Top 10 Armies: 05/11/14

Things start to heat up for some armies as we approach the Finals of the Spring Smackdown, and many others start to fall into a slump during the week.

Top Ten

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+2] [75.54]

2. Doritos [+5] [74.00]

3. Ice Warriors [+1] [73.72] 

4. Army of CP [-2] [71.21]

5. Dark Warriors [-4] [67.37]

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [65.39] 

7. Light Troops [-2] [60.16] 

8. Nachos [NEW!] [58.51]

9. Golds [-1] [53.38]

10. Global Defenders [-1] [49.44]

The full statistics can be found here.

To view those close to the Top 10, check out Small Medium Army Press.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: This week, the Rebel Penguin Federation continue to stay on top as they celebrate their seven-year anniversary. This specific week was filled with many events. At a practice battle against the Ice Warriors, the Rebel Penguin Federation only found a max of 20+ on Club Penguin. The Rebel Penguin Federation had many AUSIA events, but their highlight was in another practice battle with the Ice Warriors. This time, the Rebel Penguin Federation maxed around 15+ online. One their anniversary date, the Rebel Penguin Federation held one event for each division. At each event, sizes with about 20+ on Club Penguin were achieved. To end their week, the Rebel Penguin Federation received sizes of an astonishing 35+ against the Doritos in a Spring Smackdown tournament battle.

2. Doritos: For the Doritos, their week was not the busiest, but it was very productive, and the Doritos are finally back into the Top 3. The best point of the Doritos’ week happened on the weekend, when the Doritos maxed 25+ at a Spring Smackdown tournament battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. This happened to be there only event, also. At the end of the week, the Doritos were surprised when two leaders returned to the army. Both Mustapha10 and Lord Pain hope to rise the army for the finals in the Spring Smackdown tournament, which will either be against the Army of Club Penguin or the Golds.

dorito tourney19

3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a great start to their week, while training on Club Penguin. At this specific battle, the army was able to pull off a max of 37+ online. In a friendly practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation, sizes were not as expected. Finally, the Ice Warriors were able to have one of their best AUSIA events yet. With 18+ on Club Penguin, it was a spectacular site for the army. Near the end of the week, a prank was pulled on the army and the community, on the “Final Warning to Tes7″. In a practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin, the army received a max of 22+ online. The Ice Warriors brace themselves for yet another war, as the Special Weapons and Tactics have recently released upon them.

4. Army of CP: Surprisingly, the Army of Club Penguin fall out of the Top 3 for this week. Beginning their week, the Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA division maxed an outstanding 28+ on Club Penguin. The Army of Club Penguin’s weekend force brought a win with a max of 35+ on Club Penguin, beating the Dark Warriors in a CPA Central Spring Smackdown tournament battle. Although their AUSIA leader took a short leave in the midst of the week, the army’s AUSIA division was still able to perform well. In two other AUSIA division battles, the Army of Club Penguin just about maxed 25+ at both of them. The Army of Club Penguin hope to beat the Golds, which will qualify them to go to the finals of the Spring Smackdown tournament.

5. Dark Warriors: Notably, the Dark Warriors fall to 5th place after being in the Top 3 for a month. The Dark Warriors began their week battling the Army of Club Penguin in a Spring Smackdown tournament battle. With sizes of only 30+, the Dark Warriors lost the battle. This marked the start to the Dark Warriors’ long week, remaining with the smaller sizes. Towards the middle of the week, Ambrosha attempted to remove Elmikey from the current leadership. For the second time, Ambrosha’s plan failed. While approaching the end of the week, it was decided to hold an unscheduled AUSIA event on Club Penguin. Sizes were just over 10+. The height of the Dark Warriors’ events for this week was in their practice battle against the Golds. At this weekend battle, the Dark Warriors were finally back to normal with their 50+ sizes.

6. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics had only a few events, but one was exciting. In a practice battle against the Dark Warriors, the Special Weapons and Tactics maxed 35+ on Club Penguin. This quickly forced the Dark Warriors to surrender. Although there were not that many US/UK events, the Special Weapons and Tactics army held three AUSIA division events. At these three events, sizes were just about 10+ online. The Special Weapons and Tactics decided to raid the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors, on Saturday. To end their week, the Special Weapons and Tactics declared war upon the Ice Warriors.


7. Light Troops: Like most armies, the Light Troops did not have the best week. Their week kicked-off with a training session online, in which the army only maxed 15+. In a practice battle with the Ice Warriors, the Light Troops only received 9+ on Club Penguin. Throughout the rest of the week, sizes would stay the same for all of their events. To put a good mark on the end of their week, the Light Troops got 15+ on Club Penguin at a practice battle with the Nachos.


8. Nachos: After falling from last week’s Top 10, the Nachos are back into the system. Their week started out with maxing 20+ on Club Penguin, when the army held a “Mining Expedition”. For the rest of their week, the Nachos started to slump. For example, in a practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Nachos only maxed 10+. To end their week, though, the Nachos pulled off 20+ at a practice battle against the Light Troops.

mining ex2

9. Golds: Like many armies this week, the Golds’ week was not their greatest. The Golds celebrated their seventh birthday, similarly to the Rebel Penguin Federation. On the weekend, the Golds were able to max just around 17+ on Club Penguin during an unscheduled training session. The Golds look forward to beating the Army of Club Penguin, so they may move onto the finals of the CPA Central Spring Smackdown tournament.


10. Global Defenders: Although they stay in the Top 10, the Global Defenders take a fall to last place. At a surprising start to their week, the Global Defenders had a max of 18+ on Club Penguin. At a friendly practice battle against the Doritos, the army maxed 16+ online. Towards the end of the week, the army held a recruiting session. The max just happened to be 15+ online. The Global Defenders are currently hold elections, to find the new Prime Minister of the army.

weekly poll

Just last week, the Nachos fell out of the CPA Central Top 10 for the second time in their history. To the viewers, we asked if the Nachos would rebound from their previous position in the SM Army Press Top 10. This poll was very close, but the majority of our community responded as the Nachos will return to CPA Central — you guys were right.

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New polls are released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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80 Responses

  1. great job purp, mrtchy, bigmail, alb, mike, slippy, aj, and dw! 😀
    keep up the good work!

    two more weeks until i return! 😀

    • go purp

      • I’m legitimately curious as to how you get these gifs to work…..

        • he’s probably an author or something on here

          • r u srs. hav u srsly never heard of a thing called “html”

            • that doesn’t work for me though

              • i think an admin has to like confirm it or something stupid.

              • then ur doin it wrong

                • 😦

                • Do tell your secret, i try to post html and it shows as nothing -_-

                  • it works for me

                    • HOW!? :O

          • gifs only work if you are added to this site as author or higher

            tested this with my own site and CPAC’s

            • duh fuck, I’m an author and it doesn’t work…..

    • No, good job flip for these gifs 😀

  2. mhm

  3. clap clap

  4. 52 votes that we wouldn’t return to the Top Ten.

    How do you guys feel right now? 🙂

  5. Way to go DCP. Wasn’t expected that.

    I think all the armies need to start stepping up their game a little. 75 pts shouldn’t be getting first IMO.

  6. Interesting

  7. DCP got 25, RPF got 35? And DCP won? Something is going on here…

    • ikr. oh well, at least now we don’t have to hype that thing all week long.

  8. Brady being a noob in the Golds pic lol

    • Lmfao

    • As it is my normal stage of life on xat.

  9. Hey look. Nachos are back 🙂

  10. How is Nachos in the top 10? They averaged 5-10 at almost every event, and those were all on 5 bar servers. The 20+ one was another 5 bar server, and, it was a mining expedition.

    • I would also question DCP being so high

      • DCP maxed 6 at a PB vs GD so seems a bit strange to me too.

    • We got 20+ (on a 1bar server) in a Practice Battle (which we won) against the Number 5 army last week, Light Troops.

      Guess you forgot to read that part.

  11. 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+2] [75.54] PERFECT

    2. Doritos [+5] [74.00] PERFECT

    3. Ice Warriors [+1] [73.72] PERFECT

    4. Army of CP [-2] [71.21] PERFECT

    5. Dark Warriors [-4] [67.37] PERFECT

    6. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [65.39] PERFECT

    7. Light Troops [-2] [60.16] PERFECT

    8. Nachos [NEW!] [58.51] PERFECT

    9. Golds [-1] [53.38] PERFECT

    10. Global Defenders [-1] [49.44] PERFECT

  12. Dcp had 1 event with 25-30 sizes. How does that make their average size 35 and event quality 6 aswell as high consistency? Massive mistake

    • Are you massively drunk? Kbai

    • It is because the formula can’t always measure activity/consistency properly.

  13. 1st time this year we aren’t in the top 2. It’s been a good ride ACP, let’s keep going.

    • We failed to keep in the top 3 but next week, we’ll improve.

      • For sure, ACP! Let’s beat them, and we will surely go to Top 0. *wary*

  14. Well done IW! There was a case for us being 2nd above DCP but it doesnt matter, great job.

  15. great job iw 😀

  16. Close top ten 😛 We are still up there!

  17. DCP had 1 event with only 25 and they’re 2nd….

      • FUUUUUU-

        idk how to gif.

  18. > has 1 event this week
    > maxes 25
    > gets 2nd place

    much stupidity. gg.

    • ^

  19. How are DCP 2nd if they had one event all week with 25?

    2 weeks ago DW had 2 events with 45 and 50 yet we got 3rd.

    • That was a different time derp

  20. May 8th- the army that got 2nd this week everyone.

    • Wow! Doritos have like 40 in that pic! Outstanding! :O

    • Coming from the guy who’s in ACP, the army that pretty much invented the entire “not posting bad events”. CPAC didn’t acknowledge ACP’s events that weren’t posted, now you’re complaining about them not acknowledging DCP’s events that weren’t posted? If ACP would of posted all of their events like we did at the time, how many times would they of gotten 1st, or even top 3?

      If it weren’t for your cheap multi-logging, picture editing, not posting events, ect then DCP would of had a much better year. You have no room to talk, faggot.

      • tl;dr . Thanks for sending your dislike squad at me though 😉

        • There is no DCP dislike squad, CPAC viewers probably don’t like you.

        • you have 3 dislikes thats nothing

  21. hey lets post a gif in an attempt to get some likes on a club penguin army news site yay

    • Every anime gif posted here gets a lot of likes, even if it has literally nothing to do with the post.

  22. 🙂 Hi.

  23. I’m confused as to how DCP beat RPF in the tourney…

    And how did DCP get 35 points for size when they had one event where they maxed 25? Isn’t that unfair to the other armies?

    • Hey look, its PJ 🙂 The guy who apparently asked to get couped the first day of the war when DWs UK maxed 25 and his maxed 8 🙂

      • wtf are you talking about… “asked to get couped”.

        Just because I’ve been wanting to retire for months due to irl issues (if you knew what they were, you wouldn’t be saying that btw) doesn’t mean I left because of some army led by a guy who sucks elm’s dick.

    • I have absolutely no idea why everyone downvoted this because I agree 100%

      • so you expect people to up vote it because you agree to it?

        • nope. I’m completely aware that’ll get 50 downvotes.

  24. why is the sky orange in the nacho pic

    • fire ninjas.

    • because
      they opened fire

      • I C WUT U DID THAR M8


    • elm still tryna complain

  26. lol

  27. The #2 Army only had 1 event and maxed 25. My army had several events and maxed 40-50+ and it’s #5? It is evident that this top 10 system is completely flawed.

    • my army is lower than I think they should be therefore the entire thing must be completely and utterly whacked

      logic is beautiful

      • My Army has 3+ events averaging 40-50 – Rank #5

        Other Army has 1 event maxes 25 – Ranked #2

        Yes Beautiful logic indeed Idiot.

    • for once I agree with you

    • I don’t usually side with Elm, but in this case, he’s right.

  28. Great job to all of the armies and Congratulations to Nachos of Cp for getting back in cpac top ten.

  29. just because of ausia elm can u remove the ausia division?

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