Top Ten Armies: 05/25/14

The fight for first is extremely close this week, and we see one new edition as we close out the month of May.

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+1] [75.88] 

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [75.70] 

3. Army of CP [-2] [75.18] 

4. Ice Warriors [+0] [70.38] 

5. Global Defenders [+0] [60.75] 

6. Light Troops [+0] [55.75] 

7. Smart Penguins [+1] [54.99] 

8. Golds [NEW!] [52.75] 

9. Nachos [+0] [50.25] 

10. Doritos [+0] [45.71] 

The full statistics can be found here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors are back at the top of this week’s Top 10. Whats Up11 returned to the army at the beginning of the week, surprising many. The Dark Warriors held a Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, in which they were able to get a max of 30+ online. In another battle, which was against the Army of Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation tried to raid the event. It was a failure, but for the Dark Warriors there was a max of 30+ on Club Penguin. The heght of their week was at a normal training session, with a max of 42+. The Ice Berg was almost full, which is the overall goal for the army. To finish off their week, the Dark Warriors declared war on the Doritos, and are invading the Doritos’ Capital of Summit today.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF move up one spot this week. To kick-start their week they held an AUSIA event where they were able to max out at about twelve troops. Next, the RPF proved victorious over the Light Troops in a practice battle, where they were able to max twenty-eight. The next day, the RPF had two “You-Lead” events for their AUSIA and American forces in which they maxed eleven and twenty-one, respectively. The RPF then had an AUSIA training session in which they were able to max 11; their European counterparts were able to max thirteen a little later that day. During the same day their American forces had a practice battle against the Nacho managing to get around twenty troops, the event eventually dissolved into chaos after a group of rogue Nachos led by Shivertoe2. On Wednesday, the RPF’s AUSIA division faced off against the Smart Penguins, the battle ultimately ended in a tie with both armies maxing about fourteen. That same day the RPF’s American division beat out the Dark Warriors while maxing twenty-three troops. On Friday, the RPF had an AUSIA training session and had an American practice battle against the Light Troops, the RPF maxed about twelve at both events. To wrap up their week the RPF had two practice battles against the ACP. At its AUSIA battle the RPF were able to max twenty, but it ultimately ended in a tie. The RPF’s joint American/European forces were able to beat out the ACP later that day with sizes of twenty-four. With a plethora of events, RPF clocks in at second this week.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP began their week with an American training session in which they were able to max sixteen. The following day, their European division maxed twenty-three at a tactic session. Later, the ACP’s American division faced off against the rising Global Defenders in a practice battle. Despite losing this, they were able to max eighteen. On Thursday, ACP had its first AUSIA event of the week – a training session where they maxed eighteen troops. Later that same day the ACP was able to max thirty with their European division and twenty with their American division. Friday turned up to be a day in which the army held tactic sessions, its American division maxed sixteen, European division maxed twenty-five, and its AUSIA maxed twenty. Closing out their week they held two practice battles with the RPF, which both ended in ties. The AUSIA practice battle saw ACP maxing around twenty-three, where its American/European division maxed twenty-five. The ACP falls two spots in this week’s Top Ten. 

4. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors war with SWAT carried over into this week. Their first event occurred Sunday when the Ice Warriors invaded Mammoth; they maxed twenty-six and emerged victorious. That same day it was announced that Kingfunks4 would be made Leader of the army. The next day the army had two events – the Invasion of Rocky Road and the Defense of Sub Zero. The Ice Warriors maxed 15 at both of these events and emerged victorious after SWAT surrendered. On Tuesday, the Ice Warriors had two more events against SWAT and were again victorious in both of those maxing seventeen during the Invasion of Christmas and twenty during the defense of Mammoth. The next day the two armies agreed upon a peace treaty, which favored Ice Warrior interests. The rest of their week saw little activity with the exception being Saturday when the Ice Warriors had three tactic sessions maxing twenty-two for their European division, eleven for their AUSIA division, and their European Division held their second event of the day, maxing twenty. The Ice Warriors maintain their position at fourth this week.

5. Global Defenders: The Global Defenders stick with their Top 5 position for this week. On Sunday, the army held an unscheduled event with a max of 18+. In a victory against the Army of Club Penguin, a max of 21+ was achieved. In another usual training session, the US division maxed 17+ on Club Penguin. To put their week of events to a halt, the Global Defenders battled the Golds, which ended up to be a complete ‘failure’. Results from the Prime Minister Elections showed Pungy1234 to be the clear winner.


6. Light Troops: The Light Troops stay just where they are, same as the previous Top 10. The Light Troops started their week with a Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, maxing 20+ on Club Penguin. At their next event, which was a UK division training session, maxed 15+ online. In another Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, the army maxed 16+. In a “Three-Way” Practice Battle, the Light Troops had 25+.


7. Smart Penguins: Being the underdog, the Smart Penguins are surprisingly rising in the CPA Central Top 10. The army started their week with maxed 10+ at SMA Central’s Continental Cup Tournament. The next day, the Smart Penguin’s US division maxed 15+ on Club Penguin. Up with their AUSIA, the army maxed 17+ online at a normal training session. On the same day, the army had an AUSIA and US battle. At both, the Smart Penguins maxed around 15+. The army also held a Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, in which they won. At the end of the week, Dinesh001 retired from his leader position in the army.

8. Golds: After falling into the SM Army Press last week, the Golds are back in the CPA Central Top 10. The army had a hit when their US division leader, Spi101, took his leave from the army. Throughout the rest of the week, the Golds UK division would be the eye-catcher. The Golds battled the Water Vikings, maxing 15+ on Club Penguin. The Golds ended their week with a Practice Battle against the Global Defenders, which was their highlight of their week [Max of 20+].

Practice battle vs GD *Max 20 Avg 18*

9. NachosThe Nachos had a rather turbulent week. On Sunday the army had a recruiting session on Big Foot in which they maxed fourteen. However, that same day say the ousting of former leader Shivertoe2 by the owners of the Nachos. Soon-thereafter, the Nachos held a “pool party” on their capital server, Fjord, where they maxed ten. That same day they held an American “You Lead” where they maxed fifteen. Tuesday they had a practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation maxing thirteen. The Nachos last event of the week occurred Thursday where the army had a practice battle against the Global Defenders; the Nachos maxed ten. The Nachos retained their ranking of ninth despite a chaotic week. 

10. Doritos: Again, the Doritos remain at the bottom of the CPA Central Top 10. To start their week, the army held a Practice Battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation, maxing 18+ on Club Penguin. The Doritos held one AUSIA event, with a max of 11+. In a battle against the Ice Warriors, the Doritos were able to finish off their week with 18+ online. Now, the Doritos must face the Dark Warriors in a war together.

pb w iw5

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42 Responses



    • haters gonna hate

      • and you gonna cring

  1. Reblogged this on Club Penguin: Dark Warriors Army.

    • “Omg I like this top 10 now DW are first. Good job CPAC!”


      “Aww, love ya CPAC. Hey look Dark Warriors, come look at the CPAC top 10!”

      • Shaddup RPF can suck your dick covered in sh1t

  2. 2 black armies ahead of us? That is very racist and offensive, not to mention discrimination…

  3. We should’ve been 2nd o.o


  4. Alot of non-movers this week.


  6. 1. Dark Warriors [+1] [75.88] PERFECT

    2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [75.70] PERFECT

    3. Army of CP [-2] [75.18] PERFECT

    4. Ice Warriors [+0] [70.38] PERFECT

    5. Global Defenders [+0] [60.75] PERFECT

    6. Light Troops [+0] [55.75] PERFECT

    7. Smart Penguins [+1] [54.99] PERFECT

    8. Golds [NEW!] [52.75] I THINK 9TH ISH LELS

    9. Nachos [+0] [50.25] I THINK 10TH


    • compared to the rest of the armies DCP couldve dropped out entirely

      • I dont understand the dislikes time ummm


  8. Good job DW regaining 1st. Great job to all armies aswell!


  10. Great job Golds on making it back to Top 10! 🙂 😀

  11. Well Done IW and everyone else above us! 🙂

  12. Congratulations, Dark Warriors! 😀

  13. Mmk

  14. Awesome job, Global Defenders.

  15. DW shouldn’t even be in the top ten this week. Maybe they should be number 7 of SMAP.

    • That would be called bias

      • That would be called a good rating.

        • Haters gonna hate, lol.
          Plus I don’t know how we would be in SMAP with 30-40 sizes.
          I don’t know what kind of thoughts you’re thinking.

          • Back in the old days your army would’ve of been in SMAP

            • No. If it was the “old days” we’d be even bigger due to more recruiting lines available for usage.

  16. I would just like to point out that DW did NOT max 30 in their battle against us. There are no pictures to prove this size. The highest they maxed was 25 in pre-battle.

    • Well “Maxing” is more for description than ranking itself. It’s all about the average size

  17. wow. have the top 3 armies ever been this close to each other in points?

    like acp could’ve gotten first with a single more point in size

    should i feel bad for not going to an acp event this week?

    srry guise

  18. ACP Ausia got 6 points *wary*

  19. tha return

  20. what the how did the smart penguins move up????!!!!!!

  21. Not bad IW, not bad.

  22. What about the latest adition to the rooster: The CP Moms.

  23. ”Hats gon hat1111”

  24. I wish I was high on potenuse

  25. I predict next Top 5 in CPAC tobe 1.) Dark Warriors 2.) Light Troops 3.) ACP 4.) Global Defenders 5.) Doritos 6.) RPF 7.) Ice Warriors 8.) Smart Penguins 9.) Golds 10.) Nachos

  26. IW should’ve been 3rd :/

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