Club Penguin Servers Hacked

ABOMINABLE, RPF Empire – Reports have come in that Club Penguin’s servers have been hacked for the first time in recent memory. Not since the days of famous CP Trainers like Penguin Storm and WPE Pro has CP been the site of such egregious exploits.

Waterkid100, Light Troops leader, reports on the LT site that he witnessed a hacking on Abominable, easily the most popular server of Club Penguin just a few hours ago.

CP was hacked on May 25th at 12am UK. It was led by penguin user ”yayaruby”. He began cussing, then banning users. He has a henchman who goes by the user ”Nickname 0”. CP has nothing to say as of yet of this attack.

Waterkid100, Light Troops Leader, May 25, 2014

As seen above, the hackers were able to control penguins in the room, causing them to repeat the same phrase and making them appear to have unavailable items (Rockhopper’s hat and beard). The picture of a penguin cursing is a massive violation for Club Penguin especially, who tout the safety of their servers as a major point of the game.

Water has claimed that this is part of the Purple Republic raid, who just today announced their return with a video on their Steam Group.

Club Penguin has yet to comment on the incident and it remains unknown if the users have been banned.


CPA Central CEO


43 Responses

  1. *everyone rushes to CP to curse*

    • *everyone gets banned*

      • *everyone cries*

        • The event was so ugly that *everyone died* the end #PATRICKSTARAWESOME

          • *That didn’t help at all*

    • LOL

    • What if it was a cp mod breaking rules? O.o

    • Boomer,you have one of the funniest comments in the entire planet,how come do you have a pic of everything? XD lol

  2. i am going to file a lawsuit on rockhopper

  3. CP is gun’ die

    • What the actual f*ck doe

    • wow,glad i wasnt on CP,damn

      kidding,i actually wanted to see that,wow

  4. Nooooooooooooooooooo

  5. i was there

  6. About damn time.

  7. inb4 SaW hacks Club Penguin

    • He never could hack, get that into your mind. He has an account on Hackforums, it was confirmed and whenever someone brings it up he ignores them and acts like he didn’t see it.

  8. i lol’d. i lol’d hard. i lol’d long.

  9. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  10. Everyone was crowding around him saying ”Hey stop that, I’m reporting you!” And then he made everyone a Beta and made everyone sing Rick Astley. I love him.

    Also, he used Cloud Penguin 🙂

    • If you know me you know Im anti-hack, but this was this AWESOME. I heard ppl saying “50 betas on Abominable!!!!”. BTW What was Waterkid doing on an RPF Server o_O


  11. its been a long time since i’ve seen CP hackers. good times

  12. wow

  13. I missed it and I highly doubt it was purple republic

  14. inb4 Toy ddoses CP

  15. If the person who did this gets caught I’m going to be that one person who’s like:

    ‘Lawsuits have been fired’ or ‘Disney fired the fired lawsuit’ OR
    ‘Holy fuck did Disney ever deserve this’

  16. I doubt it is PR and I doubt they are back -__-

  17. well cp might be more fun

  18. lol he made them sing a great song for rick rolling

  19. The hackers used Cloud Penguin, the most flexible trainer for Club Penguin yet. The developers made the core programme, but it was designed so that anyone can make just about any “add-on” for it. Problems only gonna get bigger from here.

  20. Be a pookie. I bet hackers are scared of em :3

  21. i know who did it i went on thire chat and i saw they posted pics of thire event and it was the rockhopper pic with everyone as rockhopper then the person (thire leader) said keep the hacking a secret and i said how did u do that they said to stop talking about it and that keep going it was the soda pop army and in this pic is one of thire hackers i know him and he has a freind i forgot the name he hacks to this also got the spa chat hacked and cp is now lagging (very slow) send me a message for more info

  22. Nickname 0 is very correct.

  23. I think Yayaruby and Nickname 0 are in their own little clan.

  24. fuck no

  25. AAA

  26. WOW. Rushes on CP. I sent a rude postcard to someone named Yayaruby and it said Suprise motherf*cka!

  27. Yayaruby is my friend

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