The CPA Central Archives — The Public Era

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — In the second installment of our series, we will take a look at one of the most loved times in the site’s history; an era of names like Iasgae56 and later Sklooperis at the helm of this great site. This is CPA Central’s second era, The Public Era. 

The Public Era

July 2010 — April 2011

The half of 2010 following Woton’s retirement from the site, along with the beginning of 2011, would bring unprecedented changes in the modernization of CPA Central. Taking over immediately after Woton was Iasgae56, a figure of prominence in armies due to his longtime influence in the Army of CP and the tenure he would serve as leader. It is my humble opinion that Iasgae’s term as CPA Central CEO is not given nearly enough credit when we go through the list of this site’s greatest.

Face it, Woton’s CPAC during The Founding Era was innovative. However, it’s also a site that I would be ashamed to put my name on. We’ve come a long way, but during its first year of operation CPAC was very unprofessional, and the kind of site where an author would tell you about his new dog or put sixteen thousand exclamation points in a post title. Again, all my love goes out to Woton and he showed during his second term that he was a very capable CEO, but in the first year, CPAC was having growing pains.

It was Iasgae56, in my opinion, that really took CPAC out of that painful era and into something much more. Often noted for his personality, Ias was exactly what CPA Central needed: he was smart, respected, amiable, and the kind of person that could make this site into something sustainable. Alongside Sklooperis, who served as Secondary Head during this time, the duo turned CPAC into something that was loved by the public — hence the titling of this era.

To my right, you see the old advertisement for CPA Central’s YouTube, part of a marketing push that would be extremely successful; once again making the site sustainable. You’ll often hear Kingfunks4, both during his time as CEO and even now as Executive Producer, referencing Ias’s risky “contributor program” and how thankful Funks is for being given a chance through programs like this. Iasgae saw that CPA Central was not a short-term establishment, and during his time he tried to think long-term.

Some notable authors that came to CPAC because of programs like this (besides Funks) were Bluesockwa2 and KyL, who covered just about every major invasion that took place during Iasgae’s term at the helm, many of which centered around an installment in the Tundra Wars.

The Tundra Wars were one of the last major wars involving armies like the Watex Warriors, the Black Bandits and Fort Ghost Recon. A very interesting conflict; anyone looking to do more reading on that can check out the entry under “Other Wars” over at the History Page.

This was also the time when many of CPAC’s pages came into play, with people like Albaro Lord and Flipper7706 keeping the Armies,  Leaders, and Servers pages up to date. Finally, arguably Iasgae’s most notable contribution to the site was his ambitious tournament project that would forever change the way armies saw the summer. It was to be called the Legends Cup, and was to be a clash of the most powerful armies in all of Club Penguin — and it was nothing short of brilliant.

Bringing a close not only to the 2010 summer but also Iasgae’s tenure as CPA Central CEO, the Legends Cup was a smashing success, with the Nachos defeating the Ice Warriors in the finals to become the first ever champions. Almost a year after that tournament, Iasgae compiled a “final record” of the events which can be read here.

As a new school year started, Iasgae soon retired from the site and Sklooperis took over. However, in an embarrassment so early in Skloop’s term — the site was hacked in the early days of October 2010, with all kinds of records, posts, and other information being lost. Worse yet; there was no backup.

Still new to the reigns of CPA Central CEO, Skloop, alongside Secondary Head Bluesockwa2 and Head Reporter Kingfunks4, began the laborious process of finding posts on Google caches and restoring them to the site. Though the original goal was to get everything back, there were complications: first of all, a cache couldn’t be found of everything, and there were a huge amount of posts made since the sites founding. The administration felt they were getting backtracked: every day, new events were taking place in the army world that they weren’t up-to-the-minute on because of this hack. All important posts from the site’s history were found, but many others were never restored.

However, Sklooperis turned everything around after this and would go down as one of the greatest CEOs in CPA Central’s history. Even more ambitious than his predecessor Iasgae56, Sklooperis oversaw the creation of the Legends Page, and a major graphics innovation. He was also responsible for the creation of Small and Medium Army Centralsomething Skloop long saw as his brain child even after the Network collapsed.

During this time, CP Army Express was competing with both SMAC and CPAC for the largest audience. Seeking out the same kind of media monopoly we created just a few months back, in the early days of 2011 Sklooperis founded the Club Penguin Army News Network (CPANN). The point of the Network was very simple: it was a vision to bring together CPA Central, SMAC, and CPAE to form a media alliance that would create an unbeatable monopoly. 

CPAC was to cover large army news, SMAC was to be reformed to cover medium army news, and CPAE was to join the network to cover small army news. Keep in mind at this point there were enough armies to have small, medium, and large, though the lines were sometimes blurred. Being formed in January of 2011, the next two months would be a process to work through the issues the sites had with each other. As many of you know, it didn’t work.

In what must have been a heartbreak for Skloop, SMAC and CPAE proved incapable of overcoming their longtime spat with one another. The blurred lines between what was “medium army news” and what was “small army news” didn’t help either, not to mention SMAC and CPAE’s wishes to keep their old names despite having a new purpose. SMAC was frustrated with CPAC as well, feeling Skloop’s lack of help in the early days of the site showed just how little he cared for the Network.

In February of 2011, one of the most important stories of this era and the first major investigative report on behalf of CPAC was the joint investigation on behalf of Godplaya123 and Sklooperis, centering around a figure called Trickster. Currently holding CP Army Legend Status, Trickster is commonly known as the first army hopper, going between all kinds of armies between 2009 – 2011. It was said at the time there was no army that Trickster could not rise, and the respect for him only rose when he revealed to the public that he was Pink Mafias, the founder of UMA and the Godfather of armies.

Above you see Godplaya123’s original hypothesis on February 20th of that year, soon after Trickster claimed he was Pink Mafias. Four days later, in what was one of CPAC’s groundbreaking posts of that year, Sklooperis would close the investigation for good. The full post can be read here. Working alongside Boomer20, Sklooperis anchored the return of Compwiz5000 and his narration proving Trickster was not Pink Mafias. Comp’s comments on the situation can be found below.

This is CompWiz5000 and I have some strange news to report. I’ve quit this game and the Club Penguin army business many years ago and since then haven’t even given Club Penguin a second thought. That is, until I received a message from an old college of mine who reported to me some grim news. News that Pink Mafias has somehow returned and that I wasn’t aware.

Just so we’re all on the same page, Pink Mafias and I are best friends IN REAL LIFE. It doesn’t matter how well anybody here knew him in the game or through the website, I actually talk to him face to face and we started the army together as friends. So to think that there is something going on without my awareness is an absurd statement to make.

Furthermore, not only have Pink Mafias and myself left this game for good. Pink actually left before I did! I had considered coming back a few years ago and Pink had told me he wouldn’t have any of it. Please listen carefully when I tell you that Pink Mafias has NOT returned, and this Trickster guy or whoever is posting on the UMA website is a fraud. He’s not Pink Mafias, just another penguin. Everything he said is false. Pink has not moved across the country or anything else like that.

Few Facts:

  • Cpac’s investigation was interesting, but had some false information in there.
  • Pink is a boy not a girl.
  • Pink is not 9 years old at Cpac states, but he’s also not 14 as Trickster states. I won’t disclose his real age but it’s neither of those
  • Trickster is NOT PinkMafias
  • Pink and I do not hate each others guts as Trickster states
  • Pink did not move across the country or anywhere. He’s right where he always was.

Anybody who claims to be Pink Mafias in the future is lying. If the real Pink or myself were to come back, it would be posted on this website. If a guy named Pink Mafias can’t post here, then it’s a fake.

This was a huge scandal at the time, and it would take months before Trickster’s reputation (and Legend Status, as it had been revoked) could be re-established. This was also the first story that CPAC had exclusive access to; the first one that we truly broke to the public, per se. However, a month after the Trickster scandal, new conflict that had been boiling over for weeks reached a breaking point over at the Network.

Grant42, SMAC’s rebellious CEO, was eager to dissolve ties with CPAC and the Network, and did so in March of 2011. CP Army Express, while it did continue to exist following SMAC’s rebellion, was not relevant in the large scheme of things, and was not really tied with CPAC following the Network’s collapse in March. Soon after this, SMAC also established themselves as against CPAC, becoming a hub for propaganda regarding the site’s “bureaucratic wish to control warfare” at the time of a CPA Senate attempt.

Following the collapse of the CP Army Network, Sklooperis, who must have been feeling defeated again, began to fizzle out here at CPA Central, retiring officially in April of 2011, a month after. His full retirement post can be seen here. Following Skloop’s leave from CPAC, though Bluesockwa2 and Kingfunks4 were set to take CEO, a promising reporter called Wade revealed to the public and to the staff that he was, in fact, Woton. This would bring a close to The Public Era and the beginning of a long push to make CPAC into something more, which will be narrated in the next edition of The CPA Central Archives.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome. 


CPA Central CEO


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