CPAC Comic #8: The Duel

Comic 10 TRUE


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31 Responses

  1. Very subtle in its message. Or maybe it means nothing and I’m being needlessly ambiguous.

  2. omg rpf cs dcp !!11!!!

    • *VS

    • that looks like DW vs DCP to me

  3. Looks like SWAT VS GT to me..

  4. GT vs DW. Hard times then. The war was stretched, none of us had morals. it was life or death.

    • srry but it looks like dw m8

      • You probably never knew NW. DW has the pirate bandana while NW had the helmet.

        • I meant NW. Thank you for correcting me.

    • Who won the DW vs GT war in your opinion Tap

      • DW won, GT had little to no troops and morale.

  5. NW vs.GT

  6. a striking and subtle message encouraging us to not use toots as our only tactic in war

  7. im pretty sure its the doritos and dw :3

  8. wait its probably swat

  9. whats nw did they copy us except the d? >:/

  10. the scarf is a nice touch

  11. we need a nacho there

  12. WW Vs. Shadow Troops

  13. It is WW vs ST. Because that was Watex Warriors jacket and their secondary head item is the red viking helmet.

  14. Looks like GT vs. ST to me.

  15. Every above’s been commenting on who is it anyone noticed this is epic.

  16. wh0 is da black pegnuin frmo dw or rpf cant tel teh diferencee

  17. Looks like DW vs DCP to me.

  18. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  19. Watex Warriors vs Dark Warriors.

  20. Once again, impressive.

  21. These comics are good but you should make the penguins look like an obvious army that’s alive today, otherwise we’re just going to be confused on what penguin represents what.

  22. Dat Rock and Roll doe.

  23. Its def. NW vs WW.

  24. 30th comment

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