Top Ten Armies: 06/08/14


The large gap in scoring between the Top Three and the rest of the community remains, and we see another very interesting Top Ten.

Top Ten

1. Army of Club Penguin [+1] [86.36]

2. Dark Warriors [-1] [77.93]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [70.65]

4. Light Troops [-1] [63.88]

5. Golds [+5] [62.11]

6. Ice Warriors [-1] [60.19]

7. Nachos [+1] [59.38]

8. Smart Penguins [+1] [53.49]

9. Pirates [NEW!] [50.75]

10. Doritos [-4] [48.65]

The full statistics can be found here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner Small Medium Army Press.

1. Army of Club Penguin: After slightly falling from first in last week’s Top 10, the Army of Club Penguin is back on the top. The US Division of the Army of Club Penguin started off the week with 16+ online, at a normal Training Session. The war between the Army of Club Penguin and the Special Weapons and Tactics army continues to move along. The Army of Club Penguin successfully invaded Icicle from their opponent. The Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA Division has also had an exciting event, with a max of 25+ at one of their Tactics Sessions. At a battle with the Doritos, the army maxed 20+ on Club Penguin. Again, the Army of Club Penguin successfully invaded Canoe from the Special Weapons and Tactics, maxing 20+ troops. The Army of Club Penguin then claims victory against the Ice Warriors, with sizes of 20+. The height of the army’s week was at an AUSIA “Mining Expedition”, with sizes of 41+ on the Ice Berg, which also put their long week to an end.

2. Dark Warriors: Even though the Dark Warriors may have dropped a ranking, the army still had an amazing week. After ending their war with the Doritos, the Dark Warriors held a “Victory Parade” the next day. At this event, the army maxed 40+. Throughout the week, tensions would continue to rise with both the Doritos and the Rebel Penguin Federation. In a Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Dark Warriors took the victory with 35+ on Club Penguin. The Dark Warriors held an amazing AUSIA Training Session with 26+ online. To put their week to an end, the Dark Warriors beat the Golds in another Practice Battle. There were major changes in the Dark Warriors’ leadership. As we all know, “Spreezie” returned to the Dark Warriors, along with Silverburg. Both Whats Up11 and Vo Yo have left the army for other sought-out desires.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation rise ever so slightly, after a week full of events. To start their week off, the army held a “Red vs. Blue” battle. In a Practice Battle against the Dark Warriors, the Rebel Penguin Federation had only 15+ online. Being against the Smart Penguins, the Rebel Penguin Federation held up the army in an AUSIA Practice Battle. In another AUSIA Practice Battle, this time against the Golds, the Rebel Penguin Federation had a max of around 14+. The Rebel Penguin Federation put an end to their week while battling the Ice Warriors, with a max of 20+ on Club Penguin.

4. Light Troops: Although their week was more than average, the Light Troops continue to stay in the four-hole. To kickstart their week, the Light Troops got 26+ troops on Club Penguin. The Light Troops helped the Black Alliance against the Army of Club Penguin, claiming victory on Canoe. Getting towards the end of the week, the Light Troops had two Training Session. At both of these events, there was a max of about 15+ online. To end their week, the Light Troops had a “Brawl” against the Nachos and the Pirates.

5. Golds: The Golds take a huge leap within the Top 5 this week, after falling to #10 in last week’s Top 10. The army had a great start to their week with two Training Sessions; both had a max of 12+. The Golds then held a Practice Battle with the Global Defenders, with 11+ troops. The army held an eye-catcher event against the Rebel Penguin Federation, getting 20+ on Club Penguin. The Golds had a peak of 15+ in their Practice Battles against the Dark Warriors and the Pirates. There was also a main change in the army’s leadership, gaining Lorenzo Bean, Whats Up11, and Taco.

6. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors fall somewhat in this week’s Top 10, as they celebrate their seven-year anniversary. The army had one Training Session and a Practice Battle with the Light Troops, both with maxes around 20+. At an AUSIA battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, the army had a max around 12+. The highlight of their week is also the ending of their week, which was a Practice Battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation. At this spectacular event, the Ice Warriors maxed 23+ online.

7. Nachos: The Nachos continue to prosper in our community, as they hold an event-filled week. Their week started off with a bang, maxing 21+ troops online. In a major Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, the army only maxed around 17+. In an attempt to “tip the Iceberg”, the Nachos were able to have 19+ penguins online. To put their week to an end, the Nachos held a Practice Battle with the Light Troops and the Pirates. At this event, the Nachos maxed another 21+ on Club Penguin.


8. Smart Penguins: After winning a recent tournament, the Smart Penguins remain at the bottom of CPA Central’s Top 10. To start off their week, the army maxed 18+ at a normal event. In the midst of their week, the Smart Penguins held a spectacular AUSIA Training Session. At this specific event, the army maxed 21+ on Club Penguin. To put their week to an end, the Smart Penguins held a quick Training Session with a max of 18+. The Smart Penguins were also able to pick-up Gar101 to lead the army.

9. Pirates: After spending one week in SM Army Press, the Pirates have boosted their way into CPA Central. The Pirates started their week off with maxing 10+ at a Training Session. Towards the end of their week, the Pirates battled the Light Troops, Nachos, and Golds. In both of their battles, the army maxed 17+ online. To end their week, three leaders have been removed from the leadership. This leaves for Andrew24, Brady, Spy, and Final Chaser to lead the Pirates.

10. Doritos: The Doritos have taken quite a fall from their previous position in last week’s Top 10. After ending their war with the Dark Warriors, the Doritos’ first event was an AUSIA Training Session with a max of 9+. In a Practice Battle against the Army of Club Penguin, the Doritos maxed 21+ on Club Penguin. Towards the end of the week, Spi101 left the army’s leadership for the Dark Warriors. To end their week, the Doritos held a “Victory Parade” on Summit. This event showed their best sizes of the whole week, with a max of 25+ troops.


weekly poll

Just around one week ago, an attempted coup had formed corruption within the Dark Warriors’ leadership. Elmikey was removed from the leadership, which has been attempted countless times before. We asked the army community how they felt about Elmikey’s retirement from Club Penguin armies. From future context, many of our viewers are happy to see Elmikey gone.

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So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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92 Responses

    • I am deeply confused as to how these get so many likes.

  1. Waterkid is gonna be mad

    • NOTTT

  2. I don’t know how we got 5th but I’m going to silently accept it

    Whats up 11 hopped from Golds btw

    • LOL

      • He broke his record, he lasted about 2 days or so

        In doing this he also scared off one of our fellow leaders

  3. Remember when Smart Penguins were called Smarty Penguins? lol

  4. Well done ACP. Lt should have got third.

  5. woot woot
    SP on a 4-week CPAC streak

    • You’re clearly an idiot, you used old pictures to get yourself these spots, and you think you weren’t going to get caught?


      • That was just once. And, Vivek did it, not me. So, stop accusing our whole army for it. That post was edited back to normal before the Top 10 released, so shut up.

  6. Good job all armies! SP to victory!

    • Yay! SP, the army who multi-logs and uses old pictures to get in the top 10!

      • In b4 they fake another picture

      • Dear Sir Pee Jee SP never multi-logged. Also we only faked 2 pictures and WE apologised to CP army community for that. Guess which army who multi-logs all time doesn’t. Ehm ehm RPF ehm ehm sorry my throat hurts *wary*.

        • LOL

          • I really find the whole staff about ” SP multi-logs and uses old pictures” funny.

            • Firstly, please learn english.
              Secondly, shut the fuck up and realise that nobody gives a shit about your insignificant little army.

              • Tiny army? The why are we CPAC?

              • what a horrifically ignorant comment to make

                • You don’t know the full story between this guy and RPF.

                  • Doesn’t give you an excuse to say shit like that.

                    • Nothing gives him and his army an excuse to recruit on RPF chat – including a lot of AUSIA troops which hurt your division.

                    • Still, he’s a leader of one of your allies. Are you trying to ruin a foreign relation? Classic PJ

              • -insignificant little army
                -has biggest AUSIA division in armies


                • Hmm, I wonder how their AUSIA division got so big. Not like half of RPF’s AUSIA troops gave them the boost they needed, is it?

        • RPF has only had one minor case of multilogging in it’s entire history (that I know of). Then you get SP, who sank to SWAT’s level…

          • First of all we never multi-logged like SWAT. Secondly RPF just hasn’t been discocered yet.

            • SP using an old pic to get in the top ten????????
              you think you wont get caught well yopu cheated chaos needed to be in cpac when you guys just cheated and put the old pic.Over Smart Penguins

  7. Good job Dark Warriors! Congrats to the other armies on the list too.

  8. Glory To The Light
    Good job Pirates

    • Light Troops and Pirates both in Top 10 is that a first Waterkid cause irdk? :O

      • When Ioio was leading LT and Water was leading Pirates they were both in the top 10 all the time.

  9. 1. Army of Club Penguin [+1] [86.36] PERFECT

    2. Dark Warriors [-1] [77.93] PERFECT

    3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [70.65] PERFECT

    4. Light Troops [-1] [63.88] PERFECT

    5. Golds [+5] [62.11] PERFECT

    6. Ice Warriors [-1] [60.19] PERFECT

    7. Nachos [+1] [59.38] PERFECT

    8. Smart Penguins [+1] [53.49] PERFECT

    9. Pirates [NEW!] [50.75] PERFECT

    10. Doritos [-4] [48.65] PERFECT

  10. Disappointing for IW but well done Pirates and Nachos. 😛

  11. finally 😀

  12. Me is still looking for an army :p

    • Vo Yo, join the Nachos! I’d love to work alongside you again in Nacho Warfare!

    • Join ACP

    • Better off going to the top 4

    • do what i do and just go to whatever the fuck events you want

    • RPF !!!

    • Im making an army if you want a fresh start.. :s

    • iw is here for you

  13. I’m shocked at RPF’s placement of 3rd and Nachos much further below them.
    Looking at the statistics, apparently they had better tactics than us
    And far superior event quality… but I don’t know to be honest, we have several events and the size difference wasn’t massive.
    Nacho events during the week were genuinely pretty good and full of “quality” I’m not saying Nachos shoulda been higher, but they they’ve been going RPF should have been nearer to us considering how they’ve pretty much been looking the same as us.

    • Just go with it.

      • yeahhh, i’m not one to argue with the top 10. usually there’s a reason for things. but i’m just confused at it 😛

      • lol yeah. Arguing top ten placements never ends well 😛

  14. The fact that the RPF got in the top 5 gave me cancer in my penis.

    • Zing, why are you doing EK in our picture when we were doing E5?

      You n00b.

      • We did EK, then switched straight to E5. Cool has a habit of switching things up straight away with no warning.

        • That is so awesome

          • IKR?

    • oh crapples my gif didn’t work.. well, carry on reading the comments…

  15. DCP shouldn’t be 10th, there’s something wrong with this top 10.
    How does an army that maxes 25+ that has multiple BATTLES on 1 BAR SERVERS get lower than an army that maxes 17

    • hi Freezie

  16. Great job, ACP! First again 😛 and awesome job for the Dark Warriors for keeping high in the top 3.


    • lol good one

  18. This top ten is not bad it clearly shows which armies can actually do anything

  19. RPF 3rd..

  20. BIAS! ACP SHOULD BE- oh. crap. nvm.


  21. That is a terrible picture for a first placed army… xD

    • Ya wat is this, they have the same pic as the number 10 army pretty much

      • They have a + sign we have a U. Its not really close to the Doritos army, more like close too Golds who have a X formation

        • Im talking about ACP’s pic

  22. Great top ten! Nothing “biased” about it

  23. IW should’ve been in the top 3.

  24. Where is Sundays comic is all I can say.

  25. The Dark Warriors was better in every aspect but “Event Quality”. Could someone elaborate on how the quality of an event is determined? Or is it just the quantity of events an army has, rather than the quality that gets them 25 points.

    • RPF gets 25 in event quality, while DW gets 10 points…

      • Did you really need to thumbs up your own comments?

        • I don’t. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a post on an xat chat.

        • I don’t. There’s nothing wrong with sharing posts on an xat chat. Do you need to accuse everyone who has 10+ thumbs up on a comment?

          • *facepalm*

            You had 20+ likes and 0 dislikes on both like 10 minutes after you posted them lol

            It’s bad enough you guys cry about the Top Ten every time you’re not #1, it’s worse when you feel the need to up vote your own comments as if it’s going to effect the opinion of anybody.

            • the world doesn’t revolve around you. looks like you have never seen a chat with 40 people on it before.

            • Why the fuck do you care if he upvotes his own comments or not?

              • ono u cursed at me. am scared!

                No need to rage, I was just pointing out how unnecessary it was. That is all.

                • Don’t flatter yourself. I curse at everyone.

    • TU ._.

    • Event quality is simple. 4 points for every battle, 2 points for every tactics session on a 1-3 bar server, 1.5 points for recruiting on a 4 or 5 bar server.

      Add them all up, and you have event quality points to a max of 25.

      DW has significantly less events per week than the other armies competing for first. That really shows in the Event quality points.

  26. RPF should have gotten 10th. I hate how all you need to do is have 10 events a day to get high in the top 10. Atleast the old top 10 system was based on the strongest largest armies. Now its about getting 10+ on cp with 30 events.

    • Event quality only makes up 1/4 of the total possible points. The formula is very weighted.

  27. IW were bigger than 3 armies above us?
    I dont see how we had low event quality we had 3 or 4 PB’s?
    Idk :p

  28. Remember when SP was just a cheat site?

  29. [b]Congratulations ACP on #1[/b]

  30. Waterkid brought back BA :O

  31. ladies and gentlemen your number 1 army

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