Spring Smackdown: Divisional Round Day 1 Battle Review

Spring Smackdown

The first day of the Divisional Round has come and gone. The interesting set-up of this round has proven to be a challenge for the armies so far. Read on to see how the battles went.

Nachos vs. Puffle Troops

No one expected the Puffle Troops to win. However, they didn’t even show up to the battle, making the Nachos the winners by default.

Nachos Max: 21

Puffle Troops Max: 0

Winner: Nachos

Striking Raiders vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Another lopsided matchup. The Striking Raiders surrendered 7 minutes in, leaving the Rebel Penguin Federation as the winners.

Striking Raiders Max: 5

Rebel Penguin Federation Max: 27

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Nachos vs. Water Vikings

This battle was undoubtedly the closest battle of the entire tournament thus far. After the allocated 20 minutes, the judges could not decide on a winner, due to the belligerents’ equivalent size and excellent tactics, initiating a 5-minute overtime. In a dramatic (and highly controversial) finish, the Water Vikings found themselves pulling away in the final couple of minutes, netting them the win.


Nachos Max: 20

Water Vikings Max: 20

Winner: Water Vikings

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Doritos

After the very close battle that preceded, this battle was expected to deliver. And deliver it did. We were presented with another close battle. In the end, however, the RPF came out on top by a slim margin.


Rebel Penguin Federation Max: 25

Doritos Max: 20

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Water Vikings vs. Puffle Troops

After their close battle earlier, the Water Vikings were not even required to log on, as the Puffle Troops didn’t have anybody on chat when the event itself began, leaving the Water Vikings as the winners.

[No Picture]

Water Vikings Max: N/A

Puffle Troops Max: N/A

Winner: Water Vikings

Striking Raiders vs. Doritos

Another disappointing battle, as the Striking Raiders failed to show, making two no-shows in a row. The Doritos were given the win.

Striking Raiders Max: N/A

Doritos Max: 23

Winner: Doritos

With today’s battles completed, allow me to present to you the final group rankings.

Group 1

  1. Water Vikings [2-0]
  2. Nachos [1-1]
  3. Puffle Troops [0-2] (ELIMINATED)

Group 2

  1. Rebel Penguin Federation [2-0]
  2. Doritos [1-1]
  3. Striking Raiders [0-2] (ELIMINATED)

With these results final, the first two matchups of the quarter-finals will be the Water Vikings vs. the Doritos and the Rebel Penguin Federation vs. the Nachos. An interesting set of battles, and tomorrow’s battles likely only solidify this. Until next time,


CPA Central Vice President



28 Responses

  1. Great job RPF! *does victory dance*

    • Yeah RPF was awesome

  2. By the sizes DW are getting, I really do think they will take this tourney

    • DW wasn’t even battling today where did that come from?

      • The last time DW got below 40 in an event was almost 3 weeks ago. Scary sizes, check their site if you don’t believe me

        • According to the DW site, their 2nd most recent event got sizes of 30. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think 30 is below 40.

          • ooo

          • RPF gets 40 every week it seems.

            • Lolwut. When was the last time you ever got 40 ??? You were never close to 40 except for the “mining expedition” in which you get rogues to tip the berg and yet you claim to have 35 on a 5 bar in which only 5-10 ppl do the tactic…

              • we had 40 at Silverbergs last event on April 19th.

      • Dw had a training event today in which they maxed 50-55. Anyway, dw isn’t the topic of this post. Good job everyone. 🙂

  3. Also when are the quarter finals? Next weekend?

    • yeah probably.

  4. So next week its RPF v. Nachos & WN v. Doritos…should be interesting

  5. WOOO GO WV! Nice record: 2-0 🙂

  6. lol what if WV won the whole thing that would be crazy

    • “Crazy”, hardly. WV could win you know, they are a very strong army.

  7. It was kind of a fact that the ‘Puffle Troops’ and ‘Striking Raiders’ can’t beat the armies they fought against.

  8. WV will win the tourney

    • I want to live in an island by myself. That’s not going to happen either.

      • WV will win or Im not an army-hopper.

  9. WV is the cinderella army.



  12. pj with you your army will drop out of the top ten as quick as the blink of an eye

  13. vo yo good luck with the bet lol GO BRUINS!

  14. no way water vikings will win your ranked #10

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