Top Ten Armies: 05/04/14

In yet another interesting week, as we start to approach the summer, we see many armies moving around in the standings.

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+2] [91.24] 

2. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [84.47] 

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [78.20]

4. Ice Warriors [+0] [65.91] 

5. Light Troops [+1] [62.71] 

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [60.75] 

7. Doritos [+2] [58.26] 

8. Golds [-1] [57.75] 

9. Global Defenders [NEW!] [56.75]

10. Water Vikings [+0] [55.25]

The full statistics can be found here.

To view those close to the Top 10, check out Small Medium Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors finally regain first in our Top 10, after slopping to the third spot in the previous week. The Dark Warriors started their week off with a bang, beating the Redemption Force in CPA Central’s Spring Smackdown tournament. With sizes of 65+, there was an obvious clear winner. Directly after that, the Dark Warriors had another tournament battle against the Light Troops, which was also a victory, with sizes of 55+. Another surprising event was when the Dark Warriors battled the Rebel Penguin Federation, for practice. The midst of their week brought a war with the Rebel Penguin Federation. In total, there have been eight battles in this war, including some AUSIA. On May 2nd both armies agreed to a temporary ceasefire, until this upcoming June. Now, the Dark Warriors face the Army of Club Penguin in the next round of the CPA Central Spring Smackdown tournament.

2. Army of Club Penguin: Staying strong, the Army of Club Penguin stick close to first at second place. The Army of Club Penguin started their week with announcing the new leader of the army. This just happened to be, also, the first full week for the new leader of the army, Purple Slime4. At their battle in the Spring Smackdown tournament, the Army of Club Penguin beat the Metal Warriors with sizes of 33+. Afterwards, the Army of Club Penguin also battled the Golds in another tournament battle, only with sizes of 25+. In an AUSIA practice battle against the Purple Republic, there was a surprising max of 17+. In one of their famous “Mining Expeditions”, the AUSIA force of the army was able to gain 38+ online. The Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment also came back, after taking a short break. During this week, both King Funks4 and Stromae retired from the Army of Club Penguin.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: Although the Rebel Penguin Federation have fallen two spots in this week’s Top 10, their events were still executed well. At the beginning of their week, the Rebel Penguin Federation held another classic “Hunt and Kill”. Although the battle was close, the Rebel Penguin Federation only maxed 17+ at this specific event. War was declared in the middle of their week, surprising our community. Towards the end of their week, many in the community thought as if Sir PJ was removed from the Rebel Penguin Federation. As CPA Central investigated, it was clear that Sir PJ only wanted to resign from the position, being replaced by Mr. Waffle. At the end of their week, the Rebel Penguin Federation beat the Nachos in their battle of the Spring Smackdown Tournament. The Rebel Penguin Federation will be moving onto the next round, with sizes of 32+ on Club Penguin.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had an active week, but it was not the most exciting of them all. The arm started their week off with a normal training session, where they were only able to max 13+ on Club Penguin. Throughout the week, their sizes started to gain back control. This Wednesday, the Ice Warriors maxed 20+ on Club Penguin at another normal training session. The Ice Warriors had their best event, this Saturday. At this specific event, the army maxed over 35+ on Club Penguin.

5. Light Troops: To begin their week, the Light Troops had two Spring Smackdown tournament battles. Although they put in an effort, the sizes were not their best, with only 18+ on Club Penguin. Near the middle of their week, the Light Troops made a war threat against the Army of Club Penguin. This war is expected to start this summer, as states by Waterkid100. To put their week to an end, the Light Troops battled the Global Defenders in a controversial event. Although the Global Defenders claim victory, the Light Troops were able to withstand 20+ on Club Penguin.

6. Special Weapons and Tactics: To start off their week, they had an unscheduled event in which they battled the Army of Club Penguin. Unexpectedly, they maxed 17+ while the apposing army only maxed about 13+. On May 1st, the Special Weapons and Tactics had successfully invaded Snow Globe where they had maxed 12+. Next, they invaded Vanilla from the Army of Club Penguin, in which they maxed 23+. To end their week, they invaded Mittens successfully from the Underground Mafias Army, with sizes of 25-30. The Special Weapons and Tactics have four more invasions scheduled this next week, against the Underground Mafias Army.

7. Doritos: The Doritos have had many events this week, starting with a “Naked Raid” of an Rebel Penguin Federation server, where they had maxed around 14+. Next, the Doritos found out from CPA Central’s Undercover Parent that they had the safest chatroom for new recruits. Then, on May 1st, the Doritos had an AUSIA training where they maxed 6 and averaged 5. Finally, the Doritos had a victory against the Water Vikings in a Spring Smackdown battle, in which they had maxed 17+. Lastly, the Doritos’ legends, Mustapha10 and Bam117, have announced their retirements from the army.

8. Golds: The Golds Army have quite an interesting week. First, they issued an ultimatum towards the Rebel Penguin Federation, due to their owners not taking action against bullies. Next, the Golds had a training event on Flippers where they had maxed 20+, and averaged 18. Then on Friday May 3rd, the Golds held a training in which they maxed around 18+ and averaged 16. Currently, the Golds have a huge battle against the Redemption Force scheduled for Sunday May 4th, which happens the be a tournament battle for the Spring Smackdown.

9. Global Defenders: The Global Defenders have had a very busy week, starting off with a UK U-Lead where they maxed 12 and averaged 11. Then, on May 1st, the Global Defenders held a UK training event in which they maxed 11 and averaged 9. Next, the Global Defenders faced off against their allies, the Water Vikings, in a practice battle. This is where the army maxed 7 and averaged 6, their lowest of the week. The Global Defenders have scheduled a meeting to discuss the army’s future. Finally, the Global Defenders end this week with a victory against the Light Troops, with a max of 26+ on Club Penguin.

10. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings have had a busy week, as they stay at a consistent rate at the bottom of our Top 10. First, the Water Vikings started out with a practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation where they had maxed 17+. Next, they had a recruiting event on Tuesday where they had maxed 22 and averaged 17. On Saturday May 3rd, the Water Vikings battled the Doritos in CPA Central’s Spring Smackdown tournament, where they maxed 25+ and averaged around 19+. Currently, they are holding Owner Elections to vote on 2-3 new third in commands.


weekly poll

Throughout the past week, the Army of Club Penguin and the Special Weapons and Tactics’ war has been raging on. For this specific week, we asked if the Army of Club Penguin was justified in claiming themselves victorious in the war. The community has spoken, and the results are in.

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New polls are released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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76 Responses

  1. Like this comment if you’d give Elm congratulatory sex for making DW first.

    • me first me first

  2. Congrats to DW, another decent week for ACP.

    • In other news, where the hell are the nachos? 0.o

      • On SMAP. 😆

      • Nachos’ face when they find out they’re 8th in SMAP

  3. To Elmikey:

  4. brb killing self.
    nojk gj tho acp and dw

  5. :O

  6. Think SWAT could and probably should’ve have been higher than LT but meh, nice Top 10.

    Didn’t help that ACP didn’t turn up to any battles meaning our event quality went down..

  7. 1. Dark Warriors [+2] [91.24] PERFECT

    2. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [84.47] PERFECT

    3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [78.20] PERFECT

    4. Ice Warriors [+0] [65.91] PERFECT

    5. Light Troops [+1] [62.71] PERFECT

    6. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [60.75] PERFECT

    7. Doritos [+2] [58.26] PERFECT

    8. Golds [-1] [57.75] PERFECT

    9. Global Defenders [NEW!] [56.75] PERFECT

    10. Water Vikings [+0] [55.25] PERFECT

    • !!! A perfect top 10!!!

  8. I told you it was nothing but a scratch.

  9. Another great week for the IW! Well Done guys.

  10. :]

    • And a thousand puppies died.

      • That is byy far the stupidest thing ive ever heard ALL year for real wtfh

  11. Reblogged this on Global Defenders – The Official Site and commented:
    Just a quick heads up to GD, we are back in CPAC.

  12. inb4 that guy comments his top ten


    • 2nd time they’ve missed the top ten not 1st.

      • *3rd



  16. woo hoo nachos are gone GO LT!

  17. rip nachos

  18. You sir deserve a hug

  19. RPF declared war om DW, got owned in all the AUSIA, UK and US battles, now they got knocked off their first spot by the army they declared war on. Amazing job

    • we did not get “owned” -_-

      • the score was 8-0 to DW what else do you call it

        • exactly flamez
          thx for the support.
          crose, stop the rubbish please? we KNOW its just a weak attempt at preserving your honor, but actually ur honor is better preserved without it.

        • the score was 5-3 actually

          • Ya with Dw winning

          • Nah, It was still 8-0. Only one battle was close, but DW had better sizes and formations.

      • daniel stop it
        crose doesn’t know what that means yet

    • yup. its comical (and then we called a ceasefire. i wonder if RPF was jumping for it already finally, now they have till next month to recruit and get a little bit of a better army… 😉 )

  20. damn

  21. Good job all armies

  22. Nice to see DW first again tho.

  23. Just saying, DCP ausia maxed 9 and avgd. 8 but other than that, just glad to see we’re slowly rising

  24. Reblogged this on Club Penguin: Dark Warriors Army and commented:
    Good job Dark Warriors! Even though we knew this a lot of weeks ago, we are officially the number one army again!

  25. Nice job DW & other armies. 😉

  26. oh snap!

  27. did you count last sunday?

  28. Funny how DW’s ausia got more than RPF’s and we only had 1 day to prepare it. Anyway, good job everyone!

    • i know that was SOOOO funny. i was there, and we just pinched the win (at jack frost, that is… the other one we clearly got)

  29. Reblogged this on SWAT Of Club Penguin and commented:

    Great job SWAT! We fell only one rank, and as I would of preferred higher, 6th is still good! Let’s go for the top 3 this week SWAT.


      • Blue1 make this pic show by putting in code pls and this pic @Nachos and Beeky for being inactive 😛

        • I’m very much active. My name is Nemesis on Xat.

  31. #Dominating

  32. Bam and I retired last week

  33. This is a good top 10 I’m surprised. Lol. Gj DW :mrgreen:


    • Lmfao they ran out of salsa in the Nachos army (WARY)

  35. What in the fuck is this?

  36. Musta is that you?

  37. RIP Nachos

  38. If anyone wanted to kick the Nachos right in the teeth by declaring war while they’re down, now’s the time.

  39. RIP Nachos, good run… now you’re like AR.

  40. Dear lord you picked one of our worst events for the pic

  41. This just in now I will FAP once for every time Danica Patrick wins a god damn Sprint Cup race on that day too I aint joking either (Wary) JFS 😀

  42. i cri evertim

  43. stop moaning and make sure you do better next week.

  44. Free pears to all in celebration of GD. (All paid for by Woton’s wordads money)

  45. spam tha sessions

  46. just now noticing that Nachos aren’t on this top ten LELELELE wow

  47. why is it like every time elmikey comments a bunch of rpf ppl dislike it 😐

    • I assure you that its not just RPF. Maybe somewheres in blue2s magic office he has records of who like and dislike comments

      • Unfortunately, there are not.

    • the majority of the army community hates Elm. RPF is especially thirsty for revenge though….

      • then you got raped

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