Light Troops Indicted For Multi-Logging Again?

ICE BOX, LT Empire – The start of the highly anticipated battle between the League of Justice (comprised of ACP, GD, Nachos, Golds, RP, SP, SR, and FEAR) and the Light Troops was met with controversy right from the start as pictures of members of the LT leadership planning and carrying out multilogging surfaced.

Update #10: Discussion regarding this situation has been moved to the owner pool on BloodlineHQ as LT continues to search within its ownership for the source of the damaging evidence leaked to CPAC.

Update #9: Both Spi and Shiv have been banned forever from LT chat for suspected roles in the leaks (

Update #8: LT Leader Roberto has reset the chat again and banned forever two other suspected leakers, LT 3ic Konrad and an LT mod named Kenny whose rank is not currently known. Ioioluk has also banned Josh forever (

Update #7: CPAC has acquired chat logs ( following the reset of BloodlineHQ, which show Spi being guested by Ioioluk and banned forever by Waterkid. Ten minutes later, another apparent suspect of the leaks, the overthrown former Nachos Leader Shivertoe, is twice banned forever by Waterkid.

Update #6: LT has reset the BloodlineHQ chatroom in an attempt to destroy the remaining evidence before it could be screenshot.

Update #5: Ioioluk believes that Spi has been leaking the incriminating pictures to CPAC. Whoever it is has managed to shatter the confidentiality of LT’s leaders’ elaborate plans to multilog today’s battles.

Update #4: The leaks continue to pour in, as the source has yet to be discovered. LT now discusses using codewords to prevent future leaks regarding multilogging, as well as using fake names to create plausible deniability from incriminating pictures.

Update #3: Another leak taken just now (around 10:05 pm EST) from the second LT insider source shows members of LT’s leadership discussing this very CPAC post and how to proceed multilogging less obviously. Ioioluk has changed his name to BooblePook, and “Fuhrer of Windhelm”, who gave away the “Ramen” penguins exposed by CPAC’s post, states that neither of these penguins can be used anymore.

Update #2: A second source from inside LT has leaked another alleged picture from BloodlineHQ purporting to show LT 3ic Konrad informing others in the chat how to create additional penguins, presumably for multilogging. Retired LT Legend Reece quickly tells him to stop for fear of leaks. This leak from a second LT insider suggests a potential inner struggle similar to that of ACP’s Triumvirate, where pictures were leaked anonymously for fear of being fired from the ownership.

Update #1: Ioioluk has requested chat history evidence of BloodlineHQ being used, which we have subsequently provided: Waterkid has now argued that BloodlineHQ has a background, however an inside source who requested to remain anonymous, whom we believe to be the original source of the images, has stated that the background was added only after the release of CPAC’s post.

The following pictures were allegedly taken from the chat BloodlineHQ, a known hangout chat for current and former members of LT that was being used as a command center for the battle.

One of the key things to note about the following images is that we were able to confirm the time these screenshots were taken. The first three were taken very close together at precisely the time that both sides began to log on for the battle. This suggests that the pictures were indeed screenshots taken in real-time rather than edited pictures that were uploaded well after they occurred. To see the original Lightshot screenshots that were embedded here, you can click on each image to be redirected to it.

Picture #1: This picture was taken at 6:45 pm EST according to Imgur, the image hosting website for Lightshot. It shows LT Leader Ioioluk requesting his small group of leaders to log on.

Picture #2: This picture, taken at 6:46 pm EST, alleges to show LT leaders exchanging additional penguins to be logged on for the event. The penguin Beeframen would later be seen at the battle, seemingly adding greater validity for the picture that would follow.

Picture #3: This is perhaps the most damning piece of evidence uncovered by the Light Alliance’s source. Taken at 6:48 pm EST, this picture purports to show LT Leader Ioioluk suggesting multilogging for the battle in order to “double the size”, a suggestion reiterated by two other LT leaders, one who says he is already doing so.

Picture #4: This picture, taken at 6:54 pm EST, appears to show an admission from Jose, an LT owner rank, that he is multilogging 3 penguins for the event.

Picture #5: This picture, taken during the battle on Fjord at 7:50 pm EST, shows the earlier multilogged penguin in question logged in. In the background, you can also see the penguin Porkramen, likely of the same owner.

Picture #6: The final two pictures in question come from LT’s own results post for the Defense of Icebox. The post, made by LT 2ic Tylund1, shows a picture taken by a penguin so new its name has not yet been approved (intended to be named Pengooooooo0). This name does not exist on either the LT Ranks or website.

Picture #7: The post also contains pictures from a penguin named “Small Hotdog”, which is also not found on the LT Ranks page or in any post on the website (evidenced HERE). While it was initially believed that Small Hotdog was merely the penguin Tylund used for the battle, a picture from Ioioluk confirmed that both Tylund1 and Small Hotdog were, in fact, both allegedly multilogged for at least one of the battles.

While the Club Penguin images only appear incriminating, it is the chat screenshots from BloodlineHQ that appear a bit more damning, especially when the Imgur time stamp is taken into consideration. The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not this is evidence proves a widespread multilogging scandal in the Light Troops leadership. While the Light Alliance seems to think so, we will have to wait and see how the LT leaders implicated herein respond to this scandal. If this evidence is indeed true, it would add to a rapidly growing list of major army leaders caught up in such scandals, including members of the former ACP leadership Jerry and Lumarnara, RPF Leader Danny, and recent Legends-inductee Ganger90.


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Boomer 20

CPA Central Board Member


130 Responses

  1. Second

  2. Marvellous

  3. Insert foot into mouth LT.

    • My apologies, it was just LT and a couple others helping them at the battle today, and just a few multilogs…

    • nobody wants your foot fungus in their mouth

      • It’s the expression”To put your foot in your mouth”. I’m telling LT to put their own feet in their mouths.


  4. It’s all ogre now LT.

  5. madting

  6. Small Hotdog is woogybunch

    • EXACTLY. Jesus Christ they need to get there facts right.

  7. Eh, not surprised.

    • I know right?

  8. This is so damn sad. Don’t start a war if you’re going to multi-log like a bunch of cowards.

  9. yo gd:
    yo gd

    • LOL so instead of attempting to defend yourself, you just delete my comment?

      Art thou mad brethren?

      • No need to be so mad just because jack wouldn’t give you leader.

    • I would like to re-state the main point of my comment, considering it was deleted by Brady out of extreme butthurt, and his lack of a valid argument.

      “Brady can only survive if he hops to a new army every week. He is an army hopper and I do not much care for him. I also hear that he enjoys pleasuring other men sexually.”

      I cring for you.

      Good day.

  10. For those who were curious, I made a guide for how to view Lightshot image time stamps on Imgur:

  11. FAKE.

    • Dude u put the bg up after the event happened. No way to cover it up now.

      • Wheres your proof, stating that we put the bg up after the event? The BLHQ bg has been there since summer 2013.

        • it would’ve goon inactive by then, and the bg would’ve reset.

          • We go on BLHQ literally almost everyday to play minecraft or atwar. It’s always been there.

            • check the updates, wraps it up.

            • any time i’ve went to blhq its been empty and without a bg

              • I’ve never seen you at BLHQ.

                • Yeah, I’ve always noticed its empty too

        • Also a peng not on ranks isn’t evidence


  12. At least Ioio’s legend status is safe, Burr and Vinny weren’t removed, so it should be fair that Ioio shouldn’t be removed either.

    • Except nothing has been proved against Ioio or Vinny and myself yet. Just because an accusation is made, does not mean a verdict is reached.

      • Check le updates. Hit, and sunk.

        • That doesn’t prove anything… those are just pictures. Until they prove that those are actual Light Troop representatives or someone in the LT ownership confirms these pictures, then nothing is proven.

          • they did. Boomer practically walks you through it with the updates.

          • Even the chat logs match up with what they were saying.

  13. this is alex’s name on xat

    • It’s sad that you need a juice can next to you to read “concentrate”.

      • I would like to see the ID.

  14. Nice job editing the photos!

  15. Fake. Anyone could have gone on a delisted chat and said those things. All of the LT owners’ profile pictures are default xat pictures and no one has powers.

  16. Nice editing skills you got there

  17. Here we go again. Im going to sit down with my popcorn and watch this all get good

  18. If u looked at LT chat during the battle it showed Ioioluk with yellow namecolor, also jose’s name and pic were different, and i never use that sea horse pic. My signature pic is 517. There is also no proof that this chat was bloodlinehq, we have a background of an ass on BLHQ. They went on some random chat.

  19. Multilogging isn’t a big deal, find something else to post.

  20. This isn’t even close to being good evidence/proof

    • LOOOOOOOOOOL says the dw

  21. BloodlineHQ ALWAYS had a chat bg, here’s proof of the chat summer 2013:

  22. This is a terrible and very sad attempt to fake pictures to make us look bad. Typical of ACP and Nachos(who have history of doing exactly that).
    I’m just going to start by saying there is no proof of the actual chat. It doesn’t say what chat this is on. Atleast the pictures don’t. The only chat I was on was BloodlineHQ and ShineWithVictory. Both of these are chats that have backgrounds, and the chat in the picture doesn’t have one. Anyone could go on a delisted chat and make things up.
    Secondly, the picture with “fuhrer of windhelm” proves nothing(and they’re fake). FLIPMOO(who is that anyway?) needs a penguin and he gives him one. Then, you see that penguin on CP. I don’t see the problem.
    Third, pictures of Jose being on 3 penguins are fake because he has a different xat picture. He also has a nameglow on.
    Fourth, they forgot to fake a detail in my name -_- There’s a “_” missing, you idiots
    The other pictures prove nothing.
    FINALLY, most important detail that is ALWAYS needed when taking important chat pictures like these : XAT ID. There are on ID’s. That completely destroys the evidence.
    Get some better evidence when you try to fake pictures, you morons. Most importantly, show ID’s.

    • lol its impossible an army that noobish can get 30 people at one time

      • What logic?

  23. wat the hell just happened

  24. Even after being told to take pictures of the ID, the poster cannot put up any. Proves it’s fake. Also, why is the chat still without background? BloodlineHQ has a background. Just stop.

    • The chat background only displays if you’re actively signed in to the chat. The person giving us pictures was refreshing the chat to avoid detection which is why he was able to get pictures up until the chat was reset.

      • >implying the person with these fake evidences isn’t you
        >implying “we at CPAC” isn’t just you
        >implying this is not just another chat
        try harder

        • LT would have to have the worst chat security in the world to let me walk into their command center and start leaking stuff. It seems pretty clear it was someone on the inside who was trusted and not suspected.

          • Thing is, there’s nobody in the “inside”. This thing doesn’t exist Boomer. Are you really that crazy? It’s literally you sitting on a chat faking pictures with some buddies from ACP. This is all in your head Boomer. This “someone leaking pictures” doesn’t exist in reality.

            • Why reset BloodlineHQ twice and ban half the chat then? The chat logs match up seamlessly with the pics we were given by whoever you managed to piss off.

              • Ioio pissed me off just by returning to armies kthanks

  25. no duh its just some bullshit evidence for propaganda

  26. This is false.

    I never leaked anything; I wasn’t even in BLHQ. The only chats I was on were DoritosofCP and LightTroopsHQ.

    I don’t even know what the hell is going on at this point.

    • Exactly. Now the updates are just becoming bullshit and have literally nothing to do with this. They don’t prove anything, even less than the first ones(which were faked). Not to mention the chat still doesn’t have a background in the updates when in reality, it’s supposed to.

    • other thing is spi hates acp

  27. the time stamps on these tho

  28. next update: blue is now pulling things out of his ass

  29. Shiv and Spi were banned because they were messing around on Minecraft, not because of your stupid story. Stop making shit up.

    • ^^

      • How do up get banned on minecraft?XD

  30. Faked. Next multilogging accusation, please.

  31. Check, please.

    • sorry son but it isnt proved due to being inaccurate and insufficient evidence, get rid of your damn league of jizz bias just because you lead a damn small ass army thats in the league of jizz and thinks they r pro because they joined with some big boys to make them look big!1!!!!
      by the words of saw, legend of the dick wadds (dw)
      “u suck son”

  32. They were. We moved rooms, and in 5 minutes, the LT had gained 15+ troops.

    • son, must i get you common sense?
      there is no valid evidence as there is no images of their id’s
      u suck son

    • Our troops were locked out noob

      • @Tobercold
        Yea, because a lot of our troops were locked out, dumbass.

  33. I love how LT be cring they got found out.

  34. Dunno if this means anything, but I visited LT chat during the battle and it contained a background along with a substantial amount of users.

    The evidence listed does look pretty darn convincing however… (wary)

    • LT chat had a background yes, it was BloodlineHQ that did not. The chat had been temporarily delisted and was re-saved after the battle ended to show the background. The person leaking pics was refreshing the chat to avoid detection though, so the background is not visible in his pictures.

      • The chat has been delisted for months man

        • That’s what I had thought, but Waterkid was claiming it had never been delisted even though we spoke to multiple people who went to the chat who said it was delisted until after the battle had ended.

          • Place went off in March or April I think after the Bloodline server died down.

  35. What a joke. lol

  36. lol i told you guys this would be an easy win for us

  37. To be honest,the evidence stacks up because I don’t see how else LT could suddenly triple their size in a day, before the war started they were 6th or lower and getting 20 most days.

    • LT autotyped a lot before this war started and a lot of mold LT veterans returned to LT before event. Atleast 20 LT vets rejoined before event. So when you think about it 20+20+more recruits=40-45

      • old*

        • Says LT.

      • Before the 2 battles yesterday, LT only had 4 people join on the join page in the 24 previous hours. And if some people didn’t submit on the join page, how did they know how to do tactics so well?

    • That’s what I’m thinking

    • no autotyping can double your size in one day and i could only see like 4 vets at most rejoining

      • Ioio,Rob,Supra, Jose, Josh, Kenny, RMS, Ana, Reece, Mattg, and many more came back.

        • mattg isnt an LT veteran

          • ik but he rejoined with LT vets

            • i didnt rejoin

  38. small fry LT

  39. It’s proven fake simply because there are no ID’s showing these people are actually the LT leadership. If this person leaking all these pictures(which are fake and that person doesn’t exist) could go all this way and get all this “evidence”, then how come he couldn’t go just a LITTLE bit further, hover his mouse cursor on our names and take a picture of our ID’s? Why couldn’t he go get that 1% left to make everything legitimate? Even after being told to do so, that person did not take any picture of ID’s. Guess why. Because he CAN’T because the evidence is faked!!!

    • If you keep denying the evidence over and over and over and over again along with the other BA leaders, then chances are LT did in fact multilog ^_^

      • This is coming from a troop in an army in which 2/3 of it’s leaders were actually PROVEN to multilog.

        • And also coming from an army that had those leaders removed and an army that is fully clean.

      • You just expect me to admit to all these fake evidences? Of course I will deny it if it’s fake and it’s trying to make us look bad.

    • Actually you reset the chat (twice) before he was able to do that. It’s funny how much you’re trying to twist this all while you had been attempting to destroy any evidence. Your words proclaim innocence but your actions concede guilt. There was no conceivable reason for names to be changed, the background updated, the chat reset, and half a dozen people banned but to try to cover up what remaining information had not already been posted here.

      • Lel i love how he doesn’t answer you boomer, 2nd reply you made he couldn’t think of an argument.

  40. Gooby pls dun multilog i wel kil spodermon

    • srry

  41. CPAC = Sherlock Holmes. nuff said.

    • We’re like Santa Claus. And by that I mean we watch you when you’re sleeping.

      • Ok now I’m creeped out

          • I was just about to go to sleep…

              • How tf did you get a picture of my mum?

  42. LT better hurry up and find the leaker for their sake, or else day 2 of the war won’t be pretty. At least they won’t have “40” on cp now, since they won’t be able to multilog without being caught.

    • Lol I laugh at how everyone’s like it’s impossible for LT to go from 20+ to 40+. Are you all fucking stupid? They didn’t multi log all of those penguins and there’s no proof. I’ll only believe it when there’s ID’s. The reason why LT got 40+ was because Roberto ioioluk came back. THATS FUCKING HUGE. So of course LT would have a huge size because there golden rio came e back + a bunch of legends including ioioluk rmstitanic Roberto Jose Drmatt josh Kenny spi tylund juju flower etc. If oagalthorp came back to ACP do you really think that there gonna average 25-30? When creators of armies come back it’s a huge deal for The CP armies and for an army itself. So how about everyone fucking leaves LT alone because there’s still no exact proof. You need the ID’s of the people. If you had a picture of them with there ID’s then you would of had exact proof. The photos don’t even look accurate and there really isn’t enough proof tbh. All you ACP fags just make it seem like there is, and some of the updates are pointless. I don’t believe LT didn’t multi log and I won’t believe it until there’s exact proof. Short proof.

      • Still, legends coming back 4 hours before the event wouldn’t boost them 30+ troops. All of the owners, and mods autotyping for that long would still not even get you 30 troops.

        Plus, if you really think people can fake pics that fast, and get it out almost real time, is ridiculous. It would’ve had to be real time for the pics to actually been real.

        AND the people couldn’t have made fake pics in advance, because it matched perfectly with the xat log of the banning that happened.

        Also, if they weren’t worried of a leader, why would they ban the majority of the chat right when the updates started coming in, trying to make them stop?

  43. I know this isn’t stone cold proof, but here’s evidence Ioio changed his name. As you can see, it says “tha_alex”. This is from when the battles of Ice Box, Fjord were happening. When Ioio logs again let’s hipe I can further back it up .-.

  44. Ioioluk and Rob youre very retarded for banishing Konrad cause hes actualy good unlike your asses

  45. Damn look at all those updates

    • It was an eventful evening to say the least

  46. Everybody that get in a circle and mediate. Breath in and breath out

  47. Ok, Time for my honest opinion Idgaf what anyone else says so sit back and read.

    This little war that turned into a World war was the fact that Shiver is still bein’ a little bitch bout being removed from the Torita army that was doig shit with or without him. ACP stepped in because of how Nachos would get crushed with LT getting 50+ and Nachos getting like 13 and only winning the UK battles, But still with the fact that 500 Small Armies are commiting suicide over this war is fun.

    So Fuck you Shiv for starting this.

  48. To be honest I find this evidence to be flimsy at best, and can be easily faked.

  49. Lol what a bunch of fags

  50. i realized who spends there time reading these comments

  51. Where are the freaking Military police in all this. I think we need them instead of so many kids claiming to be the judge, now everyone get back to your friends that you can touch in person. Stop being bullies under the guise of righteousness, cuz all anyone does around here is push their own sad agenda onto other. All is fair in love and war even multilog. LAMO

    • Hi Ana/Juju how are you today

    • is faking ur death also fair in love and war

  52. lol is that some kind of call out to me cuz I know you all.

  53. They did not do it cuz the military police was called in and they took over.

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