The CP Army Census 2014 – Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — In this year’s Census, 60% more turned out to fill out the forms compared to 2011, bringing the number of participants this year to almost 400. We’re here to share the results of what was a very successful Census. 

Some of you may have noticed that the forms came down earlier today; I have been working with many others here at CPA Central to put together the results and release them. A whopping 393 members of the community filled out the Required Form, and 245 went the extra mile and filled out the Optional Form. At almost 400 total participants and almost two-thirds of those participants filling out both forms, I am very happy with the results of the 2014 Census and think army leaders, CPAWM’s staff and the entire community should be as well.

All of your answers were statisticalized, as I stated in the initial posts announcing the Census. One the names on Club Penguin and Xat were removed, statistics from both CPA Central and SM Army Press were but into two separate workbooks, one for the Optional Form and one for the Required Form. A quick shout-out to the folks over at SMAP for being a great help with advertising and sponsoring the Census; many of our participants did fill out forms on S/M Army Press. Also thanks to everyone at CPAC who did the not-too-fun job of soliciting participation — you guys did great.

Graphs were not too hard to make from there on out. The only thing to note before reading below is that for graphs such as the main army/organization and first army, a few changes were made. Those armies who did not have around the number eight did not receive representation on the graphs. If you put two armies or organizations, either a.) the first was selected or b.) the army who was getting represented would be used, i.e. if you put Redemption Force and Ice Warriors, you’d be counted for IW as the Redemption Force was being filed into the “Other” category. Strictly hypothetical example. Without further adieu, the graphs are below.

Required Form Statistics


It’s likely some of those claiming to join in 2005 and 2006 didn’t actually, but there are also some interesting things that can be taken from this first question. If you divide the 10 years of Club Penguin in half, 75% of armies joined Club Penguin before 2011. This has more to do with recruiting, as seen in the graph below.

required2The year in which people joined Club Penguin Armies is only a little over half in the first five years, with significant contributions to recruiting happening in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Of the three most recent years, 2013 especially had an influx in army recruits, which could be attributed to the introduction of the auto-typer, the rise of the AUSIA community, and people like Elmikey pushing for huge amounts of new recruits in armies.


This graph is also very interesting. Not only are 50% of armies recruited from Club Penguin, but a whopping 91% were brought into this community without the use of newly-argued methods such as chat recruiting. What this seems to suggest is that while chat recruiting works for some time, the members a.) don’t stay and b.) due to our recent bannings on tracker chats, chat recruiting has become much harder.


This graph wasn’t too surprising. The Army of Club Penguin, which reigned unarguably dominant until their fall in 2012, made up for over a quarter of our members’ first army. Also, with ACP’s recently successful AUSIA Division, it is no surprise they make up so much of this list. The Rebel Penguin Federation, known for its recent almost baby boom of recruits, makes up 10%, a statistic they weren’t even close to in 2011. Strong showings are also seen from the Ice Warriors and Nachos.


Comparing this graph to the one above and looking at it alone are both interesting. ACP’s static percentage at 26% seems to argue that many recruits stay with the army, while the changing of the RPF-DW stats from 10-6 to 7-7 give a peek into the migration of some RPF recruits with Elmikey when he was fired from the Rebel Penguin Federation. Notably, CPA Central has its first appearance on this chart and the only news site to make it, with 3% of armies identify with a news site as their main organization.


Not surprisingly, Eastern Standard Time once again reigns supreme by huge margins, thought not as large as before. Between GMT, CET, and IT, the European side of armies makes up about 20% of the community, a similar statistic to the 2011 polling (note some “Other” were European.) Also, the rise of AUSIA is represented here, with IST taking 4% and other Australian and Asian Time Zones making the graph, for a total of 11%.

Optional Form Statistics


This graph only highlights something we, as a community, have failed to do: attract girls. With e-dating in armies always centering around the same females, it isn’t surprising why: according to this chart, 90% of armies are Male. This is a community about warfare and fighting so this makes sense, but this doesn’t mean notable females have not come and gone in this community.


The age chart shows that the average army member is 14, up from 11-12 in 2011 and undoubtedly even younger in the earliest years. Also, ages 13-17 make up over two-thirds of the community, with the youngest ages (8, 9 and 10), as well as 18+, making up the other 25%. It will be interesting to see if the mean age only keeps growing in armies if this census is taking again in another three years.


Unfortunately, this graph isn’t too surprising. Whites make up 68% of armies, with other groups taking a little over a quarter. Notably, Asian and Indian now make up 15% of armies, likely as a result of the rise of AUSIA Divisions.


A whopping 94% of armies identify themselves as Straight, though the percentage of those identify as Gay/Bisexual could be as high as 14%. As an internet community, it’s not unlikely that we attract minorities, so the percentage of Gay/Bisexuals in the community may be much higher than the 5% shown above.


As in the real world, Christianity takes the majority in this poll with 59%. Representative of the new generation, however, Atheist/Agnostic takes a quarter of the overall poll. Other religions make up the other 16%, which may be due to the large influence of CP Armies in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom and its rather new influence in other countries.


This chart also represents a change in the world and a changing generation, with Liberals taking the majority in this poll. Conservatives are falling from influence, with Libertarian and Socialist combined (24%) overtaking the Conservative ranking. Other political parties, most likely in countries where these parties aren’t common, identify as Other.

The 2014 Census has been very successful, drawing in almost 60% higher participation than 2011’s Census, and all who worked to make it happen here at CPA Central, over at SM Army Press and throughout the community should be proud and deserve our thanks. It is only my hope that this provides important statistics for army leaders to direct their recruiting and event scheduling basis to focus on what they need to improve on. Hopefully, in 2017, we’ll do this again. I don’t know about you, but I’m pulling for armies to last until then. 


CPA Central CEO




101 Responses

    • The average age of people in the census is 14 and the average join date was 2008. This means the AVERAGE person claims to have joined Club Penguin when they were 8 years old at a time when the target audience was much higher.

      • Still, you have to put into consideration that the poll that asked how old you are is in the optional form, while the join date one is in the required form.

      • i joined back when oagal and you were leading ACP in 2008, I am 15 so I was 9. Had a lot of fun and thank you Boomer for leading us!

      • I joined in 2007 when I was eight. Granted, I turned nine about a month after I first created my penguin, and I don’t see anything wrong with it, really.

        • but I don’t*

      • Well actually I made my account when I was 7. Now I am 14 soooo

    • some_text Going along with Boomer’s meme

      • I joined in 2009.

  1. First and wow I’m part of the 3 percent of Jews

    • Nvm Second

      • Yo yankee ur a Jew???? awesome that makes 2 of us

    • Only 3% Jews left? Damn, I must be good at my job then.

      • Wow.

        • Did I offend you? Good

          • not funny dude

      • I literally spit out my Sprite at Derk’s comment I was laughing so hard.

      • -claps-

  2. The average age of people in CP Armies is definitely going up… 28% over 16 😛

    • And considering almost 75% of the community is above CP’s “target age group”, I’d say that’s definitely true. We did have very strong response rates by retirees too though so that number might also be misleadingly high.

  3. LOL

    • i wouldnt make fun of it unless you want the people on Tumblr to hunt you down

      • tumblr

        am i supposed to be scared

        • Do you like uptight hypocritical feminists? What about “soft grunge” kids who make text posts whining about how their mommy won’t buy them tickets to see some disgusting band with members who are middle aged men still in their emo phase? You don’t? Well damn, you better run.

          (Note: If you don’t use Tumblr and you think I sound like a idiot, I don’t blame you, just disregard this comment. On the other hand, if you know how Tumblr is don’t you dare try to say you disagree with me)

          • Dirty cis! Ur oppressing me by objectifying your rape culture onto me! #Killallmen

            • ^^epitome of most posts on tumblr

              • So true, but you can always browse the Club Penguin tag, which is thankfully free from others biased opinions… For now at least.

            • Lol feels like spongebob.

        • tumblr is a very dark place young one

          • I tried it once, never again

          • Good luck on 4chan…

            • There are no words.

            • I actually find 4chan to be more accepting of people

              That is, unless you’re from Tumblr

              • …Or from Reddit

    • talkin shit about strawberries?

  4. Not gonna lie, but I think 5% Gays in the community is probably accurate, The rest probably left cause of kids like waterkid and shit.

    • Chances are the number is higher than that because of the ability to “opt out” of answering, which about 7% of people chose to do.

    • why do you think waterkid declared war on wgfv

  5. I actually did join in 2010 so at least I’m honest. /_/

  6. 15% of current members did not join in 2006

    • 7% claim to be betas too (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    • This was my thought as well; the joining dates are unquestionably exaggerated.

  7. #sausagefest

  8. Way to lie to a census, enjoy burning in eternal prison

  9. I personally say we should do this again next year in order to compare data far better than in a 3 year period.

  10. LOL How much do you want to bet these ‘Socialists’ have no f’kn clue what being socialist means?

    • I bet 85% of them

      • Most of them are 13 year old internet Communists

        • Like Waffle45

    • Most of them are likely European, where most countries have major Socialist parties like we have Democratic and Republican parties. A lot of them actually have largely socialist governments as well.

    • I thinkk supporters of the UK Labour Party may have something to say about that.

  11. 2007 2007 2007 2007 let’s gooo

  12. I think i’m one of the few people that actually joined CP in 2006.

    • the question was when did you join club penguin armies, not club penguin. i joined cp in ’08 and cpa in 2010.

      • facepalm

        If i’m not mistaken, there were two separate questions.

        When did you join Club Penguin?


        When did you join Club Penguin armies?

        I was referring to the first question.

      • So he joined CP in 2006. Big deal. I joined in 2010, and I’m not ashamed or anything stupid like that.

  13. I joined CP In 2006, I had a penguin named Voncheifer until around 2008. I got bored and then around 2009 or so I made a new one because I forgot the password and then I joined ACP later that year.

    • Who is the tosser that down voted me?

      • I also got down voted. (cries irl)

        Apparently joining CP in 2006 is cause for downvoting on CPAC. :/

    • Well I joined cp in 2010 and cpa in 2011 so gg I win huehue

  14. One of the few who joined DCP as their first army. woo.

    • no way toy!! ur kiddin… :@ one of the few who joined DW as their first army WOOOO!!!!!!! booyah

      • ^ DW has created monsters.

  15. Oh come on, do you honestly expect this “political” thing to be accurate in a community for teenagers and younger? I bet most of the people who voted in that one don’t even know what any of those things mean.

    • Probably most of the older U.K and U.S people voted correctly lol

      • Probably, yes, but we still have no reason to assume that those particular results are accurate.

        • Many of them just voted what they believed their parents would vote for.

          • “Daddy, what’s a liberal?”
            “A terrible, evil creature, son.”

            • LMAO SO TRUE. “I’ve been spoon fed fox news since I was a fetus”

    • I don’t know what any of the listed options are except socialist, and I’m not a socialist so I didn’t answer XD

  16. chat recruited ftw

  17. I loled at those percentange of gay/bi and asexuals

  18. i cant tell if i voted straight or asexual

  19. Good job gays!

  20. #WWfirstarmy4lyfe

  21. Apart from the political one, this was a fairly successful survey. Well done to those who organised it.

  22. Says they joined in 2006
    Says they joined CP Armies in 2013.
    How low is that?

    • I joined CP around Summer 2007, and I did know about armies, but just never really liked them. It got annoying when there were a lot of penguins in your way, and you couldn’t see the room much. When that CP mod released that post about armies on his personal blog, I decided to check them out again, and here we are today. Maybe that’s what happened with those people, but I bet most are 9 – 12 year olds lying.

  23. This is awesome. 👍

    • It’s the amazing Wonton 😮

  24. Hah

  25. wooo 10% CP army women unite! Lol I’m actually pretty surprised it was that low, I figured more like 30-40%

    • Yes. because almost half of the people in armies are females

  26. Well this census all tells us that we…… lie.

  27. Your site is now being advertised on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site. Use this site to find links to other armies. Check out the R.I.P. page for armies that have fallen.

  28. your right Crose003.I was surprised at the gender results girls rule!

  29. If you were a Libertarian, Traditional Chinese/Japanese Asexual Middle-Eastern girl who was 9 and living in IT Timezone, whose first army was GD but is in CPPA, and joined CP in 2014- You’d be the rarest person in armies.

    • Yup, that’s me!

  30. I am a socialist (if Hoxhaism is still considered socialism.)

    • However, I am registered as a Democrat as far as voting goes

  31. All i have to say is, White power…

  32. Gay is against the bible so why put it in there?

    • Just because something is “against the Bible” does not make it wrong, nor does it make someone any less of a person.

      The Bible is a story like any other book, and while, yes, its advice is sometimes good, it contains a great many antiquated and harmful beliefs that have no place in modern society (one of those being the notion that being gay is wrong).

      • Ok my mistake.I don’t mind

      • The bible is not just a book,It is the book of God!If it is against the bible,it is against god and you will go to hell.

        • And you’re so cocksure to assume that you are safe from that threat because you’re what you consider a “superior human”? How can you know you won’t be joining those 5% on that ride for being so god damn ignorant?

          I realize you’ve probably been spoon-fed conservatism from age four, but let me tell you that not everyone has your beliefs, not everyone interprets the Bible the way you — or, more likely, your parents — do, and not everyone believes doctrine can’t be affected by changing times. In case you didn’t know, the basic, fundamental teaching of God was to love. That requires no interpretation, and unlike what the conservatives claim is proof God hates gays, the message of love is repeated and beaten into your skull throughout the entire Bible. If you can’t love everyone, how are you fulfilling that mission?

          • Ok I believe you! I will shutup

    • “They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.” — Ephesians 4:18

      Ignorance is against the Bible but we still allowed you to take part.

    • Stupid is against the Burn Book. Why advocate it?

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