CPAC Special Report: Rampant Corruption Exposed in the Golden Troops

UPDATE 12:18 AM EST: GT has released a pair of posts responding to multilogging accusations.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters — As we sit on the brink of what will be yet another return of the legendary Golden Troops, new information on prominent leaders inside the army and their actions may end the army before it ever gets a chance to start. 

The Golden Troops, and the leaders that spawned from the army’s early generations, have longed referred to themselves as a sort of “master race.” Leaders from all kinds of Golden Troops generations have spread throughout armies, holding positions of power and influence in what one Golden Troops veteran coined a sort of Illuminati. In recent internal narrations of their history, the Golden Troops described a long-lasting attempt to influence the media, among other background deals.

The actions of notable former Golden Troops leaders have been revealed in the media recently, from proof Sercan was responsible for editing pictures, to proof Jerry multi-logged for the Army of CP, and finally to proof Ganger90 multi-logged during his leadership in SWAT. Just a few days ago, Ganger90 joined the Light Troops for a leadership rank until becoming involved in the Golden Troops reformation before we could even cover the story. After retiring from the ACP for “personal reasons”, Sercan and Jerry have also become the kingpins of a project to reform the Golden Troops, coming in less than two weeks.

The question has been asked — what happens when we put all these corrupt leaders in once place? Well, exactly what you’d think — corruption. 

I. A Brief History

Ever since what was long considered the finest generation of the Golden Troops, the army has been enthralled in scandals. In August of 2011, accusations of whether or not the Golden Troops used bots came to light. As stated in the post, one of the main arguments in support of this theory was that GT’s chat size never reflected the size their army had on Club Penguin. In an interview with CPA Central in August 2011, Sercan stated,

People are jealous, they want to ruin GT’s reputation with lies. NONE of them have any proof, besides some bots that were used over 6 months ago. I am sure nobody in GT is using bots atm.

Not too long after, during a conflict between the Golden Troops and the Army of Club Penguin, Mchappy allegedly proved Riotors was responsible for DOXing and spreading anarchy in CP Armies by matching his IP address with “anarchist4life“, prompting the resignation of Riotors and further leading to the spread of rumored scandals about the Golden Troops. Though CPA Central anchored that story multiple times, along with other scandals regarding the Golden Troops, never before have the dots been connected in ways like this. Based on information from the Golden Troops site privately narrating their history, to owners who were involved in the corruption, to a narration of what has been the single longest corruption scandal in army history, things are unraveling for the Golden Troops.

II. Multi-Logging in the Golden Troops

Information dating years back has been combined with the recent scandals to form a comprehensive history of corrupt decisions made by Sercan, Jerry, and Ganger90 during not only their time in the Golden Troops but in other armies. The earliest traces of these offenses are found at the time of the initial rise of the Golden Troops, where Riotors and Sercan respond to allegations that the army has been involved in botting before.

As early as August of 2011, Riotors confirms that Sercan used bots “in his noob days”, and Sercan comments later backing up that claim. Both of them say Sercan no longer is involved in botting. A few weeks after this post, the same day as the botting allegations on August 27th, Jerry and Sercan both retire from the Golden Troops, which seems to be the pattern both of them follow whenever they get caught for something — see their issues in the Army of Club Penguin for further evidence.

In his retirement post, Jerry states, “We’re accused of using bots because people are scared we might declare war on them. They’re too scared to accept facts and rather brush it off as something as simple as multi-login.” This seems to be Jerry admitting to having multi-logged (which he considered different from botting) at the time of his retirement from the Golden Troops. So far, Sercan has admitted to botting “in his noob days” and Jerry has admitted to multi-logging at the time of their post-scandal August 2011 retirements. This is where things really get interesting.


Jerry2cool has been multi-logging for over 4 years, and on the same penguins nonetheless. Some owners who have worked with him have claimed he multi-logs on five or even eight different penguins, and a few can be proven. Below, you see proof of Jerry (complete with self-incriminating use of his other multi-logging penguin Jhtocp’s name) voting for himself in the 2011 awards as Remy 99.

Click to enlarge.

In the days of Jerry’s involvement in the Army of Club Penguin, Remy 99 was called into question as a multi-log used by either himself or Cassius Brutus. Jhtocp was also questioned by those who remembered that Jerry used this as his WordPress name for a period of time during his leadership with GT. In the same post provided earlier of Tempah alleging botting in the army, Ajman9011, who held a leadership rank in GT, makes the following comment.

An accidental leak of information perhaps, but this is definitive evidence that other members of the Golden Troops leadership knew about what was going on, even if they may not have participated in the same disgraceful actions. How could Jerry possibly have so many penguins? Stay tuned to find out.

Sercan 4444

Sercan’s days in the Golden Troops were also riddled with cheating, centering around an account called 10sportacus. Also brought into question during his time as ACP Leader, two simple searches show 10sportacus never commented on the ACP site and never commented on the GT site despite being heavily used in both armies. In April of this year, CPA Central anchored allegations from Waterkid100 that 10sportacus was Sercan’s other account. Waterkid’s accusations are quoted below.

Sercan and his 10spartacus account

You see, xat has this thing where when you click on someone in your friendlist their OLD name shows and then their NEW one appears. I added Sercan’s old account ages ago (I think in December 2012 when GT returned) and he used that account. Sercan then changed it to be the account of 10spartacus, one of his multi logs.

-Waterkid100, Light Troops Leader, April 5, 2014

Further analysis has since proven that the xatspace for SeleniumSE displays graphics made by Sercan years ago. The avatar for the account even uses an image with the file name “SercanAvatar”.


Ganger90 has been tied to the penguin Fort59 since he was recently caught red-handed, but the use of that penguin dates back to the early days of the Golden Troops. Fort59, keeping with the pattern, never commented on the Golden Troops site, despite being listed on countless Promotion Day posts, one of which shown here as having been in use dating all the way back to at least May 2010. Fort59 was confirmed to be Ganger90’s multi-log penguin as of this year by CPA Central.

The penguin being called into question is Fort59, assumed to be a multi-log used by Ganger90. In the same results post, which was made by Ganger, “Fort59″ is the user logged on Club Penguin for one of the screenshots. Also good to note, Fort59 is not on the SWAT Ranks, and everything else we usually look for checks out: Fort59 is only at events Ganger90 appears at, and for those events Ganger is not a part of, Fort59 is not there either. See the evidence below; I warn you however that due to previous experience with bringing down multi-logging or picture editing, we expect the post will be taken down and the evidence removed. For your convenience, it’s below.

As with the IP matches between Jerry and Remy 99, the IP addresses for Ganger90 and Fort59 match up as well. As shown in the original CPA Central investigation, though Fort59’s comments on CPAC are not too recent, they do match with comments made by Ganger90 on the site as recently as April of this year.

August 2011: Widespread Corruption Reaches a Peak

One of the most critical revelations to this investigation is that these nefarious actions were ramped into high gear in the 3 weeks leading up to the community-changing event of the Golden Troops ranking at 1st on the Top Ten. Evidence provided herein suggests these actions occurred due to a concerted effort on the part of the Golden Troops leadership to cheat their way to first.

At the beginning of August 2011, a joint Invasions of Rocky Road and Hypothermia revealed a total of six additional penguins (at minimum), along with the regular accounts used by Sercan, Jerry, and also Ganger90, are shown to be attending the battle. Sercan using 10sportacus along with his regular account, Ganger90 multi-logging with Fort59, and Jerry somehow managing a whopping four penguins with Remy 99, Jhtocp, Goldentroop1, and his regular account listed under “maybe attending.” None of these multi-logging penguins had commented to say they were attending the event, in fact, none of them had commented on any post. Most alarmingly, the vast majority of penguins listed as attending did not comment as such, including Water Polo 8, Shaun182, Hule, Shagwage, Tonyhawksk8, Kingming9, Dj3k Candece, Lilwayne794, Water1902, Goldentroop1, Nivlad, Vader1901, Loganpengu, and Orangerwarri1. All 14 of these penguins, as well as Fort59, Jhtocp, Remy 99, 10sportacus and Puffle Troop from a later post, did not once comment on the GT website and were all listed consecutively along with the other known multi-logging penguins — that makes for at least 19 multi-logging penguins in total. We will not even attempt to identify which leaders each belongs to. The list alone makes its point.

You are effectively looking at one massive list of Golden Troops multi-logging penguins:

A great deal of the penguins listed above can be seen in attendance of the event, documented in both pictures and video here, as well as at a later event. There are, in fact, even more multi-logging penguins listed as planning to attend as there are real penguins. Nearly all of these penguins appeared that very week at the beginning of August 2011, perfectly timed with GT’s improbably fast rise to power.

The later event’s results appear even more extreme the the first, with at least 9 multi-logged penguins in addition to Jerry, Sercan, and Ganger. At least 7 of the penguins in GT’s “multi-log list” can be seen below, along with at least 2 others in this picture.

Click to enlarge

Jerry’s results post for this event included a number of interesting quotes as well, the first pointing out how many (real) people did not attend the event (where they claimed to max 35+), the second remarking about GT’s improbably doubling in size, and the third being the first indication that GT intended to use these dirty tactics to achieve first.

You know what’s funny? 10 people didn’t make this event. People like Sora, Tristin, Staler-Captain and on.

We’ve grown faster then I’ve ever seen an army grow. In 2 weeks we went from 15 to 30 average. And that’s just amazing. Truly amazing.

All in all, this battle gave us much insight which should sky rocket us back up to the road of Number One.

It was on August 21, 2011 that the Golden Troops finally knocked the Army of Club Penguin off their pedestal at first place in one of the only times it happened that year. The weeks leading up to that ranking at first — from what we have reported up to even the weeks after — show all kinds of evidence of multi-logging.

Also, that week, the Golden troops claimed sizes of 45+ during an event where they only managed 16 troops total on their chat. I’ve heard of rogues before, but never has 67% of an army’s size been made up of rogues. This is an example of the long-standing argument that the Golden Troops’ chat sizes did not reflect their Club Penguin sizes. The only thing that would prove the above statement false is the fact that Riotors seems to be adding recruiting sessions together, combining UK and US event sizes to inflate the overall numbers.

Even in the official picture used in CPA Central’s Top Ten that week, there is evidence of multi-logging. Below, you see Jerry and Sercan logged on using multiple penguins. Jerry 4 Ever and Sercan 4444’s main accounts are in the very center, while Goldentroop1, Remy 99, and 10sportacus are positioned on the outskirts of the Ice Berg.

Above is a closeup of another Golden Troops event, where the picture is taken by Jerry 4 Ever, Remy 99 is the yellow duck to his right, and Jhtocp is at the top. From Jerry 2 Cool to Jhtocp to Remy 99 to Goldentroop1 to Sercan 4444 to 10sportacus to Ganger90 to Fort59, the Golden Troops leadership seems to be synonymous with multi-logging, and that does not even account for additional list of multi-logging penguins. Despite all of this, they haven’t learned anything either. Even with some close calls in the Golden Troops, and despite all three of them being caught in the past year, they are taking that corruption with them to the GT reformation.

Jerry’s Own Documentation of GT’s Corruption

In a groundbreaking leak from inside the Golden Troops, a post on the GT site, written by Jerry in September 2013 and titled Crap Golden Troops Got Away With does leaps and bounds to confirm the evidence provided in this post. Three screenshots of that post are below, and here’s the picture proving it’s real and exists on the Golden Troops site. The post has been confirmed by a former GT Leader who had access to the site last fall.

As has become evident in Jerry’s own documentation of the Golden Troops’ scandals, the corruption extends far beyond multi-logging and into bot use, attempts to control the media, and general deception. Former GT Leader Tap Dancer36 revealed in an interview with CPA Central that the recent 2013 generation of the Golden Troops “mainly had a lot of picture edits to get high in the Top Ten,”  mirroring identically what was later used by Sercan to achieve success in the Army of Club Penguin.

III. Multi-Logging in the Army of CP

Just when everything scandalous seemed far in our past, the actions of Sercan and Jerry in the Army of Club Penguin are once again called into question. For those who need some brushing up (since it’s been a busy year when it comes to investigations), Sercan and Jerry retired from the Army of Club Penguin amid allegations that Sercan edited pictures in the army and Jerry multi-logged. In his post in defense of his actions, Jerry stated he only multi-logged in events whose results were not published on the ACP site. Unfortunately, as evidence has since proved, that is not true.

But first, let’s talk about a penguin by the name of Great Alex12. Promotion Day, August 2011, Great Alex12 is seen referencing that he is a friend of Sercan’s in real life. Almost a year after that, when Flipper7706 retired from armies, Alex made his last comment on the ACP site — this has been background checked by people on the site. See the two comments below.

However, following Great Alex12’s disappearance from the Army of Club Penguin and their ranks, he continued to show up at events during the time Sercan 4444 was at the helm of the army. With near certainty, it can be alleged that Sercan began to multi-log his old friend’s penguin at events, as no evidence that his friend ever returned to armies is available. Also, as was mentioned, Jerry’s defense of his admitted multi-logging as being only during events that weren’t posted is false. Not only is this false, but we see evidence of Jerry attempting to get many other owners in the ACP to multi-log as well.

The Extent of Jerry and Sercan’s ACP Multi-Logging Revealed

At the time of the CPA Central March Madness 2014, the Army of Club Penguin faced off against the Nachos to be the champions of the tournament. Despite Sercan claiming the Army of Club Penguin “knew who the true winners were” in that battle (where they lost to the Nachos), the only thing ACP seemed to win at that day was cheating. In talks with CPA Central, Lumarnara confirmed he was asked to multi-log and did so on the penguin Nat52. He also claims an overwhelming majority of the ACP ownership, leaving out only Flipmoo (but some suggest Purple Slime as well), were asked to multi-log by Jerry, although it appears only Lumarnara and possibly Stromae complied.

Above, you see a picture from the March Madness Finals — Sercan on Sercan 4444 and Great Alex12, Jerry on Jhtocp and Remy 99, and Lumarnara on his own penguin as well as Nat52. According to Lumarnara’s interview, many other owners in the Army of Club Penguin were asked to multi-log during this time. It’s only a matter of time to see if any other owners will validate these claims.

Examples of multi-logging spanning from January to March (this time span is highlighted by Lumarnara in his interview) shows all kinds of examples of multi-logging. Some of the best are below, though, assuming ACP doesn’t delete all those posts, you could go on that site and find a surprising number for yourself.

These pictures (from the Raid of Parka and a Tactical Session, respectively) are only two of many examples of ACP multi-logging. In the first picture, you see Jerry logged onto Jhtocp and Remy 99, as well as Sercan logged onto Sercan 4444 and Great Alex12. In the second picture, all of the multi-loggers seem to congregate for fun in one arm of ACP’s X formation, named Nat52, Lumarnara, Sercan 4444 and Great Alex12 in that order.

IV. Interview With Lumarnara, Former ACP 3ic and GT Owner

CPA Central’s talks with Lumarnara were a major reason this story was published, and a major reason that research was conducted regarding the Golden Troops’ offenses. A member of both Jerry’s ACP Recruiting Force, and seen as a protege of the offenders in question, his decision to reach out to us changed the entire landscape of not only this story, but also the community. It is downright sad to think that after four years of this, Lumarnara is the first owner to speak out.

Blue1: So can you tell me a little bit about cheating in the Golden Troops? 

Lumarnara: Well there’s obviously picture editing that has happened in the earlier generations and in ACP by Sercan, whether or not it will happen in this generation I believe he said that he wouldn’t. There was also much use of botting in the past (Penguin Storm) and according to the “Crap GT Got Away With” page it was used in wars by putting a bot in every room to recruit. When this stopped working they began using bots in the battle and according to said page by Jerry, 40% of the penguins were bots. 

Now, Stromae has said that there will be a new botting program he will be using this summer, similar to that of the Penguin Storm and that it will be used. The final area of corruption is multi-logging, of which Tempah, Jerry, Sercan, Stromae, myself and Wenny have stated we will do when necessary. Jerry has 8 possible multi-logs during the summer. 

[The statement regarding all of GT’s owners agreeing to multi-log is of questionable truth.]

Anothing thing is that during my time in ACP, Jerry asked me to multilog twice for tournament battles, which I unfortunately did. He also told all the ACP owners other than Flipmoo in April to multilog at all bad events that were failures in a private chat. Those ACP owners were myself, Skyfish, Sercan, Stromae, Purple Slime, Bigmail and Mrtchy. All of them were talking in the chat and acknowledged he said that [to multi-log] in the chat, [only] to deny it later when the scandal broke. 

Blue1: So this all started years prior, am I correct? 

Lumarnara: The corruption in the Golden Troops, yes. Jerry has it all written down about the multi-logging and botting and picture editing in that story. 

Blue1: So these forms of corruption started in the Golden Troops and later stemmed to armies Jerry and Sercan were involved in? 

Lumarnara: Yes; same with Ganger. I think his exact words for how GT was going to be run were, “We’re going to be corrupt as fuck.” 

[The above statement has been proven to be false.]

Blue1: What experiences did you have directly with this corruption? 

Lumarnara: I myself multi-logged for them on the occasions they asked and denied any knowledge of the picture editing when Buckley was interrogating the ACP owners. I also multi-logged for more than just unposted events, just as Jerry, Stromae, and Sercan did. 

Blue1: Are any of these events still on the ACP site? 

Lumarnara: I assume so — in fact, I’m sure. I used the penguin Nat52, my brother’s old penguin in 2009 when we were both in the ACP. I put its name on the ranks and kept an unregistered on chat with its name. Any events with that penguin is a multilogged event. So yes, they are still on the ACP website. I didn’t delete them before I resigned from ACP. 

Blue1: Can you talk a little bit about the migration of owners like yourself, Sercan and Jerry from ACP to the Golden Troops? Was it because of the scandals? 

Lumarnara: The scandals are what drove Jerry and Sercan out. Stromae and I left ACP because of the lust for power and the retirees being annoying on chat. 

Blue1: So were you (and Stromae) Sercan and Jerry’s prodigies, per se? Did they affect your decision to leave? 

Lumarnara: We were. Ever since we did the spying resulting in the firing of Rock71 and Nnpingwin we were being trained as their apprentices. That happened in December. 

Blue1: Hold up — you were hired to spy on other ACP owners? 

Lumarnara: At the time I took the initiative myself — both of us did. It’s what alerted them to us. There was a rebellion to overthrow Flipmoo and we helped put it down. 

Blue1: I see. Summarizing all of your experiences with this, what are your thoughts and how do you think it affects warfare? 

Lumarnara: My opinion on this has obviously changed, since I’m telling you all this; but  think it’s important everyone knows. When I was 10 back in 2009 I loved CP Armies because of Club Penguin and the fun of battling online. These corrupt activities ruin the game. They cause cheating, unfriendliness and hatred between people because of an online game, while stealing the fun the newer generation deserves but is losing because wars now are filled with scandals and propaganda. It also makes it unfair for those who worked to build their army the true way and deserve success. 

Blue1: One final question — why do you think you are the first owner, be it in ACP or GT, to speak out about the scope of the multi-logging? 

Lumarnara: I think I am the first one to speak out and admit to these actions myself. If there are others I do not know. But the problem is these corrupt activities are so rampant in the community; I would bet money every army has at least one person doing it. I’m not doing this for fame — this is my last action in the community. Farewell; I’d this because it is the right thing to do and because of how I have wronged ACP. 

Blue1: Any final comments? 

Lumarnara: Stop the corruption. Beware the Golden Troops. 

Blue1: Thank you for your time Luma. 

Lumarnara: No problem. 

In questioning the truth of Lumarnara’s claims, Tempah, a leader in the upcoming reformation, made this statement.

1. The claims and old stories of mass corruption within GT and some of it’s members are true in my opinion.

2. This post claims the new GT Gen will multilog as shown here ‘what happens when we put all these corrupt leaders in once place? Well, exactly what you’d think — corruption.’ There is no evidence to support this other than the words (no proof) of Lumarnara.

3. Lumanara claims Ganger said, and I quote ‘We’re going to be corrupt as fuck.’. This is actually a paraphrase of what Luma himself said shown here. Luma was not even in the conversation at the same time as Ganger (who was announced saturday as leader) meaning this quote is 100% fiction and designed to make GT look as bad as possible.

4. Jerry says here, on the 25th of May that GT will not be multilogging.

5. So with Lumanaras word the only thing ‘proving’ that the new gen of GT is multilogging he has already been shown to be a liar and has no proof to back up his claims.

6. Luma accomplished very little in his career, this is simply him trying to leave in a blaze of glory and actually being remembered for something other than the guy who multilogged with Jerry and Sercan in ACP.

The sheer number of these scandals have greatly outdone what I expected “investigative journalism” in armies to become when I made a push for it years ago. All across the community, we have written more condemning posts about army leaders in the past year than in CPA Central’s entire history. And, look, contrary to what you might like to think, I don’t write these for fun. It’s a headache; the amount of these stories that we’ve had to cover. If you’ve been cheating in warfare for four years, your entire career is basically a lie. And that effects all kinds of recognition — from peaks as high as Legend Status to things as normal as respect. 

My message? I’m tired of taking down army leaders, and I don’t know how many times we’re going to need to write Special Reports to send the message home: don’t cheat. We’re going to catch you, and it’s going to affect your career here forever. You can only hop to so many armies, and eventually your career will collapse — just like all the lies you told.


CPA Central CEO

Boomer 20

CPA Central Board Member


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  1. It is incredibly unfortunate to have to publish yet another post exposing the lengths some individuals have gone in order to cheat their way to recognition in our community. As with the other investigations undertaken and revealed in recent months, we at CPAC aim to shine light on the dark practices that have consumed many of our armies in recent years. The most unsettling thing about this scandal in particular is that it took nearly 4 years for a single person to come forward when we know countless others were aware and continued to let it happen. Perhaps this is out of loyalty to friends; perhaps it is out of fear of retribution and banishment from the army they cared about.

    But it is up to us, the members of the community, the media, and most importantly, the leaders of our armies, to put a stop to this behavior when they become aware of it. If you attempt to cover it up, you are no less guilty than those who carried out the acts. These scandals have done tremendous harm to the integrity of our community. If there is to be any chance of saving our armies from this plague of scandals, it is up to you to do something about it. If you see something, say something. And to better allow for this to happen, CPAC is in the process deliberating on an anonymous submission portal for all those with information related to these types of scandals. We look forward to your help in cleaning up our community.

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  12. whole post is based off of the WORDS of one guy <– Luma <– Luma claims Ganger said something similar to this when it was Luma himself who said it

    Luma leaves conversation on wednesday
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    It's still claimed by CPAC that Ganger said this when they've never been in the conversation together.

    • – quote from jerry on the 25th of may, worth noting this alone is more evidence than CPAC has..


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        But I’ll allow a 4000 word post to be punlished on it dragging an army and peoples reputations through the mud? Nice.

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          You’re forgetting the other three-fourths of this post that have all the proof in the world.

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            2. “which I have ground on” I’ve shown more evidence then Luma, unless you can show me something which changes it so far this kik conversation of us saying we’ll all multilog when needed has yet to be proven.

            3. I’m not disputing any past multi-logging cases, I wasn’t involved in any of them so I don’t know what went on. However to say that these multilogging cases from the past means GT will be 100% multilogging in their new generation is stupid and I know you do not think that.

            • I don’t think the post says anywhere that the past 100% proves what will occur in the future, it is simply pointing out that it has happened before and could happen again, and that GT has stated before that they had no problem doing it.

              • ‘what happens when we put all these corrupt leaders in once place? Well, exactly what you’d think — corruption.’

                That is 100% stating GT will be corrupt is it not

                • Yes it is.

                  Understand we didn’t see your little spam of evidence raising questions about Luma before this was posted. We knew only what we had, and what we had lead us to determine exactly that.

                  Again, if it is proven to be shown Luma lied through his teeth (it is proven he lied about one thing, not yet the full interview) edits will be made accordingly, as they already are being made. And, once again, I can’t make that call yet.

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                    Have you honestly not considered that Luma decided to leave the community and knew he wouldn’t be remembered so he decided to go out in a blaze of glory?

                    • Of course I’ve considered that, but again, we’re dealing with a lack of proof here. Luma fails to prove anything, that I grant you. You have proven that Luma was wrong about one thing definitely, and most likely another — that information has been added into the post, as you can see from my two footnotes.

                      As far as I can tell I’m dealing with claims from both sides and trying to judge what’s happening as best I can.

                  • my position was 4ic/div gen back in 2011

            • I understand your proof and I’ve made edits accordingly, but another thing I need to make clear to you is that no matter how much proof you show, I, as a mockery of a real-world journalist, cannot undermine Luma’s quotes.

              For instance, if someone is quoted by the media saying something and it’s false, the media can (and hopefully will) footnote that it’s of questionable truth or outright not true. However, it’s unethical journalism to edit his quotes at all.

              I fully understand that the modern applications of this are not proved by the past — if it comes to be that Luma completely lied through his teeth, this post is still a documentation of evidence as recent as March. But that’s not an edit I can make yet.

              • So if you interviewed me and I claimed I used to be in a kik convo with Flipmoo and Purp and they said they were going to multilog you would make a post on it even though I had no evidence other than the previous ACP scandals?

                • Probably.

                  • wow..

                    • You must severely fail to grasp how the media (of both the world and armies) works if you are surprised by that. Please search “multilogging” on this site and read up on all the different reasons we’ve covered stories like this.

                  • well can you PC me because I have a fresh hot multi-logging scandal from ACP

                    • Will do. Your position in the ACP that supports you being involved in a scandal like this is?

        • The interview is a tiny fraction of the post, and we are fully aware that his comments rely on his willingness to be forthright with the information provided. The vast majority of the rest of the post is backed by actual researchable information, most of which was alerted to us by Jerry’s own words. It is also entirely possible that Luma misremembered who said that quote, since even he admitted he could not recall who said it. It seems clear that it was not Ganger, but we are still unable to verify it was not said by someone else, though likely this is not something we’ll be able to find out.

          • The rest of the post is from the past, that does not show GT will be multilogging in this new generation and you know it.

            Why is Luma’s word more valuable than any of ours with evidence supporting our claims?

        • As B1 noted, I was not the person who spoke with Lumarnara, nor did I have much to do with the writing of this post, so of course I refuse to speculate about things I do not know.

          And, even if you decide that your one little claim invalidates the entirety of Lumarnara’s interview (which it doesn’t, but fine), the rest of this post alone still has enough proof to kill an elephant.

          • I’ve exposed Luma as a liar, I’m yet to see you show any proof of his claims.

            Yes the post shows a wide array of evidence of GT and Serc and Jerry multilogging in the past blah blah blah that doesn’t show that GT is planning to multilog in this new generation as this post claims

    • The interview will be updated with the dispute of Luma’s claims about GT’s future plans to partake in these activies, however the remaining evidence still stands as reported.

      • evidence

        all I’m seeing is past cases and an interview with a guy I just proved has lied through his teeth, if you could show me how to get back old messages from a kik conversation I’d be glad to show you the real Luma

      • and it’s not a dispute, it’s just exposing the lying flat out

    • To begin with, the “corrupt as fuck” comment by me was a mistake I made in speaking, Jerry said that in the chat about 2 months ago, not Ganger. I made a mistake saying it was Ganger, I was typing that quickly and got ahead of myself.

      Bringing up that picture of Jerry saying that there was no multilogging was also very clever, but it will also damn your entire argument because after being shown you are flat out trying to hide the argument even more people will lose faith in what limited credibility your argument had.

      You see, there are (or at least were) two GT owner convo’s on kik. One of them is all trusted ones who had the knowledge of the corruption and talked about the multilogging and the people that are/were in it are myself, Jerry, Sercan, Tempah, Wenny, Stromae, and at this point most likely Ganger I’d guess. This convo is where all top secret information was posted.

      The second kik convo is where all the GT owners are, which include all the aforementioned people and in addition to them Max and Ajman, who are both completely innocent as far as I know. This relates to the picture because the one where Jerry states there will be no multilogging is in the second chat with all the owners, where Jerry specifically told us to not tell any of the nontrusted owners of multilogging. I’m sorry to say the two convo idea was originally my idea back in April.

      I know that it is the nontrusted convo because the person asking Jerry has no picture and I believe it was Ajman (possibly Max, can’t remember exactly” but I specifically remember Jerry and Tempah laughing in the secret convo after Jerry saying that about how that is the complete opposite of what they are doing.

      Anyway Tempah, your trying to cover this up by bringing up the second convo is going to be the nail in the coffin for your defense. When people see how you are still trying to hide what you were planning and not even fessing up to something you were PLANNING on doing they will see how you are a coward. Better to just admit that you were planning on doing this and try to salvage what you can.

      • 1. so 2 months ago and yet again, no proof, okay.
        2. yeah there’s 2 chats, 1 for those who we brought together at the first mention of bringing GT back and the other for every owner, not as you claim.
        3. you say Jerry said “no multilogging” in the owner chat, this is a lie because you can see at the top it’s me, Serc, Wenny, Strom and Jerry and used to be you, the people who laid the foundations for this gen. So that’s another flat-out lie saying we were laughing, jesus you’re pathetic.
        4. yeah im the one covering up lol


        • 2. That statement is an outright lie. You know as well as I that we had to take extreme care to not get the two chats mixed up because we didn’t want the nontrusted owners to know about the multilogging.

          3.The Kik convo name only shows the first three or so names, there is no way to tell who all is in the convo.

          4. Me being the one covering anything up is laughable. I’ve only exposed.


            compare the names at the top, yes Kik only shows a few names but they are people who weren’t in the first chat and you know it.

            We didn’t want to get the chats mixed up because we discussed important stuff like who we wanted as owner and whether Freezie would be committed as leader

            srsly why are you still trying this

            Freezie 66 disputes your claims
            Everyone in the kik convo disputes your claims
            I’ve pulled you up on lying about “most corrupt army” and me and Jerry “laughing” in the other convo
            Tchy disputes your claims that he willingly multilogged alongside you.

            AND YOU STILL HAVE NOT ONE SHREAD OF EVIDENCE. Why didn’t you take screenshots of us saying we’ll multilog and Stromae making his “botting program” if you were planning to expose us.

            When this post is compared to posts such as Ganger90’s multilogging one, LT’s one you’ll notice the massive difference in amount of proof.

            I’m still astounded this even made it onto CPAC.

  13. Blue2, I am waiting. An ex ACP 4ic/Div Gen under Flen and I know Purp and Flipmoo are multilogging because I was in a kik chat which conveniently I have no evidence of, I trust you’ll treat this in the same way 🙂

    • Your references as being in the ownership? Such as a 3ic, or a member of a Recruiting Force?

    • what the hell?

      • oh lol

      • itz called lying

        • i thought he was accusing me of multilogging, wow im bad at reading

    • the comment was a joke lol

  14. What was the point in posting past scandals. This post’s a dick move.

    • Both of ACP’s scandals (Cas’s and the Triumvirate) were “past scandals” when they were finally uncovered. Your point? Is history not relevant? Scandals are never uncovered the day they occur, in fact, they’re usually discovered years later if we’re talking about real media. The media will still cover it because the discovery of new information is still “news”.

      • The reason I dislike this is because you pretty much killed off a lot of momentum for GT for no reason. You just handed out old GT scandals out of your ass that they were trying to put behind. They haven’t even had an event, they don’t deserve this negative attention.

        • So you admit you knew about these scandals and said nothing?

          • These scandals have been exposed many times, brought of many times, and have been used in arguments many times. I think the whole community knows about these scandals if they’ve been around 1-3 years. -_-

            • The only one that made it to CPAC was about botting which GT adamantly denied back then. The vast majority of this post is about multi-logging and provides evidence which has never been available before, including Jerry’s own documentation. Again, it seems as though you knew about most of this and helped keep it hidden from the community for years.

              • So 3 years later, 11 days before GT is recreated, you find it coincidently relevant to pull this post out. Nice.

                • This was all brought to our attention in the past 2 days. Your attempt to claim there is some sort of secret agenda here is utterly ridiculous given that:

                  1. GT is an ally of ACP and most of its soldiers are current/former ACP
                  2. Evidence in this post also shows corruption in ACP
                  3. Sercan and Jerry are friends of mine

                  • Just because ACP is in the post and is allies with GT doesn’t justify GT’s presence in the post. Also, this posts seems vastly critical towards Sercan and Jerry, so I question your friendship.

                    • For one thing, I wrote very little actual content in the post; the evidence from GT’s old website and older CPAC evidence was provided by me. If the post seems critical toward them, it’s because they made poor decisions and got caught. Their own actions are critical of themselves. There’s no way to sugar coat 4 years of multi-logging.

      • Not by 3 fucking years.

        There should be like a statue of limitations on this type of shit.

      • Except my “scandal” – was nothing to do with me. It was Sercan/Jerry deliberately trying to discredit me. This has already been proven. I don’t see why you are bringing it up.

        • My apologies for bringing this up again, but I cannot allow a prevaricator to put all the blame on Jerry and Sercan.

          You encouraged the act as well.

        • I’m just saying when CPAC reported on it (twice I believe), it was “after-the-fact” and I don’t believe you were even leader the second time. The reporting itself was based on something that happened months before, but my point was that that didn’t make it non-news.

  15. As it seems the CPAC hierarchy is no longer replying I’ll sum it up for the viewers.

    1. All of the stuff against the old GT gens etc is probably true.
    2. This post does not contain a single shred of solid evidence saying the new GT gen will multilog despite claiming this post does prove we are ‘[corrupt]’.
    3. The star witness has shown no proof to back up his claims meanwhile I have pulled him up on one of his lies, the rest kik has deleted due to new messages.

    It’s sad to see a site I love and people I classed as friends try everything to ruin GT’s new gen as well as my reputation, it was fun being an author here and cheers.

    • The CPAC hierarchy had to go for like twenty minutes, so while I appreciate your attempt to gain ground in this debate, that’s not going to do much for you.

      Lumarnara has told me he will be on to clarify things with you, and while I can’t speak for him, the thing you showed he “lied” about (the Ganger comment) is pretty much completely insignificant in the scheme of things. It’s your word against Luma’s, and you don’t have any more ground on any of the other claims than he does.

      • Secondly, if you’re selfish enough to think this is a personal attack on you (or the Golden Troops), and you’re willing to give up friendships over this, that’s even more sad.

      • “The CPAC hierarchy had to go for like twenty minutes,”

        goddamn it blue, you never invite me to the CPAC orgies anymore


          • lol they’re as much fun as i always thought they were

            • wtf

            • When GT was getting rekted and when they were alive. Hopefully they will return this summer.

  16. 4 years. 4 flippin years. If GT can go that long without getting caught, Luma is right. Beware the Golden Troops.

    • GT was caught 3 years ago. That’s the past you rat.

      • Do you not realize that 1.) even forgetting the GT reformation stuff, there is enough new information in this post to warrant coverage and 2.) the media has always covered stories, now matter how “old” they are, where there is new information, just as Boomer said. We’re still talking about new Lewinsky Scandal developments today.

      • *GT started performed this beginning 4 years ago and was caught today

    • crose, please dont talk
      you joined cp armies in like september 2013

      • How would the date I joined armies make any difference?

        • because you don’t know shit about GT

          • Thanks to this post, I know everything that is relevant to this discussion.

  17. so this is the drama in armies that Tylund was talking about….. Wish people could remember the fun.

    ~ Tymatt

    • basketball players of cp

      • idk tylunds like first army lol.

  18. Lum is just a disgrace to armies. No offense, but he used to be my friend. Now he’s changed, becoming a slave to GT…

    • Not to be rude, but did you read any of the post? It was Luma who leaked the information on GT; he’s the exact opposite of a slave in that sense.

  19. In my eyes, it was a bit of a dick move to post this when GT hasn’t even got off the ground yet. But it doesn’t make any of it less valid.

    None of this is groundbreaking new information. GT has a reputation for this type of things. New GT should make it clear they have no intent of repeating these actions, and own up to what the army did years ago.

    In regards to Luma, he’s just a person. With no evidence of anything he claimed. However, the fact that he did hold a high ranking position in the army during the time of these events makes the interview relevant. It should be noted, however, that the real meat and potatoes of this post is the overwhelming amount of evidence of things that have been common knowledge for years. If GT wants to call Luma a liar so be it. No use arguing about something that neither party has solid evidence of.

    Oh, and for the record, anyone who think CPAC has some sort of anti-GT agenda is a fucking idiot. CPAC covers news. It doesn’t matter whos in the headline, they just put the information in the eyes of the public.

  20. GET REKT

  21. Just make a series “CP ARMIES EXPOSED” and one army every week.

  22. Jerry and sercan’s multilogging scandal coverage report was one of the most ligit multilogging posts that had great enough evidence to make a accusation

  23. Now to be banned from GT because of my involvement against the ideals that run rampant in them.

  24. This is why GT should not be allies with ACP.

    • We’re already in a sort of cold war with them.

      • From your perspective that may be so, but I’d like to see the Golden Troops as a possible ally, and if not a neutral army, but definitely not our enemy.

        • Even with ACP’s past history with GT?

  25. You guys are like TMZ. Why ruin the images of armies over something like multi logging. You have no control. Are you going to send them to cyber jail or do anything? No. Anybody can multilog I bet almost half of the army community probably multilog, but if somebody doesn’t get away with it and gets busted its a huge deal.

    • Yes it is.

    • >Blaming the media for reporting on news

      Maybe don’t multilog, then your image won’t be ruined.

    • TMZ doesn’t put anyone in jail either. They still report.

      The way it, if you’re dumb enough to be a leader of an army and multilog, then you better be smart enough not to get caught doing it.

      & for the record, its insulting to CPAC to even put TMZ in the same comment.

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    • and the longest comment award goes toooooo: Whats Up 11!!!!!

  27. I guess Fort is ok.

  28. Fair play Lumar.
    June 20th. 😀

    • These allegations can’t hurt us, CPAC.
      June 20th. 😀

      • Of course they can’t hurt you; they aren’t intended to. CPAC is not out to get GT, contrary to the conclusion you seem to have jumped to, and I myself, as ex-GT, would very much like to see the army succeed.

        We are reporting allegations made to us by a former member of the army, which additionally shed new light on past scandals, which warrants us once again taking a look at what happened in the past. Additionally, looking through that past lens provides more information about the army’s first rise, and while it does not prove anything, it lends credence to the claims.

        As such, we’ve noted accordingly (and should have done so from the beginning; a mistake on our part) that Lumarnara does not provide extensive proof of his allegations, but given his former position in the army, we found them credible enough to warrant reporting. Furthermore, a single sentence being incorrectly remembered by a person not even in the chat to back check his memories does no automatically prove him a liar, nor does it automatically invalidate his statements — they still warrant reporting for what they are.

        • He’s been pulled up on 3 lies so far, 1 being him claiming Ganger said something when it was him, another being him saying Jerry only ever said GT won’t multilog in the owner chat which is disproved by the names at the top of the screenshot so his claims me and Jerry were ‘laughing’ in the founder chat while saying we wont multilog in the other is complete bull. Mrtchy says this part is also complete bull as he was never asked to multilog and never did multilog – “He also told all the ACP owners other than Flipmoo in April to multilog at all bad events that were failures in a private chat. Those ACP owners were myself, Skyfish, Sercan, Stromae, Purple Slime, Bigmail and Mrtchy.”

          • On both of those counts, there are issues.

            People can leave Kik chats with ease; just because a name isn’t there now doesn’t mean it never was.

            As for Mrtchy, that’s his word against Lumarnara’s, and neither really has any credence over the other.

            • Not to mention Purple Slime just said she remembers being asked to multi-log.

  29. Rio sounds like an idiot, most people who claim to “know how to hack” don’t know jack.

  30. I’m no expert, but judging by the paragraphs in this comment section, I think we’re taking CP armies a LITTLE too seriously.

    • agreed

  31. Everyone multi-logs. Get over yourself, CPAC.

    • Is that a confession?

      • Pretty sure ATM has been retired for years.

  32. Me viewing all of the criticism comments.


  34. fookin expozed m8

  35. This post seems unneeded as the only new information is talk of multi-logging, and not any actual multi-logging. This new generation hasn’t committed any crimes.

    • Not yet at least. The post is simply informing people that GT is going to be led by people who have multilogged/used bots in the past, so there is a high chance of history repeating itself. Who knows, they may prove us all wrong and be great leaders, but it’s best to be on guard.

  36. not really exposing anything if pretty much the entire post is just a history lesson on gt’s bad past

  37. Too many armies are friends what happiend to fun wars? With all the allies and Alliences one army can’t fight another without starting an Allience war.

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