Forgotten Armies – Edition Two

Welcome to Edition Two of the Forgotten Armies Series. Today, we will be talking about The CPUNSC, The Impossible Missionary Army Force and The Gugu Penguin Romans.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As we know, there are many armies that are successfully thriving and are large in today’s world. But what about the older armies that were once legendary? Today, I will be speaking about several forgotten armies that were once large, and their history.

The Club Penguin United Nations Space Command- CPUNSC was an army formed not long after ACP, created by ACP head general Nrop in 2006. They were created when Oagalthorp, ACP creator, was away. Nrop took Oagalthorp’s leave to advantage, and he created CPUNSC and declared war on ACP. The war would go on for months on end, but after many months of war, CPUNSC would start to crumble in defeat, but CPUNSC was not dead yet, they fought on UMA’s side of WW III, and CPUNSC became the 2nd largest army in cp. ACP would fight CPUNSC many times throughout WW III, until they finally died in 2007. They shall be remembered.

Their Uniform is Unknown

No Battle Pictures Can Be Found

The Impossible Missionary Army Force-IMAF was created by Flipmoo, Current ACP Leader,  on December 31st, 2007. They grew to be the 5th largest army in Club Penguin, and their first server was Ice Palace. IMAF quickly grew to medium army status and a powerful alliance with The Shadow Troops and The Roman Fire Warriors grew. In 2008, CAMO merged into IMAF, leading to their golden age in August, 2008, and the IMAF vs The Black Bandits war, in which IMAF got sizes of 25. The Lightning Charge, a now well-known tactic, was created by IMAF high ranks. IMAF would slowly start to fall when Flipmoo retired in 2010,  The Underground Mafias Army and The Night Warriors attacked IMAF and their site was hacked. IMAF is dead now, but they shall be remembered for their legacy.

The Gugu Penguin RomansIn 2006, GPR was created by Gugu-Pengu, and the army grew right away. They were the biggest United Kingdom army to ever live, but The Vikings Army began to grow and a GPR leader, Scccw, was kicked out, leading to GPR’s fall. After the fall, GPR declared war on small armies, struggling to keep alive, but Scccw would return to GPR and GPR became a huge empire again. They were a major army, but, Scccw soon retired and Gugu-Pengu started considering retirement, but, he did not give up and GPR continued to grow, declaring war on many smaller armies. But once they were back on the top, another world power army threatened GPR, and The Vikings Army vs GPR war began.

The war would go on for months, GPR was huge and finally, The legendary Vikings Army surrendered.  But not too long after GPR won the war, a huge group of Vikings attacked GPR, this would lead to over 15 GPR vs TVA wars. GPR was now a 40+ army, but one day, a huge 40+ army raided a GPR vs TVA battle, it was The Black Dragons, and huge battles occured between the two. Finally, BD surredered and the largest USA army vs the largest UK army met in war, it was GPR vs ACP.

The first battle vs ACP was huge, over 50 troops showed up for both armies, they battled for three hours until the battle was decided to be a draw. Then they became allies and GPR would live on for several more months, fighting armies like The Dark Warriors. When Gugu-Pengu retired from GPR, they fell and eventually died. They shall be remembered for their legacy.

No Battle Pictures Can Be Found


That concludes the end to my post on forgotten armies. Did you like the armies I decided to talk about? What was your favorite army out of the three armies I decided on? What armies should I choose for Edition #3? Comment YOUR opinion below.



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  1. Sorry that I was unable to do it last week.

  2. Interesting post, although the GPR section warrants some clarification. The war between ACP and GPR didn’t end with them becoming allies. ACP had managed to get most of the other major armies against GPR, and GPR was defeated in only about a week despite nearly matching ACP in size at the beginning of the war. GPR did attempt an alliance to end the war, however it was rejected by Oagalthorp because they refused to apologize for the anti-American comments they made that incited the war. Gu Gu Pengu then retired, and GPR fell pretty quickly. He did return later, but GPR was never quite as strong or relevant after that first war with ACP.

    • I’m sorry, I’ll fix it, I got the information from Gugu, he must of bended it a little. I was actually going to ask you about GPR, but I am banned on ACP for being a SWAT LIT.

      • No worries, getting history from armies that old is always tough but Oagalthorp’s ACP Saga is usually a good place to start. Unfortunately I have to leave right now, but I’ll try to get in touch with you if you’re looking for information for any more of these posts because they really are quite interesting.

        • Thank you.

  3. Heehe

    • IMAF Intense Maddafacking Ass Rapists

      • I highly recommend you shut the fuck up and stop posting comments on every single post.

        • @Rocky

          Dunz know why it didn’t reply to Rocky.

        • Fuck off pal I dont comment 24/7 like I did last year and dont tell me what to do you hear me or youl hear it from me somewhere other than stupid wordpress and get over it dramafag

        • And its called taking jokes so grow up for once in your internet life

        • Noob

  4. why did they take inspiration from Halo?

    • Halo was peaking in popularity at the time

  5. I really enjoy these posts! Keep it up!

  6. how about club penguin army

  7. How can we forget IMAF when we’re constantly being reminded how we about that army every other week?

  8. Roberth1998’s Non-Member-Army should be on there

    It was CPAC, I think, if not SMAC

  9. These posts are awesome keep doing these!

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