Top Ten Armies: 04/27/14

Many armies perform well this week, with multiple wars throughout the community, along with CPA Central’s Spring Smackdown continuing to heat up. 

Top Ten

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [80.50]

2. Army of CP [+0] [80.43] 

3. Dark Warriors [+2] [79.50] 

4. Ice Warriors [+4] [74.26] 

5. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!] [70.20]

6. Light Troops [-2] [65.32] 

7T. Golds [-4] [61.88] 

7T. Nachos [-1] [61.88] 

9. Doritos [-2] [58.88] 

10. Water Vikings [+0] [51.88]

The full statistics can be found here.

To view those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner site Small and Medium Army Press.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation with stand their previous position, which is obviously first. The Rebel Penguin Federation started their week by getting into a state of war with the Golds. At their one battle against the Golds, which was filed as an AUSIA battle, the Rebel Penguin Federation accomplished 17+ on Club Penguin. In an epic practice battle with the Dark Warriors, the Rebel Penguin Federation showed that their US Division is able to consistently max over 25+. Towards the midst of their week, the Rebel Penguin Federation held an AUSIA “Mining Expedition”, where they were able to max 35+ on Club Penguin. At the end of their week, the Rebel Penguin Federation won both of their tournament battles against the Striking Raiders and the Doritos.

 2. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin also stands in this week’s Top 10, still in second. At a normal UK training session, which was their best event of the week, the Army of Club Penguin established 28+ on Club Penguin. Being in the state of war with the Special Weapons and Tactics army, many invasions/defenses were executed throughout the whole week. Their war together officially started when the Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA Division successfully raided Parka, maxing 22+. In an important defense of their Capital, the Army of Club Penguin stood their ground with a strong 25+. Another one of these battles was held on White House, with the Army of Club Penguin maxing 16. In the middle of the week, the Third in Command of the Army of Club Penguin, Lumarnara, officially resigned. Some more of these battles included Half Pipe, Snow Globe, Outback, Snow Fort, Caribou, Koscuiszko, Sabertooth, Cozy, Fiesta, Arctic, Sherbet, and Fog. At the end of their week, the Army of Club Penguin declared victory against SWAT, who have continued the war.

3. Dark Warriors: After being ejected from the Top 3, the Dark Warriors are back in the lineup. Many things happened in the Dark Warrior’s chaotic week. At the beginning of their week, the Dark Warriors raided the Capital of the Rebel Penguin Federation. At this specific event, the Dark Warriors were able to get over 45+ on Club Penguin. At an extreme practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Dark Warriors were able to get 35+ at the pre-battle session. The Dark Warrior’s weekend force is still unstoppable, when they were able to get over 55+ on Club Penguin.


4. Ice Warriors: Just two weeks ago, the Ice Warriors were not included in the CPA Central Top 10. Now, the Ice Warriors are back and better than ever. This most recent rise could be happening because of the returns of Iceyfeet1234 and Albert417. To start their week, the Ice Warriors held a couple of normal training sessions. Before their battle with the Global Defenders, there was a decision to have an unscheduled due to their massive chat size. At this unscheduled, the Ice Warriors were able to make just over 35+ on Club Penguin. At the practice battle with the Global Defenders, the Ice Warriors only were able to max 16+. To end their week, the Ice Warriors battled their allies, the Light Troops.

5. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics, SWAT for short, are finally back in the Top 5 of the CPA Central Top 10. Their week started as they got involved in a war with the Army of Club Penguin. This war had many battles, scroll up to the Army of Club Penguin’s description to see a list of them all. At their invasion of Half Pipe, the Special Weapons and Tactics had a max of 27+. At another invasion, this time on Sherbet, there was another max of 27+ executed from the Special Weapons and Tactics army. SWAT continues the war with an unscheduled raid of Breeze, maxing 23. In the midst of their war with the Army of Club Penguin, Ganger90 was finally caught for multi-logging on Club Penguin. Benjarkin, a long-term legend of the army, was removed from leadership to end the week.


 6. Light Troops: The Light Troops have had quite a week. The LT have had a AUSIA training session where they maxed 5 and averaged 5 on the 23rd of April. On that same day, the LT met up with Golds army to battle each other in which the LT declared victory against the Golds 16. Later, the Light Troops logged on for their Invasion of Icebound where they had averaged around 10-12 against the Golds. A few days later, the LT had their Invasion of Fog which was a USA invasions. The Golds however, did not show up to that invasion. The Light Troops have scheduled battles with the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, and Redemption Force.

7T. Golds: To start off the Golds’ week, they have had many invasions and defenses in their war against the LT. On the 22nd of April, they successfully defended their server, Snow Flake from the LT maxing 10 and averaging 15. On April 23rd, they had a defense of Slippers where they maxed 12 and averaged 11 in which they declared victory because they claim the LT multilogged. The Golds have scheduled two battles with the Army of Club Penguin and the Metal Warriors for the SMAC Spring Smackdown.

7T. Nachos: The Nachos have had quite a busy week. First, the Nachos had a recruiting session on Alaska where they maxed 17. Next, the Nachos had a UK recruiting session on Alaska where they maxed 15. On Friday, the Nachos had a UK recruiting session on Flurry where they had maxed 17. And to end the week, the Nachos participated in the SMAC Spring Smackdown Round 1 where they maxed around 21. Next, the participated in the second round of the SMAC Spring Smackdown where they maxed 19. Currently, the Nachos do not have any events for this next week scheduled.


9. Doritos: The Doritos have had a crazy week with a battle on the 23rd of April and two tournament battles on Saturday against the RPF and SR. Next, Mustapha10 and Bam117, created a plan named Operation: Merlin in which they will ‘become a CP Army’ and have a base on Club Penguin to bring recruits to to hang out until the next battles. The Doritos maxed around 25 for the CPAC Spring Smackdown tournament. Finally, the Doritos maxed around 19 for their tournament battle with the Striking Raiders. Lastly, Bam117 has retired from the Doritos and Mustapha has taken a temporary retirement. Currently, the Doritos have three events scheduled for this week planning to add on to it.

tourney vs rpf

10. Water Vikings: To start off, the Water Vikings had a UK event reaching sizes of 17. Next, Bepboy9 and Zak, had decided to coup d’état Adster because they felt he wasn’t putting in enough effort as WV Leader. Next, the WV maxed sizes of 20+ and averaged sizes of 17 against the Nachos at a tournament battle. Overall, the WV have had quite a busy week with training and recruiting session and even two tournament battles. Currently, the WV does not have any events scheduled for this week.


weekly pollCPA Central’s Spring Smackdown has been raging full force over the past few weeks, with some interesting upsets as we move into the Divisional Battles. This week, we asked you guys who you expected to win the tourney. The clear front runners are the Army of CP and the Rebel Penguin Federation, currently ranked first and second respectively.

New polls released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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102 Responses

  1. 0.07 ….

      • Make pic show I know why they dont show now put in code kthanks

    • I thought ACP can’t cuss.

      • Breaking news

    • We’re not #1? Retreat!!!!!!!


    • js

    • that’s from a guy who isn’t even in SWAT anymore and wanted to reward troops for a good placing, I don’t know how bad your life must be to sit on SWAT chat on incognito all day lmao

      • I didn’t take the picture. lol.

    • So I just gotta get some UGC cards and bribe troops to get Redemption Force growing.

      Got it, great technique.

  3. Congrats to all armies.


  4. the Army of Club Penguin was able to come to agreements with the Special Weapons and Tactics, ending their war together.

    This bit isn’t true

    I think maybe we could have been placed higher than IW but meh I’m not too bothered.

    Nice top 10 guys 🙂

    • Fixed that line.

      • cheers b2, good job as always 🙂

  5. What the hell? 0.07 difference between first and second?

    Damn Flipmoo will be mad :0

  6. What

  7. So you’re telling me my army would be first on this list if I called my results post a “practice battle” instead of “training”


    • no

      • double no

      • From what I told we’re not 1st due to “event quality”

        • YEA

          • So if my “battle” maxed 55 on Saturday DW would be #1; but since it was a “Training” we aren’t. .. .. …. . .. ………

            • NODS

            • You would actually need an opponent to be able to call it a “battle” Hence Practice BATTLE.

        • Lmaooooo

  8. 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [80.50] PERFECT

    2. Army of CP [+0] [80.43] PERFECT

    3. Dark Warriors [+2] [79.50] I THINK SHOULD BE 5TH

    4. Ice Warriors [+4] [74.26] I THINK SHOULD BE 3RD

    5. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!] [70.20] I THINK SHOULD BE 4TH

    6. Light Troops [-2] [65.32] I THINK SHOULD BE 7TH

    7T. Golds [-4] [61.88] I THINK SHOULD BE 6TH

    7T. Nachos [-1] [61.88] PERFECT

    9. Doritos [-2] [58.88] PERFECT

    10. Water Vikings [+0] [51.88] PERFECT

    • no one cares

      • about your face

  9. Regardless of “forumla” I really do think it is bootleg if an army who got 55+ loses the 1st spot to an army who averaged 20-25.


    • ^
      What happened to the #1 army being the most powerful and biggest army, now it’s just the army who has the most events rofl

      • So true lmao, and a quick glance at RPF’s site shows they over-exaggerated just about every event they had.

        This formula is extremely botched. DW is clearly the best army, it’s not even funny.

      • I think DW is the biggest army atm but nobody knows if you can actually sustain if you had more than 2 events a week, not hating as I think DW is a model of what most armies should be like

        • We had 3 events this week; Monday we maxed 50+ midweek 35+ and Saturday 55+ then Sunday 70…

      • True, but with implements of the Ausia division, you can’t judge an army solely based on one division’s results, I suggest you work around the formula if you want to get first.

        • RPF’s AUSIA division was on Abominable doing the mining thing to get rouges. Yet their tactics are still at 25 points. DW or ACP should be first by my logic

          • Go look at our AUSIA stats showing that the rogues weren’t counted.

      • It’s funny, back when Elm led RPF he constantly made fun of DCP for having 1 event a week, saying that they shouldn’t be able to “cheat their way into the top 10”, and that “isn’t what armies are for”. Now he’s doing the exact same in DW, and you’re complaining that the formula goes against it.

        Instead of complaining about what caused you to get a lower ranking, go fix it for next week.

        • It’s funny how you hid behind Elm when he made those statements. DW did not have 1 event “like DCP did” we had 3. And clearly if we had more, the sizes would be over 25 judging by our past events.

          I’m sorry that DW want to actually have big sizes instead of getting 20-25 everyday.

          • I’m sure if we hyped only a few events all week long, with promotions promised at the end we could do the same. All I’m trying to say is that there’s more to armies than a strategy to get first, which usually stops troops from being able to attend as many events as they’d like. There’s a little thing called having fun which everyone seems to have forgotten about.

            • Oh so DW has a strategy to get 1st Pj? Just look at your event schedule and tell me that again lmao.

              Having fun, not sure about that to be honest because I’ve been retired for almost a year and a half. I’m just saying, it looks really bad if you have an army who hit 55 in 3rd place, and an army who hit 25-30 at 1st.

              • I think they think they do. Don’t have many events and hype the hell out of them so they get good sizes. It’s smart, tbh, but troops won’t have as much fun if there’s not many events and they can only attend 1 or 2 of them, that’s all I’m saying.

                • There’s not many events cause us leaders & the rest of the army have important things to do during the week. Unlike RPF.

                  • Lol that was everyone’s argument against YOU when you were RPF leader…

                  • So I assume that all your UK and AUSIA troops are so busy that you decided they were unable to attend any events at all, so you thought it would be a good idea to not have any events for those divisions?

          • DCP always had like 3 events a week or something around that, we hardly ever had 1 event

            • Can I suck your pe3n1s? (Wary) @ Musty

        • I never said that stop making stuff up; we see through you’re bullshit Pj.

          • your*… ._.

          • You did, actually. I remember you saying we can’t become DCP either, referring to only having 1 event a week.

      • There is a max of how many points an army can get due to event quality so it’s not like people are having a million events, maxing 5, and beating you. Armies weren’t meant to have 3 events a week.

      • Let me just make a point here.
        If another army had barely any events and was 1st, but the army was NOT the Dark Warriors, you, and others, would likely complain. But since you are doing that, you refuse to admit the wrong in it. Hypocrisy is strong throughout armies, and you aren’t the only one who could/does exhibit it. But even so, this formula is here to stay. So get around it or lose. Tough nuts.

  10. This is a really bad top 10. I don’t like DW, but they deserve 1st. And as somebody mentioned above RPF did overexaggerate

    All you have to do is force your troops on everyday and get sizes of 25 to get 1st nowadays. This new CPAC formula is horrible and does not promote armies getting good sizes.

    • True, but then if we change the formula then all armies will just have 2 events a week making sure they get 30+ at both, and having only 2 events a week and getting 1st isn’t really fair either.

      • or have 10 events in a week and post the 2 they did good at and ignore the rest

  11. Meh,I think this formula should be instaured during summer.

  12. Don’t tell me CPAC counted RPF sizes during the “Mining expedition”. Its basically going on 5 bar and telling ppl to tip the berg. If you look well at their results post, you only see like 5-7 people doing the tactic.

    • Take a look at the stats for AUSIA.

      • For everyone who downvoted this without looking at the stats, it basically proves CPAC didn’t count all those rogues.

  13. DW easily deserves 1st.
    Anyways, good Top Ten.

  14. Lol how is DW not first? Worst top 10 I have saw in a while.

    An army who can get 55 is clearly better than one who can get 25.

  15. Exactly what I think about the Nachos and their corrupted selves except most leaders there their leaders are good

    • How can you say the troops are corrupted but not the leaders? The leaders are the ones who make the choices for the army, not the troops.

      • I say the Leaders are good but cant seem to be able to the control the other troops aka other ranks without some fight or anything with drama my friend Lel

    • lol

  16. Armies nowadays get 1st/2nd with getting 28 at their best event…

  17. There is no perfect formula. No matter what is conceived, some asshole is gonna find a way to exploit it. They did it with the last one with 2-3 good events posted, and the rest ignored. They will do it with this one as well by having a lot of events. Though it is a bit unfair either way, it is still more fair then a couple of guys deciding who is the best without any statistics to support them.

  18. YES!@ YUS

  19. ogod just 0.07 difference between first and second?

  20. blue is smart, he know dw could never get 55+

  21. kk im gonna make an army with the most random name and get 25 people to log on 4-8 times a day and get #1 ; while my other army maxes 50+ every other day; cause that one prefers not to camp on xat/cp all day.

    • (dead)

      • You said that one time but never kept your word with actually doing that you didnt even make the army I think LOOLLLLL

      • Operation Y & X
        Enough said.

      • I’m sorry Elm, but is there anything we can do to help you in life?

    • CAN I JOIN

      • ^ wouldn’t surprise me if this was elm

        • Elm is different. He gets leader when he joins, gets like 10 people to join. But if this guy joins, the army will max 2+.

        • Instead of recruiting for his army to be better, he just bitches.

    • Too bad its harder to get 25 3 times a day(which is what ACP does)……

      • What about 45+ twice a day?
        what dw just did

        • Considering: 1. It’s the weekend. 2. The events were probably 30 min apart.

  22. i tried picking up tori from acp and we were going to have our first online date but then it says she banned me or something is it a glitch?/?//?

  23. dw should deserve first because we average like 55 ppl per battle and these weirdos on cpac think we should be 3rd because we average so much yet rpf hates admitting to losing i experianced it and i dont think its fair that an army that averages like 25-35 should be in the top spot its either gunna be dw or acp in first when rpf and ******* sir pj leads them he is a terrible leader who needs to go suck a juicebox and admit to losing for once in his life thats why acp or dw should be first so get out of here pj and suck a juicebox

    • What has elm done to his troops…

    • It’s funny when people have never spoken to me, seen me talk, probably haven’t even heard of me outside what elm has said, and they say something like that just because one person told them some lies.

  24. thats the truth

    • go get em tiger

  25. WHy am i in the acp, SWAT, Ice Warriors pictures? OMG im an army hopper

  26. the cpac is crazy for not letting dw or acp in first

    • Yes, because CPAC chooses who goes first, don’t they? Definitely not all worked out by a computer.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  27. they should make a top 10 new armies like if u agree with me

  28. 1st in 2 weeks in a row. Yay!! I wish i was present there too ;_;

    • Fantastic job RPF! Thumbs up for this weeks top ten! Massive thanks to RPF leaders and troops 🙂

  29. DW obviously should have gotten first, they were clearly the better army this week.

  30. Not being rude either but can CPAC make sure to actually count the penguins in DW’s pics as I’m yet to see a pic of them getting the 60’s and 70’s

  31. My opinion of the top ten
    1. Army of Club penguin
    2. Dark Warriors
    3. Rebel Penguin Federation
    4. Ice Warriors
    5. Golds
    6. Special Weapons And Tactics
    7. Nachos
    8. Light Troops
    9T. Doritos
    9T. Water Vikings
    Hope you like it xD

  32. ikr im in dw and i think even acp should have it not rpf #ANYONEbutrpf

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