Top Ten Armies: 06/01/14

After a week of brutal conflict encompassing most of warfare, we see one of the closest Top Ten rankings in recent history and perhaps ever. 

Public Service Announcement Regarding the War

The conflict that came to an end this week spanned most of the days we would use to rank armies in this Top Ten. While most armies did have events outside of the League of Justice vs. Black Alliance battles, there were some modifications made to the formula for this week because of the war. I will outline this changes in this PSA before moving on to the actual Top Ten.

First, any army to post the results of a League of Justice event — that event was not considered in your size average, however, for any LoJ event you received 3 points in the Head-to-Head Events category per event as opposed to the usual 1 point. For any army who did not have events outside of the LoJ battles this week, such as the Global Defenders, these armies were given a size average similar to the one of last week but keeping in mind any recent gains the army has made. We hope this modifications suit the Top Ten well, and they will be removed next week since the war has come to an end. Also, this is the Special Weapons and Tactic’s last week omitted.

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [79.00] 

2. Army of CP [+1] [78.91] 

3. Light Troops [+3] [78.88] 

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [77.62] 

5. Ice Warriors [-1] [72.25] 

6. Doritos [+4] [72.00] 

7. Global Defenders [-2] [68.88] 

8. Nachos [+1] [62.37]

9. Smart Penguins [-2] [62.07] 

10. Golds [-2] [51.88] 

The full statistics can be found here. 

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner Small and Medium Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors have had a week entrenched in excitement, but still only posted two events. On Sunday, the Dark Warriors claimed victory on Summit against the Doritos, where they claim to have maxed 50. A few days later, they claimed victory on Frosty against the same opponent with sizes of up to 35. At the end of the week, there was a back and forth power struggle between DW Legend xiUnknown and DW Leader Elmikey, with the winner surprisingly being xiUnknown. As a result of this, Elmikey retired.

2. Army of CP: This week has been a busy one for the ACP as they took on the Light Troops in the Black Alliance vs League of Justice war. To start the week they had a joint USA/UK event in the form of a tactic session and they did well, achieving sizes of 30+. To follow this they had an AUSIA training session, hitting 20+, and a UK Recruiting session hitting 15+. In their first USA event of the week they managed to get 15+ at a U-Lead session. The first clash of the war took place at AUSIA times as they had 20+ to reclaim several servers. They also had a USA PB against the RPF and hit 20+, in a battle that ended in a draw. The Army of CP yet again had a U-Lead session, this time at UK times, as they had sizes of about 15 and following this up with the same sizes at an AUSIA reclamation. The next day ACP had another AUSIA event, as they had 15-20 at a training session. The USA division invaded 2 servers on the same day, with 10-15, and this was followed by the retirement of both Noka and Slider, long-serving ACP troops. To end the week they had 20-25 at an invasion of the Light Troops with their weekend force.

3. Light Troops: The Light Troops take a shocking rise this week. They began quietly on Sunday, maxing 17 at a PB. They were then declared war on by the Light Alliance, consisting of 7 armies. Following this, LT Legends Ioioluk and Roberto returned to lead. And the next day, they claim to have maxed 40 at the Invasion of Fjord, claiming victory as well. They then claimed victory on Ice Box as well with even more impressive sizes of up to 45. After cleansing Ice Box, they secured a victory on White Out against the Nachos, and then again on Migrator against the ACP. They’ve claimed victory in the war, saying it’s over, and as a result, Ioioluk and Roberto have retired.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation have had a long and busy week, but it came with a lot of success within the army. At the start of the week they won a PB against the Special Weapons and Tactics, with sizes of 20+ and this was followed by a PB victory against the Redemption Force at UK times as they had 10-15+. The AUSIA division had similar sizes the next day at a Memorial Event, mixed in with a U-Lead session and they had the same sizes the next day at a training session.  On the same day, they came 2nd in a UK PB against the Ice Warriors and F.E.A.R as they maxed 15+. Later, at a USA PB, they claimed victory against the Ice Warriors and hit 20+. To follow this, they had an AUSIA Recruiting event with 10+ and a UK PB with Golds with sizes only reaching 5-10. A day after declaring war on the Black Alliance, the Rebel Penguin Federation had a fun PB with their allies, the ACP, and had good sizes of 20+ and a UK U-Lead session with 15+ in size. Their week continued with yet another U-Lead event, an AUSIA training event with sizes of 15-20 and a UK training session with 10+ troops. To end the week, the RPF had a PB with the RP, achieving a win as they hit 15-20, a “fantastic” AUSIA event with sizes of 18+ and a UK vs USA divisional PB on the weekend with sizes of 25+. It’s been a very busy week for the RPF, but a very successful one as well.

5. Ice Warriors: It’s been a fairly good week for the Ice Warriors as they started the week with sizes of 14-16 in an unscheduled U-Lead session. The average start to the week was followed up by a PB victory against F.E.A.R and RPF in a UK event, as the IW hit 20+ on Sub Zero. To follow this, they had a USA PB with again, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and they claimed victory in this PB as they had sizes of 18+. The first AUSIA of the event took place on Wednesday as they hit sizes of 10+. This was followed by another AUSIA event on Thursday with sizes, again, of 10+. In between the two AUSIA events the Ice Warriors had a UK recruiting session, which went well for the army as they maxed 30. Two days later the IW had another UK event as they had 15+. To end the week they had a third AUSIA event with sizes of 10+ and ended the week with a weekend event as they maxed 32.

6. Doritos: The Doritos have spent the week at war with the Dark Warriors, and like them, only held two events. They claimed victory on Summit on Sunday with sizes of up to 35, then claimed victory on Frosty a few days later with sizes of up to 30. At the end of the week, they agreed to end the war between themselves and the Dark Warriors.

7.  Global Defenders: The Global Defenders have spent the mass majority of their week as a part of the Light Alliance. The League of Justice claimed victory on both Ice Box and Fjord, maxing a whopping 65. Later, on Fjord and Ice Box again, the League of Justice maxed 30. They then maxed 23 on Jack Frost and Sardine.

Note: This is a League of Justice event, not a Global Defenders event.

8. Nachos: The Nachos have had many invasions and defenses this week. First off, the Nachos started the week off on Monday with a raid of Ice Box where they maxed 11 and a joint invasions of Ice Box the same day with the LEague of Justice. On Tuesday, the Nachos invaded Migrator where they maxed 19. On Wednesday, the Nachos had two invasions. The first was an invasion of Klondike where they maxed 20 and the second was a recruiting event on White Out where they maxed 12. The same day, the Nachos had an invasion of Jack Frost as an AUSIA event where they maxed 4. On Thursday, the Nachos had a defense of Ice Box where they maxed 15. That same day, the Nachos had their defense of Fjord where they maxed 17. Again, on Thursday, they had an invasion of Misty where they maxed 12. On Friday, the Nachos had an invasion of Caribou maxing 13. Finally, on Saturday, the Nachos had an invasion of Outback where they maxed 11.


9. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins started this week off with receiving 7th on last week’s Top Ten. Also, Jack Frenzy became their new US Leader while the SP also joined the League of Justice against the Light Troops. On Tuesday the 27th, the AUSIA division of SP invaded LT’s servers, Yeti and Ice Box while maxing 15 on Ice Box and 14 on Yeti. The Smart Penguins then had a USA training session where they maxed 15 and averaged 13. On that same day, the SP invaded the LT servers of Tea, Misty, Sherbet in AUSIA times where they maxed 23 in all three events. On Thursday, the Smart Penguins had an AUSIA training session where they maxed 17 and averaged 15. Friday was a horid time for the SP. On this day, the SP had been caught using old pictures from past events as new ones. Also, the SP had another AUSIA event where they maxed 17 and averaged 15. Lastly, on Saturday, they posted a review of leadership changes, demotions/promotions, and diplomatic changes. On Saturday, they also had beaten the Guardian Penguins and Royale Penguins in the SMAC Continental Cup.

10. Golds: The Golds started off the week with a weekend training where they maxed 16 and averaged 15. Next, the Golds had a US invasion of Ice Box maxing 17 and averaging 16. Then, the Golds had an ‘early’ AUSIA training session where they had maxed 10 and averaged 9. Third, the Golds had a UK practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation where they had maxed 16 and averaged 13. Next, the Golds had another ‘early’ AUSIA training maxing 12 and averaging 11. Lastly, the Golds had an unscheduled AUSIA session where they maxed 12 and averaged 11.

Same as above

weekly poll

This week, as we hit June 1st today and we stand on the horizon of summer 2014, we asked what you guys were thinking. Would this summer be another peak for armies of the year, it would it just be another couple of months? A large majority of you seemed optimistic that this summer could be another high point for the community.

New polls released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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44 Responses

  1. madting

    • bigup my boy elmikey #couped

  2. We could be 4th but ok its fine


  4. 1. Dark Warriors [+0] [79.00] PERFECT

    2. Army of CP [+1] [78.91] PERFECT

    3. Light Troops [+3] [78.88] PERFECT

    4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [77.62] PERFECT

    5. Ice Warriors [-1] [72.25] GOOD ENOUGH

    6. Doritos [+4] [72.00] GOOD ENOUGH LOL

    7. Global Defenders [-2] [68.88] PERFECT

    8. Nachos [+1] [62.37] GOOD ENOUGH LOL

    9. Smart Penguins [-2] [62.07] PERFECT

    10. Golds [-2] [51.88] PERFECT

  5. Good Job everyone

  6. cring sooooo close. Next week.

  7. now elm cant trash talk anybody no more lololololoolol

  8. OMG

  9. I wonder if rounding up or down out of the “.57” would be a good idea in the future.

    • Well obviously you would round up at “.57”, I was just using it as an example to show what I meant.

      • No rounding.

  10. Good Job to all armies.


  12. You didn’t count our invasion of Flurry.

    • They did, look at the event quality compared to dw

  13. Good job IW! :mrgreen:

  14. i cannot imagine all the modification that would have had to be done if this war was long lasting.

    we need to either get our servers issue straight or quit it with all these goddamn alliance wars .

  15. so basically all armies not participating in war were ranked lower?

    • RPF will fall into SMAP.

      • That’s why we’re in the top 5.

  16. LT gets virtually all of their servers taken, yet they go up 3 spots. lolwut

    • because they did it with massive sizes

    • Do you and mikester ever shut the fuck up about LT? Just a curious question.

      • he mad

    • LT was massive this week in all fairness

  17. Even with the struggles going on in DW, we’re still 1st.
    Good job Dark Warriors.

  18. Lmao for “event quality” LT should’ve gotten a -10.

    • What’s up with your obsession for LT? I mean seriously, you comment about LT like 24/7 always trying to make them look bad. Are you envious or something?

      • I haven’t made any comments about LT since their multilog scandal was released. Your obsession with defending LT even when there was pure evidence that they multilogged is the real problem here. :p

        I can be annoyed with an army that multilogged the events that got them 3rd place prevented hard working armies like IW from getting their deserved position.

        • Still no full proof of multilogging. Also what obsession? I’m defending LT cause i’m a LT legend you dumbass. Also LT deserves 3rd js.

          • u mad bro

            • Nah just curious.

          • k

  19. how do lt move up 3 spots?
    an u forgot xtoysoldierx retired from dark warrior
    good job smart penguins

    • Have you ever heard of grammar?

      • do you have an obsession of complaining about other ppl

    • Thanks Grumpy.

  20. How can LT move up 3 spots and get hammered at their recent battles.

  21. srry @ acp

  22. RPF 4th below light troops. wow. totally bs.

    • Its because they made some weird new rule where armies in LoJ or get extra points. IDK why but just go with it lol.

  23. LT have had multiple events where they get max of 10 on, and their consistency is still equal to ACP’s and most armies in top ten?

  24. My opinion of the top ten (my version, my formula) *wary*
    1. Dark warriors
    2. Army Of CP
    3. Ice Warriors
    4. Rebel Penguin Federation
    5.Global Defenders
    6.Light Troops
    7. Golds
    8. Doritos
    9. Smart Penguins
    10. Nachos

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