Spring Smackdown: Divisional Round Day 2 Battle Review

Spring Smackdown

The Divisional Round has now closed, and we are now narrowed down to 8 armies. Day 2 brought much more excitement than the first, including a very surprising upset in both groups, with one possible contender for the title being knocked out completely.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Metal Warriors

The blowout was in full effect here, as the Metal Warriors did not show up after 5 minutes, giving ACP the win by default.

Army of Club Penguin Max: 30

Metal Warriors Max: 0

Winner: Army of Club Penguin

Dark Warriors vs. Redemption Force

The second no-show in a row. The Dark Warriors easily won this with astounding sizes.

Dark Warriors Max: 50

Redemption Force Max: 0

Winner: Dark Warriors

Army of Club Penguin vs. Golds

The Golds made this a real fight, and in the end, were able to pull off a shocking upset. They were able to top ACP in all statistical categories.

Army of Club Penguin Max: 25

Golds Max: 30

Winner: Golds

Dark Warriors vs. Light Troops

The Dark Warriors blew out the Light Troops, making them surrender a few minutes into the battle.

Dark Warriors Max: 45

Light Troops Max: 15

Winner: Dark Warriors

Golds vs. Metal Warriors

The Golds, after pulling off the upset against ACP, got an easy win against the Metal Warriors, outnumbering them 4:1.

Golds Max: 22

Metal Warriors Max: 5

Winner: Golds

Light Troops vs. Redemption Force

After not showing up to their battle against the Dark Warriors earlier, the Redemption Force reorganized themselves and upset the Light Troops, who were viewed as a possible Cinderella army.

Light Troops Max: 18

Redemption Force Max: 20

Winner: Redemption Force


Now that Day 2 is complete, allow me to present you with the final standings for Groups 3 & 4.

Group 3

  1. Golds [2-0]
  2. Army of Club Penguin [1-1]
  3. Metal Warriors [0-2] (ELIMINATED)

Group 4

  1. Dark Warriors [2-0]
  2. Redemption Force [1-1]
  3. Light Troops [0-2] (ELIMINATED)

Now that the results are final, the remaining two battles will be Golds vs. Redemption Force and Dark Warriors vs. Army of Club Penguin. Two juicy matchups for our viewing. Are you guys excited for next weekend? Because I am. Until next time,


CPA Central Vice President



13 Responses

  1. who tha realest

    • not you

      • cring


    • RPF’s lockouts are as big as RF.


      • LOL

      • You mean Dw right? :p

    • >expects me to count lockouts

      • Elmikey mad.. ELMIKEY SMASH!!!

      • *SMASH*

        You counted the 50+ room; but not the 10-15 room?!

  3. the 1 army rule will fail

  4. I don’t get it. It says LT maxed 15 vs Dw, but they only got like 5 in the room. So you counted LT lockouts but not dws O_o

    • i meant 10 whyd i put 15

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