Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War on Dark Warriors

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – In a surprising move, the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Dark Warriors , and has been on a rise lately. And just after a few long weeks after promoting Danny, Former Nachos Leader, to join the RPF leadership (which can be seen HERE) they have decided to take a further step into war with the Dark Warriors.

The RPF and Dark Warriors has been approaching war for a while, with Dark Warriors just constantly raiding RPF in their battles, and a long cold war between both armies. RPF is currently marked 1st on CPAC Top Ten, and leaves Dark Warriors at 3rd.  Both armies has had amazing weeks, but no one was really expecting this.. Dark Warriors has recently been in war with Doritos, but no one really knows who came on top with a victory in that short war, and now the Dark Warriors find themselves in yet another war but this time, with the RPF.

The Rebel Penguin Federation declares war on the Dark Warriors.


  • DW has been chat recruiting consistently on the RPF chat and have stolen numerous troops.

  • They spread lies that fight the good fight has moved to DW, current RPF leadership was retiring, Silverburg is moving to DW as leader, Snaily is an “evil controller” and spread to troops that RPF are bullies… just to name a few.

An excerpt from RPF about their reasons of this war.

RPF has also been accusing Dark Warriors of troop stealing and I have been provided with a picture of RPF’s proof:

A picture of RPF's proof of troop stealing.

A picture of RPF’s proof of troop stealing.


On the other hand, Dark Warriors does have a message responding to the declaration of war post on RPF’s site which can be seen below:

RPF, please explain what lies we are spreading? It’s only the truth, and you know it. It’s apparent that you’re not fighting the good fight, just look at your current leadership, it’s an unstable venture. Just a few days ago a post was published on the RPF website by Bquik that pointed out Pj wasn’t doing his job correctly, I think you should really think before you spout your nonsense, Pj.

And then you try to imply that the DW leadership is mistreating the RPF leadership? Pathetic. Let’s recap on the events that uncoiled inside of the RPF when Elmikey was leader. You mistreated him. Not only are you being irrational, you’re being hypocritical at the same time. RPF, you have concocted multiple coups against Elm, and the majority of them failed, until you finally pushed that big red button and you kicked him to the curb. But do you know something? Kicking him out only made him a much stronger person.

~ Excerpt from DW


RPF and DW clash in a battle held on Cozy.

RPF and DW clash in a battle held on Cozy. (DW=Blue) ( RPF=Black)

I managed to grab an interview on both sides with their point of view.


CPAC: In your own opinion, why do you think RPF decided to declare war on the Dark Warriors?

Vo Yo: Well, RPF has been enemies with DW or just has tensions during the last couple of months, I guess they just decided to declare war now.

CPAC: Who do you think will win this war and why?

Vo Yo: Dark Warriors, because we already have a superior US division, we max about 30-40 weekdays, and over 50 on weekends. As far as UK & AUSIA, we are working on it and it will be a success.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Vo Yo: We burn the light!

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

Vo Yo: No problem 🙂



CPAC: In your own words, why did RPF declare war on DW?

Sir PJ: Enough was enough. They’d been lying to our own troops to get them to join DW. The amount of troops who told me that that a DW leader said I was retiring was massive. DW provoked us with that and a hundred other things, we reacted and we’re glad we did. 

CPAC: Who do you think will become successful in this war and be the victor?

Sir PJ: RPF definitely. I’ll admit it, Dark Warriors US division is bigger, but I’m confident ours will rise. They also just brought back their UK & AUSIA division (which will obviously be weak), so we have the upper hand in the war. I’m glad to see Elmikey took my advice though, that he’d never win a war with 1 division. Funny, that’s one of the things which made him so mad at me.

CPAC: What sizes do you expect throughout the war?

Sir PJ: Really not sure to be honest. RPF has surprised me every single time I’ve predicted our size. I don’t want to make a guess, because I know our troops will surprise me again and get twice the size of what I guess. They always have before.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Sir PJ: Just a message to Elmikey. If DW is so great and powerful, why do you need to ask Golds for help?

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

Sir PJ: No prob 🙂

Also, RPF has accused DW of using Golds to prevent it from being a 1 v 1 war, in which Golds has declined to help. A  picture of this can be seen below:


From the interviews, both leaders seem to be confident in their army, and to come on top with a victory. Dark Warriors think they will win by their US division most likely, while RPF thinks they have the upper hand with their UK & AUSIA division, with DW at the moment renewing their UK/AUSIA divisions.

Until then, What do YOU think?  Who will come out victorious in the war?  Will Dark Warriors attempt to use more allies? Will this be a short war? We want to hear from YOU, COMMENT YOUR OPINIONS BELOW!

Signing Off,


CPA Central Reporter 



52 Responses

  1. Nice post

    • Thank you.

    • well well well… in the end dw’s AUSIA division BEAT rpf’s!!! so take that dumbos

  2. I’d like to point out a piece of irony so astoundingly and ridiculously hypocritical that I’m honestly having trouble wrapping my head around it.

    Perhaps he has forgotten the day he attempted to invade 40 servers for 7 hours straight last November, and that those very same mistakes he is referring to were made by him:

    • I was just about to comment that, nice one.

    • lmfao.

    • I read that and was literally falling off my chair laughing XD glad someone pointed it out to the public lol

    • Also I would like to point out that the 3 invasions a day thing is the MAXIMUM. We are by no means scheduling that many events every day, we are simply laying out a limit to prevent Elm from going all “Operation: Arctic Storm” on us

    • This is exactly why we are only allowing 3 invasions for each division a day

    • We showed up for like 2 of them.

      • Actually you posted results for nearly all of them. You even created a small group of 5 soldiers to secretly invade the others you couldn’t get to:

        I don’t know why you say things like that when they can be easily disproved in a matter of minutes.

        • Drugs.

          • a lot of drugs

    • I remember that.

    • ^

    • and since when are our army members hospitalized???

    • #ElmikeyLogic

  3. This is hilarity from what I can see its justa game getta life ppl 😛

  4. Gr8 post apple

    • Thanks bro. 🙂

  5. nice post

    • thanks bby

  6. PJ summed it perfectly: Enough is enough.

  7. Your army is huge 😮

  8. Earlier you said it was all lil and she backstabbed you, then you said RPF was wrong to declare war when Elmikey had been saying he was going to declare war on RPF for several days, and now you’re saying I’m just as bad as Elm again.

    Just explain what you say.

  9. How bout me?

  10. Something needs to be done about RPF invading DW’s capital on the tournament times. That is just cheating.

    • Yeah, they haven’t removed it yet :/

      Dw is fair, we aren’t invading during their tourney.

      • Habs are done lol

        • No :@

          If RPF schedules a battle during Habs and Bruins matches, I’ll get mad

          • Sucks for you,lol..Doubt the Bruins will make the series go past game 4

      • you guys are doing the exact same thing

        • (on saturday btw)


          • “We’ll hit them a good punch first by taking their capital during their battle vs the Nachos.”

            I copied that off your site :/

    • All’s fair in love and war I guess.

  11. I have my popcorn ready.

  12. I have to ask, is there any ACTUAL evidence of Elm chat recruiting people in RPF? Just some random next from an anonymous person doesn’t prove/disprove anything.

    • yes there is look on our declaration of war we have proof

  13. I would like to know, is there any ACTUAL proof that Elm has been chat recruiting RPF troops? Because frankly I don’t think a screenshot of an anonymous text message proves/disproves anything at all.

  14. Inb4 40 invasions a day and server claims

  15. yeah… and then RPF went and battled DW and lost both battles terribly
    that was funny. second battle they retreated like 5 min after the start of battle

  16. Freezie, I need to talk to you dude.
    Private chat me on Shadow Troops chat

  17. Good post. Interesting war two top 3 armies.

  18. Let’s see how Elm’s US only army matches up against RPF who focus on all divisions, unless Elm pulls a bitch move and gets Golds in.

    Also, Elm stop coming to our chat and moaning about us stealing troops when you do the same lol.

    • Yeah man that’s why DW beat the “unbeatable” RPF AUS division twice today despite us only setting up an AUS division 24 hours ago.

      Even RPF Leaders admitted defeat then lol, RPF can’t beat any army in the top 5. The top 10 is a complete lie and should not be viewed as how powerful armies really are.

  19. the bruins will win and some words for pj get off our territory we will own you and your army sucks and does not deserve the top spot i honestly think that you dont deserve your leadeship pj cuz u suck so bad the stink meter for rpf exploded because too much stinkyness

  20. Another war that will end in a dumb treaty with all servers returned to the previous owner.

  21. now the RPF fanatics pour into DW chat

  22. 50th comment yo

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  25. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 8.5
    Structure & Language: 8.5
    Overall grade: 8.5

    This post was added to the staff record page.

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