The Conquest Games will last an hour and a half and that is outlined below. 

1st Major Battle: 15 minutes

1st Break: 5 minutes

2nd Major Battle: 15 minutes

2nd Break: 5 minutes

3rd Major Battle: 15 minutes

3rd Break: 5 minutes

Final Battle: 30 minutes

The above schedule will not be followed relentlessly; however, we do suggest the times for regrouping are used wisely. The Conquest Games follow an even pattern of fifteen-five until the fourth and final battle time, which will last for a full half hour. The scheduling for both days is as follows.

Conquest Games: Dry Run

Saturday, June 28th


11:30am PST 12:30pm MST 1:30pm CST 2:30pm EST 7:30pm UK

The dry run will not last a full hour and a half — it will last only as long as we need to verify everything works. 

CPAC Conquest Games 2014

Sunday, June 29th


11:30pm PST 12:30pm MST 1:30pm CST 2:30pm EST 7:30pm UK


Judges will be assigned to armies and following them around the entire tournament, scoring them depending on what rooms they conquer. It is up to you to make sure the judges can watch your army, and up to you to make sure CPAC officials know which rooms you captured at the time you capture them — we don’t want to know twenty minutes after. I would highly recommend working with your assigned judge(s) to make sure they enter your next room early; they can’t score you if they can’t watch you. This entire tournament is based on cooperation between CPAC and the armies participating. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to find me on chat or email me at with your concerns. Drawing for the ten major starting rooms will take place following Sunday’s Top Ten. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome. 


CPA Central CEO


Ice Warriors Creator

CP Army Legend


61 Responses

  1. DeePeeDee2000 [Brady]
    SeePeeAyySee Associate PROducer

  2. Name: Lord Jay/Flamester [2010 Name]
    Current/Past Armies: Golden Troops is my current army. Former army is Army Republic. So a non open and a dead.
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? I’ve heard of it. That’s about it. :I

    • Correction
      Are you affiliated with CPAWM: Yes, I am part of CPAC and former SMAC before SMAP was around. (Misread that question)

      • SMAC was never part of CPAWM. They were affiliated with CPAC but that was prior to CPAWM was founded.

        • Well I was still part of SMAC and did judge for them

  3. Name: Applebiter
    Current/Past Armies: No armies atm, DW was the most recent.
    Are you affliated with CPAWM? Yeah, CPAC Page Maintainer(Editor) and Reporter

  4. Name: Popcorny
    Current/Past Armies: GT
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? no but i did do some cpac judging for Champions cup

    • Also smap judge for some stuff and smac judging exp

      • I can do full 90 mins also

  5. Name: Rockyiceman1

    Current/Past Armies: I currently lead UMA my past armies are Nachos,Rf,Acp and Sba.

    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? I am a former SMAP reporter.

  6. Name: The.Cynical.Penguin

    Current/Past Armies; ACP and LT are the only live ones you would care about. I am currently in the Empire of CP which is a small army in hiatus

    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? I am currently a philosopher for CPAC

    • Ignore my entry above, I will not be able to participate

  7. Name: Vince
    Current/Past Armies: NW Creator
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? No

    • Fake Vince…

      • My apologies, better to be safe than sorry.

      • There are two Vinces – The Night Warriors Creator, and Warriorsrevenge who is a noob.

        • Actually it was the real NW vince, i thought it was a different one since he was using his alternate account.

  8. Name: Pjayo
    Current/Past Armies: (in order) IW ACP DCP DW Romans Golds RPF UMA Dragons WV
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM?

    • I am not affiliated

  9. 1. Andy
    2. DW HSA ACP WV and many more
    3. Yes, I have (and is) working at CPAC and SMAP.
    I used to work at SMAC, CPAF (now known as SMAP) and CPADN

  10. 1. Aquabluejet1
    2. IW, NW, LT
    3. I worked for CPAC twice and CPWN, I think. I cant remember the name of the website.

  11. Name: 1goblinguy

    Current/Past Armies: all of them

    Are you affiliated with CPAWM?: other than avid viewer/commenter, nope.

  12. Supa Em
    Currently-DW Past-armies such as rpf which I have no connection to now.
    CPAC reporter and SMAP Vice President.

  13. Name: Sonic

    Current/Past Armies: ACP, IW, SWAT, LT, DW, GD, Golds, CPW, CPGT, HW, SW, Jokesters, GM, ND, Crew, WR, FD, RF, RP, Nachos, Nochos, WV, ST, CPST, GT, GW, IAE, CPPD, FT, AW, Chaos, LS, AR

    Are you affiliated with CPAWM?

    • You’re like that slut in very school, been everywhere.

    • That’s a lot of armies….

    • You forgot SP, you army hoppa.

    • I didn’t frickin army hop. I was in armies for 4 years…

      • In that case, you joined 9 armies every year (365 divided by 38, just by statistics, it’s probably way different.)
        I myself have been in 2 armies within the timespan of 2 years. Lol.

        • actually I joined over 25 armies in 2012. 2013-2014 I joined less armies

  14. Name: Gangsta
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM?
    I worked for CPAWN if that counts *wary*

  15. Name: Ultipenguinj
    Current/Past Armies: RPF, Nachos
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? Yes, I worked for SMAP for a little while.

  16. Celts will be taking BlastVikings place

  17. I would judge but I have to go to the summer world series 😛

  18. Name: Tobercold
    Current/Past Armies: RP, RPF, DW
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? I’m a CPAC Author and I have worked for a couple of S/M news sites.

  19. Name: Penguin43201

    Current/Past Armies: ACP, DW, Nachos, IW, RPF

    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? Yes. I used to be an author here at CPAC, and I even host Club Penguin Army Warfare News (CPAWN), although CPAWN is extremely inactive.

  20. Name: Matt/Pufpuf103
    Current/Past Armies: Mainly DW, but I’ve been in ACP, Nachos, Golds, AR, ST, AW, HSA
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? No

    • 301FUPFUP is bias!!!!

    • aqua warriors

  21. Name: Soxsfan2002
    Current/Past Armies: RPF, Army Warriors, Formerly SWAT, Formerly LGA
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? Well, it have judged a CPAC tourney before.

    • I* *wary*

  22. Name: Westbrook
    Current/Past Armies: Past: UMA Current: ACP
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM?

  23. Some quality applicants right here.

  24. Name: Falcon1111

    Current/Past Armies: DW RPF LT Golds ACP

    Are you affiliated with CPAWM?No

  25. ill judge IW 😉

  26. 1. Tax1
    2. ACP
    3. Yes CPAC and SMAP

  27. Name: Epicolizard1
    Current/Past Armies: Golden Troops
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? No

  28. Name: CPMaster10123
    Current/Past Armies: ACP
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? No

  29. Name: Wenny
    Current/Past Armies: Golden Troops
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? No

  30. I change my last answer, I’m a former philosopher for SMAP and CPAC

  31. Name: flipfloper

    Current/Past Armies: ACP AND UMA

    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? yes smap reporter

  32. Name: Snowskitter
    Current/Past Armies:Currently IW, Former LGA,
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM: No I am not in fact. But I am actually willing to volunteer for this new conquest games tournament coming up very soon.

  33. Reblogged this on Club Penguin: Dark Warriors Army and commented:
    Huge Club Penguin armies tournament this weekend! Read this post for more info!

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  35. I’ve had events where several armies woudl fill up multiple rooms and it caused nobody to be able to spawn into Club Penguin upon logging in, therefore ruining the event.

  36. Name: Cookie
    Current/Past Armies: Former RPF 2ic, Current RPF 4ic, there’s many more but I’m just listing one of my major army.
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? Yes, CPA Central Reporter

  37. Adamjensen
    Purple republic

  38. Name: Frankington
    Current/Past Armies: acp, Dark Army
    Are you affiliated with CPAWM? No

  39. purple republic gon fucking dominate

  40. Meanwhile

  41. The rare penguins of cp army is back with its 8th generation!!

    Come join the new generation of trp!(the rare penguins of cp)

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