Coming Soon: Ground Zero

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — KappnKrunch Production’s newest project narrates the history of our community in a never-before-seen way. 

In its ninth year, the army community is ever-growing, ever-morphing and shows no sign of stopping. CPA Central, along with many other armies, groups and other organizations over the years have taken to recounting the vast and complicated history of this world we have created, specifically some of the most noble wars. CPA Central is undergoing an update of its History Page to include World War V, World War VI and the New Dawn Alliance Conflict, which will make the page the most comprehensive guide to major wars in all of armies.

However, sometimes pages like this — though good for archival purposes — lose the message. In the thousands of words it takes to recount our history, things can sometimes turn into a textbook lesson. The folks at KappnKrunch Productions have been producing videos for years, recounting wars such as the Light Troops vs. Army of Club Penguin, along with writing their own original stories.

The newest project from KappnKrunch Productions is set to fix that textbook lesson issue; it’s a series of videos that will recount the most important wars in all of army history, and how they shaped the community and its legendary leaders for years to come. Though the project is still in the works, a trailer video for Ground Zero is below.

Ground Zero, from KappnKrunch Productions, will be released here at CPA Central as they come. 


CPA Central CEO


44 Responses

  1. Oooohh

    • Yeah I know, many ice warriors are going to be killed because the LT hates us.

      • Nosir, LT doesn’t really hate IW plus this isn’t even about LT

        • Roberto is in LT so of course they’re going to kill us, even if they’re using different armies in the series. You know how you hate something but you use something else to depict it?

          How about this? Since Roberto is in the LT and hates the IceWarriors, he may script any army to come out and kill us at some point in the series, even if its not LT.

          • I’m pretty sure rob won’t pull a dick move, even if he does kappn could just change it if he wanted to

          • the series is about events that have already happened, and as far as I’m aware IW isn’t dead


              The autograph isn’t for me, it’s for my cousin…. her name is Christohper1.

              • Stfu

              • Christopher1 rarely do I ever kill IW in any of my videos… -_- I have only done it in Uprise and the Legends Battle Video. I have nothing against IW. AND I have killed ACP wayyyy more in my videos and they haven’t complained as much as you have.

                • Oh… sorry Roberto. 😦

  2. Looking forward to this, nice trailer Roberto and Kappn

  3. Looks awesome! 😀

  4. Daamn, these looks legit! Keep it up, Roberto and Kappn Krunch

  5. Holy shit.

  6. everyone post ACP is dying to see this

  7. USA can get out of their group over Portugal

  8. Exciting! :mrgreen:

  9. #KappnKrunchProductions

  10. 10/10 Would play again like Skyrim with guys

  11. ACPTR should use this

  12. looks really promising

  13. this was pretty damn cool

  14. love u bby kappn ❤

    • love u too ❤

  15. make a version of The World Wars

    except base it on the ACP-Nacho War and the Black Wars

    • Well based on the hinting of having World War V at the end I think they’ll do that.

  16. Excellent.

    & hey I’m in this 😉

    • I gotta talk to you at some point, chat or Kik or email or whatever works for you

      • email me

  17. oo la la

  18. Can’t wait until Pirates appear in this.

  19. Cool concept, but was the video made with Windows Movie Maker? :/

    • Yes, I use movie maker in mine, Rob has a more advanced program for making his videos

      • LMAO

  20. I’ve always enjoyed watching videos from KappnKrunch Productions, and I’m really looking forward for the coverage of the most influential wars and events of this army community.

    You guys make the best videos ever. I have a plethora of anime soundtracks that I can provide if you ever have trouble in finding a suitable track for the scene, so don’t hesitate to ask if you would like some. 😛
    (My KIK is Flipmoooo)

    Anyways, I look forward into seeing many of the influential figures in this video of yours! 😀 Can’t wait!

  21. why isn’t dw in the preview 😥

  22. Man CP Armies would really be fun if there were guns involved, and actual tactics.

    Not like Call of Duty, where its 6 on 6 or auto assigned teams, but where you have a whole army led by a general (leader). You respawn at the end of the battle.

  23. It;s not the best made video but it’s cool. also how are you going to complain about “oh they’re going to kill us off” they are re-enacting history

  24. I wanna see this

  25. Thats epic

  26. This is one of those videos that make me want to be involved with the work of the video and make me go back to armies. I know that I can’t be involved into the video, but this sounds so cool.

  27. Mind = Blown… :O

  28. Lol awesome

  29. Yessss!!!!

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