The 2014 Club Penguin Army Census

In 2011, under Woton, CPA Central began an ambitious project to poll the members of its community and determine important statistics on where we were and where we are going. Though that project came short in many ways, it was proof that here in armies, a census was not impossible. Three years later, much has changed, armies have experienced lows and a Second Golden Age, and we’re here to try again. 


 ARMY LEADERS: For all those who agreed to sponsor the army-wide census, this is the post that should be reblogged (and, if possible, stickied) on your site to raise awareness. 

In the original Summer @ CPAC outline, we planned for the Census to take place towards the end of this month. However, Icey’s return to the CPA Central Team and his offer to host a Revival Conquest Tournament has moved the Census forward on the agenda. I’d like to take some time to talk about what the census is, and how all of you come into play.

The wonderful thing about statistics is that they don’t compartmentalize us. Okay, well they do — that’s the whole purpose — but no one is more powerful than another when filling out a census sheet. It doesn’t matter if the person who checked Liberal under Political Identification was Harry Reid or a regular citizen casting their vote in a general election. Everyone is equal.

While, no, there’s not an immense amount of staff we can send through armies to canvass people to vote like in the real world, and while real-life Census projects are far larger than this one, the statistics we aim to gather through this project are still extremely important. In its eighth year so far and only two years away from what will be a ten-year anniversary, Club Penguin Armies show no sign of stopping. It’s the job of the folks here at CPA Central to be a center for an ever-growing and ever-morphing community.

I have met with many army leaders, both large and small/medium in the past few weeks, many of which have not only sponsored the project but been extremely excited to help out. The prospects this has for army leaders is also huge, as it provides important information about how old your recruits are, where they are in the world, and many other stats.

The Club Penguin Army Census 2014 consists of two forms. The first of which, the form we want everyone to fill out is the Required Form. This form focuses on your life here in this community. It asks how you found us, when you found us, where you are in the world, along with the armies that brought you into this community and what army/organization you consider central.

The second of these forms is the Optional Form. This form, a new addition to the project and not done in 2011, is more similar to a real-world census. This form is called the Optional Form for a reason — unlike the previous form, we do not force you to fill this one out. It is completely optional, and all based upon how much information you want to share with us. The Optional Form asks how you identify yourself — racially, politically, sexually, and religiously — in hopes of getting an idea for the vast cultural landscape that this community is.

All data, not only in this form but also in the Required Form, is published anonymously. For example, the post will not state that “Bluesockwa1 considers CPA Central his main organization,” just the numbers of individuals that do consider CPAC their main organization. This may provide some security when submitting your data, but the Optional Form still remains just that — optional. Also, unlike 2011, data will not be submitted in the comments section. It will be submitted in forms that will be shown to us in the Feedback Tab.

This is a major project we are about to embark on, and I will be working to spread the news of the census all over Club Penguin Warfare in the coming weeks. Once word has been spread, the forms will be released and will remain stickied for two weeks or more, allowing all of warfare to identify themselves either here at CPA Central, or at our partner SM Army Press. Looking to support the census? The banner for linking is below. 


If you do choose to add the banner, please let us know as we may approach you once the forms are released asking you to change the hyperlink to link directly there. If you have any questions about the 2014 Census, do not hesitate to make a comment on this post, and I will hope to answer them in a timely fashion. As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome. 


CPA Central CEO



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  1. Im so excited for this!

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    Leaders read this! We’re helping with it.

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    • FAIL

      • thanks for telling me i would’ve left it like that

  5. Sounds cool. Can’t wait!

  6. To be honest, this sounds a bit like “we’re trying to take over”. Just to clarify, why do we need a census in the first place?

    • How is asking people to fill out sheets trying to take over armies?

      Our reasoning behind the census is the same as any major country — we, along with a number of army leaders, are interested in gaining statistics about those who are a part of this community. They are used to create demographics, learn how members identify themselves, and things of that sort. They’re not used to threaten anyone in any way shape or form, and though we want everyone to participate, if you’re really that bothered by it no one is forcing you to fill out that form.

      Hope that clears things up.

      • This make sense. However, I am still curious how this will help CPAC as a news site and other armies. Also, what type of question will be asked?

        • Unless you are illiterate, you clearly have been given the opportunity to read the statement made by Bluesockwa THAT YOU JUST REPLIED TO.

          They are used to create demographics, learn how members identify themselves, and things of that sort.

          Oh, and one other thing. Since your comment got me in such a bad mood, I wanted to tell you that your grammar is 3rd grade proficiency at best . “This make sense” doesn’t make sense. “Also, what type of question will be asked?” is another thing aswell. Please use the letter s when it is necessary in a word/phrase.
          P.S. – I think that you need Jesus.

          • You mean Jesu?

          • Dude who cares. You’re getting all mad over grammar that is on game based for YOUNG CHILDREN.

            • I get upset sometimes when people just act like plain idiots. I wasn’t only mad over the grammar issues, and obviously you care because you replied. I don’t see how my comment involves you, and I’ll probably forget your existence within 24 hours.

              However, thank you for being a new source of a headache.

          • Let me get a few things straight, bud. If you knew shit no.1 about grammar you would be all too aware that ‘aswell’ isn’t a damn word. And what’s with all of those pointless lines? Is that your opinion of ‘good’ grammar too? Btw, how long did you take looking up all of those mature words you used?

            The guy you’re raging at is obviously having trouble grasping this whole ‘census’ concept and that resulted in him asking a pretty dim question – why the hell is that your business to give him a ridiculously pathetic lecture? It seems you attract the idiots around here like flies, as they were the only ones who up-voted your comment.

            Kind regards,

            • In all my years being in this community, I have never seen such a high intensity of bullshit. I could leave my comment like that, but I noticed you wanted to come out of nowhere and start with me. You are one hell of a hypocrite, telling me it wasn’t my business to reply to him, yet you are doing the same exact thing. You are saying I looked up mature words, but I knew every word I said. You are either a pathetic 10 year old, are an even more pathetic 11 year old. Oh and also, nice job calling members of the cp army community idiots, because thats probably why nobody knows (or cares) about you.

              Kindest regards,

              • When someone is being an asshole for little or no reason, I don’t give a shit if I’m branded a ‘hypocrite’, as long as I make it worthwhile. So far it’s paying off by a mile. There’s nothing worse than a kid trying to be offensive to someone by calling them a pathetic 10 or 11 year old. Dayum man that one made me, what do you call it? LOL. Sure maybe I don’t have many relations within this community *shrug*, but at least I have relations in reality.

                Your first comment was just irritating, the second immensely amusing. I wonder what’s next.

                • I had my reasons, and you didn’t have any legitimate reasons to reply to my comment. I guess you felt like being some kind of brain dead vigilante who acts like he has a reading level higher than the 3rd grade average, when you actually have a Webster’s cracked open next to you. Also, I don’t know about you in real life, but if you act anything like your comments suggest, I think you lack friends in the aspect of “reality”.


                  P.S. – Does Pfizer send you douchebags for me to keep handing over money to them? Just wondering.

                  • I haven’t been bothered to learn the American schooling system, but I’m presuming that the age of that grade on average what, 10-11 years? Read my comment above, aaand If you happen to be in a lot higher grades as I’m afraid you will claim in your next response, then I really wonder what type of person starts pointless arguments, with more than likely 3rd graders (as this is a CP Army website, haven’t you realised? Not WoW) who you suggest above have poor reading level, or at least a reading level less superior to your own, good sir. Apparently you can do this with all the reason in the world. I get the impression that you’re the sort of guy who works his ass off in English class and then shows off ‘what he’s learnt today’ by attacking people who obviously are in no position to retaliate. Try to talk to someone like that in reality, bud. See how that goes for you.

                    You may not even realise that this is what you’ve been doing and my guess is that in you’re next reply your opening words will be ‘BS’, along with plenty more irrelevant, futile attempts in insult me. I’m done here.

                    God Bless,

                    P.S. You will need it.

                    • Good for you. 🙂


                      P.S. Third Grade in the United States is ages 8-9.

        • It says in the post what question would be asked.

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  8. clap clap

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  11. i cant wait i wana be in

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    We can do this!

  13. add wenny to the census 😀

  14. I assume we will not be denied our rightful spot on the census, correct?

    • not sure if real pr leedur

      • I am.

        • This is obviously not the real violantealleta


            I made an edit for you. I am who I am.

            • Make another saying ” Time As Come”

  15. You should put “Check all that apply” for the race question on the optional form, not a drop down menu.

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