The Typical Army Member’s Legacy

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk- Finally, another philosophy.  But onto the topic, each day, lots of new users join our community, young and old, meek and bold.  Usually, most of these people end up with the same career. This is even how my career went.  Is this YOUR legacy?

You are wandering around Club Penguin on the weekend, your favorite time to play Club Penguin.  Just then, you see a group of orange people dancing around.  Curious, you walk over and start to turn orange with them.  They then start to yell “CLUB PENGUIN NACHOS” and “USE GOOG     LE”.  You use the common search engine, Google to look up the Club Penguin Nachos.  You then find the site to the Nachos, but this is just the start.

You go to the “join” page as they ordered you too, and comment.  Of course, you ask your parent first.  You then go to the chat like asked to on the join page, and get greeted by a leader.  No one seems to notice you except the one leader, and he helps you out.  Later on, the leader leaves the chat, abandoning your chance of fitting in.

A week later, the term “noob” surfaces up on the chat.  Other users call you and other new people a “noob” over and over and over.  But what is it?  You ask how you can not be a noob.  The chat gets silent and everyone goes back to their conversation.  This looks like your own problem.

After almost a year as a dedicated 4th in Command, you finally get promoted to the 3rd in Command rank. Ridding almost all of the “noob” problems.  Many respect you, and you get more active in the army.  But as you progress and become more noticed…it tends to get…rather boring.  You don’t know what to do about it.

After a few months you are a 2nd in Command, so close to the leadership rank.  But the only thing stopping you are two things.

A) The strong trio leadership.

B) School is starting back up.

The 3 leaders have lead this army through the golden age, the army constantly maxes 35+ and is full of positive attitude.  But with school starting back up, you notice less troops come on each day.  Usually you have a packed chat, maybe even another pool!  But now, it starts getting quiet.

In December, you finally make your decision.  One of the leaders in the trio is retiring, which excited you.  But then, the two other leaders announce it will stay as a duo leadership for quite a while.  Outraged, you spend about 3 more weeks in that army and you finally leave to make your own army which will, in hopes one day, crush the army you were in.

You tell all your friends on xat and in real life, you sound like a real dork but it’s worth it.  On opening day you max a stunning 16 and average 14.  This army stays hype for about 1 month.  Then it’s summer time.

Your family presses you to get outside more instead of sitting at the computer.  You then have to go on vacation, and you leave your friend in charge while you are gone.  You believe your friend will do a great job, but once you get back, not a post is found, not a troop on chat, your army was completely…lost.  You check the (former) leading hub for small/medium army news, SMAC, and see that a post has been made on… your armies death?  This can not be right.

After deserting your army, you look for a new army.  You don’t want to run back to the other army, so you decide to join a decent medium army that is usually in the top 3 in top tens.  You join for 5ic, and you are shocked at that rank, considering you joined for private in your first army.  You seem to join a few other armies, until you find one that fits just right.

With more experience, you finally work your way up to leader rank in a strong army that lingers at the bottom of the “close to top ten” section.  You lead this army to tremendous heights for more than 2 years, but by then you have turned 16.  You always think “Am I too old for this?”

You lead the army for one more month, then pass leader to the brightest 2nd in Command.  You retire from all armies, but you still have a faint passion for armies.  Club Penguin news sites.  You decide to apply.

You apply for SMAC and move up to Head Reporter, but then shortly retire from everything that has to do with Club Penguin armies.

Though this is my opinion.  I based this off of most of the people I met in my career so far (and me), and this is what I got the most of.  As always, comment below telling us about YOUR legacy and YOUR thoughts.




107 Responses

  1. So far my career has been: Join RPF, work up ranks. I never experienced the “You’re a noob lol” scenario” though.

    • well, I have been called a noob and other stuff, but not by my own army.

      • Crose rpf has always called you a noob…

        • Nobody in RPF has ever insulted me. Unlike other armies, we actually value our troops feelings.

          • All I see in rpf is mods abusing their powers. I once went on rpf chat as null, I didn’t even talk yet, I get banned and the reason was “Elmikey”. No wonder you don’t get much new recruits. :/ and what did you say? Other armies not valuing about their troops feeling Thats exactly what I’m doing in dw and it’s a success.

            I have nothing to do so I typed all this -_-

            • Master Vo Yo has spoken.

              • *bow*

                • lol elmikey ive gotten insta banned by you 3 times, on dcp swat and dw and you know its true

                  • oh yeah on rpf too

              • What master? All I see is a random dude named Vo Yo who I didn’t even know existed until the DW Rebellion.

                • Yeah, no one knew about me before I joined DW. I used to be a 2ic in RPF but the horrible leadership were using me, because they were never on or only on for events. They never thought that my interactions with troops, hyping the chat for battles, etc. would influence their sizes at events. So I left..

                  I joined DW the same day as I left and Freezie made me a mod. The next day, Elm joined and both Freezie and Elm gave me the chance to lead with them. And for once, the troops like me and appreciate me being their leader.

                  As long as you love your army and your troops, you should have loads of fun being in it 😀

                  • I USED to like you vo yo. not so much anymore.

                    • Look, I used to like rpf very much and troops including you. I always spent my time talking with troops, recruiting, etc. I’m not mad that I stayed as 2ic, but I was mad because the leaders were never on and I was doing everything. I wanted to do the leaders role since they were never on, but they didn’t let me. From what I heard, I used to be the only 2ic who wasn’t editor and I was also the most experienced one between them all.

                      I don’t hate Rpf, I hate their leadership.

                  • You are the only DW I dont hate. 🙂

            • The few times a mod does abuse their power, they are usually removed from the army or demoted to a member rank.

              And that’s a lie. The only time people are banned on suspicion of being a spy or chat recruiter is when they SAY something that makes it clear that they are one, without a doubt.

              • No, I was banned by Soxsfan because she thought I was Elm incognito. I didn’t event talk… How would you know, you’re like never on. I don’t lie…

                • You don’t lie? Looks to me like you just proved yourself wrong by saying you don’t lie.

                • 1: I’m a he
                  2: Elm had been logging on multiple browsers under generic names.

            • nub

          • starboi has insulted you

            • @Crose

            • when???

              • he made this for you as a gift

                • XD OMG I’M LAUGHING SO HARD XD XD XD.

    • I did.
      It felt like shit lol.

      • 😥

    • Crose your a noob. No you’r worse than a noob.

      • at least crose knows how to spell

        • Typos dude chilax

        • lol burrrrn XD

      • “you’r”… Yeah nice spelling there chap, you must be an angel student in school 😉

        • stop bitching bquik lol
          thats rlly all you do 24/7
          sir pj must be your dad

          • sir pj has his own harem

        • WHAT kind of comeback was that must have took you 11 tries to think about it :@

        • HA

    • Everyone who just called Crose a noob, is a noob. Crose isn’t a noob.

      • aww thanks 🙂

        • I made up this saying when I was a noob philosopher this was my first popular saying:
          Anyone who calls someone a noob is a noob.

          • ur still a noob
            jk ily turtle ❤

            • UR A NOOB
              jk ily

        • Crose, you’re a noob.

      • Crose and you are king noobs.

        • Says the 7 army a week peasant.

          • I think its 8.

            • Stfu noob

            • Yeah, sorry, 8 armies a week, and so-called leader of the ‘SAS’.

          • Says you. Actually wait; who are you? :S

            • Just a random person from the army community why?

            • I’m in ACP?

      • Pete you have had an army for two months now and can’t get it to max 5

        • Tom, you’re really sad. You keep coming at me over that every time you see me. Don’t you have a life?….Oh wait, you don’t.

          • As most ppl in the army community.

        • Yo Tom how well did ao manage after starboi left

      • He was a noob and I was a noob and you are a noob

        • We have all been a noob at some point in our lives.

          • You still are a noob.

            • Sas the army hopper who every year has plob been in 60+ armies. I know army hoppers but none as bad as you. Also you have already told me I am a noob. I get the point.

              • Your a big noob.

                • Case and point.

        • “I was a noob.”
          I don’t know how to explain this.
          You’ll always be inexperienced no matter what.

          • Says an army hopper.

            • Says the one who cried irl over AR dying.

      • implying calling somebody new automatically makes us new nice logic there big guy

        • That’s not what I’m saying. Crose isn’t a noob so the people who called her a noob are the real noobs.

          • thats exactly what youre saying

            • lmao

            • Nope, not really

              • You said the same thing twice.
                On a scale of 1-10 how good are your grades?
                1= Usually an F
                10= Usually an A+

                • I’d say maybe 8 and a half

                  • What grade are you in.

              • omfg you’re so afraid to admit how wrong you are it’s so cute

                • But I’m not wrong.

                  • lol whatever you say champ

  2. Nice post with a few grammatical errors. I like it :3.

  3. We never really got called noobs back in my day. The term surfaced a little afterwards. The “cool” term back then was “pwn”. I’m certainly aware that I was a major noob and I was jealous of other army members for having certain Club Penguin items. An example of such was my jealousy of Gadunka345 for having clown shoes. Being called a noob can’t really help a troop’s self-esteem much I would imagine, and it should be frowned upon if we want to continue this community.

  4. so far my army career has been join acp and work down ranks and nobody has ever called me a oob yet

    and if you think im a noob then you’r dumb as a hell and shoud kil ur self like now plz

    • Lol kil rself duod


        • It’s called a joke genius.

          • It’s called sarcasm genius.

  5. When some people get called a noob they try not to be. Then that’s when they start acting like one. I have been called a noob twice in all my army career which has been a year.

  6. I like this post. Like Chris said, a few grammatical errors, but nothing major, just a couple of run-ons and fragments.

  7. Your graphic has incorrect grammar. “The Doctors Diagnosis” is incorrect. The diagnosis is the possession of the doctor. So it should be “The Doctor’s Diagnosis”. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    • I always thought if it had the contraction ‘s at the end it meant *word here* is. But if you’re right then I’ll tell him to fix it.

  8. JESUS.
    56th comment right here, this post is more popular than everything in SMAC! o:

    • lol everyone is trying to decide what qualifies as a noob XD

  9. 80th comment

  10. This post honestly bores me and makes me rather wanta watch porno than read this random post (wary) 😛

    • Then why’d you read it.

      • Dude IF I didnt then how would I know If post is boring (Wary)?

        • And no offense to you but the topic is great but I just didnt feel interested when reading this Lel

        • Then why’d you comment.

          • “As always, comment below telling us about YOUR legacy and YOUR thoughts.” *wary* js

            • Lmao you got me there.
              Sorry xD.

              • haha xD don’t be sorry 😛

  11. heres my legacy:
    i join armies, i become legend. the end.

    • Bootiful.

      • That’s my word.

  12. Let us get to 100 comments.
    Pickle, 9 left to go.

  13. 98TH COMMENT O:

  14. 100th comment

    • u must feel so speshul

      • ya

  15. this is getting annoying already… crose “im not a noob!!!” tompeng “you’re a noob!!!!” etc etc etc etc etc. crose: “oh ur a noob!!!” everyone else “whoever thinks im a noob is a noob and are *************s.”
    like ssssssssssssrsly this is a LITTLE babyish

    • LOL how this whole got into the comments idk

  16. my career in a nutshell

  17. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 8.5
    Structure & Language: 8.5
    Overall grade: 8.5

    This post was added to the staff record page.

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