Mustapha10 has long been known as the Doritos’ strongman. He originally joined the DCP in 2010 and served them loyally up until his retirement. He rejoined the DCP in early 2013 after it had been recreated. He and Bam117 led the Doritos tothe highest Top Ten rankings they had received since Wwebestfan’s reign. He later retired only to rejoin after the DCP had fallen. He, again, was able to bring the DCP back to the top.

He is most renowned for his leadership in 2013 and 2014. It was under his leadership that the once fledgling army has been strong, and it has been under him that they have been able to get first on the Top Ten so many times. Mustapha10 has proven himself not only on the battlefield, but also behind the scenes. Mustapha10 is considered by many to be the engineer of the New Dawn Alliance, an alliance between the Doritos, Army of Club Penguin, and Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Nation of Dominions alliance.  Those respective alliances have  shaped the landscape for nearly a year.  His phenomenal work ethic, leadership skills, and fierce loyalty to his army has earned him a place in The CPAC 25.